Unbelievable munchies

Dood, I know, I know, the drum circle can WAIT, MAN! It’s all about these cupcakes right now. wooooo! who MADE these!? They’re like, organic or something. They are GREAT, man!


Delicious, smeared props to “Poison” Evy 😉



  1. DavidBoBavid says:

    Hahaha.. that’s a great picture. The cat looks so determined, too!

  2. Laurie C says:

    It looks like they iced the cupcakes themselves, too.

  3. Awwww!


  4. omg. if cupcakes aren’t cute enough.

  5. It’s a catty and a ratty, licking cupcakes together! This is heart-meltingly cute. Makes my day!

  6. Tony James says:

    MarmaLade!! Kittehs!!

  7. Actually, TJ, now that you point it out, the *kitty* and the *cupcakes* are the very same colour.

    MarmaLade!! Cupcakes!!

  8. “It looks like they iced the cupcakes themselves, too.”

    That was my thought, too – and look at their steely derrmination! Every last bit of icing is going to be licked off those cupcakes *or else*!

  9. Lookit the little pink tongue covered in frosting! OMG!

  10. Okay, I’ll say it– THAT’S DISGUSTING!

    I’m sure many of y’all find rats anerable, but I draw the freakin’ line WAY before we get to rats…


  11. who gave these delicouse cupcakes to a c at and mouse!!! i could of ate it myself

  12. Sargent Casam says:

    I for one think this photo is deplorable! That cat is acting dominant to the rat, you can tell. No matter how many times the cat and the rat play together, one is going to snap some day and eat the other’s face off! The photographer won’t be able to act quick enough. I’m calling social services.


  14. LOL. Somebody had to say it. I resisted, Sargent Casam didn’t.

    Let’s just all focus back on the cute now, though…

  15. juliette says:

    dang, i was gonna go that route too, casam. thanks for covering the snark angle astutely. :o)

  16. cupcakes are the key to world peace… but that rat has a very pointy head. yukk. kitty however is a cutie.

  17. pistache268 says:

    Ahn. I love ratties. And kittens.

  18. mariser says:

    that is the peachiest kitten I’ve even seen… he even has the ‘peachfuzz’ halo all around him.


    /feel better now.

  19. The question is: is someone a terrible icing putter on-er, or have the animals eaten that much already?

  20. Rat: Now, you see, kid, we’d never be able to eat all the cupcakes before the humans catch us.

    Kitten: ‘Cause there’s a lotta cupcakes.

    Rat: Right. But if we just lick or nibble each one a little bit, the humans will see that and won’t want to eat the cupcakes ’cause we got cooties on them, so they’ll give them to us!

    Kitten: What’s cooties?

    Rat: Eh, weird human idea. Kinda like a foreign scent.

    Kitten: Ohhh! I see! We’re markin’ the cupcakes!

    Rat: Ye-NO!

  21. Judging by the state of the previous cupcake sites, sir, I can safely say that this cupcake attack is steely, singular, viscious and determined. Their pink tongues are overpowering, and their tiny paws are merciless. Men, SECURE THE KITCHEN, this Cat-Rat Battalion must be stopped!

  22. That’s awesome, Casam! Ok, back to work or will have to cut off my own internet! 🙂

  23. Awww, J. Bo, you’ve never held a little fluffy rat in your hand? You don’t know what you’re missing! They’re smart, loveable, soft sweetums, truly!

  24. Tiffany says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…..I think my heart stopped for a few seconds.

  25. Ratty cakes
    Catty cakes
    Baker’s man!

    Oops, sorry, that’s a sexist, male dominated nursery rhyme. I should be slapped.

  26. Much happier post (way to return to levity – thanks Sargent C).

    All I can think of is the gut ache later (comes from personal experience).

    Frosting is a gimme, though. What animal wouldn’t eat that? (Yum). I want to see animals eating wierd stuff – ie: one of my cats will practically claw my eyes out for artichokes (the meat off the leaves, without butter) and the other loves canteloupe and bananas.

    Is it just my wierdos or does anyone else have pets with strange cravings?

  27. holy bugger.
    SO CUTE.
    I think this made me day.

  28. jenni joon says:

    *Sigh* Utterly cupcake-alicious how the kitty and mr. mouse-y are so harmonious! Yay! I think the mouse is all like “Whoa, dew-de… this is a whole lotta cupcake! We’ve hit the mutha-load!” Cat is all like “Can’t talk (lick lick) now (frenzied licking).. gotta (lick) eat as much (lick lick) as I can (lick) before they get (lick) home!”

  29. VaCKo — LOL. I can *hear* the dialog in my head.

    Aubrey — yep, there’s definitely more at work here than simply the one rat-cat team visible in the frame. My guess? FRESHMEN. Meg’s onto something.

  30. holy squirrelpants, those cupcakes are the most cutely decorated things i have set eyes on. and the rat/kitty lovin’ going on it adorkable. and they’re both gorgeous. and i nearly capped a lung laughing at Casam. and and and… ::keels over::

  31. alt: I had a cat who was crazy about saltine crackers, green beans, and spaghetti sauce.

    she had some other weird cravings but those are the ones that spring to mind.

  32. One of our cats (Spot) DEMANDS that, every time we brush our teeth, that we leave just a thread of water running in the sink so she can drink & play with it. She will also lick the emulsion off any photo we leave lying around. I guess these aren’t uncommon cat quirks, though.

  33. I think they ran back and forth across the cupcakes a few times before they settled down to licking (which explains the sorry state of the frosting)

  34. My cat loves to lick the salt off of crackers and chips. I have to hold it steady for her, of course. (I am her slave.)

  35. adorababy says:

    “Dude, these are the best rattin’ cupcakes I ever had… or maybe it’s the weed talking. Wait, dude, I’m so high… you look just like a cat. Hah, ha… h… gulp. Uh, oh.”

  36. Laurie C says:

    I had a cat who went completely apeshit for green olives. If you gave him one to chase and eat, he’d go back over every spot that it rolled on the rug and lick that afterward, too.

  37. theo, my orange tabby does the exact same thing with photos!

    and i’ve known many, many kitties with the sink/running water fetish. (hell there’s a whole website, catsinsinks.)

    oh, and KITTEH! RATTEH!

    i just bet that those cupcakes are made for pets. my next-door neighbor spends hours every week baking fresh, organic, scrumptious kitty and doggy treats. her babies eat better than i do! my own dogs love her ‘blueberry muffins’ and ‘p-nut butter smackum’s’

  38. MopTOpmoUse says:

    This picture is THE BEST EVER!! More pix like this please!! yp,Mtm

  39. is that someone sitting cross-legged in the top left corner of the pic? 🙂

  40. They’re probably going to get off on a technicality because they’re so cute…and they probably know that, too.


  41. Man, people are danged thoughtless about giving food to animals that isn’t good for them.

    Cute or not, critters need people to be more attentive to their digestive limitations.

    See namelinke for a good list of things one shouldn’t give cats.

  42. Aw, man, that didn’t work after the preview said it did.

    Link is:

    And, yeah, I meant “namelink” not “namelinke”.

  43. yogurt, my cat goes nuts for yogurt. i usually let her lick the tin foil top. The one time i gave her the container to lick out after i was done she ended up with an entire head covered in yogurt. hilarious….

  44. alt: My dog, although she will eat anything and everything, especially loves spicy foods. And crunchy veggies like green peppers and iceberg lettuce (no kidding!). Oh, and my boyfriend once said that we could probably teach her to sing the national anthem with mini-marshmallows as treats.

    She actually gets to “do the dishes” every night after we’re done with dinner, as long as she was well behaved and not all up in our faces begging for our food before we were done. (I guiltily mentioned this to my vet once, and he said that variety in their diet was a good thing, as long as the dog isn’t overweight. And as a greyhound she clearly isn’t.)

  45. adorababy says:

    when did CO get overrun by ‘concerned’ tsk-tskers?? Many contributors seem to be anxious to tell the photographers and the rest of us what to do. I wonder why? Are they really trying to prevent harm to babies and pets and ferals and stuff? Or are they simply most comfortable being proscriptive tsk-tskers? I hope they find another site to disapprove of soon…

  46. Oooh! I found a good nutritional source for rattys, too:

  47. Re: “CO overrun by tsk-tsk-ers”:
    I’ve been on Cute Overload since very, very early on. I’ve always spoken up when a pic has included images of animals being mistreated.

    It’s not cute if it’s not healthy.

  48. Jan Spencer says:

    Theo, your cat licks your pictures? My cat has a taste for the lint rollers, with the sticky stuff, she likes to lick at it, even after I have used it to grab up her cat hair…strange? Yup…she also likes to lick the tape side of duct tape.

    Is that weird?? What is IN it that they like so much?

  49. Kitty thinks…”I have desert…now I need dinner…hmm…”

    Kitty “OOOOOOH RATTY…Come on over ratty pal..there’s plenty”

    Ratty “Thanks kitty”

    Kitty thinks…”Who say’s you can’t eat dessert 1st?”

  50. Speaking of cats and odd food choices: http://www.stuffonmycat.com/index.php?catid=2&blogid=1

  51. Jan Spencer says:

    LET ME REITERATE just for those who think I LET my cat eat sticky stuff all day…IT’S ONCE IN A VERY BLUE MOON that this will happen that my cat will lick the sticky part of the lint roller or even if I have duct tape in the house.

    I love this picture by the way!!

  52. Elizabeth says:

    Alina… yay! My dog isn’t the only one who gets to do the dishes. I call it the Patented Puppy Pre Wash. She gets really mad when I’m eating something that’s bad for puppies and don’t let her clean the plate. And


    My friend’s cat used to be _terrified_ of her pet rat. I’m glad this kitten is more sensible

  53. ManekiNeko says:

    My kitties love roasted-red-pepper-hummus, and one goes absolutely nuts for raw baby spinach. And they’re not on the naughty list! Woo-hoo!

  54. mOPTOPmou se says:

    There is almost NOTHING CUTER than pets ‘kitchen mischief ‘ a human baby gobbling a messy cake could never be cuter that these 2!! More hilarious pictures like this.. yp Mtm

  55. mOPTOPmou se says:

    There is NOTHING CUTER than pets ‘kitchen mischief ‘ a human baby gobbling a messy cake could never be cuter than these 2!! More hilarious pictures like this.. yp Mtm

  56. My cat had a thing for my mint foot lotion. I had to get rid of it because every time I used it she would climb onto the bed while I was asleep and start frantically licking my feet (ticklish!). She also really likes raw corn on the cob. She carries them off the counter when we aren’t looking.

  57. The Guy Over There says:

    My question is who will win in the cupcake eating contest?

  58. Dewd. This is, like, total peace and harmony, man.

  59. Rodents = ew. It’s bad enuff already with food on the foor, big nasty shoe in the shot, and trash bags on the floor?? crop it to just the kitty..ugh!

  60. Ponygirl says:

    One of my cats will knock you to the ground if you happen to be digging in your ear. He has a thing for ear wax. I’ll be walkin’ along up to a knuckle in my ear (Yes, I know, nothin’ should go in your ear canal, but it feels soooo good). and BAM! He body checks me and starts suckin’ on my pinky finger. Pretty strange. But a great way to make my boyfriend gag (always fun!)

  61. ebee – nearly peed my pants. I *love* stuffonmycat. Kills me every time. Even better when it involves food.

    mleiv – the artichoke-eater also loves lotion – all kinds. She’ll even lick my face when I get in bed at night after putting night cream on.


  62. Svenster says:

    OMG PONYGIRL (;-)), that’s discutesting!

    I think VaCKo wrapped this one up pretty well.

  63. Ponygirl: oh yeah! I forgot, that was the strangest thing my cat liked. If you let her, she’d lick your ear for hours trying to get more earwax. It was very strange. We have a picture of my brother lying on the floor while she works away at his ear. It felt very rough and loud 🙂

  64. ManekiNeko: actually, hummus usually has garlic, which is bad for kitties (and dogs, too, but they can take a larger amount).


    I know folks don’t normally know about this stuff, which is why I try to post links to things that can help us be better caretakers.

  65. Alt, what totally cracks me up is the passively irritated/annoyed looks these cats have. Like, “Ok, Ok, you are easily amused. Can I have my dignity and my kibble now??” Great stuff.

  66. On the strange likings of cats when I was younger below the age of ten I had a cat that would if you were sitting on the couch and you raised your arms. She would try to find a way into your shirt to lick your armpits.
    Then again this is the same cat of mine that would attack me for my peanut butter and cornsyrup sandwiches.
    She liked strawberries too.

  67. A kitten and a ritten, how sweet! 😀

  68. As long as human foods are given in VERY small amounts on RARE occasions, chances are your animal will be just fine. Animals in the wild eat god knows what out of our garbage cans, and they do fine. No need for food-related paranoia. This picture is so cute, I love rats.

  69. TheLuna says:

    Adorababy – couldn’t have said it better myself!

    For weird food things, I’ve known several dogs who will go crazy to lick you after you put lotion on. Do they know something we don’t?

  70. Tiffany says:

    Speaking of weird food things, my cat goes NUTS over saltines. He absolutely loves them…that and banana pudding.

  71. FINALLY a rat! What an awesome picture, how cute are they 🙂

    And just FYI – that rat diet you linked, Grace, stinks. That woman is a nutjob and the rat community is divided between loyal supporters and people with brains.

    But seriously – a little frosting never killed anybody

  72. FINALLY a rat! What an awesome picture, how cute are they 🙂

    And just FYI – that rat diet you linked, Grace, stinks. That woman is a nutjob and the rat community is divided between loyal supporters and people with brains.

    But seriously – a little frosting never killed anybody

  73. ahhh that can’t be healthy for the poor animals…

  74. Somehow I feel strangely relieved my freaky cats merely eat “table” foods.. (though not until my husband introduced it) suddenly pepperoni that has fallen off the pizza, tortilla chips again having fallen and Twizzlers… okay it didn’t fall but when watching an intense movie one does not expect the lap cat to turn around and start muching on the other end…

    I guess my only weird one is the oldest tries to lick my husband to DEATH… especially his arms… no lotion apparently she just thinks he tastes good or something… furry freak.

  75. Way cute! lol!

  76. Beauregard says:

    My dog is pretty picky. The weirdest thing he likes is broccoli, but only stir fried. I did, however, live with a cat who would eat anything. One Halloween I was carving a pumpkin, and he hopped up onto the kitchen table and with wreckless abandon proceeded to eat the stringy guts I had taken out of the pumpkin and set aside on newspaper.

  77. M-, my roommate’s cat loves to lick my arms, too, especially when I’m typing (a bit inconvenient for me!) and I don’t put lotion on my arms either. It actually hurts after a while – feels like sandpaper!

  78. Garlic isn’t bad for dogs. They love it and it is an appetite enhancer.

  79. ps…of course you don’t just open the container and let them lap it up either!

  80. No no no no, we are NOT starting the garlic & onion thread again. We’ve already got one comment mess running today. Nein нет non αριθ nuh-uh.

  81. Okay, I’m sorry but I dearly hope those cupcakes were made specifically for the pets, because they are the ugliest damn cupcakes I’ve ever seen. I think they must have flung the frosting at them with a fork from at least 10 meters away to get that level of frosting ineptitude.

    Cute leetle critters, though. Also, frosting is as bad for us people as it is for rats and kitties. But it’s DELICIOUS, so I say feed it to everyone.

  82. Yes theo, I’m done now. I don’t want to be the cause of getting anyone aggravated.

  83. 😉

  84. “And just FYI – that rat diet you linked, Grace, stinks. That woman is a nutjob and the rat community is divided between loyal supporters and people with brains.”

    I wasn’t going for the diet, but for the list of things that rats shouldn’t be given. I should have clarified that. Mea culpa.

    Anyway. If folks want to shorten the lives of the critters they’re in charge of by choosing whimsy over suitability, I do know that’s up to them. My intention was to help those who don’t know that some foods are actually toxic for pets.

    Wild animals eating human garbage actually aren’t “fine”, but, hey, I guess that’s what some folks need to tell themselves to feel better.

    Anyway. Seeing animals do things that are dangerous for them isn’t cute for me, so I’ll just go back to finding my own cute.

  85. Michelle says:

    Garlic infused earwax icing is very, very bad for the digestive tracts!

    Our cat used to love cantaloupe and green beans. She also collected apples from the neighbor’s apple tree and brought them home to hide in my dad’s shoes.

  86. theHawke says:

    And here I thought my cat was the only one with the ear wax fetish. My dogs? EXTREMELY picky eaters. My cat? Ear wax.

  87. So sick & tired... says:

    You do that Grace. We don’t need a slew of people here posturing & making know-it-all blanket statements about split second photographs with NO backstory. We don’t need lecturers & people who assume that everyone is a bad pet owner.

    My goodness.

  88. Garlic is on the list? Funny, but I’ve heard holistic vets recommend it for flea prevention, at least in cats.

    As for the pic, I love it! My cat Zevon is crazy about cake icing, especially the canned kind. I only let him have a tiny taste and it doesn’t seem to hurt him. I doubt either of these critters ate that much of it either, despite the pic being posed to make it look that way.

  89. Think I’m’a have a little sit-down with some y’all earwax kitters. Hard to be all pompous and feline-superior, y’know, with yer scratchy li’l tongues jammed in my ear canal. Just hypothetical-like. ‘Taint pleasant for nobody.

  90. “She also collected apples from the neighbor’s apple tree and brought them home to hide in my dad’s shoes.”

    How funny!

  91. That *is* freakin’ hilarious. Cats are so strange but WONDERFUL critters.

  92. I mean, why *hide* them, and then, why hide them in *shoes,* and in only one family member’s shoes, at that?


  93. lol..and, uh, ew. фео, вы говопите по-русскии? 😛

  94. lauowolf says:

    A little experimenting isn’t going to hurt this kitty. The icing probably just seems nice and buttery to him.
    I’ve had corn-on-the-cob kitties, and cantaloupe kitties (including a lady cat who rolled a melon off the table, trapped it in a corner, and tore through the rind to get at it!), and one cat who was simply demented about asparagus.
    My new kitty just stole cornbread out of my fingers.
    Some cats just have sophisticated tastes.

  95. aaaargh – ‘говорите’ не ‘говопите’

  96. Err – “govopite”?!

  97. ‘speak’ 😀 (pronounced: gavar-yityi)

  98. I ran your sentences through Babelfish, and got “govopite” both times.

    I love Russian lit, but I only know words like hello, goodbye and hydroelectric power station…

  99. Garlic to prevent fleas . . . makes sense, it worked for Dracula too . . .

  100. because hell, you never know when you’ll need to ask directions to one of those, lol.

    god knows what babelfish is doing, i think it’s reading the ‘p’ as an english ‘p’ and getting confused, whereas ‘p’ in russian is pronounced ‘r’. silly fishie.

  101. EC, methinks you were pasting it wrong, because i just tried babelfish and it translated it as ‘speak’ first time. yay fishie!

  102. I’ve never taken any courses in Russian, but learned the hydroelectric power station word from someone who did. The texts they used could have come straight from a Five-Year Plan booster’s office.

    (And I do know a lot of vocabulary that comes up in Russian novels in translation, but I’m not sure that “starets,” “troika” and jam-making recipes are gonna help me much with getting directions to St. Basil’s…!)

  103. Could be a browser issue, too – what are you using, pheral?

  104. OK, here’s what I got for sentence no. 1:

    “feo, you govopite on -russkii.”

    Sentence no. 2:

    “you speak ‘ not ‘ you govopite.”

  105. ye XP, IE6. You pasted in my correction, right? i typed the wrong letter the first time.

    Russian’s fantastic, and very easy to learn i find! I’d encourage you to try it if you’re interested. It’s my favourite partly because of the phonetic pronounciation, means i can stick to books and not bother with tapes and junk.

  106. yup, it worketh for you too! i was correcting myself in the second sentence. 😛

  107. A Fine Morsel says:

    Ze kitten and ze rat are Russian spies! They vill succumb to my cupcakes soaked vith truth serum! Hah!

  108. pheral – Firefox, XP. Could be a Mozilla thing. (I no longer use IE unless I absolutely have to.)

    Thanks for the encouragement, too, though right now, my language of choice is Brazilian Portuguese – and believe me, tapes are *so* necessary!

  109. AuntieMame says:

    Yuck. Just…yuck!

    You know to get to the rest of the cupcakes they’re gonna have to climb IN the pan, and then there’ll be icing-y pawprints all over the carpet.

  110. Nah, it’s a fair cop. I *am* a Russki govopite. And I’d do it again!!!

  111. nono, EC, you misunderstand – babelfish translated exactly right for you too. it was translating that word into phonetic english because i had typed one letter wrong. that’s why in the second sentence it says ‘aaargh’ and then demonstrates the mistake and what it should have been. 🙂

    brazilian portugese sounds awesome! 😀

    i’m running off to beddybies. ’tis far too late for kitties in this part of the world…

  112. lol theo, you cad. 😛

    night all. 🙂

  113. that’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.
    it’s the first time in a while that i think i’ve screamed “AWWWWWWUH!!!!!!! CUTEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!” at a picture on here.
    congrats, you just made my day.

  114. So, my Dad makes these homemade cheesecake-like things. He calls ’em cheese cuts, they have the graham cracker crust and the cheesecake filling and a sour cream based icing on top, but are thin and light unlike regular NY style cheesecake.

    Anyway, he made them for a holiday once, and placed them on the dining room table to cool. I was home, with Kitty, for the holidays. We got home from being out to find the entire sheet pan’s worth of cheese cuts had the icing licked off by Kitty. She had never jumped on the table before so we just didn’t think it would happen.

    So, Dad made a new one and re-frosted, and this time put it on the counter, which is higher than the table and doesn’t have chairs to use as stepping stones. And again, Kitty has never jumped on the counter before. Well, guess who got a second helping of icing?

    I don’t know what’s funnier, that Kitty never even got so much as a grumbly tummy from all that icing, or that Dad didn’t learn the first time around not to leave yummy things out on tables.

  115. The secret to world peace has at last been discovered! I’m making cupcakes with sloppy icing for the next UN summit.

  116. fawn lust says:

    i love how half the c-overload animals are total stoners!

  117. Another Weird Cat Cravings observation: My mom’s cat Desi rejects absolutely all people food…with the exception of watermelon. Yes, watermelon! Goes absolutely crazy for it. Go fig.

  118. lauowolf says:

    Weird cat cravings–given that they don’t have receptors for sweet, you wonder what watermelon tastes like for them. Or cantaloupe.
    (let alone artichokes…)

  119. My cat who likes to lick the glue off the lint roller and the duct tape also has a HUGE thing for chicken soft shell tacos.

    Loved the cheesecake story on Kitty!! That’s cute.

  120. Wait a minute. Are those charcoal briquettes in the background? Is the human fattening up kitty and ratty for a nefarious culinary purpose?? :-O

  121. Jan – my cat loves double sided tape too! we got some to try and protect the side of the bed which she was totally scratching up. it was a total loss, she just chewed it right off like a maniac. any kind of tape at any time she just wants to eat. strange indeed…

  122. Nilla — close. The *kitten* is prepping the *rat*. They only *look* innocent.


  123. Oh so VERY cute.

    I lurve the rats. Must have more rats heah!

  124. Michelle says:

    I think the apples hidden in my dad’s shoes were actually love offerings. She and my dad were very close. So much so that if my mom smooched my dad over his desk, the cat would get between them and break it up, resorting to violence against mom if necessary.

  125. tee hee! cat jealousy 🙂

  126. And they say *dogs* are dangerous! 😉

  127. Michelle says:

    Oh, and for all the animal welfare types: the apple cat lived more than 20 years despite the fact that she ate a diet supplemented daily with snacks and goodies of home cooked and storebought “people food”, dairy, McDonald’s, various forms of wildlife, etc. Also, my dog lived 15 years despite having her diet supplemented with chocolate, “people food”, cat poops (almond roca), McDonald’s, garbage, and on at least one occasion, an entire pack of cigarettes. She also loved to squeeze between the fence and garage to get drunk on the rotting plums that fell from the plum tree.

  128. lauowolf says:

    You know, given how clean the kitty and rat are, and how “ratty” the cupcakes are, I think the poor things are being set-up.
    “Mom, the animals got into your cupcakes. Look, they ate all the icing!! Honest, I never touched anything….”

  129. “Wait a minute. Something’s not right here. Who would leave a tin of cupcakes where anybody could get at them?”

    “You’re right! I smell a rat!”

  130. Michelle, may your dog rest in peace, but he sounds like he was a rocker 😀

    Also: it may be entirely possible that these were treats designed for pets. That would make it tres cute. I’ve seen them, and am awfully tempted to trick my borther into eating gourmet dog treats that look like a tin of specialty cookies.

  131. That kitten is so freaking cute!!

  132. jaypo — take note of v effective GF Strategy. works great with iced donuts too.

  133. fabu caption

  134. Maybe “world peac” should be a new category?

    Death by marmalade fuzz…you’re slaying me!

  135. World Peace category?? Sheee… how about a World Peace *Policy?*

  136. ka9q's wife says:

    Michelle have you ever thought your dog was perhaps the Keith Richards of the dog set?

  137. Bioflux says:

    First, this pic is brilliantly cute and original! Kittens with their tounges out are a shoe in. Plus the comraderie of the mouse buddy there, licking cupcakes no less! Howevvverr . . check out the background. Ewwww. Filthy carpet, greazy brown paper bags on the floor with food spilling out, a bag of charcoal and a lighter, someone sitting on said floor with the soles of their dirty shoes showing. . . is it any wonder that a mouse and cat are eating food off of the floor??!! Huh? Someone call the health inspector!

  138. Katherine says:

    Thanks fer the laughs vacko. ye-NO! It’s like a kid licking a cookie so no one will eat it but him.

  139. Katherine says:

    I remember my cat used to love butter. If I left a dish of butter on the table he would leap up and start lapping away. I think it’s the creamy stuff they love. No wonder there’s so much less icing on the cupcake the cat’s going at than the rats.

  140. mickey cee says:

    I used to have a cat that absolutely loved jalapeno jack cheese, and I now have a cat that loves Tetracolor Tropical Fish Flakes – has to have some at least twice a day.

  141. Awww it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooocute!!!!!!! Such a cute little kitty.. Can I have him/her??? jk… but I want him/her still!!!!

  142. It’s been so long since I really looked at pics on this site! At any rate, to weigh in: one of my cats, Snack, lives up to her name by eating anything that falls on the floor. Corn chips, Kashi Good Friends, etc, but mozzarella cheese and ice cream are her faves. And my mom’s golden retriever has lived 15 years being fed human food (though selectively) daily. And he can still drag you down the street…

  143. mO ptOPM-ouse says:

    Please,please PLEASE!! have another picture with these 2 lil’cuties eating some other kind of goopy snack, the messyer the better..better for raucus laughs that is!! yerpal MtM