Hee Pig

Hiddy-ho Lil’ Piglets, Flop McGuinersons here and welcome to Hee Pig, live from Kooorrnfield Kounty! The whole gang’s here, but FIRST, it’s winners of the Novelty Clogging Contest… [curtain opens]

The Steele Family Cloggers!!!! [waves paw towards curtain—wild applause]





  2. Jan Spencer says:

    Yee Haw!

  3. adorababy says:


  4. mariser says:

    he does look like a good ole boy. or, like my friends’ band (bluegrass, nacht), a “blind corn-likker picker”



  5. This is definitely spit-take material.

    Concentrated silliness! Love it!

  6. “Next up in the calf-roping event, it’s COWBOY PIG!”

  7. mariser says:

    and btw, that is a RIGHTEOUS hat.

  8. Kris, in New England says:

    Little cavey nose – you can just see the whiskers twitching for some salad greens!

  9. Yeeee haaaaaaaaaaa!

  10. aww looky at those HUGE beady eyes!

  11. Wow. What a great piggy pic!

    The hat is an inspired addition.

  12. ahhh!!!! a piggy hamster!

  13. The Guy Over There says:

    Billy Bob! I thought you moved to Louisiana, cus!

    Do you know what he needs? a stick of haygrass to chew on.

  14. HOLY HOEDOWN!!! I lof this li’l piggie! *serious* munchy face, nose=mouth size. Yipppeee yiy-oh kai-yay!!!!

  15. Beauregard says:

    LOVE the floppy wavy ears. Aww!

  16. Well whooooweee that thar is one deeelectibuly cute lit’le varmit. Hes the rootinist tootinist cutinist little cow, I mean pig polk I done evar laid eyes on! Whooooopiggie I thi’ank I’m in luuuv!

    (And I have been living in Texas too long!) *l*

  17. M- You *are* gooood! Your inner cowpoke is alive and well!!

  18. (Sung to Yellow Rose of Texas)

    There’s a Piggie Nose of Texas
    That I am going to see
    No other snorgler knows him
    No snorgler, only me.
    He cried so when I left him
    It like to broke my heart
    And if I ever find him
    We never more will part.

    He’s the cutest pig this color
    This snorgler ever knew
    His eyes are bright as diamonds
    They sparkle like the dew.
    You may talk about your dearest cat
    And sing of cute hammies
    But the Piggy Nose of Texas
    Beats the cute of all bunnys.

  19. :-p

  20. wow. it almost makes me want to square dance. almost.

  21. Katrina & her 13 guinea pigs says:

    Ahhhhh, cute piggi!!!!!!

  22. Jaypo- DAMN… and here I was hoping to kill it!!! Been in Texass too long…. OYE!

  23. Nice, M-.

  24. HOOOOOoooooo doggies!

  25. Courtney says:

    why does this hat seem so appropriate on this guinea pig’s head?

  26. I’ve not been feeling well today but somehow seeing that piggy in his lovely straw hat has made it just that little bit more bearable.
    *Crawls away to die but with a smile on her face*

  27. M-, *love* your lyrics but “all bunnies”? Nooooooo! 😉

  28. lauowolf says:

    Yeah, this picture is just sooo perfect.
    Who knew piggies needed straw hats?
    Lovely, lovely, lovely.
    Oh, but are we sure it’s really okay? Maybe the hat is endangering poor piggie?
    Maybe he’ll eat it and choke?
    What if it gets caught over his head and he can’t eat?
    Or maybe the other piggies will peck him to death because he’s different?
    It’s cute.
    I get it.

  29. LOL!! Keep em’ coming! The owners of this lil’ precious are obviously inspired by his total cuteness. There’s no end to his talents.

  30. AuntieMame says:

    “I searched the world over and thought I found true love; You met another and PTHTPT! you was gone!”


    (And just because I’m feeling bitchy today…it’s not the people worrying about the photos that is ruining CO. It’s all the rude clods who feel the need to commentate about it…)

  31. chunkstyle says:

    Oh wow, this is good ol’ fashioned home-grown cuteness. Yessir, no GMOs in that piggy.
    (I’m still thinking of that weird guinea pig song I saw here–“Timothy Hay!”it haunts me)

  32. Swing your cavy ‘round and ‘round,

    With wee pink paws, up and down.

    Go to your corners, with your hats of straw

    And meet your cavy, paw in paw

    Let’s go, hammies, strut and preen

    You’ve got beady eyes, you deserve to be seen

    And promenade pigs!

  33. Yippie ti yi yo, git along little piggies!

  34. (psa: hammies != cavies! cavies are much bigger and have no tails…)

    the songs are making me squee as much as the picture…i am going to have ‘Piggie Nose of Texas’ in my head all day.

    and the pig! he’s so delightfully orange!!

  35. Where, oh where, are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? 😀

  36. Got hat, will cowboy.


  37. Lillith says:

    Thanks nilla.

    I searched the world over thought I found true love. You met another and *snorgle* you were gawn.

  38. lauowolf says:

    I think it’s the little ears with the hat that makes it work.

  39. Yes, I realized post-post that I was doing some cross-species referencing. Sorry, y’all.

  40. “(I’m still thinking of that weird guinea pig song I saw here–“Timothy Hay!”it haunts me)”

    I’m a piggy, big and chubby
    What can I eat?
    Hay and pellets, fruits and veggies
    Vitamin C!

    I sleep and poop
    I don’t wear pants
    No shoes on my feet
    I’m so great,
    and every day
    It’s all about me!!!

    [Chorus: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….]

    Your not alone, you know.

  41. This little fella would make an awesome tee shirt!
    Sooo cute!

  42. EC…wait…I recite that song every morning…doesn’t everybody?

  43. lauowolf? Dude. Take a chill pill. Seriously. We’re ALL in awe of the adorableness that IS the pig. And none of us have anything negative to say, so why try to drag this down, too?

    OMG, by the way. Overalls and a piece of hay out his muzzle would totally complete that!!

  44. weet! lauowolf was joking.

    no need to git our britches in a twist.

  45. Some of us might enjoy twisted britches.
    Er, not me though.

  46. The GP is saying, “Give me Timothy hay, you fools!”

  47. I hope that pig’s name is Hoss.

  48. had it up to here says:

    Taking snarky potshots at posters who express an opinion that differs from yours is not funny. It’s juvenile. Grow. Up.

  49. had it up to here says:

    I was referring to lauowolf’s post.

  50. lauowolf says:

    Sorry, had-it-up-to-here, really didn’t mean to snark over the line.

  51. Yay for guinea piggies. They remind me of a friend of mine from long ago who had two guinea piggies who would stand up and squeal for lettuce whenever he walked by.


  52. Lauowolf — as a resident CO snark, nothing you’ve posted in this thread appears to me to be “over the line.” It’s pretty obvious to me, at least, that you were joking. Apologize if you like, but I sure as heck don’t require it.

    In general, people — misguided criticism from anonymous sources (who can’t seem to take their own advice) doesn’t move *me*. You want a fight? Does it seem to you that a blog about cute photos and funny captions maybe isn’t the best place to go looking for one?

  53. *seconds Theo*

  54. Uh-oh…. watch out cowpolks… looks like the law has come to town to settle the bickerin’ tween the Hatefills and the McCoys… ya’ll better thiank twice about rumblin’ in these parts…

  55. Lauowolf – I *like* snark :-P. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, well, life can get a little toooooo intense for me! *nudges in the ribs all around*

  56. mariser says:

    another for the fact file:

    I’m related by marriage (i.e. via mon schmoop) to the Hatfields. so down with the McCoys!

  57. Souns lahk iss tahm ta have us a good ole famly-stahl chili cook-awf. Settle this nonsense down once an fer awl. Cours, [chaw, chaw, spit] I reckon we betta wait fer the wind ta pick up some, firs. Yee-ep.

  58. English Chick Charlie says:

    Holy Crap! A Guinea Pig!
    Wearing a HAT!!!


  59. I nominate this for the next round of shirt voting. This little guy was just born to be on a t-shirt.

    Or perhaps a greeting card? It would be awesome if we could email postings to friends as postcards! Happy Hammies and Bunnehs in the inbox make for happy days!

  60. I swear I can see his schnoozle moving.

  61. cell sam, you are a butt face

  62. Laurie C says:

    Or a ‘bot face, as it were.