“Flo, we’re gonna need a smaller bottle.”

Mr. raccoon-pants here might need an eye-dropper for a while. TEENY not-ringed-yet TAIL ALERT!


Gracias, ShizGirl 🙂

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Extremely alert reader Nancy M. just sent this photo in of her cat "Dr. Moritz van Taco, MD" checking out the raccoon bébé post. Hee!



  1. Now THAT’S a tiny raccoon!!!

  2. pistache268 says:


  3. Katherine says:

    I see a dipstick tail. 🙂

  4. We hand-raised a bebe sqwerl (from about a day old) a few years back and had to use a doll bottle…

  5. pistache268 says:


  6. astonishingly delightful, can you imagine the tiny little gurbling sounds it makes?!!

  7. Laurie C says:

    I can hear it meeping and peeping now.

  8. Now why can’t something that anerable be knocking my trashcans over??

  9. MO_PtOP-MOUse says:

    After finding a baby squirrel on the ground that had fallen out of tree in my front yard.. with my friend Cherry we took the baby to a local wildlife reserve.. one of the workers at Lichterman Nature Center said the little squirrel had to be stimulated to p like thier mothers do it.. or the infants will perish without this help.. I don’t know what they did for a surrogate mother but the small squirrel did fine after a few months and they let it live on the compound there..yerpal MTM

  10. Why hast thou forsaken me?

  11. little miao says:

    oh my, so fuzzy and tiny, he looks more like a color-point kitten than a baby raccoon!! He has a lot of hard work ahead of him if he’s going to grow his stripes and bushy tail.

  12. That’s not a raccoon, it’s a raccootini.

  13. Beware!

  14. Good lord, how can you even TELL it’s a racoon? Yowza.
    At the Wildlife Rehab Center (St. Paul), we use syringes to feed the bebe squirrels, and syringes with special rubber tips to feed the bunnies.
    Hope this lil’ fella (gal?) makes it all right!

  15. Ooooooooo! Needs a teeny tiny garbage pail to knock over.

  16. “Now Rocky Raccoon he fell back in his room
    only to find Gideon’s bottle.”

  17. hmmm.... says:

    cute until it sinks it’s teeth into the hand that feeds it. coons are nasty disease ridden beasts.

  18. AAAAWWWW!!

    He looks like a tiny monkey 😉

  19. Tail, button nose, and those splayed toes, oh my!

  20. AuntieMame says:

    Wow, I had no idea that raccoons were born ringless. Cute!

    I’ll bet those claws can do some damage, tho.

  21. Oh tiny little baby coon
    You’re hardly larger than a spoon
    And yet we know that all-too soon,
    You’ll be cavorting ‘neath the moon
    Despite three pairs of hurtled shoon
    My garbage can’s in wrack and ruin.

    /my apologies.
    //bad but fun!

  22. rebecca says:

    it looks so cute!

  23. My, that is a funny-looking creature! Cute, but I’m slightly scared of the claws!

  24. Gosh – rabbit kits and puppies and kittens and goodness only knows what all else have little teeny nails…

    A thinker, I like…! (“Hurtled shoon” and all.)

  25. 😀 it’s such a wonderful plural, isn’t it.

  26. eowyn_2 says:

    …because what the world needs? Is more racoons. Right.

  27. eowyn_2 says:

    oops, I meant raccoons. Two c’s.

  28. Laurie C says:

    Bravo on the poem, A thinker!

  29. Wow…he’s so pathetic. It’s hard to believe that in another year someone will be taking pot shots at him, while he scampers away from the garbage. Awwww…let’s enjoy him while we can.

  30. displayname says:

    Awwww! A baby Cling-on!

  31. fawn lust says:

    he’s so itsy, i hope he makes it!

  32. “chiefly dialect plural of SHOE”
    ahhh… I get it now. Shoon. Shweet!

  33. “:-D it’s such a wonderful plural, isn’t it.”

    You betcha!

  34. Wow – something *very* strange just happened. My 1st attempt at posting the comment above was hijacked – not once, but twice – by another Typepad blog called Bluegrass Roots.

    Not only that, it was trying to post a comment that I hadn’t written.

    Weird, very weird.

  35. I blame the pigbilly from the previous post.

  36. *neer neer neer neer*

    Twilight Zone theme.

    Weird indeed!

  37. LOL Theo! I bet you’re right.

  38. Michelle says:

    There’s something missing from that pic, but I can’t put my finger on it.


    oh! Yeah, I know. It’s 1.5 inch-long fuchsia shimmer gel nails.

  39. “Weird indeed!”

    Not only that, “my” comment was not in standard English. It was something along the lines of, “I think you do good music.”

  40. Well, you *are* the music critic, right?

  41. It’s one of several hats I wear – though none of them look like the GP’s. 😉

  42. Hi, I love “cute” stuff…this site is just adorable~ I’m sure to visit again and again…thanks for sharing the picks~
    tiny raccoon is really sweet..Awwww~

  43. LOL, E.C. Gosh, I’m going to sleep well tonight just from the CO comment humour.

  44. You do, comrade!

  45. *high fives all round*


  46. May herds of diary KoWz serenade you to sleep. (And no, there’s no typo here.)

    Meeeew! (Mocking KoW tone.) 😉

  47. lauowolf says:

    The only thing I want is for him to open his beedy eyes.

  48. hadgedog says:

    aaw. I didn’t know they came “self-coloured”…
    keep him (her?) warm, step mommy!

  49. Eeek that’s a cutie!

  50. lauowolf says:

    Oh, Dr. Taco is so comfy on his nice warm moniter.
    Lucky cat.
    Mine have to put up with a useless flatscreen.

  51. AuntieMame says:

    Dr. Moritz van Taco, MD?

    Wasn’t that a 70s television show?

    It looks like he (she) was on a fishing expedition to get the lil’ raccoon and got stuck.

  52. Being a Brit and therefore not suffering from racoons in the “rubbish bin”, I can safely call it cute with no reservations. It does hwever look like it has been dropped from a great height.

  53. “Dr. Moritz van Taco (extra M.D.?!)” might just be the best name ever. The only thing that might be better is if the word ‘Pants’ was in it.

  54. hedgedog says:


  55. aaah!! want to eat him all up! well, not *eat* really, just glomph him. anyone else have this weird urge when seeing cute animals/babies/???

  56. this picture makes me think of when i had a baby bat, it drank diluted milk from a teaspoon, using its nano tongue.

  57. Carlisa Smith says:

    I’d never guessed that was a baby raccoon! Cute. He reminds me of a refrigerator magnet.

  58. Elizabeth says:

    “He reminds me of a refrigerator magnet.” Thank you. I was having trouble getting together enough energy to _really_ get up this morning (as opposed to the pseudo-up of laptopping from bed) and that made me laugh so hard that I’m wide awake and ready to go walk my most anerable of puppies

  59. little miao says:

    teehee, he reminds me of a baby batty, too.

  60. Displayname says:

    Meg, you got me on that one – too funny!
    Now I must clean blueberry muffin off my monitor.


    Gosh, if someone did a survey about the pattern of cat coat colours on this site, I’m betting orangey wins hands-down.

    And such a happy smile 🙂

  62. Courtney says:

    D’awwwww! That little raccoon baby is so helpless!

    I’m glad people are out there, helping take care of orphaned wildlife (even if the ‘wildlife’ tends to grow up and rummage through our garbage).

    Also, that cat is very pretty. *squeezes his white paw*

  63. Dr. Moritz von Taco M.D. is absolutely gorgeous. with that name and those looks he belongs in a soap opera about the lives and loves of cat M.D.s. “Claws of our Lives”? “General (Pet) Hospital”? or sumethin’.

    fact: I knew a guy named Moritz’ he married a good friend of mine. he wasn’t yeller or marmie colored, though.

  64. Dr. Taco? That name rivals that of my own cat, Dr. Simon S. Fagan…maybe they could be friends?
    What a fabulous cat name!!!!

  65. Doc Toc!

  66. Jaypo – “it’s a raccootini.” Can I have mine stired, not shaken in a chilled glass with a splash of OMG this itty baby is cute please?

  67. You’re welcome.

    He’s cuuuute. Or she.

  68. lauowolf says:

    Our municipal garbage cans are raccoon-proof, but the guys do just fine on backyard fruit trees (mostly gone wild, rental area) and the pet food people leave out. Or the pet food in people’s kitchen’s if there is a handy door. They aren’t shy. They like avocados too, off the tree and too hard for people yet. One neighbor used to feed them too.
    Sort of California new cuisine raccoons.
    They live in the palm trees out front. I had no idea they had little guys this odd; mostly I get to see clusters of miniature raccoons trailing after mama across the roof.

  69. lauowolf: where I lived in the city, there was a tree with a raccoon hole. we’d regularly be treated to the mama-baby coon parade.

    where I lived before that, they’d regularly get inside to make food raids. One of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard revolved around a surprised resident finding a coon making off out the window with a bag of bread rolls slung over his shoulder like a little robber (which he was).

  70. Yay! My Dr. Mo made it! i am going to go home tonight and nibble on his white paw. 🙂

    re: Tacopants:
    my nickname is “pants,” and one of Mo’s many nicknames is “momopants.”

  71. I guess We aren’t luck enough to have racoons here… we get possums…. ugly rat-like creatures with a big creepy factor. This city girl about FREAKED when opening the front door and instead of seeing my sweet white cat, seeing, what in that instant, looked like an over-sized mutant rat… I rarely scream like a girl… rarely but not never… oy! I prefer racoons…

  72. Just another comment on A. Thinker’s use of the archaic plural “shoon”. Way freakin’ cool.

    I have always loved raccoons after having gone through a raccoon phase in 6th grade (followed by an Australian animal phase in 7th) where I read “Frosty: A Raccoon to Remember” about a park ranger who brings up an abandoned raccoon kit. They’re really, really smart, curious and mischievous and will break anything not nailed down. Plus they have little hands!

  73. thanks, Thalia 🙂

    I remember Frosty. That was one of my favourite books (along with Sterling North’s “Rascal”).

  74. “Dr. Moritz von Taco, M.D.” and “Dr. Simon S. Fagan”?

    I thought I was doing pretty well naming my cat “Sir Isaac Mewton”.

    I see I still have much to learn.

  75. lauowolf says:

    M- the only way to deal with possums is to think PIGGY BANK as hard as you can.
    Then they are almost cute.
    My fat tabby had a possum friend. I would open up the back door, and they would be sitting on the door mat, side by side.

  76. Diane N says:

    My cat’s name is Lucy Van Pelt because my son was acting in a college theater production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown when we adopted her. Turned out to be a perfect choice because she is tewtelly cranky! Though I see now that I should have named her Lucy Van Pants.

  77. Sir Isaac Mewton?! You gotta be kidding me…I am so jealous that I didn’t think of that one first!!!