Newsflash: Terrier finally lies down after hours of running around

This lil’ energetic terrier pup finally took a rest after running around crazily all day. Activities included pant-chewing, grass-eating, yipping, never slowing to less than a trot and smearing his nose on the clear-glass door to the backyard.


At least that’s what I’m imagining.



  1. flyingbunny says:

    what an adorable pup!

  2. What is that I see behind him? Could it be a blue couch?

  3. yup…that sounds about right. (the terrier activities, that is…)

  4. Aww! Looks just like a picture we have of my sister’s Jack Russel, only her head is black on a white body, not brown. Darling little dogs, but *such* a handfull. Your imagining is probably dead-on, Meg!

  5. But it’s not the Blue Couch of Fabulousness… Still, such an innocent-looking pup. (Not!)

  6. Note the pink paw pads sticking out below the midsection…

  7. Displayname says:

    Eh, what did you say? A terror pup?

  8. The Guy Over There says:

    I love the “Frasier” doegie. :O

  9. Nah, the way he’s lying there reminds me of how my puppy used to go hide on his bed when he’d get in trouble for chewing holes in the couch cushions.

    “Aww, man! Another time out. It’s my fifth today, and mommy hasn’t even seen her slippers yet.”

  10. Beautiful, innocent eyes, the eyes of a puppeh who never went near the pants or nose-smeared the door and the grass stains on the rug are NOT from digging in the yard… Moi?!

  11. Michelle says:

    I just love Jack Russell Terrors. Like a 6 pound portable three-ring circus. How many other breeds would eat the baby Jesus from the family crèche?

  12. Laurie C says:

    In connection with the nose-smearing on the glass, don’t forget the barking-frenetically-at-the-squirrels-outside.

  13. aaah what a comfy groove he’s made for himself in that pillow there – looks much more comfy than the pseudo “blue couch of fabulousness”!

  14. Michelle: hee. (!!!)

  15. Margaret says:

    hee hee… don’t forget patrolling the yard for suspicious birds and other layabouts. We’re getting two jack russell terrier puppies this summer. Twice the terror!

  16. No, you SQUARE terror when you talk about jack russels. Quadruple the terror 😀

  17. omg cutie or what!x

  18. i wish i had a puppy like that!!!ahhhh!!!!!

  19. fallover and died

  20. XD If you guys wanna see true terror try breeding the things with Chihuahuas!

    We had one named Honey, whom in turned spawned a terror of a litter…including my grandfather’s dog (Bubba).

    That one wouldn’t hesitate to make you regret leaving anything within puppy grasp!

  21. awwwwwwwwwwwww he’s a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  22. Two of my favorite euphemisms for Jack Russells:
    -Chainaws with legs
    -Pinballs with teeth

    I have a Jack Russell mix. WHEEEEEE!!!

  23. I only see the left side of the pic (I’m all Terrier? Where?) until I click the pic or the entry’s permalink/comments.

    Yes, Safari.

  24. christina r says:

    Those sweet innocent eyes are totally plotting something

  25. Yay, my little teeny puppy is on here 😀

  26. He had a hard day…

  27. The only good thing about my previous job was that people were fully allowed to bring their dogs to work. I worked with a rather useless person who was only redeemed by her dog, a lovely choco lab mix. Another dog was a Jack Russell/Corgi mix. Dignity was not part of her vocabulary, but I so loved her. One could hear tags jingling around all day.

  28. This is clearly photoshopped. Terriers do not ever drop to speeds below “vroom.” If your terrier does slow down or, God forbid, stop, it means s/he is suffering from some deficiency of systemic crack production and must be rushed to the vet immediately.

  29. Definitely a jrt. They go til they drop. He is just way toooooo cute!!!!

  30. lauowolf says:

    Terrier isn’t really still, it’s just superfast film.
    Besides, if they stood still long enough to be snorgled they would rule the world.

  31. :0 So cute.

  32. Sweetie! Look at his little foot! *pokes floppy ears*