Wee bit o’ Sheltie

This here’s the story of a bébé Sheltie pup who was a mini version of her siblings. When born, she was
just 3 ounces. (half the size of a can of tuna!) This is her at two days old.


Here she is at one month!Her name is paris, named for the trip the owner had to cancel in order to take care of her.


Group ‘ahnnnn!”s to Brittany F.



  1. Michelle says:

    ::swoons:: from the teensy cuteness.

  2. Alessia says:

    So sweet!

  3. Whoa. It’s the weird bodyless head effect again on the first pic. Cute pup tho.

  4. Puppies are more fun than Parisians any day.

  5. Well worth cancelling the trip… what an anerable ball o’ fluff!

  6. JessJess says:

    Awww such a precious lil pup *snorgles*

  7. ooooh I love shelties! My dog at home is a sheltie! He was so cute as a puppy and would run and slide on the kitchen floor so we named him Brian after Boitano the ice skater.

  8. A wee dram o’Sheltie!

  9. Oh, the fuzziness of the pup! She’s adorable… and so lucky! What a sweetie pie.

    I miss my Sheltie, Duff.

  10. Hey guys!

  11. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    We like that someone actually cancelled a trip to Paris to take care of this wee pup. Now that’s what we call a good story.

  12. I’d skip Paris too, for this little guy. Just a heartfelt story, and that’s devotion/love for the little ones.

  13. Aaaaawh!

    The runt of the litter. Good comeback Paris!

  14. Yes, indeedy, glad to see somebody has their priorities straight. Paree can wait. Puppeh cannot.

  15. It’s not April anymore, but truly – if someone gave me a choice between Paris and a pup, I would take the former….

    Though I can understand why pup’s owner chose the latter.

  16. Be still, everyone: we are in the presence of Rule of Cuteness #17!

  17. ECollison–you’re on a roll, girl. Check the Recent post column before it changes!

  18. da bebe!!!

  19. jaypo, yeah… but hey, it’s Friday and I’m booored! 😉

  20. stiiiill not over the cuteness – actually must move cursor over puppy as if to pet her!

  21. Solar_F says:

    Must….have…more….pics… of the puppeh…Paris!


  22. Omigosh….I can’t stand it. Puppeh soooo adorable. 🙂

  23. Constance says:

    Aw. Makes me miss my shelties (plato and aristotle)

    Aristotle is the runt of the litter, plato the biggest. They are 10 years old. And they are best friends, my little buddies.

    Aristotle is in Kidney failure right now, we’re waiting to see if it’s acute or chronic…

    Everybody, please, toss up a prayer for my adorable little sheltie. He’s the sweetest little guy ever. I just want him to be ok.

  24. Sheltie people are lifers with the breed.

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait until we get our little guy at the end of August. Heh, he’s not even concieved yet, and we have him named, “Drake”.

    Man, I love shelties. So fluzzy and snorggleable.

  25. Woods Walker says:

    I guess that Sheltie owners are like German Shepherd owners. They won’t own or be owned by any other breed of puppy.-Woods Walker

  26. pistache268 says:

    Urg! Cute but scary head. Nice puppa!

  27. “Plato and Aristotle”

    Constance, sending love and good thoughts to you and your dear sheltie companions. Everything will work out for the best…

  28. What a sweetie! we used to dog-sit a lovely sheltie named Indie, may she rest in peace.

  29. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    so cute, so lovely, i’m just gonna hold her in my mouth, i won’t eat her, i promise.

  30. That little pinkie nose is so kissable. It’s madness! I don’t even understand how it can be so perfectly pink and NEW looking.

  31. It is so wonderful that she cancelled her trip to Paris for this little noodle of a puppy. Good woman. and Lucky Pup.

  32. I hope Finn’s not missing this…

  33. Constance – am hoping Aristotle will be all right. My sheltie at home is also 10, and I miss him lots. I’m getting my mom to send me pictures of him – he’s getting to be an old dog…

  34. Meg, take a look at this:


  35. Oh, adorable! Shelties are so beautiful (and really popular in my neck o’ the woods–whoa, nelly, were there a lot of them at a recent AKC event!), but this mini version is just the ultimate. If they managed to breed a miniature version of the sheltie, serious money could be had. But I’ll settle for just the one.

  36. Michele says:

    Aw. I have a similar story about my baby kitty. I’ll have to send in photos before and after. That puppy is beyond cuuuuute! just wanna rub my face in the fluffyness

  37. Awww…..I wanna give Paris a little hug!! And I want to give her owner a big hug. And runt stories always tug at my heartstrings…my 16-year-old Billie Kitty was the runt of her litter. (she is now the head of household–her authority trumps everyone, even the people)

  38. wittle weekend “wuv-ya” to evwyboddy!

  39. Dan_Morton says:

    Basically I love dogs. I miss my Os. 😦

  40. McKimchi says:

    Real-life Bambi and Thumper:

  41. More Tanja Askani photos (in link above) – yay!

  42. McKimchi says:

    …And here:

    E. Collison asked for them

  43. Wow, that’s incredible. Anybody got backstory on that one (not in Russian)?

  44. Thinker — the captions were auf Deutche. Here’s what BabelFish & I were able to do with ’em…

    A Few Pictures For Monday

    Finchen is growing up… as of the beginning of May it’s 1 year old now. We at the MO [?] had to have it anaesthetized and brought to a wild animal station where it later ausgewildert [?]

    When the narcotics had begun to work with Finchen, the wild rabbit came to say good-bye.

    The rabbit was particularly tender and supported Finchen with its head as it would have suspected, equal what happens [??]

    Many strange humans participated. My colleague from the wild park anaesthetized Finchen, and a film team, which had driven it for the series “Bear, Wolf & Co.”

    Nevertheless, the shy rabbit remained with Finchen up to last minute.

    In nature proceeds often somewhat, what we not to understand
    [Often, we cannot fully understand Nature’s way]

  45. ffeeo, thanks for the BabelFish approximation.

    First linkie was Russian (or some language using the Cyrillic alphabet). That’s the one I meant.

    But we get the gist…it sounds like a very sad story 😦 Think I’m gonna cry.

  46. McKimchi says:

    Friends die…Friendships last forever.


  47. OK, hang on:

    BabelFish with the Russian text seems to support a slightly happier interpretation:

    “In the beginning of May to the fawn (by it) of it they call Frinken it will be carried out by 1 yr and it is let out to the freedom. On Monday by it they pierced soporific in order to transport in the section from where it it will leave to the spaces of wild nature. ..Kak only narcosis acted, its dear hare arrived with it to be requested. ..On was separately tender and rubbed by ears against its dear friend, as if he felt, which soon will occur. ..Bylo many outside people veterinary surgeons and film crew, but “cowardly” hare remained with its friend to the end itself. They was friends almost yr Frinken found to itself two-year friend and it is in my opinion very contented, and hare almost ceased to appear, only when I make form, that to the call Of frinken, as I made this earlier, it here comes running, but so it almost and it is not evident”

  48. anmlvr21 says:

    So glad that this little girl is so lucky to have parents that love her so much, that they would sacrifice so much for her! What a wonderful person! (and what an adorable pup)!

  49. Tanja Askani does a lot of her work at something that’s either a wildlife refuge, or national park, or both. She’s especially famous for her photos of wolves (in Germany and Austria, at least).

    And then there are her bunny pics!

  50. That is one cute fluffy little puppy. I’d be kissing and snuggling up with her all day.

  51. little miao says:

    Paris’ story is inspiring – what a playful teeny-tailed pup she is! And her newborn pic reminds me of a baby skunk. 🙂

  52. i love it.:)

  53. this is shit

  54. …and so is THIS comment! Whee.

  55. wot is weet? is it the bathroom floor, after one of my co-workers wee’s?

    oops must leave now. i am reminded my dog needs kisses.

    i miss u folx.

  56. Finn comes, Finn goes.
    Wheel in the sky keeps on turning.

  57. don’t stop believin’.

    did you sleep at all last night??

  58. Sleep came eventually, but not on little cat feet. More like slug belly.


    Hi to Jack and your snorgoyles.

  59. did sleep rub its back upon the window-panes?


    snorgoyles are living on borrowed time. (from journey to styx.)