Safari Issue – Follow Up

The Cute Labs have tested the new style sheet, and it appears to work in Safari now with the full three columns! If you’re using Safari, simply hit shift-[refresh button on browser] to see the amazing results!

SUPER HUGE PROPS to both Bunny Fiv3r and Mr. Nick O’ Neill (of Authentic Geek) for all their help making the three-column update happen.




  1. I am using Safari—and even after hitting refresh…..the 3 column is still not working. The pictures still looked cropped weird…..

  2. And it’s lookin’ good on my screen, too! Congrats all…

  3. Safari is really aggressive with caching. Deni, are you hitting SHIFT-refresh?


  4. Whoa, I just noticed, the layout’s all fixed in my Firefox, too, background image & all. Sah-weet!

  5. It looks a little better in Firefox to me, too.

  6. kariboo says:

    it worked!
    deni, mine wasn’t doing it after hitting shift-refresh, but i came in here to see what others had said, and when i went back to the main page, all was good!

    thanks meg! it looks great!

  7. Yea, I’m using Safari and I did the shift refresh thing a few times and it still not working… **tear**

  8. Michelle says:

    Same here, Ginger. Still not working for me either.

  9. Hmmmm! Restart Safari?

  10. Michelle says:

    Restarted Safari. Still no go.

  11. Bizzaro! I’ve now tested it on my roommate’s Safari and shift-refresh works great here too. What Safari are you running? I’m on 1.3.2.

  12. Michelle says:


  13. I emptied cache, cleared history, and restarted Safari. Still no good. Current version of Safari here (2.0.3).

    The W3 Validator says that your pages aren’t using valid HTML:

    You might want to start by fixing at least some of the 77 errors that it finds.

  14. Ouch!!!

    Appears that 2.0.3 is not working yet.

    I’ll get on it.

    Thanks for the QA help, Peeps!

  15. I’m using Safari and it looks just fine for me. Latest Safari btw.

  16. It’s not working for me but I have no idea what version of safari I’m using…

  17. Looking on my Safari 1.3.2. Thanks!

  18. It’s not working for me either… Sorry!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  19. I tried going under the Safari menu and clearing my cache, then hitting shift reload and it still doesn’t work for me. I’m using Safari 2.0.3 on Tiger 10.4.6.

    Hope this is helpful. I’ve been clicking on all the pictures to get the popup windows. I’d love to see it back to the old functioning 3 column mastery.

    Congratulations on your Webby!

  20. Fred Fnord says:

    Just another Version 2.0.3 (417.9.2) user that it doesn’t work for. Straaaange.

    What amazes me is that we have an Apple employee here who is still on Mac OS X 10.3. Back in the old days, when I worked at Apple, we all used to run the *next* version of the OS at home…

    Of course, that was Mac OS X 10.-1 or so.

    Oh, one other bizarro bug here, though it might be a Safari bug: the mouse scroll wheel doesn’t ‘focus’ properly on the comment entry window when the cursor is hovering over it: if you point your mouse at the comment pane and it has a scroll bar, the comment pane is supposed to scroll, not the whole page. I can’t see how that could be a problem with the HTML, but I’ve been wrong before.


  21. We have 4 Macs at home, and each has Safari (natch) BOTH my 2.0.3 Safari (on this here Mac) and my roommate’s 1.3.2 Safari (from my note above) show the layout great… My fabu CSS designer assures me it’s a matter of time before we iron it out. Thanks ALL for the patience…


  22. B. Modern says:

    CO is finally coming in strong on my Safari server!
    Thank you for struggling through the fix… if you ever doubted your popularity, you should be definitely be reassured now.
    A perfect Mother’s Day present for my fellow Overloadies.

  23. Fred Fnord says:

    Okay, well, I have no idea what happened, when it happened, or why it happened, but I went to sleep, got up in the morning, and now everything works fine.

    This is after it didn’t work after I refreshed, shift-refreshed, cleared cookies, cleared cache, quit and restarted safari, and even sacrificed a puppy. Er, well, okay, I just sacrificed a picture of a puppy.

    Go fig.


  24. FWIW, still not working on 2.0.3 here, after both shift-refresh and a general reboot (had some updates to install today). Of course, clicking on the squooshed image still pops up the full thing, so it’s not a huge deal.

  25. Alden Ford says:

    Mine wasn’t working either until I hit shift-option refresh. Now it’s all spacious. Hope that works for others.

  26. Safari was still cropping oddly for me this morning, but now it’s all better!!! YAY!!! Thank you guys so much for working to fix this!!! 🙂

  27. Safari 2.0.3 not working right for me. I tried refresh, shift-refresh, and shift-option-refresh.

  28. Hm, nevermind, it’s working now. *shrug*

  29. Thank you so much for the fix. I didn’t say anything earlier because I figured y’all were on the case.

    Thank you also for the site. CO keeps me from shrieking and slapping people at work. It’s a good thang.


  30. ‘Tis working for me now too, yay!

  31. Michelle says:

    By gum, I think it’s fixed! Wheeeeee! Thank you to Meg’s Minions!

  32. “Meg’s Minions”

    Heh… walk THIS way…

  33. It’s working now! THANKS!