Safari issue

Thanks all, for writing in with the Safari browser issue. Our new three-column layout is buggy in Safari and we’re tryin’ to fix her by this weekend. We know you want the full imagery! Stay tuned.



  1. Hoorah for Meg!

    (I don’t use a Mac, but hoorah nonetheless).

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh – I thought I was going crazy – thank you for letting us know.

  3. Oh. When I read the title, I thought this would be a post with tiny baby cheetahs.

    Still and all, thanks for all the hard work, making this one of the most
    Webb-ilicious sites in the cyber ethereum.

  4. I’m sorry about those experiencing the Safari issue, but as a Firefox/PC user, I have to say the three-column layout has been sensational. loads quickly, the pictures are, as always, anerable, and the “taking-care-o-bidness” stuff is nicely arranged in the right.
    I really should have done this before; we are always so quick to complain and slowpokes to praise.

    you rock Moo!

    /please don’t kill me
    //it’s in the COG, so it is legit, right?

  5. Thanks, Meg! I can’t wait for the cuteness to be back to normal for us Safari users.

  6. Yay for Meg to the rescue! You and CO rock as usual!

  7. Caitlin Youngquist says:

    Thanks, Meg! Although I’ve found that if I just click the picture it loads full size in a new window, so it hasn’t been too irritating . . . I can still get the cuteness full-size!

  8. Dale Jimmo says:

    Works great with Mozilla Firefox.

  9. Meg, have you tweaked something in the design? ‘Cause it’s beginning to display properly for me (in Firefox). I’ve acutally got all 3 columns in plain sight, though I still have to go to full-screen to get the stripes. (Could be an ISP thing, I’m thinkin’ – it’s not a screen res issue.)

  10. Thanks, it was drvin’ me nuts!

  11. The background stripes are partly obscured on both sides for me too (WinXP, FireFox)… but otherwise it’s working great.

  12. Yeah, I have lost some of the stripeys, too. But I prefer the three-column layout to the two, where it was getting really hard to find info on the left.

  13. I’ve engaged a coupla CSS experts to try and help moi with the middle column issue and the BG image issue… I am but a lowly padawan to their Jedi skills. [I can’t believe I just made that reference]


    p.s. Mariser—how did you know my nickname is ‘Moo’? or did you?

  14. Heck, Meg, we *ALL* know.

    (remember, your mom & dad post here, sometimes…)

  15. I regularly use Firefox and haven’t had any prob with the column stuff. BUt I was missing the stripes, till I realized they come back at full screen (habitual reduced-screen user here–I forget what I’m missing at FS!).

  16. “Heck, Meg, we *ALL* know.”


    To clarify futher, the right-hand column was only partly visible until today – it was cut off more or less down the middle. Now I can see all 3 columns (with white space, yet!) but no stripes.

  17. Laurie C says:

    Yeah, Meg, Theo even put it in the glossary.

    (Parents can be *so* embarrassing sometimes.)

  18. LOL!!!!


    I don’t think I’m fully awake today.

  19. You could always blame in on allergies, Meg – I feel like I’ve got a head full of sand on the worst days. 😉

  20. Theo did you add to that or am I the most clueless person evar? (Don’t answer that) [on phone to parents: MOOOOOOOOM!!!!]

  21. All I did was compile the “Monty” and “Judy” comments from one of the bun-day postings…

    (oh I am *SOOOO* loving this! heh heh)

  22. Reading the comments is quite edumacayshional! (Not unlike reading the Sunday funny papers.)

  23. *tee hee* @ Theo & “Moo”

  24. mariser says:

    Laurie C.

    “(Parents can be *so* embarrassing sometimes.)”

    I don’t think ‘parents’ (hi Monty and Judy!) are the source of embarrassment here.

    all senses (spidey and otherwise) point to… THEOTHEOTHEOTHEOTHEO!!

  25. Laurie C says:

    Sympathies, Meg. I suffered for 30 years from an animal nickname bestowed by my dad. One day I said “Enough!” and the whole family actually stopped using it. These things can be overcome! (You know, if you want to.)

  26. haw, my dad used to call me “skunch” and perform an action called “skunching” which involves resting his forearm on my head and gently pressing down repeatedly. it might be a good action to take on doggie heads.

  27. Since Meg/Moo is our own personal *synthesizer* of The Cuteness of It All, she’ll forgive us if we slip and call her Moog once in a while…

  28. LOL, jaypo!

  29. teeheehee cannot stop laughing at you guys!!!

  30. sorry “Moog” for the gigglies! not gonna fix the page for us anymore are you?!

  31. awww, moogie

  32. I really like the “skunching” story…

  33. B. Modern says:

    Thank You!! I too have been suffering the painful croppage of the daily overdose on my Safari. I must admit I’ll take full-on cuteness to stripes any day… but I’m humbly thankful that the problem is soon to be solved… the joyous spontaneity of seeing the pics while reading the delightfully witty commentary was the perfect beginning to every day. I look forward to the return of the Perfect Web Experience!
    (removes cap and bows chivalrously)

  34. OK, I can now see some of the stripes without going to a full-screen view. Meg, whatever you’re doing is working. Congrats!

  35. c’mere skunch, and let me skunch you a little.

  36. EC–me, too. Thanks, Moogie!

  37. “*tee hee* @ Theo & ‘Moo'”

    Yes indeedy!

  38. EC:
    ‘and a dog named Boo?’

  39. No, não, non! I really *hate* that song – sorry! Besides, “Theo” is 2 syllables, not one.

  40. NEIN!
    ‘Me And You And A Dog Named Boo’ is just one more memory from the ’70’s so impassibly horrifying that it’s image is etched upon my heart. It can’t be forgotten – little did I think that I would be using it once more in its original capacity – to terrify and chagrin. So sorry, my dear. I hope it didn’t ruin your day!

  41. Something tells me that Theo could use a NICKNAME!!!

    Suggestion #1: TheoPants

  42. littletornado says:

    I use Safari. All you need to do is right click and choose “Open Link in New Window.” Easy.

  43. It’s true. I wear pants.

  44. I see full picture of hammy in motorbike (yay!) Suggestion 2: How ’bout “TheoMarmy” or “Tharmy” for affinity for marmelade kitties?

  45. I like “Theocracy”. Altho maybe as a nickname, it doesn’t work. But I still like it.

  46. Theocracy, of course, is a method of rule. So, would that make Theo a theologian? (who also wears pants – THANK GOD)

  47. True, Theo-da-da (anyone remember Trio?) is wise in the ways of the world, both sacred and profane, but Leviticus?

    Is this really the time to discuss the royal divorce?

  48. I’m with Meg on “TheoPants.” [giggles]

  49. Theo=CO with a lisp. If you thay Theo, you could be thaying CO. Who would know? One and the thame.

  50. Laurie C says:

    Theo is always the Mad Hatter to me.

  51. Hey Mac users: download Foxfire. It’s free, and there are a lot of sites, including CuteO that will work better for you.

  52. kariboo says:

    lol…when i went online this morning, i conciously chose explorer over safari just to view CO in full.. much to my delight this post was posted!
    yay meg!!! i’m going back on safari!

  53. kariboo says:

    go figure..the minute i hit ‘post’, explorer quit on me.
    (i’m happy it still grabbed my post)

  54. Laurie C — well, that’s definitely more catchy than “Leviticus.”