Double Baroo

Looks like this bun is getting paraded around an office. The perfect Friday activity! Perhaps it’s the offices of Bun & Bun, LLP. I love the Extremely Alert™ ear positions—it’s a "double ‘Baroo’?"


Sent in by Lyssa B.



  1. Isabelle says:

    Hasn’t this cute little bun-bun already been posted on this site…?

  2. ‘Double Baroo’? Impossible! My mind can’t compute – my brain can’t even fanthom it. It only has one thing drumming, drumming incessesantly…

    WEE TINY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. so cute so cute am I first post

  4. I have this strange feeling of deja vu…

  5. so sad not first oh look at tiny bunny and I am happy again

  6. Isabelle says:

    Found him!

    He was put up in April 🙂

  7. Oh Noes!!!

    Guilty as charged!!!

    Aieee, I’m so embarrassed. He was posted already. Isn’t Slashdot famous for this? Oh, man.


  8. Laurie C says:

    He’s worth seeing again, though. This of this pic as a “Greatest Hit”. I also liked it the first time for “bawoo” when said by a bun, as opposed to “baroo”, which Theo has noted in the glossary, is more a dog thing.

  9. Meg: Baroo?

    And it wasn’t your fault, anyway. You only fell under the power of the Bunny BEF. (which I belive the British were considering using in WWI, but that’s another story).

  10. Dustbunny says:

    It’s Bring Your Bun-Bun To Work Day!

  11. little miao says:

    Awwwww, it’s nice to see the little bawoo bunbun again. He has such teensy toes.

  12. Oh please, leave the bunny where it belongs instead of making it a cute toy. We’ve said that over and over– is it right to keep posting these pictures and encouraging people to endanger wild animals? Why not post cute bunny pix only if the bunny is a DOMESTIC rabbit which isn’t being harmed?

  13. Here, I did a quick anim of this version vs. the previously-posted version…

  14. Poor Meg. It’s still a good bunny pic. I expect you have simply been overwhelmed by the Cute stuffed into your mailbox by dedicated readers…

  15. these are not offices of Bun & Bun, LLP. it is quite obvious that this bun parade of one is taking place at COHQ, where, as we all know, Friday activities are not limited to Fridays –

  16. OMG, still embarrassed. I have a bajillion awesome images, and I didn’t move this one from ‘to be posted’ into ‘posted’! eeee!

    Theo! Save as .GIF!


  17. haw! i think the best part is that you thought “baroo?” both times! bunny-roo?

  18. Bubbles says:

    ‘S okay, Meg. The cuteness has clearly gone to your head. Take two bunbuns and call me in the morning.

  19. Laurie C says:

    This is clearly the bunny CEO of Bun Bun LLP, being carried around the office by his underlings to supervise. Best Boss Ever!

  20. Isabelle says:

    It’s definitely double-baroo — he’s been put up twice 🙂

    Maybe it’s coffee time, Meg? 🙂

  21. Melanie says:

    Don’t worry, some of the newest Cute Overload fans (like me) haven’t seen all the archives. I like the idea posted above of a “Greatest Hit”

  22. Constance says:


    Deja Vu, bunny style…

    and yet…still so cute…I can’t look away!

    Certainly worth posting twice. What’s funny is the title “double baroo”…get it…because the first one was saying “baroo” too…

    yeah, sorry, i’m tired.

    And susan, how do you know that’s a wild bunny?

    omg so cute

  23. Funny, Theo.

  24. pistache268 says:

    Small small smaaaall earses.

  25. Just as cute the second time around! *snorgle snorgle* tiny ears

  26. Theo, I couldn’t get to your animation – there was a jpg there, but that’s all….

    As for seeing this bun again, w00t!

    ( )
    ” “

  27. Re: “animation” — that was a joke *ahem*MEG*ahem*E.C.*cough* since the 2 pix were ummm… let’s say there were similarities.

  28. I got it! I got it!

    (it was very subtle and understated humour, let’s say, but funny).

  29. A Fine Morsel says:

    Is there a CO word that describes biting something without using teeth, i.e. covering one’s teeth with one’s lips and then chomping? Is it more like “gumming”? Because I would like to gum the bun-bun’s ears without hurting him. Hee hee.

  30. Don’t be embarrassed, Meg! We still LURVE looking at wee tiny sweetum bunnies. Honest!

  31. Morsel — what about “nawwm nawwm nawwm”?

  32. Also — who was “Repost Police” up there, with the namelink to the earlier version? C’mon, fess up!

  33. Theo—I *really* didn’t have my coffee this AM if I didn’t get that joke the first time around.

    Double Embarrassed Now

  34. I really thought you’d done an animation of 2 (of the same) pics side by side, Theo. Thus the confusion…

  35. A Fine Morsel says:

    Theo–I’m all for nawwmm, nawwmm, nawmwmm…Consider the bun-bun nawwmmed! Hee!

  36. Well, if I had, it would’ve looked exactly like that, so let’s just pretend I did.

  37. (that was in reply to E.C. there)

  38. See, I’d have done “buns in stereo” or something like that…

  39. Mister Collison Sir — if *I* animate a “buns in stereo” .GIF, it *won’t* be linked from this site.

  40. “Mister Sir”?!

    As for the rest, well… “bunnies” = “bunz” = “buns.” (Here, at least, though there’s that pup on the Blue Couch of Fabulousness – )

  41. carbontetra says:

    It was just so cute the first time we -had- to see it again!

  42. I wish I knew how to make those 3D pattern illusions that you have to stare at for a while, until your eyes focus right & you see the image. THEN the buns would indeed be in stereo. Oh yes they would.

  43. Christine says:

    I know we’ve seen this little bunny before, but it’s such a cutie!

  44. Repeat bunnage, no problem. Twice the cute!

  45. I nawmmm nawmmmnn nawmmnnnn bunny ears! (and puppy ears, and kitty toes.. and hedgy toes..and…)
    pretty sure that bun’s from my office.

  46. i missed it the first time around so YAY!!! BUNNY!!

  47. “Gentlemen – and you too, Della, what would be be without our diligent secretary, haarumph! – as CEO of Bun & Bun, I’d also like us to be known as Bun & Fun! So starting today, I’ve decided to make all Fridays NO PANTS Fridays! That goes for you too, Wilson! I’m tired of looking at those blue Dockers!”

  48. This is a doublepost! which gets a -1 on some sites, but this bunny is 2 cute. so that makes it a +2? 😛

  49. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    OMMIGAAAWD! teeniest bun-bun office bun!! me luurvs him! he is so cute!

  50. Methinks Screamer is also a Slashdotter.

  51. “Hello Peter. What’s happening? Um, I’m gonna need you go ahead and come
    in tomorrow. So if you could be here around nine, that would be great.

    Oh, oh, yeah…I forgot. I’m gonna also need you to
    come in Sunday too.


  52. Merrell says:

    Too…much…cuteness!! Itty bitty ears on an itty bitty bun-bun-rab!! Me wuvs the baby bunny!!

  53. Reviewing the week’s comments & just noticed Aubrey’s version of Biz Cas Fri up there.
    This I vow: When the CO Dream Office is real…

  54. Larissa says:

    this is the 1st time iv bin on dis syt and dis is da 1st pic iv seen…i hav a bun-bun 2… dis 1 is gawjess! just loving the teenyweeny little nose!!

  55. every office should have one.

  56. omg. i’m seeing double. it has a really big forehead.