Heeey Maria! Wadda you wanna cook for? Let’sa go-ah to thee Pizza-reea! [Jumps on the Vespa and kicks out foot]


Ciao to-a Lincoln G.!



  1. heehee! I need ‘im to ride around my apt floors

  2. the only thing more “awww!”-worthy would be if someone made him a little helmet. =]

  3. LilyPad says:

    I luuurve this one….he’s sooo romantic!

  4. How funny! The tiny scooter is grrreat. [In Tony the tiger voice.]

  5. Um… what is that?

  6. Tony James says:

    When he heard that speedy Mexican mice were getting all the action, Luigi Hamsteroni decided to take matters into his own paws.

  7. Aurhora says:

    This reminds me of the book ‘The Mouse and the Motorcycle’. I read that like, 10 years ago, lol

  8. midnight rider what rides at midnight says:

    VespaHammy! wheeee!!!!

  9. Hey!! Whatsa mattah fa you, makin’ wisecracks about us paisani, huh?! Is it cuz itsa “guinea” pig, zat it?! Cuz if is, I’ma gonna hafta rip up yer puny little two-wheelr there…

  10. if he had a helmet and some goggles he would be the perfect pet gainster!

  11. mariser says:

    when da Vespa hits your eye
    like a big pizza pie
    that’s Guinea-Pig-ore!


  12. Oh yeah. Need for speed! What could be better than a hamster riding a motorcycle.

    And this immediately made me, too, think of The Mouse and the Motorcycle. All he needs is a ping-pong ball helmet padded with a cotton ball!

  13. Heeeeee. Awesome.

  14. Too CUTE!

  15. constance says:


    the cute! the cute!

  16. I keep expecting Giulietta Massina to step out from the shadows and hop onto that teeny Vespa….!

  17. Finally a new Rock Opera from The Hams…

    “Can you see the real squee
    Can ya?
    Can ya?”

  18. Can I hitch a ride?

  19. groan.
    that caption is cheezier than papa john’s.

  20. TheLuna says:

    Tiny pink foot alert! (with a matching nose, no less)

    I thought of The Mouse and the Motorcycle too! Great minds…


  22. (or is it “paisan”? I dunno, I’m mostly Norwegian)

  23. Heeyy, paisana mia!

    Paisano = country fellow
    Paisana = country wench
    Paisan’ = colloquial

    I’m half Cajun. Other half Calabrese. Are you in MN by any chance?

  24. mmoptopmouse says:

    not a tiny scooter but a REALLY BIG hamster..

  25. a possible candidate for The Coveted Cuteness Trifecta™????

    #19 – Dainty paws
    #15 – Small ear to head ratio
    #6 – Mimic humans

  26. And more or less “a thing, with a smaller version of [a] thing…” I know I’m bending the rule a bit, but that little Vespa is *it.*

  27. Beauregard says:

    abeth, you are so right. And once again Meg, outstanding captions!

  28. AuntieMame says:

    Hee! His hair even looks windblown.

    And I see I’m not the only one who thought of the Mouse and the Motorcycle!

  29. Zelda, to elaborate a little more on your post there.. Hitch a Ride from Boston:

    “Gonna hitch a ride,
    head for the other side,
    Leave it all behind;
    Never change my mind.
    Gonna sail away,
    Sunlight’s another day,
    Freedom on my mind,
    Carry me away for the last time!?

  30. E. Collison, E. Collison!!!

    Sorry, I know this is totally off-topic. But I couldn’t wait for another bunny post.

    I have found… tum ta te tum…

    The Rabbit of Approval!

    No joke. This was on some organic pasta I bought. Maybe he can be used for *approval* of things that the Disapproving Rabbits have nothing to say about.

  31. Omg… CUTE .. “D”D

  32. Omg… CUTE .. “D”D

  33. Hi. My name is Aubrey, and I’ve been noticing a lot of typos in my posts lately, and for that I apologize.

    Now – on to this Bunny Approval thing. My shampoo also has a stamp of the bunnage, to show that the product was not tested on animals.

  34. Re Aubrey: yes, I’ve seen those too. This one was funny because it is the polar opposite of E. Collison’s frequently-referenced Disapproving Rabbits:

    (apologies if you’ve seen them before)

  35. ♥'s G.D. &animals says:

    dat ees da cootest weetle ham-ham dat i’ve evah seen [on a scootah]

  36. I’m with Najjie here (waaaay up the comment list) — is it a hamster? Chinchilla? Ur-Gerbil? Furby? Some kind of frankenbastard hybrid rodent??

    Jan S — I used to like Boston too.
    Let us never speak of this again.

  37. ♥'s G.D. &animals says:

    i love to use things not tested on animals i swear i was glowing with happieness when i read that my vitamin e cream was not tested on animals

  38. ♥'s G.D. &animals says:

    i think its a hamster it doesn’t look gerbil-ish defenetly not a chinchiwwa!

  39. ♥'s G.D. &animals says: there now it aughta work

  40. So… ‘taint no baby possum, neither?

  41. AuntieMame says:

    Never speak of Boston again?

    My favorite rock band EVAR?

    Shoot, I’m proud of my 70s rock obsessions!

  42. No, E.T., sorry A.T., I’ve never seen/read these before, and I nearly snapped a collarbone laughing.

  43. *tee hee* 😀

  44. ‘Tis a long haired syrian hamster (sometimes known as a teddy bear hamster).
    I want to give him a peanut for being so cute!

  45. AuntieMame…you go girl! Be proud of your classic rock roots! Theo…face it, you still catch yourself listening to them in the mini van, when you hit the scan button on your radio…and it stops on “Foreplay/Longtime”…come on, Theo, you can tell us, it’s alright… 😉

    Back to the cute picture, I have no clue what kind of creature this is, but he’s got some stylin’ hair do!

  46. “Disapproving Rabbits”

    Because I just lose it whenever I look at their dour little faces, I had to write to birdchick to tell her how much I love those pictures. Her response:


    We always though she was part Winston Churchill.

    Thank you for checking the site, and it means a lot that you get some pleasure from it. My husband thought I was nuts to put up a disapproving rabbits page, but I knew there were other rabbit people out there that would know our pain.

    Sharon Stiteler
    Minneapolis, MN”

  47. Thanks for posting this, Jaypo. I immediately emailed the site to my co-workers, but haven’t received a response yet. I think they disapproved.

  48. P.S. “She” meaning Cinnamon, the most disapproving of all. (I asked Sharon if Cinnamon was a secret member of the House of Lords.)

  49. LOL. Cinnamon certainly does carry a most hefty disapprove on her.

  50. Full context is I emailed other bunny friends–and Sharon–with this question. Do you think Cinnamon is:
    a) part mule
    b) related to Bullwinkle
    c) a secret member of the H. of L.
    d) all of the above.

    The consensus was d).

  51. Did you check out p.2?! Click on “the disapproval continues” link in the text. Hysterical!! Honestly, I just crack up every time I see them. :-p

  52. “No joke. This was on some organic pasta I bought. Maybe he can be used for *approval* of things that the Disapproving Rabbits have nothing to say about.”

    Yeah, they sell this brand at the store where I usually shop – if you look at the different products, you’ll see that the logo has a lot of variations. And this is mos def the Rabbit of Approval!

    jaypo, I’m on d,) too.

  53. Latte is also *extremely* Disapproving.

  54. Also, please note that I am now wearing the official “Brklyn Bunny” t-shirt:

  55. Bryklyn Bunny is awesome! Did you check out the buncam?

  56. Honestly, I’m more interested in their t-shirt! I wore it while shopping earlier this evening and got some *very* strange looks. (It’s like the rabbit that ate NYC….)

  57. It is rather horror-movie-ish. I imagine creepy background music playing while the rabbit’s gigantic head slowly appears over the horizon and advances on the unsuspecting city.

  58. Yes, very gothic looking with those high arches/ears…

  59. It’s the Brooklyn Bridge’s arches, actually – but the Bklyn Bunny is standing in front of it and…

  60. A thinker, that logo you linked to is far and away my fave of all those Annie’s products – and I had never seen it before. (The packages are more or less on bunny-nose level where I shop…)

  61. Bunnycam fans, did you know that Roebling the Brooklyn bunny has his own MySpace page? –

  62. tee hee.
    how sophisicated

  63. “‘Tis a long haired syrian hamster (sometimes known as a teddy bear hamster)”
    Ah, OK thanks. Well-chosen name for it, too.
    “Never speak of Boston again? My favorite rock band EVAR?”
    Oh dear oh dear oh dear… close my eyes, slip away…
    “Sharon Stiteler,, Minneapolis, MN [Disapproving Rabbits]”
    All right! Yay w00t Twin Cities!

  64. “Bunny nose level”


  65. They really are! I’d never have noticed them unless I’d looked at the two lowest shelves…

  66. That’s a wonderful description 🙂

  67. I just can’t help it, this reminds me of my backpacking trip across Europe when I was 17 when Roma won the Europe Cup and everybody was riding around on their Vespa Scooters holding flags behind them screaming, “Forza Roma!” I can just picture this little hammie yellin’ that out during the celebration! =o)

  68. iyerrrr omg how sweet!!!

    ooooo i want one!!!

    daiisy x

  69. Jaypo – from 2:28 post (I’m half Cajun. Other half Calabrese. Are you in MN by any chance?)

    Oh yaah, I’m Minnesotan! Uff da, how’d ya guess?

  70. my god!! antoine is famous!!

    add him on myspace!!

    rob 🙂

  71. I’m italian…it’s “arrivedrci”, not arrivaderch !

  72. long-haired syrian hamster, eh? still looks like an opossum to moi. however, the vespa ROCKS. Arrivederci,paisanos!

  73. And this was actually dedicated to me. *sigh* xoxo