Grubbie Mc Grubbersons

[Baby elephant theme song]

Alas, it’s another day in the life of Grubbie McGrubbersons, the soon-to-be-Hawk-moth grub. He’s all: "mmmmmmm, delicious green stems!" [touches stem with ‘paw’]


Who knew grubs had BEF? Delectable, Stephanie S.!



  1. I’m a serious bug phobe, but this lil guy is actually cute. 🙂

  2. Awww! It’s lovely green and chubby!

  3. Bubbles says:

    Heh, cutie-bug! “Look, no nose!”

  4. Wee fat bug grub.

  5. oh man, he’s gorgeous! and he looks all friendly like. he’d be huggable.

  6. “Two and two are four
    Four and four are eight
    Eight and eight are sixteen
    Sixteen and sixteen are thirty-two…
    Inchworm, inchworm
    Measuring the marigold
    You and your arithmetic
    You’ll probably go far

    Inchworm, inchworm
    Measuring the marigold
    Seems to me you’d stop and see
    How beautiful they are.”


  7. mariser says:

    hooray for GREEN day!
    [catch me bra]

    dewd, don’t ya love Billy, Billie, whatever Joe?

  8. he’s a third of a s’more.

  9. Lovely!

  10. mariser says:


    heh. he might look friendly only because of the “tininess effect”. imagine him being, oh, 30 feet tall and 70 feet long, and that friendly look becomes ownright terrifying…

  11. adorababy says:

    what a human-looking buggie!! supercute

  12. I know you are a bug, but I want to eat you!

  13. christina r says:

    I think thats the cutest damn bug i’v ever seen. *tries so hard not to smush him*

  14. You have GOT to be kidding me. OMG.

  15. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t normally care for bugs, but he does have a sorta sweet expression on his face.

    Thirty feet tall and seventy feet long, though. I imagine that might be a little bit like the giant Sta-Puft man in Ghostbusters. Cute, but kind of menacing…

  16. mariser says:


    kinda like the love child of the Sta-Puft man and the Green Giant?

  17. …with a little “Tremors” thrown in for good measure?

  18. AuntieMame says:

    And the giant gingerbread man from Shrek 2 is his uncle.

  19. chelsea says:

    He’s got a domed head! And his eyes are at the level of his…does he have nostrils? I can’t tell. But he is cute.

  20. pistache268 says:

    Aaahhhn. It’s a green chub chub to me. Stalk to me!!!

    Round head.

  21. OMG… I didn’t know a bug could be so cute?!

  22. Jan Spencer says:

    “It’s not easy…being green…”

  23. **fighting… urge… to snuggle… bug…**

    Wait, what?

  24. Tony James says:

    Reminds me of the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Day 1
    He eats a single red apple.

    Day 2
    He eats 2 yellow pears.

    Day 3
    3 purple plums.

    Day 4
    4 strawberries

    Day 5
    5 whole oranges

    Day 6
    Every known form of confectionery.

    Day 7
    The caterpillar eats one, single leaf. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Then he goes to bed with a tummy-ache, only to wake up 2 weeks later as a Beautiful Butterfly 🙂

  25. I never thought a grub a grub could ever be cute In fact, I have always been scared of them, but this little greenie is ADORABLE! I want to give him kisses on the little brown patch on his head.

  26. grub!
    tiny bug paw!

  27. MaggieBelle says:

    Not cute! Not cute!

    It’s still a bug. Next thing you know, spiders will be posted on here with captions like:

    “Ahn! Don’t you just want to snorgle with his 8 legs and 15 eyes? Anerable!”

    Bugs are not cute. Unless they’re cartoon bugs or something.

  28. But MaggieBelle… I’d *love* a post like that!
    (And I’d email it immediately to our youngest daughter who gets massive arachnid jibblies.)

  29. jenni joon says:

    This is a first for me – DEF love the little chubby guy! But how do you snorgle w/out squishing him?! Note to self: must use modified snorgle approach, reserved for chubby bugs and small cweatchurs.

  30. chunkstyle says:

    Love the giant forehead…a wise grub he is
    and so cute!!!!! i love the way she said “paw” instead of leg…too much

  31. I simply cannot believe it, but i must toss my 2 cents in here. He’s really, really cute! And I hate bugs!

  32. TJ, i loved the Very Hungry Caterpillar!! I still have the book, it’s wonderful.

    Mariser, but but but… huge catermipillars would be ten times more wonderful because we could all climb up onto his back and take a ride and he’d be all soft and gloopy and he stare down at the world with his friendly eyes and munch palm trees. Aw.

  33. Erica E. says:

    Never, ever did I think it possible that anyone could find a bug that wouldn’t make me sqeal like a school girl… in a bad way of course.
    A cute grub… Who woulda thunk it?

  34. mariser says:


    “and munch palm trees. Aw”

    …and the people below them. aaaww!

  35. awww. 😉

  36. Jan Spencer says:

    Theo, can you reference anything on this site?? 🙂 Mr Information, that’s what I’m gonna call you from now on. :):):)

  37. estella says:

    Not a huge bug fan either, but the Pixar film ‘A Bug’s Life’ was really cute! Remember Heimlich, the German caterpillar with huge chubby cheeks? When he became a butterfly, he looked EXACTLY the same, but with teeny tiny wings on his chubby back. This is like..Heimlich junior 🙂

  38. I LARVAE YOU, BUG!!! (Get it?? “Larve”??)…..chuckles fade to sound of insect spray being thrown into the trash can…..

  39. and sooooo greeeeeeeen!

  40. Jan — I put “frog” in the search thingie.

  41. I don’t like bugs either, but by golly that is ADORABLE! He seems like he’s got a cute li’l personality 🙂

  42. I am a great fan of bugs, and I say: that is a Certified Cutie.

  43. Don’t we also have Rule #16 present, with enormous forehead and eyes in level with nose?

  44. I’m sure that this thing will one day grow up to be a pillar of his particular society but…it’s a BUG…

  45. that is…sort of cute…i guess…

  46. i just had an idea!… *pauses for effect* ..

    What if you made stuffies of him and made his hand velcro and attachable to a tree with a sweater on it?! huh? huh? good, eh? I THOUGHt so!! =D.

  47. Actually, Theo, I do find tarantulas rather cute.

    They’re not really like a giant spider, so much as a many-legged fuzzy thing. I think. Of course arachnophobes will probably feel differently.

  48. displayname says:

    “I ahm a beoootiful butterfly!” – Heimlich

  49. MaggieBelle says:

    No Tarantulas! NO!

    Spiders give me the shakes.


    Also, I put the Hungry Caterpillar book on my baby registry.

  50. Tony James says:

    Check out Disney’s Alice in Wonderland – there’s a caterpillar in there who is doing a little four-twenty, and he’s definitely cute.

    “You’ll get used to it in time,” said the Caterpillar; and it put the hookah into its mouth and began smoking again.

  51. Let’s show some love for bugs! Why are people so freaked by insects? Ever since I first read “Charlotte’s Web,” I’ve like spiders. I never kill bugs, and those in my house I scoop up and put outside. In the winter, I just ignore ’em.

  52. Teughcats says:

    I think this is cute precisely because it is a hugely magnified photograph (no, Theo, I’m not accusing it of being ‘shopped) and therefore not really “real”.

    Like it here, don’t want to see it in my house!

  53. Jan Spencer says:

    Theo, you are still Mr. Info to me! 🙂

  54. punkpie says:

    see, this is why I drive a VW New Beetle.

    They are freakin’ cute.

  55. Punkpie — me too. Mine’s a ’99 with TDI engine (diesel, 40 MPG, no BS).

  56. Aw! Baby buggy *is* too cute! And would make a terrific plush toy. I did NOT know they had paws. 😛

    And I’m in the Spiders-Can-Be-Cute camp. Not all of them, of course. I was reading a National Geographic article on jumping spiders in the dentist’s office once, and I felt something on my hand and looked down and there was a teeny fuzzy brown spidey on my hand. It was like he came with the magazine, and was just so trustingly settled onto my hand that I fell in love.

    I spoze that makes me weird, but I’m used to that by now! I do *try* not to waste adrenaline on things that won’t hurt me. Cockroaches are my last hurdle . . .

  57. He looks like he’s smiling! Awwwww…..

  58. The cutest of bugs for sure!

  59. I’m with Aubrey. I prefer my cuteness to be of the furry variety. Four legs good, six or more legs give me the willies.

  60. [Quietly clears throat] Proshest Pom pup in town has a toy Grubby McGrubberson –

    That means *this* lil’ guy has the Cuteness™ Seal of Approval!

  61. And – the stem he’s walking on is *furry.*

    I rest my case.

  62. he looks like he’s very, very slowly losing his balance off to the right…i’m finding myself tilting my head to correct, and hoping that someone’s there to catch him…

  63. i never thought a bug could be cute but… *huggles the grubbles*

  64. TheLuna says:

    But he has a little paw! How can you not love it?

  65. OMG green + dot eyes = PERFECT.

    I bet he would have an adorable voice.

  66. MoPTopMOUsE says:

    Bugs CAN be darling, cute & charming.. one afternoon after washing my hands at the kitchen sink a tiny beetle,the size of a sez-me seed landed on my finger and I looked at it up close and it was dringin from a little drop of water near my looked like a littol cow as a matter of fact.. it drank the water for a good minute and then when it was done it wiped its littol moufth off with its front legs and it was washing its own head! SO SWEET, so is greeny here, can you imagine the beauty this ‘lil’it’ passes by day to day and I WILL bet they have taste buds and them stems taste good to them and they can smell all the pretty flowres too..Yer pal,mtm

  67. REggie P Linux says:


  68. REggie P Linux says:


  69. I think leetle moth-like flying bugs with teeny wings are quite cute, and the only bugs I really HATE are cockroaches. I kinda like spiders, I just don’t want them ON me.

  70. And this is a cutie bug! Definitly! I thought (s)he was a toy at first, is (s)he really *real?*

  71. And does Grubbie McGrubberson know Puffy McMoonface? Hmmmmm? Just asking.

  72. CreepyGroovy says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BEF shouldn’t be considered detrimental to cuteness. I know it gives Meg the willies, but look at the lil’ guy! His moist little eye is twinkling at us!

  73. Awww…ewww…awww…ewww…

  74. oh theo. i just checked the glossary. your vision of the future made me feel all warm inside, and then inexplicably very very sad, because i want it to happen now. 😦
    ::lower lip quivers::

  75. It’s hard to wait, I know. But I believe we will find The One (Kitten).

  76. Tony James says:

    Might this guy be the One True Kitten?

  77. D’aw! So freakin cute!
    It’s making me want to watch James and the Giant Peach again.
    I now want a little stuffed grubbie and it has to look like that…..and come with a velcro arm to stick to a sweatered tree. 🙂

  78. I have the VH Caterpillar too and it’s one of my favorites books! In fact, I live only a few miles away from the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. What a treasure!

    I wonder if the little Grubby can talk. He looks like he could talk…

    [wee teensy voice]
    I am too, cute!

  79. scamps, I agree…

    aww… eeewww… awwww… eewww

  80. MTM. I agree 100 per centums. One time I was eating toast with jam on the patio and a little bee came up and landed on my toast and ate some of the jam. That made me really happy!

  81. [snicker]
    Scamps and Norty sound like donkeys.

  82. must be all those earlier “ass” references from this morning…… they rubbed off… 😉

  83. i shall search for The One (kitten). I wonder by what sign shall it be recognised. Perhaps it shall be wearing rubber. :s

    Jaypo, i am sooo with you there! When i was younger at the Lido (outside swimming pool) a bee came and landed on my stomach and started to suck the water from my swimming costume. It sat there and drank away, ’til it was happy and flew away, and left me with a large circular dry patch on my cossie. I was so happified!

  84. I am a little disturbed by that last comment there.

  85. which, the rubber or the sucking? >:P

  86. SnorglerEx says:

    TJ –

    omg – That’s one of my most favoritist KITTIES!! I think that might just be THE one!!!!!

    Oh and pheral,


  87. As a kid, I always liked watching inchworms inch along a twig, or whatever surface it was inching along on. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound quite right, but you get the idea.

  88. “cossie??”

    Bathing costume, a.k.a. “cossie.” (i.e., bathing suit.) It’s British English.

  89. Another way to say “costume” I think, if you’re Irish.

  90. (Yeah, what she said.)

  91. oh god, sorry, was that the disturbing thing for you too theo?? LMAO! cossie is slang for swimming costume. you know costume.. cossie.

    lol. trust me to be disturbing *unintentionally*.

    it’s bed-time over the pond, so off i go. night-night chubby green catermipillar. night night fellow cuteologists… night night computer… night night aloe vera plant…


  92. man, i need to type at five zillion mph to keep up with you guys. 😛

  93. pheral, I *liked* your story about the bee, though I couldn’t have put up with the bee myself. 😉

  94. ffeo, they say that in Zimbabwe, too.

  95. Now I’m wondering if an actual Cute O chat room would be possible (or adviseable)…

  96. hoorah EC. 😀 I love beeses, and waspses, they’re all adorkable and tiny and stripey and friendly and…


  97. Not adviseable, I think. [giggles discreetly.]

  98. makiono says:

    I’m with Edward on this one, James and the Giant Peach all the way! Doesn’t Grubbie’s face remind you of the Ladybug? ahaha, it’s like the sweet old gramps or gramms who ride the buses at 6 am to go for their daily coffees everyday

  99. “hoorah EC. 😀 I love beeses, and waspses, they’re all adorkable and tiny and stripey and friendly…”

    All of those things I grant you, except for “adorkable” and “friendly.” Definitely NOT either thing!

  100. …and Gollumses.

  101. I’ve always liked catepillars, so seeing this little guy was an extra special treat for me. It looks like it’s smiling!

  102. A grasshopper once ate a *large* hole in the plastic wrap covering a not-homemade brownie that was in my possession. We caught him in mid-chomp, and I refused to eat the brownie (though he hadn’t touched it).

  103. Grasshopper made me *anything* but “happified,” I’m afraid….

  104. Cassidy says:

    its so ugly it goes off the scale of ugly and back to cute.
    it’s sad, look at its little frown-cheer up buggie!!!

  105. that is an awesome pic!

  106. JessJess says:

    o_O It looks like an alien fetus…

  107. Theo… I imagine if there were such a wonderus place… this mystical “CO Chat”… well, I’m afraid it might take over lives. people all over the world would be fired from their jobs… planes would fall from the sky… cars would crash… phones left unanswered… hmm. sounds a little like the end of the world… 😉
    I’m for it!

  108. Kristen says:

    *awws* It’s like looking at a cutsie wootsie wittle baby!! Look he’s smiling!!

  109. EC, a ladybug is adorkable. So is a bumblebee methinks. Haven’t you ever caught a firefly? Tell me you don’t like fireflies…

  110. I am pretty much deathly afraid of ladybugs. They are my achnemesis. Evil, I tell you.

    This little McGrubbersons is pretty cute, though.

  111. “EC, a ladybug is adorkable. So is a bumblebee methinks. Haven’t you ever caught a firefly? Tell me you don’t like fireflies…”

    I ♥ ladybugs and fireflies, but bees and wasps are a bit scary when you’re allergic… (Bees are cute, but still!)

  112. AW! he is so cute!

  113. “deathly afraid of ladybugs”

    Siirenias, you must have been an aphid in a past life…

    EC, when you’re allergic, well, things take on a whole different meaning, yes.

    So tie-tie…nighty-night…swee dreams..

  114. Truthfully, things that can *sting* take on a whole different meaning!

  115. aww I want to go to the forest and find my own pet caterpillar! and call it Katy Caterpillar!

  116. Leilani says:

    This grub looks like he belongs with Hello Kitty and the Sanrio gang!

  117. displayname says:

    My five year old calls these guys “callapitters” – I’ve been very good about stifling the giggles. (I think callapitters is a much better name).
    Thanks for the pic – I never knew callapitters could be so cute!

  118. Who?

  119. Throbert McGee says:

    The wide-set black eyes remind me of the aliens from Close Encounters.

    But the green skin makes me think of Zorak…

    Either way, very cute.

  120. Cute the little guy has brown hair 🙂

  121. Big head and little eyes! No nose! Cute! Actually, little eyes that are very far apart. Even cuter!

  122. I think honey bees and bumble bees are cute, but I’m pretty terrified of flying stingers.

    Hornets and red wasps look like evil incarnate to me. And dude, tarantuala killers, have you ever SEEN one of those things?!? That was a living nightmare. I’m not even afraid of tarantulas, but a three inch long wasp with orange wings and a black body . . . oy.

  123. constance says:

    Do bugs have paws?

    Or feet?

  124. redzin76 says:

    Snug as a bug in a rug!
    just like this…

  125. OH.MY.GOD.


  126. I. KNEW. IT.

    I KNEWWWWWWW catepillars could be cute!!!

    This is an important day in science, internets. Let us gather in a symposium.

  127. little miao says:

    His little paw is so gentle, and his expression is so sweet. Little McGrubbies is a darling!!

  128. [YAWN] Up’n’ at’em…


    that’s because all they little feets go pitter-patters.

  129. catfreak says:

    none of your pictures are coming up on my screen!!!! 😦

  130. How has no one commented on the likeness to Glow Worm, the cute hugable glowing grub of the early-to-mid 80s?

  131. Suzanne says:

    wow, who knew hey had tiny little paws?

  132. AuntieMame says:

    I wish I was a glow worm.
    A glow worm’s never glum.
    ‘Cos how can you be grumpy,
    When the sun shines out your bum?

  133. 😮 that is awesome.

  134. army kitten says:

    lesterhead, i thought the same thing right away! i guess they still make glow worms, but they don’t look like the one i had when i was wee. i found one on ebay that looks a lot like the glow worm i had, however. i love that it’s from 1982 and it’s “vintage”.

  135. Comment from our 13-yr-old:
    “It’s adorable, yet bulbous and disgusting!”
    There might even have been a bit of a squee.

  136. “Bulbous”

    They *are* your kids, aren’t they, Theo!

  137. We’re definitely wordy, here.

  138. How cute can one bug be? I’ve never seen anything like this before! How can I get one for my own? hee hee

  139. Bravo, Theo. Wordy = good.

  140. Stephanie S. says:

    Just so everyone knows! This photo was taken by flickr member camerar. Just want to give the proper credit…

  141. Did anyone make the connection to the masks from the movie ‘Brazil’?


  142. this is toooooo cute what type of grub is it exactly the hawk-moths i googled looked diffrent