Xtreme Snorgle Close-up™

This kittle is about to lean into your face and snoooorgle YOU.

Oh, and Rule #16 in full effect: (Head has big as body!) Don’t miss the teeeeeny tail too. Rule #17 for those following in the handbooks at home.


Alert reader Yaoming sent in this anerable pic. 😉



  1. Alessia says:

    I want ‘im!!

  2. Jan Spencer says:

    No, I want him!!!!

  3. Awww, this fella is cuu-uuu-uuute.

  4. Hey! It’s my birthday!! Thanks for the kitten!!!

  5. StormCat says:

    He looks like he’s saying “Hmmmm Is that vanilla?! Gimmee!!!”

    hee hee What a cutie…

  6. aaaaaaah! kisses!
    little sleepy kitty has a cold!
    sniff sniff the camera.
    tiny kitten sneeze.

  7. Looks like this kitten had a rough night!

  8. rule #13, too. bonus.

  9. He’s having trouble focusing his eyes. Rought night, indeed!
    I’m gonna snorgle him RIGHT BACK!

  10. Aww, the baby has a li’l upper respiratory infection. Poor runny eyes. I already have two orange cats, so by rights he should be MINE! Eeee!

  11. no, you already have two and i have none, so by rights he should be MYYYNE!

    ::makes with the grabby hands::

  12. Li’l Threebert looks like he’s ready for his nap, now.

  13. *zelda snatches lil’ Threebert from Star and takes off, laughing wildly.


  14. omg he has little pink sleepy-eye-ridges

  15. Svenster says:

    THAT is by far the pinkest nose I’ve ever seen on a kitty!

    Time to leave work, better get home to Mr.SnaffronBubbles for a snorgle session.

  16. A wee tad off-topic–but check out today’s Stone Soup comic strip for some hammie-related cross-species activity.


  17. I’d be careful, Zelda… there is more power in our li’l Threeb than is dreamt of in your philosophy.

  18. Hey Meg and Theo,

    I’ve been a devoted viewer since the beginning, but even I’m having trouble keeping all the Cuteness Rules straight. Could they be added to the glossary, perhaps?

  19. Awwwwwwwwwww!!! I want to clean the little smidgen off that pinkie nose!

  20. Oops, um, nevermind; I just found them in the glossary.

  21. i wuvs the sweepy eyes!

  22. now now, there’s no need for fighting over this little guy… the way we solve this… is by letting ME take him.
    he can snorgle me, and then, we can both curl up for a nap.. he needs one.

  23. Let’s all nap together! We can share and snuggle in one big heap, with lil’ Threebert on top.

  24. everyone,

    HA HA! fight over li’l yeller kitty all you want, but is futile.
    ‘cos I already have him!!
    HA HA!
    of course, he now weighs 12 lbs and takes over most of the couch, but…

  25. Laura — have you checked out the Rules of Cuteness category?
    They’re at least in descending order, there.

    And all the rest of you kittie-grabbies, I’m SAYIN, it’s best for everybody if he doesn’t get upset.

  26. Mr. Cat looks like he’s about to barf all over the camera–which I think may actually be a rule of cuteness.

  27. Laura — just saw your follow-up comment. Okie dokes then.

  28. L.,

    that’s it. threebert has a hangover. barfing rainbows, perhaps?

  29. Diane N says:

    Wow, alert reader Yao Ming! CO has conquered the NBA!!

  30. Awwww, Sweet Kitten of Delight (at last I’ve found you!)!!
    While you dorks fight, we’ve been snorgling and laughing. Good times, good times, indeed…

  31. that kitty is, like, so high, dude.

  32. What a sweet little snorglepuss!

  33. chackler says:

    love the little spec on this fella’s nose too!

  34. Is it me or does the adorable little nose and muzzlepuff just SCREAM kiss and snorgle me NOW!!! Its like a target magically appears and I can not resist the urge!!!! Looooffff the kittttttties even though I’m allergiiiiccccc….

  35. Mariser, we can only hope it’ll be a rainbow he barfs–maybe if he’s been fed tri-color kitty kibble? if he had a cosmo, then a hurricane, then a mojito? only the cameraman’s dry cleaner will know for sure.


    I can almost feel the little wet nose and tickly whiskers. Virtual online snorgling has been achieved!

  37. kaeotica says:

    Long-time lurker checking in…

    Check out that sttrrrrretched back leg! Prosh!

    The Extreme Snorgle Camera Work reminds me of my own kitty, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/kaeotica/Remy.jpg

  38. Little marmy pants looks like he’s livin’ la vida loca on the beach there. *sandy snorgle*

  39. For all youse guys spatting about *owning* the Threebert, you never considered that the Threeb is capable of being in more than one place at one time, like all divine beings.

  40. Those sweet little red-rimmed eyes. I’m thinking that his allergies to dogs have been acting up lately.

  41. The Guy Over There says:

    It may just be me, but that cat has “Alfred E. Neuman” written all over him.

  42. I’m looking at the background and trying reallllly hard not to think this little bebe is a stray … someone tell me his daddy took him home and put him to bed with a blankie and a cuddle for his cold.

  43. DavidBoBavid says:

    zomg!! that’s way too cute! i want a whole army of kitties like that.

  44. this is threebert in dr. jekyll mode.

    this is threebert tonight:

  45. Jan Spencer says:

    He’s MINE MINE MINE, and I will tell you why and with good reason…(I’m thinking…give me a minute here…)

  46. mariser says:


    right on! Threebert also seems to have more than a passing kinship to:

  47. *I* was thinking he looks remarkably like these guys:


    (partic. the middle one)

  48. Whoa, it’s like I don’t have to do any work anymore.
    I’m so proud of my peeps. 😉

  49. mariser says:


    whoa, you used to work?
    will wonders ever cease…

  50. Everybody’s gotta be a smartass…

  51. Ponygirl says:

    That kitten is stoned off his ass.

  52. Well Theo at least we’re not dumbasses!

  53. [regrets re-starting the “ass” thread… at least a little bit]

  54. mariser says:


    you shall rue this day… ass backwards, even!

  55. “Dude I move out and now your in my face?”


  56. Yep. This is pretty much what I look like in the morning, except with humans it’s not even remotely snorglicious!

  57. Robin – A certain type of human can be snorglicious in the morning if you come bearing their favorite Starbucks, breakfast in bed and then let them cat nap throughout the day in front of the television/computer… they are called husbands!!! As for the female of our species… not so much… *l*

  58. You know, M- , that sounds pretty darn good right about now. Might I substitute the hip local coffeeshop for Starbucks, though?

    (And, AND, I can absolutely confirm that sometimes the “female of our species” appreciates this agenda, too.)

  59. He can see into my soul.

  60. BenPanced says:

    I wish I had a kitty that I could snorgle. So I’ll take this one!

  61. Meow House says:

    This one does have some resemblance to the Oliver Donovan, http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/images/babyoliver.jpg

    Let’s bake them BOTH in a pie!

  62. With those whiskerswhiskers and teeny upright tail, this kitkat looks ALERT.

    “With a pink nose close to the ground, safe from the pound, he wants to put YOUR enemies in the PEN! Working for the little man, for a daily fee of Meow Mix and a single snorgle – multiple at the end of a job – he is CAT: THE BOUNTY HUNTER”

  63. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Theo! All he lacks is a tatty mullet.

  64. Sorry, I just can’t do that to Threebert.

  65. I so love living in a Theo-cracy.

  66. Hmm, I kinda like that.
    [rubs hands together, chuckling]

  67. So what Theo… that makes you the Chaney to the actual Meg-ocracy that is CO?… *lmao*

  68. Just doesn’t sound as good, does it?

  69. MOpto_PmouSE says:

    this kitty looks lik the toxoplasmosis kid.. eeps, mtm

  70. Aww, poor baby has a cold 😦 *snorgles him*

  71. Actually, Cute Overload is also referred to as the Heg-Meg-emony.

  72. How bout “Megemony” maybe, to keep it pronounceable?

  73. I would bow to your decision, O Theo, but I’m afraid my sinuses would explode. ‘Megemony’ sounds lovely.

  74. Either way as far as I am concerned Meg is the the Godess of CO! Somehow I see her reclining majestically on a bed of satin and flower petals, with Sparkster by her side and all sorts of cuteness surrounding her… (hamsters and bunnies and kittens oh my)…. small chirping birds shall serenade her… and she shall spread her cuteness to the world…

    You on the other hand Theo… you’re more like the guard at the front gate who though surrounded by mamrmalade kittens will not hesitate to strike someone stupid enough to yell “first post” down… it’s why we like you… cute but with claws… it works. *g*

  75. Kristina says:

    I was having a horrible day… and I drop on by my favorite site and what do I see? The perfect pick-me-up! A kitten who snorgles me and makes me feel better! Thank you a million times!

  76. caitlin says:

    he looks high. cute, but high.

  77. Cassidy says:

    if you look at it from far away, it looks like a bobblehead.(an anerable bobblehead)notice the cute vocabulary

  78. JessJess says:

    Awwww! *rubs noses with the cute wittle kitty*


  79. Kristen says:

    Kitty, your eyes are bloodshot. What have you been doing!!?

  80. Yoda.

  81. Thanks guy! For loving Sunshine so much.

    Check out my post on Sunshine for more cute pictures of sunshine =)


  82. mariser says:


    thanks for sharing the pictures of Sunshine. what a perfect name!

  83. Sure thing =)

    But it a pity we had to give it away =(

  84. awww! precious =]

  85. AuntieMame says:

    Aww! You could hear her making yummy noises as she drank her milk!

  86. I can totally relate to Food Enthusiasm. But somehow I don’t think it’s as cute when I devour, say, a bag of Nacho-flavored Doritos. I never do it when there’s a camcorder around, just to be safe.

  87. ka9q's wife says:

    no doubt about it…ah am in lurve…*dances around singing about snorgling kittehs* la la la la la

  88. In Soviet Russia – Kitten snorgles you!

  89. Wolf Plushtoy says:

    In Soviet Russia, Kitten Snorgles you!

  90. Wolf Plushtoy says:

    Alright. That’s just creepy. Same timestamp and everything.

  91. Is there a rule about whisker-to-muzzle ratio?

    *Dashes off to flip thru rulebook*

  92. Did anyone else snorgle el kittin with their mouse cursor?

  93. Holly Kim says:

    When I first saw this one, all I could think is “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!”

  94. idleanna,

    i tried out the cursor-snorgle.
    while not as DEELISH as the real thing, it IS quite satisfying. thanks for the ideer.

  95. mopTOPmouSE says:

    thera-flu for kittens

  96. Hey, isn’t that Thom York of Radiohead? : )

  97. Hi baby!!!

  98. Dude man, I like totally have the munchies, I feel like having, like burritos and ice cream and guacamole and hot dogs and caramel and… Dude, have you ever looked at your hand, I mean, really lokked at your hand…mmm, nachos.


  99. LOL @ Theo-cracy

  100. Dude man, I like totally have the munchies, I feel like having, like burritos and ice cream and guacamole and hot dogs and caramel and… Dude, have you ever looked at your hand, I mean, really lokked at your hand…mmm, nachos.


  101. Dude man, I like totally have the munchies, I feel like having, like burritos and ice cream and guacamole and hot dogs and caramel and… Dude, have you ever looked at your hand, I mean, really lokked at your hand…mmm, nachos.


  102. hm, sorry about that post coming out 3 times… my computer froze, and I clicked 3 times. Meh, sorry!

  103. Wolf Plushtoy: That’s pretty freaky, man. Guess that’s what happens when we start mixing CO and /. memes!

    Wonder if kitty likes hot grits?

  104. I think this kitty is a “cute or sad?” candidate. Cute, yes, but obviously a kitty who needs a good trip to the vet and a swipe with a kitten wipe.

  105. snoopysnake says:

    I defy anyone to look at this kitty for more than 10 seconds without putting their nose up to the monitor and cooing, “ohlittlekittywikikittywiddlewookiewiddykittykitty.”

  106. embachick says:

    I’ve put this anerable baby on my wallpaper at work because he reminds me of the anreable baby I have at home! Orange kitties are the SWEETEST.

  107. TT’S MY SUNSHINE~~~~~
    view my blog for more of her pics and a video and her little story

  108. THOM YORKE!

  109. This is my favorite cat picture…ever.