Hooray for All-Bunny Tuesday

Today is a very special day, People. Our very own frequent-commenter "E. Collison" is getting her own pet bunny today. In her honor, it’s ALL BUNNY TUESDAY, so snorgle it up!

[snorrrrrrrg… hay gets caught in nose.]


l_l  One hilarious photo from Rabbits-Online.co.uk
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  1. Sweet mercy if that isn’t the proshest. MuzzlePuff. EVAH.

    Three cheers for All Bun Day!

  2. OOOOhhh…It appears I WAS first this time….I think.


  3. Jan Spencer says:

    I was almost first!!

  4. Huzzah for buns! And as always, I encourage everyone to get all the details on the care, feeding, and general awesomeness of les lapins at http://www.rabbit.org/

  5. Jan Spencer says:

    Hey kind of like “Two for Tuesday”…so Meg, you have to post TWO bunny photos now. On Tuesdays.

    🙂 Since it’s Hammy Fridays…hmmmm…I am seeing a theme/pattern here.

  6. That head looks a little too big for that small bunny 🙂

  7. OK, I’m convinced. “Muzzlepuff” is definitely going into the Glossary.

    Is that rabbit *real?* Is this even *allowed?*

  8. It’s Wilfred Brimley. IN BUNNY FORM.

  9. /me checks Glossary for “muzzlepuff”.

    Step it up, Theo! 😉

  10. A-Beans — am at *work,* y’know? And that doesn’t mean the CO Dream Office, either. [sighs]

  11. Alexis says:

    Congratulations, E. Collison! My only advice is to keep those claws trimmed up real good. My bun, sweet as he was, could do some damage.

  12. pheral says:

    aaaahahaha! look at those disgruntled jowels.

  13. ♥'sG.D. & animals says:

    oooh! just what i needed to start my day! oh 😦 peupty, im nott even supposed to be here i’ll get in trouble byr everybody for the next 7 days! 😦

  14. little miao says:

    What a fluffy baby bunny

    Congrats to E. Collison!!

  15. Geez Louise, what time do I hafta get up in the morning to be FIRST?
    Ah well… Hurrah for All Bun Day!!
    This little fella is a sweetum with fluffy muffly jowls. OMG, I wish I could kiss him!

  16. w00t!!

    Yay E. Collison!!!

    And what’s up with these bunnies? They has some *serious* moustaches…

  17. He looks like an old English gentleman heehee

  18. Images work in bloglines again!! Yay for cuteness in RSS feeds 🙂

  19. E.Collison–Congratulations on your new bunbun!! They are so much fun!..er..Funfun!

    This is a teensy little dwarfy marmalade kitten posing as hay-chawing bunny. You don’t fool us one bit, kitteh!!

  20. you guys r silly says:

    Yay E. Collison!!!! I’m happy for you!!! *ENJOY* your precious new bunny!!!

  21. mejezabel says:

    this bun bun is crossed with a chipmunk!! Big bunny cheeks

  22. juggle geese says:

    I am pretty sure this bunny has some hamster genes. You can definitely see the cheek pouches :o)

  23. Jorden says:

    A tiny rabbit & his tiny hay.

  24. christina r says:

    people get up way to early around here lol this is a cute wittle fuzzy bun bun i just was squeeze his wittle self and kiss him and hug him. hes so cute.

  25. old-man muzzlepuff! this little guy should be pals w/warbly-neck tea-drinkin pup!
    aaaaaaaah grumpy old fluffies club!

  26. fyi, it’s almost 10 a.m. where i am.

  27. All bunny Tuesdays?! WOOHOOO… I now have reason to love Tuesdays!!!
    Congrats on the new bunbun EC, let the snorglefest begin!

  28. Congratulations on getting one of the best four-leggeds in the whole world. Hmmm…is my bias showing?

    Here are two great website resources: http://www.hrss.net/aar/aar_care.html



  29. pheral says:

    and here it’s 4pm, nearly time to leave work! hoorah! 😀

  30. displayname says:

    Congratulations E.C.!

    Puh! (spits out hay)
    (Grumbles) tastes like rice cakes.

  31. his mouth is soo big!haha

  32. Kris, in New England says:

    SQUEEEEEE – all bunny Tuesday!!! Yeah – hip hip hooray!

    Oh yeah, and this bunny is just TOO cute. I like the jowls…

  33. Well, gosh – thanks, everyone! (Meg, that means you, too…!)

    I will be reporting on my own bunnage in due course.

    The bun shown here is a wee babe, which is why his/her head appears disproportionately large.

  34. A Fine Morsel says:

    It’s easy to foresee what he’ll look like when he’s old and crotchety…

  35. Oh, I forgot –

    ( )
    ” “


  36. I think this bunny looks a lot like the gopher from Caddyshack.

  37. Tony James says:

    The only thing separating this widdle guy from Benjamin Bunny Snr. is time…
    “Then he came back to the
    basket and took out his son
    Benjamin by the ears, and
    whipped him with the little
    Cross grumpy bun-bun – maybe he needs some snorgling to cheer him up..?

  38. Diane N says:

    We do not like Benjamin Bunny Sr.

  39. My bun-bun gets cross–throws little temper tantrums when I put him back in his cage if he thinks he hasn’t been out long enough [tee-hee!]

  40. Fritatta says:

    Happy is the house with a bunny init. Happy snorgling, EC!


    Here’s one:
    (you may need to hard-refresh this page if you’ve checked it recently)

  42. aboyandhisdog says:

    Little Bunneh Mutton-chops!

  43. Bubbles says:

    Congrats on bunny parentage! I hope this guy NEVER grows into his cheek puffs!

  44. Theo: *Love* the new “Dream Office” entry. If only!!

  45. Great Websites KK and Alinda — I’m glad you posted those… it’s good to remind people that rabbits are amazingly cute but are not toys or “things” — they are living beings with very specific care needs, and require a steady, responsible commitment of (hopfully — pun intended 🙂 10 years or so.

  46. Meow House says:

    That bunny is like Wheat Come to Life.

  47. Theo, you’re the best.

    Three cheers for eschewing work in favor of C.O.!!

  48. SHHHHH!!!! [looks around furtively]

  49. Aubrey says:

    Congratulations on your new bunny; your life has now become a Rabbit Reality and it’s a wonderful thing. For others like me, forbidden by cruel landlords and tedious Fate to keep pets, I am content with this, our Tuesday Bun-A-Thon. Meg, make it so.

  50. don_quixote12 says:

    Please read this rabbit rescue site.
    Many people who get bunnies because they are so cute end up turningthem over to shelters — or worse –because they don’t realize the specialized care they take. Think and, be sure you know what you’re getting into, before you buy a rabbit or other “pet”!!

    Best wishes to “E. Collison” and her new companion rabbit… may they have many healthy, happy years together!

  51. ashley says:

    aww look at the fuzzy wuzzy little booony ribbit….. you have turned me to mush……….. Damn cuteness

  52. estella says:

    Yayyy I love bunny photos!! I am a fervent convert to bunnies as of a year ago, when I got my sweet, rascally Ruthie.

    The bun in this photo is a lionhead bunny, named for their fl00fy mane. Once it gets older, the head won’t look as oversized as it does now, but the bun will always have muzzlepuff and that mane 🙂

    I want to snorgle him the way I snorgle my bun!!

    me: *snorglesnoooooogledoo*
    Ruthie: nyerrhhh!!
    me: *snorg–* waah nostrils full of shedding fur!
    Ruthie: *smug look*

  53. Yup, read the responsibilities entailed in having bun bun… looked at my psychotically jealous cat with Freddy Kruger claws and a mean streak for all that might come between her and her human slaves…. am getting a permanent bun bun now… tattooed … I’ll have the real thing someday…*sigh*

  54. I was tewtally thinking Wilford Brimley or Sam Clemens when I saw this bun! Cuteness abounds!

  55. I have a weakness for lionheads myself… and Meg, this is the pic I’d have posted, if I were you. (Seriously.)

  56. Just the right colour for a lionhead! Gorgeous!

  57. Caitlin says:

    Is that muzzlepuff real? I think he’s got implants!

  58. Jackie says:

    Congratulations to the new bunny owner. They are such wonderfull pets.

  59. Man, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  60. Aubrey says:

    I thought they cancelled ‘The Simple Life’. Perhaps it’s back with a (very) much needed cast change?

  61. Willendorf Venus says:

    He looks like Wile E. Coyote!

  62. Imp H. Smith says:

    All bunny tuesday! Ingenious idea!

  63. MikeyFur says:

    Hooray for All Hammie Wednesday and All Bunny Tuesday!

  64. bunnies says:


    this is my favorite day.

  65. maymee says:

    Squeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

  66. Mickey says:

    Why, even Hercule Poirot would be impressed with this fine facial hair!

  67. Congrats on your new addition! Buns are wonderful companions. The links posted earlier are fantastic. Don’t forget though- most of the baby rabbits posted here are young kits, and under 8 weeks of age. NO MATTER HOW ADORABLE- NEVER PURCHASE/ADOPT A KIT UNDER 8 WEEKS!!! A rabbit weaned too early from its mother will have a flurry of problems later in life, and will not live to the typical 10 year range. Rather enjoy the photos, adopt an adult rabbit with its winning personality (young rabbits really are not much fun anyway- they are hard to litter train, are terrified of people and their personalities can change dramatically post adolecence). And remember the commitment involved- they live as long as many dogs, and require the same expensive vet care! Nonetheless, I love buns and many carrots upon those who share their life with them as well!

  68. JessJess says:

    You have answered my prayers! Bunnies are my FAVORITE!!! This one is a total cutey too!
    (\ /)
    (> < )

  69. omfg, that is the cuteset thing in the world. ps, my name really isnt bob.

  70. my bunnies live in my apartment with me, use a litter box like cats, are never locked in a cage. Hint for clean, happy bunny- don’t use bedding!! and have your bun spayed or nuetered: http://www.rabbit.org

  71. awww buns r ma favorite n dis 1 is totally cutie

  72. awww buns r ma favorite n dis 1 is totally cutie

  73. oh my it is so cute and fluffy and small

  74. Oh.. my goodness.. I just saw the weirdess thing. I was focusing on the white strip above the picture and between the caption and I noticed if I moved my eyes across the strip from one side of the screen to the other.. the bunnie’s muzzle-powche look’s like it’s wiggling really fast…