All-Bunny Tuesday: Grey Blobule

Talk about a dust bunny!



Impossble to resist, Rabbits Online!



  1. chibisalee says:

    ahhh it’s a dust ball *cuddles*

  2. Oh, lil’ lion-headness!!!!

    ( )
    ” “

  3. maymee says:


  4. najjie says:

    THAT’s a bunny?
    It’s definitely cute, but it looks more like something you’d see eating through the grain stores on The Enterprise.

  5. “Mmph! Who you calling a *dust bunny*?!”

  6. katieleah says:

    Serious cheek puffage. Is “grey blobule” the breed or the color?

  7. Diane N says:

    I ain’t never seed no bunny wid ears like that! Mus’ be one of dem citified ones what had that there plastical surgery, ahn.

  8. What the?! That’s a bunny? Haha.. cool! ;D

  9. what is dat? dat sooooo cute!! awe.

  10. oh my gaaaaaaawd!

  11. pheral says:

    ahaha, it’s all “i ahsked for caviah.. whot is this rubbish?”

  12. Aubrey says:

    …wow…has the Sudefed kicked in…?…

  13. Ummm… ?????

    Bunny… kitten…. lint ball gone bad… WT? If only humans could baroo….

  14. this little guy is a bunny-cat hybrid. check out those ears, they’re very cat like.

  15. Meg, it looks like the server is down. They’ve been cuted! (Equal in force to being slashdotted…)

  16. OMGosh!! I don’t usually post, but that it adorable! My dad used to raise dwarf rabbits for show and pets, but this is the cutest bunny I think I’ve evar seen!!! OMGosh!! Dust bunny is right!

  17. mariser says:

    baroo ?

    whut-the-hey ?

    tribble + little lord fauntleroy = grey blobule

  18. Aubrey says:

    That is one cruel gaol-keeper. Eating its pistachios in front of all the inmates.

  19. Why doesnt these kinda dust bunnies turn up from under the coach?

  20. Hey Aubrey! Are you the Aubrey I always see on TDK?

  21. Dust bunny is also on the left in this pic:

  22. Bubbles says:

    Wow. I will tewtelly refrain from vacuuming under the bed from now on. It seems I have a colony of these guys under there.

  23. I nearly choked I gasped and AWWWWWWed all at the same time. We just had to put down a pet and my daughter is begging for another (to compliment the 2 dogs and 2 cats remaining) I swear, if she brought one of those dust bunnies to me I might relent.

  24. moPToPmoUsE says:

    Looks like a cat dog pig fox hamster thing.. eeps!! %^$%$^%^&$#!!! HMMM.. yp,mtm

  25. mariser says:


    so sorry on the lost of your pet. it is heartbreaking.
    I didn’t know this, but apparently some bunnies can live very happily with dogs or cats (see Theo’s Willow and MrBounce). I know you and your daughter will be happy with whoever you decide to bring home.

  26. that bunny looks like my kitty.

  27. Dustbunny says:

    Yes, I *am* that cute : )

  28. BUN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUN DAY!!!!eleven!!!!!!!
    BUN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. Aubrey says:

    Hi Emma’a K.

    Yes; that’s me on TDK. I go where e’r the cute takes me.

    Oh – and I’m having a lot of trouble with this tribble!

  30. Bubbles says:

    People, I’m going crazy here. Landlord won’t let me have a pet of any kind. This has led to a condition called Pet Envy, or “Put the bunneh down and no one gets hurt! All I want is the rabbit!” Hence I am here, on CO, all day. Pity me.

  31. must find and own similar bunny now….

  32. This is really, actually, the cutest animal ever invented. Better than kittens! Stuffed with all the goodness of chinchillas, bunnies, cats, and guinea pigs. Plus some extra Cute on top. Swoon!

  33. Zombie says:


  34. Aubrey says:

    Can’t pity you, Bub. I’m in the same warren.

  35. In Italy, they are called “dust buffalo”

  36. My, what nice buns you have.

  37. scamps says:

    Eeek! A cat-rabbit! CABBIT!

  38. Tony James says:

    Karen – that’s because the Italian beds are further off the ground, and thus there is more space for livestock underneath. Conversely, in Japan, where the beds are very close to the floor, they are called dust-gerbils (this is all true, I swear it!).

  39. Bubbles! I was thinking of trying a feature called ‘virtual pets’ for peeps just like you. What do you think?

  40. Does this poo lil bunnyhead have a body?! Or does it just roll about on floof?!

    And in hell, where no one is allowed to sleep, they’re called dust devils.

  41. Okay… I can’t get the song out of my head so I shall share with the group…

    Bunday, Happy Bunday
    Bunday, Happy Bunday

    How long?
    How long must we sing this song?
    How long?? How looong??

    ‘Cause tonight, we can be with buns
    Tonight, tonight

    Bunday, Happy Bunday
    (tonight)Bunday, Happy Bunday(tonight)

    Hehehe… now U2 can enjoy… Buno!

  42. Tony James- that is hilarious! I had no idea. I just know that my daughter, who spent a semester in Milan, thought dust buffalo to be quite amusing. Bunnies and gerbils seem so much friendlier.

  43. Villeline says:

    What the *bleep* happened to its ears?!

  44. chibisalee says:

    gaww i forgot i’m allergic to dust *SNEEZE* but soo cute still *snuggles*

  45. Tony James says:

    I just got off the phone with Bun Geldoff – he suggested:
    Tell me why we all like Bundays,
    Tell me why we all like Bundays,
    Tell me why we all like Bundays,
    I want to snor-or-or-or-or-gle,
    The whole…day…long.

  46. M- hmm, sounds familiar somehow…

    (never gets old, tho)

  47. Nice, TJ. Hearkens me back to Live Aid. [sigh]

  48. Smooches to this bun bun
    *air kiss

    (stage whisper: uh, what’s with the EARS?)

  49. “What the *bleep* happened to its ears?!”

    Nothing. The angle the photo was taken from + smallness of ears and relativelylarge head (it’s ony 5 or 6 weeks old) + abundance of fur (thus, a baby lionhead) are what’s making you think that. I linked to another photo of said dust bun above – you might want to take a look…

  50. Ohhhh… so its your fault this song is stuck in my head all day! I thought I was lossing my ever lovin’ mind… what have they told you about spreading your cute and fluffy evil Theo?! No more marmalade kittens for you! *l*

  51. Thanks Mariser. 🙂 The dog was 19, had lymphoma, was deaf and going blind. We’d adopted him 3 1/2 years ago after his lymphoma diagnosis and his “3 weeks to live.” While it was sad to see him go, I think he had fun while he was with us.

  52. EC, give your new binkette a shnorf between the ears for me!

  53. That is a bunny? Weird…but, CUTE!

  54. mariser says:


    sounds like he did. you must be a *great* mom to adopt a dog that was already 16 years old and had lymphoma. he was lucky to have you.

    ya know, the longer you stay on this thread, the more confident I am there is somebunny in your future…

  55. …and in my room, where I sleep on the floor, they are called dust mites.

    Wait. ?

    Oh. Those are for real.

  56. AAAAAAAWWWW. Soooooo cute…. jusdt a fluffy ball…AAAAAAAWWWW *.*

  57. Cat-eared bun!

  58. Kinda also looks like someone crossed Toto with Peter Cottontail. Terrierabbit.

    It is toooo cute!

  59. I’ve seen a few dust rhinos in my time…. and I’m pretty sure someone told me that’s the term they used (and they’d never heard of dust bunnies!).

  60. “EC, give your new binkette a shnorf between the ears for me!”

    I shall indeed, jaypo – yea, verily, in plain point of fact. (Line slightly paraphrased from “Making Fiends.”)

  61. I shall also snorgle his schnoot!

  62. Laura J says:

    Aw, dangnabitt Tony James, now I’m gonna be singing BoomTown Bunnies hits all day long!

  63. Hey…a “Blobule?” Is he any relation to Michael Blobule???


  64. Looks like a kitten almost.

  65. OH M…I just got your BUNO reference…too funny!

  66. My GOSH! That has to be the cutest piece of fuzz I’ve ever seen! His head is bigger than his body 😀

  67. Oh my gawd. OH My GAWD!! It’s …. IT’S A CABBIT!!!
    YEEEESSSSSSS!!!! I LOVE CABBITS!!! They is the cuuuutest cat-rabbit hybrid EVER, they is! awwwwwwwwwwww *nuzzle*

  68. E.Collison, I LUUUURRRVVV fiends!!! and Big Bunny!!!

    I’m so excited you’re getting a bunny!

  69. JessJess says:

    *falls out of chair giggling* That thing is hilarious, big ‘ol puffy cheeks with a fat head and barely visible body. It’s cute in an ugly kind of way lol… It’s so ugly, it’s cute XD

    (\ /)
    (> < )

  70. I want to shave him. Just to see how much is bunny and how much is puff.

  71. That’s a baby bun, isn’t it? It’s going to be a REALLY shaggy booger when it grows up!

  72. its the CATBUNNY!!!!

  73. Now that’s a dust bunny I could have around. I wouldn’t mind one in my pocket for that matter.

  74. it’s sooo incredibly fluffy 😀 those grey puffy bunnies are the best!

  75. Diane N says:

    Apathygirl: you need a new name. ‘Nuff said.

  76. Anita: “shaggy booger??” LOL
    Diane N: you have a point.
    Jan S: Michael who? I know of a Jill Blobule…

  77. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    OH MY GAWD! i love dat dustbunny! he looks like a wee mini scotty dog!

  78. The Guy Over There says:

    That’s no rabbit, that’s an Scottish terrier!

  79. bonaircat says:

    Really, what kind of bun is it? it is adorable!

  80. this *is* impossible to resist. he looks like he’s wrinkling his nose at something! ^_^

  81. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Oh look…A hareball LOL! 🙂

    ♥Thanks again hearts in name poster for the how to re:making the hearts♥

  82. Bubbles says:

    Meg, a virtual pet is an improvement over no pet at all. Does it come with bragging rights?

  83. Theo: Yep… proper nosehair trimmer maintenance is crucial! 😉

  84. Another snicker for NDRO’s “hareball” pun. (Why didn’t I think of that?)

    And for my own info, are you folks doing the ♥ heart thingies using Macs or PCs? I *still* can only do them if I copy-and-paste (and I’m a PC guy).

  85. Theo: Alt + numberpad 3 (not three on top of keyboard). Make sure numlock is on.

  86. eer…maybe it works without numlock too. ♥

  87. a-HA! Got it, finally. And the symbols only show up after you release the Alt key.


  88. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Thanks Theo for the compliment! & I would have answered your ♥ ? But A Thinker has already 🙂

  89. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    While I’m at it…*Theo* wanted you to see my thanks to you under the Sharpei pic. in the Dogs archive. No need to reply I just wanted to make sure you knew it was there…

  90. Bubbles says:

    ♥♥♥Ha ha! Little hearts!!! i didn’t know i could do that! Thanks thinker! I ♥ U!

  91. E.Collison, I LUUUURRRVVV fiends!!! and Big Bunny!!!

    I’m so excited you’re getting a bunny!”

    Me, too (on both). I’m wearing a Scissor Fiend t-shirt right now, in fact.

  92. That is only HALF a bunny!

  93. that’s it! i want to eat it!

  94. petgirl says:

    ♥ oh wow.

    so cool! ♥ yeay.

    i have emailed this guy to everyone i know, i can honestly say this is the cutest thing on cute overload so far.

    thats a big deal eh. ♥

  95. Svenster says:

    In Sweden they’re called dust rats.
    But since I don’t hoover very often (cat doesn’t trust the hoover AT. ALL.) we have on occations discovered what we refer to as ‘dust ponies’.
    Kinda cute, and it makes you feel better about not cleaning very often. 🙂

  96. rabbits should not be fed seeds- only plain pellets:

  97. “ya know, the longer you stay on this thread, the more confident I am there is somebunny in your future…

    Posted by: mariser”

    Well, I did look up lionhead rabbit breeders near where I live…

    Oh- also- we have dust rhinos at our house.

  98. Dear god! What is that? Oh, who gives a damn. Come here little squishy…

  99. OMG where’s its body? sooo cute! i love the puffed cheeks!

  100. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    theo i too have a pc its an alt code alt [while holding] press three on the far right of your key board one time then let go of the alt button

  101. Mad Mike says:

    WT% is that thing? Do Ewoks have a larval stage?

  102. lol! it looks confused. no wonder- it has no body!

  103. *Larissa* says:

    this is an abalonie sandwich! i asked for a baloni sanwhich u nitwits!!

  104. GuestElijah says:

    It looks like evidence of Pokimons existance! I wondered where he’d gone to!

  105. Abahaha says:

    Nah, man. Pikachu ain’t got jack on this critter.

  106. Samantha says:

    That’s a bunny!? Well either my eyesite is bad or something was going on with the cat and bunny-rabbit!? : P very cute:)

  107. Dude, its an ewok!!! in Mini form!

    too cute.

  108. *prettykittie* says:

    dat wabbit is soooooooooo cute!

  109. Cat Feral says:

    Is that really a rabbit? Shortest ears in history! Is it possible to crossbreed a rabbit and a guinne pig? (doubt it.) If so, I could believe this little guy was the offspring!