A Kinder, Gentler muzzle

Prosh, gentle pups prefer Fuzzy Pink Muzzle Warmers™ and you will to. Try one today. Free Ferret cap with purchase. [One size feets all]




  1. I want to see the pix immediately “before” and “after” this! Are those puzzled puppy eyes?

  2. Bubbles says:

    …Reduces drooling too!
    (Warning: One size feets most. St Bernards and others, order Magnum.)

  3. RavishingRoberta says:

    OK…..Where Is The Bare Foot That This Sock Belongs To? Anyone Seen That Little Rug Rat Anywhere?

  4. Awwwww, such a cutie! Puppy is dressing for halloween as one of those pink elephants from Dumbo!

    Look out! Look out! Pink elephants on parade, here they come, hippity hoppity! They’re here, and there, pink elephants everywhere!

  5. RavishingRoberta says:

    Elf…..I Think This Calls For Closing Of The Bar…..L O L But It Does Look Familliar To An Ellephant…..As A Matter Of Fact; A Dr. Suess Elephant…..An Elephant From Whoseville…..Whose Who In Whosevile Well; There’s Mary Lou Who In Whoseville And…..OK OK Stop Throwing Things (Unless It’s Wads Of Hundreds

  6. Melanie says:

    Must be a fan of Mooch from “Mutts” …
    “Little pink sock, Little Pink Sock…”

  7. punkpie says:

    omg… the pics in the link made me laugh harder than anything- soooo anerable!

  8. claro que si … ferret tassel hat is da bomb. And this poochie’s sock MUST have been Mooched.

  9. Seems like someone thought laundry was a toy…

  10. Snorgle….

  11. “Mmph–can’t breathe–Mom, did you think this was a JOKE?”

  12. Awww so cute very safe.

  13. I am a big time lurker, love your site. Cuteness is the best!

    Question: Did you disable images from being shown in Bloglines? (I know that when I disabled people from hotlinking my images I had to make an exception for bloglines) They aren’t showing up! 😦

  14. Puppeh: [mphmffm,bmfmbf! rmmmf!]

  15. The look on the pup’s face is like “would someone get these people away from me before I have to go get my BIG MEAN German Shepherd Police dog boyfriend to do something he’ll regret?”

  16. I think the pup’s shwoing off: Look ma, I’m an ellllephant!

  17. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Wow, I hope that’s a *clean* sock…!

    My dog (a toy poodle) had to have some skin growths taken off one of his feet not long ago. I had to put a baby sock on one of his legs to keep him from licking it, so for a long time I was calling him “Baby Sock.” Poor dog…

  18. That’s no canine! It’s an Australian Sock-Billed Platypup!


  19. bla bla bla says:

    wow! this is so cool Iam the 18 poster

  20. *smiling at Denita TwoDragons*

  21. Barbara says:

    How come the right side of wide images is cropped in Safari? I can see the whole image in Firefox, though.

    Can this be fixed?

  22. Erica E. says:

    *squeak* ……………………… *thud*

  23. Aubrey says:

    “I am not an animal!”


  24. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    OK OK Stop Throwing Things (Unless It’s Wads Of Hundreds
    awsome! if they do throw them can u guys throw some to me too

  25. SmileyMe says:

    Gotta love the Eskies

  26. …….kkk,, cuti dog~~

  27. meg? theo?

    hate to be tewtally daft, but what’s up with the new layout and cutting off the photos? I’m sad that I have to click them to see them in all their cute glory!

    can’t we just go back to the days of the two column layout?

    those days were good. and prosh.

    three colums makes me tie-tie…

  28. Speaking of 3-column layout, I have to go to full-screen in order to see it all. (Latest build of Firefox in XP.)

  29. displayname says:

    DTD – very funny! Australia has the most unuuuuuusual animals.

  30. RavishingRoberta says:

    Denita…..That’s It…..The Platypup.

  31. pheral says:

    pels og poter!! awwww.

  32. I think the little puppy looks a bit humiliated…”how COULD you do this to me??” Maybe this qualifies for Cute but Sad?

  33. Haha : )

    He could still get in trouble with that thing on, I know how those little guys operate.


  34. Katey and E.C —

    The only weirdness I see with this new layout (which I have zero control over, btw) is that the columns cover some of the *background* image. That is, the stripey wallpaper gets cut off a little, but never the actual post images or comments. It looks the same using FireFox and Internet Explorer, at screen resolutions down to 1024×768 (though my usual res is 1280×1024).

    If it’s not working for you, you’re some of the few exceptions, and Meg would need to know more detail about what you’re using to be able to test properly. Some folks have mentioned Apple’s “Safari” browser for example, or you might be using Opera, or your screen resolution might be set really low (like 800×600), etc…

  35. It’s a snufflelupagus! He dyed his snout pink – tres chic!

  36. Well, I’ve got a relatively new “widescreen” laptop (I’d have to measure the screen to be providing correct info. here), and the strips will not show up unless I go to full screen. This is true in the latest build of Firefox, though I haven’t tried Opera yet, and don’t use IE.

  37. E.C. — sounds good, but screen *resolution* isn’t about inches, it’s about how many pixels your OS is displaying. If you’re on a newish widescreen laptop running Windows XP, you should probably have your screen-res set to 1280×768.
    (Windows Control Panel –> Display –> Settings tab –> Screen Resolution slider)

    If that doesn’t help, then I’m tapped…

  38. Theo, yes, though in this case, I’m not talking about screen-res.

    Could also be ISP-related, I’m thinking.

  39. FzerozeroT says:

    hi, she’s a miniature pom isn’t she, could you e-mail me some more photos coz she looks just like ours (but cleaner)

  40. She’s an American Eskimo, without a doubt!

  41. Hi all~ its a HE by the way. He is a Japanese Spitz. ^.^