Yep, it’s a pretty common problem

Lemme juuuuuust take a look here. General Chiptractor sent me—said you needed some help. Yeppers, I can see why. Simple case of thee uh, crank shaft disconnecting from the fetzer valve. Those valves are, uh, notorious in these here ’76 Jimmys. Yepp-per. Now, you prepare that Fetzer valve with some, uh, 3-in-1 oil and some gauze pads, and she should be good to er, go there.


Drink your QuakerState, Qui M.!



  1. wow, first? yay! this sounds just like my mechanic!

  2. He’s just lifting the truck up a bit so the mechanic can shimmy under there.
    Kitty: “ehn!”

  3. So that’s why my Mom’s car won’t work right…damn cut-rate feline mechanics!

    Too cute…

  4. ♥'s G.D. & animals ☺ says:

    Kitty mad! Kitty smash! ennnnnnnh! ernhe! ooomph!

  5. ♥'s G.D. & animals ☺ says:


  6. No way to add to Meg’s commentary. This is *hilarious*. Why can’t I have a kitty mechanic?

  7. ♥'s G.D. & animals ☺ says:

    i bet its a little diffacult tho, cuz hes got no ‘possable thumbs, unless he got six toes like the other kitt they showed on here

  8. This is definitely one for the cute caption contest.

  9. Good idea, Beckio! Added!

  10. Hahaha!! A super-smaht kitty here…

    Makes me think of when the accelerator kept getting stuck on my old Honda. Verry unpredictable, till my mechanic found a hickory nut that kept rolling around and getting caught in the mechanism. Uh-huh, General Chiptractor should clean up after himself better, maybe…!!

  11. : )

    Cute Mechanic.

  12. punkpie says:

    /insert Cliff Claven voice


  13. LOL!!!!


  14. Hmmm….


    But cute nontheless.

  15. awww cute little mechanic kitty.

    or is his head stuck inbetween the pipes? that would be a revolting development. would probably cost the car owner a few extra hundred bucks

  16. maymee says:

    I think people who force their pets to do chores are mean.

  17. displayname says:

    You have to watch out for mecatnics. They’re all a bunch of crooks.

  18. AuntieMame says:

    Don’t you mean “cat-rate” feline mechanics, jackie?

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I thought she meant “cute-rate” feline mechanics…

  20. I think this mechanic should (errrr) pick up the tabby for this job.

    Seriously now, maybe he could be a correspondent for Car Talk! (At very least, their mascot.)

  21. Laurie says:

    Maybe it’s a problem with the flux capacitor.

    I keep thinking that my tabby needs a job, she’s at the elbow of any workman who comes into my place. “What’re you doing? Can I help? *Now* what’re you doing?”

  22. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    (part 6 in a 34-part series)

    Nearly forgotten among the lesser Norse deities is Geirgaardsenjansvaaldul, a helpful household imp often depicted with the body of a kitten and the head of a 1967 Buick Skylark.

    Never depicted without his tools, including his mighty HaammurSchlankenKlaff (Hammer of Very Urgent Banging), Geirgaardsenjansvaaldul was the God of Household Repairs, said to intercede when appliances that had mysteriously stopped working mysteriously started working again at almost the most convenient time, like when your DVD player won’t eject the disc for three days, even when you try unplugging it and waiting for thirty minutes before plugging it in, like it says to do in the manual, and it still doesn’t work and so you have to go to Blockbuster and pay for another week, and then when you get home and try pushing the button one more time and the disc comes out just like it’s supposed to.

  23. Aubrey says:

    Car Talk? Is that with Click and Cat?

  24. Thanks for the laugh Other Mike – I needed that tonight!

  25. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Arbed: You’re welcome, but why are you so in need of a laugh tonight? What’s the matter — Windows won’t boot? TV on the fritz? Just leave a door or window cracked open before you go to bed tonight, wide enough for a ’67 Skylark to fit through, and in the morning, your troubles will be over!

  26. Mike, I’m so relieved I wasn’t drinking when I read that. Otherwise you’d be footing the bill for a new shirt, new shorts, kew keyboard, new monitor…and a replacement sheet for the drywall behind my computer!


  27. NTMTOM: [singsong] geeeenius!!!

  28. jinglebat says:

    What makes this even better: the spanish word for jack is gato, which also means cat.

  29. i worry that if my check bounces, he’ll send me a hairball in the mail.

  30. pheral says:

    oh mike, i just larfed so hard my colleague thought i was finally having that mental breakdown (i nearly wrote ‘breakfast’ there, god i’m hungry). thanks, that was hilarious!

  31. Carlisa says:

    NTMTOM—-Lol–Love your comparison to the stuck dvd. I had that happen and was ready to unplug the player and take it to Blockbuster with me! I hate paying those late fees.

    This pic is so funny.

    Meg—-What’s a fetzer valve do?

  32. So focused to his craft..

  33. Mikeyfur says:

    Today it’s “yeppers.” A few days ago, it was Molly the Basset saying, “okey-dokes.” Yeppers is my new word for the day!

  34. The Guy Over There says:

    Bwa ha ha! Kitty mechanic? Now all we need is Grand Theft Kitty Auto.

  35. Michele says:

    Aw kitteh working on a cizzzar! I would be ascareded that he would hurt himself

  36. This is GENIUS. I love this! The pic composition, the captioning, the fact that it’s a dreary Monday morning & yet I have this to soften the blow.

    I’ll try to be clever later. Cheers, all.

  37. That sort of bothers me. I’d hate to hear about another kitty getting hurt by sneaking inside of the car parts.

  38. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    i hope u can wake up Theo

  39. Svenster says:

    NTMTOM: You rock.

    As a token of my appreciation please accept these scandinavian letters: å ,ä ,ö. They’ll no doubt come in handy, but use them wisely! *makes mysterious face while dramatic music fades in*

  40. So, uh, what’s that, er, sledgehammer for, there?

  41. One more: Other Mike? Don’t go changin’.

  42. pheral says:

    don’t goooo changin’… to tryyy to please meeee, you never let me down before,
    I don’t imagine you’re too familiar, and I don’t see you anymooooore, I would not leave you in times of trouble, we never cooould have come this faaaar,
    I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times, I’ll take you juuuuust the way you aaaaaaaare.
    Don’t go trying some new fashion, don’t change the color of your hair, You always have my unspoken passion, although I might not seem to caaaaaaaare,
    I don’t want clever conversation, I never want to work that haaaaard, I just want someone that I can talk to… I want you just the way you are.

  43. pheral says:

    i do beg your pardon, i believe that should have ended “aaaaaare”

  44. MOPTOPMOUSE says:

    Super cute!!I can just see the QT driving off in the next it good !!yerpal mtm..

  45. Pheral — mabe we need to start a glee club. And if we’re gonna do the Billy Joel thing, then *this* one’s a definitive a-capella standard:

    (dum dum dum)
    “Wooooh-oh-oh-oh, for the longest time…”

    Hmm, except maybe this should go under the lovebirds’ post, eh?

  46. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    i hate you now Theo cuz A. wrong rock star and B. you mispelled his name! don’t you know every time you mispell Billie Joe’s name God kills a puppy?! don’t you care about the puppies!?

  47. Tony James says:

    [teeth sucking sound, head-scratch, removal of wedgie in coveralls, and sucking on hand-rolled cig]
    Well, I can see what the problem is – you’ve blown your felangie rod here, see, and when it blew it sent bits of the 3rd fetzer valve down into the fatonk case. So we’re looking at a complete strip down and rebuild.
    Cost? Do me a favour, luv – it’s these foreign cars, you know, it’s not the labour but we have to have the part shipped from Azurbaijan. I reckon it’ll cost at least [mental calculation, based on current tab at OTB, how cute the owner is, and whether or not he/she looks like she’ll take it somewhere else for the estimate]…Oi! Sid! What’s a new felangie rod on a 73 Pythagaros cost? (A 73? That’s one of the old ones, innit? Lemme see if it’s in the book…no, Vince, it’s not in the book, have to call them direct). Tell you what, luv – leave it with us for a day or 2 and we’ll get back to you with the price, awwight?

  48. sylvie says:

    lol and lol tony james!

  49. GDA/LDCH/whatever your screen-name is now… I’m of the Billy Joel era (more or less). Our 13-yr-old is of the Green Day era.
    ‘sall good.

  50. Other Mike – well, it was just too darn cold last night to leave the window open. I’ll await the Skylark tonight….

  51. mollie says:

    hey love that one!

  52. displayname says:

    So, you say thar’s a squeek whenever you turn right?
    Well, lemme give ‘er a look. Eh? Uh-huh. I see the problem.
    Earl? Pass me the sledge willya? (BAMMM!)
    Yup…three blind mice.
    See how they run!

  53. pheral says:

    experiencing… joy… and.. rage.. at.. same… time ::kaaBOOOOOM!::

    shiznit, i exploded. nevermind puppies, everytime someone mentions a trevesty that is a Billy Joel cover, i shall kill… oh, everyone. yes. (not that i’m protective or possessive or indeed any other kind of po or pro. wait, i’m prosugar.)

    Yay for Billy Joel era Theo! Do we have the ELO love?
    ::works away humming Only The Goood Die Young::
    hmm hmm hmmmmm hmmm hm

  54. Yikes, Pheral. Don’t bring me down.

  55. ::snort::
    aw, don’t worry, i’ll throw you down a line. 😛

  56. Gaaaalgh. I need to shower & go to work. 7:15 AM here. TTFN

  57. irwin m. says:

    Love the Fletch Reference!

  58. hey.
    its much funnier in spanish.
    we call the “hydraulic jack” gata higraulica, (gata=cat) so, its ok… the pic only shows a standard procedure to change tires.