Today is the last day to vote vote vote…

P47_stoat…For the Webby’s People’s Choice!

This baby stoat just voted! Won’t you?

You muuuuuuust vote for C.O. for best Blog – Culture/Personal and, while you’re in there, vote for C.O. editor Sparky too, for The Reebok Shoe Customizer in Marketplace/Retail!


Baby Stoatenheimer thanks to the fine folks at Manaaki Whenua Research center.



  1. ailurophile says:

    I voted for you Meg, you’re the best!

  2. Jay Fry says:

    Darn. Almost #1. What a schweet animal. High BEF. And, love the stripey face.

  3. Jay Fry says:

    And the anerable white-tipped ears.


    OK I think I’m done barfing rainbows. Oh, and I’m votin’ for CO, of course!

  5. SQUEEEEE! I *heart* stoats!!!

  6. Tony James says:

    Ack! Anerable! Small! Bonsai-Weezle! 🙂

  7. wee weezle!

  8. Okay, now that I looked up what the heck a stoat was I have to say I never knew a stoat (short-tailed weasle) could be so dang CUTE!!!!

  9. FIRST POST!!!! says:

    FIRST POST .. first post .. FIRST POST .. first post!!! ( now i do know that i am not the first to post but i really wanted to annoy the hell out of Theo cause i know he loves all us woot wooters!! ) Kisses!! Cute little otter by the way! I just want to snorgle his little whiskers!!

  10. A woozle!





  12. A woozle indeed. A woozle of Great Desirability. I think my next job needs to be at a wildlife rehab centre.

  13. Ponygirl says:

    A stoat by any other name still smells like a ferret.

  14. Got a weasel
    It’s a teazel
    Mah pleazel
    Mah pleasel
    Got a weasel.

    is friday, dawgs. everyone need a leatel ween.

  15. Finn!!! (Norm!!!)
    Hey I posted an in-joke today that you might appreciate…

  16. Fritatta says:

    I see oats in that, also toast if I read it a little dyslexically. I must be hungry. S/he’s cute, okay, but I like the word too. Stoat. It reminds me of another animal word I like: skink. Skinks are cool little lizards with azure-blue bellies. I met one once.

  17. How about “efts”?

  18. BABY STOAT! CUUUTE! I want one.

  19. Rock the Cute™, Meg!

    “How about “efts”?”


  20. a thinker, they are handsome creatures –

  21. mairzy stoats and dozy stoats?

    [T, your link just redirects me to your typepad profile. ?? if that’s an in-joke i have been out too long.]

  22. Aubrey says:

    I’m mad about him of course, but he seems a little pale; a prefer a dark stoat.

  23. Grrrrrroooooooaaaaaannnnnnn, Aubrey.

  24. wups, Finn… I haven’t used namelinks for quite a while.

    You might check out the CO post just before this votey-stoaty offering.

  25. Aubrey says:

    Kind of small, too – don’t you think? He should be lager.

  26. and little lambsiedivey.

    HEY, I’m waiting for my HAMMIE t-shirt! YAY! It should be here any day now. w00tie toot toot!

  27. Eftsoons!

  28. Whoo, had to look up “eftsoon”. Great word. Shall look for a chance to use it eftsoon.

    AND, thanks for the eft link. Cute, those. Used to catch the adult version in creeks…

  29. I Google “efts” and got a lot of things that had nothing whatsoever to do with your sort of efts. I was despairing, but eftsoons I found that page and became right gleeful! 😉

  30. Yikez!

    I “GoogleD.”

    Danged keyboard.

  31. What a shweet, implorable little face! Somebody tell him everything’s gonna be alright…

  32. scamps says:


  33. btw, was this meant to be a subtle rhyming hint? “Stoat vote.” Has a catchy ring to it…

  34. I will not eat them when I vote.
    I will not eat them with a stoat.

  35. I will not eat them with a coat
    I will not eat them in a boat.

    ok, i stop now.

  36. Aubrey says:

    I will not eat them with a goat
    Nor while swimming in a moat

  37. najjie says:

    OMG. My first thought was that it’s really cute, so I did a search. They are apparently really ferocious. Yipes!

    Check it:


  38. Dustbunny says:

    Why should I vote?
    Thought the stoat.
    They’re all a bunch of weasels.

  39. Tony James says:

    Maybe that’s the answer to low voter turn-out – instead of this “Move On!” and “Rock the Vote” mullarkey, maybe they could say “If you come and cast your ballot, you get 30 seconds of snorgle with the VoteStoat.” I’m sure it would be popular – we’d have candidates out there vying for the stoat vote (“Well, Bill, obviously we need to look after the interests of the minorities, but I really think the Stoat vote is going to be crucial for Hillary in these swing states…”)

  40. We are so funny 😀 We crack me up.

  41. Tony James, could you be any more hilarious? The answer is none. None more hilarious.

  42. I can imagine a lil’ baby ferocious Stoat Voting mascot ripping ballots new chads. Rrrrrrraahggh!

    Marketing Genius

  43. AuntieMame says:

    So that’s a stoat!

    I wonder if this one just came from the siege of Toad Hall.

  44. I did enjoy your clever ploy
    with this precious little stoat.

    But my love for such widdle guys
    means Treehugger got my vote.


  45. Bubbles says:

    I tewtelly voted the first day the polls were open. Can I just say that I love you guys? Meg is like the matriarch of a really cute, slightly disfunctional family. And Theo is like the really fun uncle who also knows when it’s time to stop. You are so snorgable to meeeeeeee!

  46. Hey, I officially become an uncle sometime in July or August. We’ll see.

  47. Bubbles says:

    Congrats! You’ll be great!

  48. Tony James says:

    Theo – lemme know if you need tips on how to totally destroy your sibling’s careful upbringing of his/her spawn. It’s a whole lot of fun! LOL!

  49. Jay Fry says:

    “Rock the Stoat!”

  50. Jay Fry says:

    A play on “Rock the Vote” (see prev. TJ post)…

  51. AuntieMame: I bet he did indeedy.

    (after a fruitless search to find an illustration of such online)

  52. Jay Fry says:

    Sorry for belabouring the obvious with the above, folks. I’m having a ‘testy’ Friday.

  53. Tony James says:

    Rock the stoat (don’t rock the stoat, baby)
    Rock the stoat (don’t tip the stoat over)

  54. Rock the stoooooo-oh-oh-oat [back up singers]

  55. I would vote for you, but I don’t know how, just add a vote from Hammy in the thingy, no one will know the difference! *evil laugh!*

  56. jokester says:

    I know the difference between stoats and weasels. Oh Yes.

    Weasels are, like, weaselly recognized.. but stoats are like, stoatally different.

  57. Jokester – you must be related to my dad… i thought only he could make jokes like that. But then stoatistically speaking 2 in 10 people love puns…

  58. Michelle says:

    Why should you vote?

    To deet ERMINE teh winnar!!!!

    mmmm… puns taste like artificially flavored banana taffy.

  59. Woods walker says:

    Meg, I voted the first day. If I thought I could get away with voting more than once I would.-Woods Walker

  60. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    “please vote. it would very much so make me happy if you did. please vote for cute overload, they’re the best site!”

  61. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    p.s. dats de baby stote just incase noone caught that

  62. Ooh! Congrats Theo!

    Love the little fuzzy!

    Interview over, went great, feeling much better now! This site is a life-saver!


    wanted to vote but I FORGOT! How can I support you to make up for that?

    P.S.: You guys are really pun-ny and hilarious! I salute you, ev-er-ee-one.

  64. registration was a snap. i’ve cast my vote. you rock, co!

  65. weasel_tea_party says:

    And I thought you were just teasing us with the prospect of a baby stoat! I wouldn’t snorgle a grown-up, but that baby is sweet.

  66. What am I missing here? i was able to vote for CO under the “Weird” category but it doesn’t show up in the list of nominees for Best Blog Culture/Personal. Is this the right link? (I grabbed it from the top of the page here) If not, would someone please post the correct link? grrr.

  67. chelonianmobile says:

    D’awwww baby stoat. Mustelidae are love!

    A weasel is weaselly recognised, and a stoat is stoatally different.