Oh, that is SO perfectly posed

99052133_lThis ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’ is no error, People, it’s tewtelly posed for your enjoyment! That cat is sooo comfterbuls. Now we know how Katie Holmes stuffed.

Forgive me, I cannot find the name of this submitter anywhere! Maybe you’ll comment, oh Mysterious Cat Stuffer?



  1. Ah looooove eeet, Meg! 😉

  2. Woo Hoo! I’m one of the firsts to comment!!!! Sad that is such an accomplishment for me.

    I was convinced this would be what my first child looked like.

    Katie had Kittens…I can just see the headline now.

    Tee hee

  3. karisma says:

    smokey grey kitties are so cool! i lurv it!

  4. Tony James says:

    Priscilla’s plan to convince her parents she was pregnant fell flat when Cap’n Fluffy smelled the sunday roast.

  5. I have a friend who loves to stuff her Maine Coon into the front of whatever she’s wearing and zip it up around him. All you can see is his very peeved face peeking out the top and a great big cat-bulge, with random tufts of fur sticking out.

  6. how much does the cat weigh, I wonder? (Your friend’s cat, that is.)

  7. Um, about 15 pounds? I think.

  8. Aubrey says:

    My God, she’s being given a C (cat)-Section!

  9. WOOHOO!

    Feel free to send all dissenting opinions to theofakeemail@mailinator.com because http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Comment

  10. Love it! the look on the cats face says, “yeah, this happens a lot more then you would think.”

  11. I love how the cat and the shirt coordinate!

  12. i have but one thing to say.. i am highly envious of the kitty……

  13. That one happy puss!


  14. chacha says:

    I need one of those up my shirt right now … it’s cold in my office!

  15. AuntieMame says:

    I hope he doesn’t panic and start clawing his way out…

  16. How comfy can that be! She looks so *at ease* with her warm kitty stuffed down her shirt!! Must do it all the time. Kitty looks a little borderline squirmles…

  17. mariser says:

    that cat is sooo ready to go Nyerhe! on her ass…

    yeah, I said ass. if offeneded, please don’t see
    as you may die.

  18. McKimchi says:

    El gato esta en mis pantalones.

  19. mariser says:

    and “offeneded” is the cute way of saying “offended”. it is NOT a misspelling. Twetally!!

    that Theo is just been too lazy to update the CO glossary… not my fault!

  20. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    This looks like a kinder, gentler, CUTER version of the “chest burst” scene from “Alien.”

  21. Other Mike — and John Hurt’s character gets renamed “Coby Cuddles.”

    Mariser — yeah uh huh. (Although I *have* been considering “muzzlepuffs”)

  22. martha in mobile says:

    I do this with my big fat ragdoll kitten all the time! And I was just as cute as that young lady is about ummmm 25 years ago. Nevermind.

  23. ka9q's wife says:

    ok if there is a cats and racks catty-gory can this be far behind?
    Warning depending on where you work may not be all that work safe (no real nudity but it is implied)

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Why doesn’t my window washer ever look like that?

    And he needs to lighten up on the soap. He’s gonna have major streaks to wipe up when he’s finished.

  25. dixieanne says:

    ahahaha. that video made my day. another reason i love germany.

  26. Funny video, and I don’t see the kitty been angry just more like:

    “Eh, here we go again, lady get a boob job!”


  27. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    that vid wouldn’t load 4 me, what was it?

  28. DavidBoBavid says:

    cute cat.. cute girl.. i love it!

  29. When I was pregnant and people used to ask me what I was going to have (presumably meaning boy or girl), I would always reply “kittens!”

    Photographic evidence.

  30. Saska:



  31. Clearly, Cats ‘n’ Racks is the most amazing category of cuteness ever to exist.

  32. thanks for the Smack the Pony vid. made me laugh out loud!

  33. Carlisa says:

    Theo—-off topic—switched puters and got some pics of the kitties downloaded. One came out so weird looking–wanted you to check it out. Okay to send?

  34. Racktastic! Kittyriffic! I agree that Cats ‘n’ Racks is the height of cuteness.

  35. If I’m not mistaken the girl in this picture’s name is Corrie Davidson and she graduated from Virginia Tech in 2004 with a BA in Theatre Arts.

  36. Ambi — even if you were right, why would we need to know? Did you *ask* Corrie if she’d mind if you posted her personally identifying information on a public forum?

  37. My goodness gracious, it was just supposed to be silly… please allow me to slit my wrists now at your permission…

  38. Correction: the information I posted is totally false… I will have the webmaster eliminate the posting as soon as humanly possible.

    Theo–if they find me drowned in the bathtub, it’s all your fault.

  39. Oooh dear, Ambi. No wrist-slitting or bathtub drowning. It’s just a joke, Theo will get it. He takes his role as “uncle” of the forum very seriously…and most of the time, it’s a good thing. No sweat!

  40. Corrie -aka- thats me! says:

    whooa! somebody just pointed out to me here at the office that I was on here! Yes, Ambi is correct, it is I, Corrie from Virginia Tech. Though my friend Glen is to be blamed for this photo being on here. I am glad you all enjoyed it though!!

    And are you Ambi from Virginia Tech by chance??

  41. Blamed? What? I just suggested you post the photo. And provided you with the link. And sent you an e-mail when it went up.

    Well, shoot. I guess I am to be blamed, aren’t I?

  42. OK well… Nice cat & etc, Corrie. The nail polish is also a nice touch.
    (seriously, not being sarcastic at this time)

    Ambi — overreactions aren’t necessary. Just, y’know, remember that this is a big popular blog site.

  43. Corrie says:

    Ah, and fyi- that pic was not staged, planned at all. It was a mere accident that we all matched… and even odder that my uncle happened to be visiting and happened to be trying to get his camera to work to take a family pic and i was just in front of the lens being goofy when he clicked it to make sure it was working. Craaazzzzyyyy!

  44. Cats In Racks!! I love it, it should be a counterpart to Cats In Sinks!
    My cat, also known as “Oliver the Under Cat” likes to go under blankets, our bed covers and he loves, loves, loves to crawl up under my sweatshirt and sleep there.

  45. Not to start a flamewar or anything on an already dead topic that is no longer on the front page, BUT, in the caption comments it is implied that the identity of the mysterious cat stuffer would like to be known. It just so happens that there was someone who saw the pic, saw the request for information therein, and actually knew the subject in question that was in the pic. Ambi was just trying to be helpful in identifying the subject. In the comment back to her I could see why she would “overreact” in responding to it because in said comment it was asked to her, “why would we need to know?,” when in the picture caption it blatantly asks, “Forgive me, I cannot find the name of this submitter anywhere! Maybe you’ll comment, oh Mysterious Cat Stuffer?” She knew, so she provided the information. She was just trying to be helpful, and she got what could be percieved to someone trying to be helpful a berating comment. On a site as popular as this when there is an implied request in identifying something, you can be sure that somewhere out there one of the dedicated CO perusers is going to be able to help find the information.

  46. Yes, Wade:
    We all see the error of our ways… and it ends on that note, please. 😛

    Yes, Corrie, I graduated (just barely) from VT Theatre Arts in ’04… we actually had classes together, me thinks.

    Enjoy your day! 🙂

  47. Wade, Ambi — yes & agreed. Fortunately.

  48. lilmisscute says:

    thats patty the wildlife rescuer. look at the manacure people!

  49. No no… Patty’s got the “Eyebleed Fuschia” nails, not the demure theater blacks.

  50. nice…:D

  51. just lover says:

    wow . sweety the kitten are best but the place is superb simple the supreme. i love u my sweety

  52. Not sure but I think that’s Katie Holmes with Baby Suri.

    TomKat indeed.

  53. her name is meg! and aww cute!

  54. where’s the rack?