Nominated for best ‘Muzzlepuff’, Montel the baby Bulldog arrives on the blue carpet. [No, I could not make that name up, People]


Submitted by Bulldogster-lover Kelly P. Montel is from J. Michael’s Kennel.



  1. vegoego says:

    omg! it’s a little puddle of cuteness!!

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Lookit his pudgy elbows!

  3. Dannee says:

    Aaaaaaww! Little pink paws and nose! <3333

  4. Aubrey says:

    Ear to head ratio alert…

  5. Julie J says:

    how sweet!!!!!!!!we can follow
    the same directions from the pevious pic with this cutie. Can I take him home???

  6. Oh my god, those wee puffy CHEEKS!

  7. He looks so sad…. but so cute. Like he’s had his picture taken a dozen times already and just wants to sleep. I’m torn between gong “dawwwwww” and “cyoooot!”. Somehow, I don’t think they’ll blend well.

  8. and puppybutt!

  9. maymee says:

    *nuzzles the puffy fuzzy muzzle*

  10. Julie J says:

    How presious!! We can follow the some steps as the last pic for this cutie pie. I just want to take him home.

  11. petgirl says:

    oh. wow.

  12. TINY.

  13. Koneko says:

    Awwww… want… to… hold… and… snuggle…

  14. zainuri says:

    ‘Montel’ in Malay language means ‘Cute’

  15. Do Montel’s tricks include: a) giving possible baby-daddies paternity tests in order to discover real baby-daddy; b) lineman for Boise State; or c) advanced snuggling?

  16. Sooofffftttt fuuuurrrrrrr.

  17. What cute tiny ears!

  18. SilvorMoon says:

    I’m not much into puppies, but…

    Eeee! Doggie! *pets his widdle nosie*

  19. Whee! So anerable! Just what I needed to calm my nerves and put a smile on my face, thanks ever so much, CO!

  20. Gillian says:

    “Dude, where’s my nose?”

    “Where’s your nose, dude?”

    (btw, what is this muzzle-puff business? bulldogs are squashy-faced. italian greyhounds have muzzles. bulldogs do not.)

  21. 6:15 A.M here on the East Coast. Couldn’t think of a better way to wake up. What a cutie bundle of pupness. I can’t stand it.

    The most frustrating thing about this website is the inability to actually snorgle all of the overwhelming cuteness.

    It can make a person a little crazy!

    And I sure as heck don’t have room for one of everything that’s posted here!

    Not fair, soooooo not fair.

    And the title! Oh the title! Will cleverness never cease?

  22. Does anyone know why CO has been so slow lately?

  23. Oh my goshness. His muzzlepuff actually stick out *beyond* his nose.

    STOP with the cute puppies! I am not a dog person and I am suffering from excessive desire to SQUEEZE the past two chubby little wrinklies.

  24. *sticks*, that should have been

  25. Hey Meg, just wanted to warn you- the CuteOverload.com forwarding domain is down.

  26. Sarah: it’s not down, just not working properly.

    After you’ve navigated to it and it says it’s done loading the page, try highlighting the URL in the address bar and hitting “enter”. It will probably display the page content.

  27. A thinker–you’re so funny! Only an English maj would go back and correct something like that. Takes one to know one…

  28. Hey Jaypo, I’m not an English major, but did receive a very good education in English/grammar/spelling. Read obsessively, tried reading Shakespeare at five. Like to write. So maybe I’m an English major that should have been?!

  29. What is up with these dogs in baggy suits? Do they expect to eventually grow into them?

  30. Laurie says:

    I nominate this pic for Cute or Sad? It looks like he chased a parked car and smushed his nose into it and is lying there all “ow, my face hurts”.

  31. The Guy Over There says:

    Hmmm, he does look a little like Montel Williams. Except he smiles as much as the people that he helps on his show.

    Bulldog? Or part Bassett hound? You be the judge.

  32. TheLuna says:

    “Sophie (from the previous post), I’m not playing chase with you. Last time I ran after you, you tripped over one of your wrinkles, ended up facing me, and we crashed into eachother’s faces. Seriously, we had muzzles then, remember? No, I’m just going to take a little nap while you think about what you’ve done!”

  33. Montel looks a bit worried. Why the furrowed brow, sweetums?

  34. tee. hee.

  35. IMO, ugh!

  36. adorababy says:

    i love him and wish he were my puppy. can i have him?

  37. A thinker – you definitely sound like an English major that *could* have been. 😉

    My first degree was in Electrical Engineering, but I also have always loved to read, and now I’m a week away from graduating with an M.A. in English.

    Keep the puppies coming if you can, Meg. Job interview today, and I’m a leeeeetle stressed.

  38. gimme an E! EEEEEEEEE!
    gimme an L! ELLLLLLLL!
    gimme an F! EFFFFFFFF!
    gimme an O! OOOOOOOOO!
    gimme a W! DUBBLE YUUUUU!
    gimme another L! ELLLLLL!
    what’s that spell???
    (high kicks, air punching, and cartwheels)

  39. 😀 Great cheer for ElfOwl.

    And that is one smarty girl–electrical engineering and English. Good goin’.

  40. HonorH says:

    I want to kiss his peach-fuzzy little muzzle. And his squooshy little backside. And then snorgle him until he bites me and says, “Dude, I need oxygen!”

    The good news is, my sister’s adorable baby boy and little hound puppy are coming over tonight, so I’ll soon have an outlet for my snorgling needs.

  41. GOOD LUCK, ElfOwl!!

  42. Dustbunny says:

    Ok, yeah, the doggie’s cute and all, but it’s the beauuutiful blue carpet that I’m really crazy about! What’s wrong with me??

  43. Give ’em hell, ElfOwl!

  44. Oh heavens… such a sweet “I need some lurv” baby…. I don’t know what it is with bulldogs but I really thing they are so cute…oh and did I mnetion the belly… puppy bellys are sooooo sqeezable and cute!

  45. Just imagine how good that li’l puppeh smells!

    And Athinker–sorry! I was mixing you up with…uhm…ElfOwl!! Yeah, that’s it! ElfOwl…

  46. Oh. *Was* slightly confused, but flattered.

  47. Someone else around here is an English maj, I think maybe ariel.

  48. Aubrey says:


    I also have been attracted to this rug, something about the serene blueness -it resembles a calm tropical sea. Wait a minute – maybe this isn’t a bulldog pup at all? Are we in fact witnessing the birth of a new island? Possibly one of the New Guinea states? The island of Pupua?

  49. Laurie says:

    I nominate Aubrey as an English major. He makes/gets many literary references.

  50. 😀 Have I told you all lately that I love you ALL!?! You guys rock.

    Oh, and jaypo, Jay Fry is the other English major of which you speak, I believe.

  51. the blue rug is perhaps an extension of the blue couch of fabulousness.
    and i was an english major, poetry. jaypo, how’d you know??

  52. Too cute! This is now my desktop backgroud!

  53. Aubrey says:

    Actually, I was an Art major (for my sins): Painting/Sculpture/Graphic Arts.

    What was with all the still-lifes we had to paint? Couldn’t they have thrown in a sleeping puppy…just once?

  54. Laurie says:

    Aubrey, they could have at least let you do big-eyed kittens. On black velvet.

  55. Some of you have remarked upon the Power of the Blue Background (be it couch or otherwise). Dustbunny, Aubrey, Ariel, Meg… you have *no* idea.


  56. Aubrey says:

    OK Theo. You are officially goofy.

  57. bloboliciously cute!

  58. I think the blue rug is actually a fleece blanket.

  59. Oops, I just went to J. Michael’s site; perhaps it is carpeting….

  60. theo you are ba-a-a-a-d!
    love the solar flare!!

  61. Theo–hee hee! good slides!

    ariel–way back when we was just tiny posters runnin’ around not knowin anyting specially important, the english major showed up to make an introduction. That’s how! 😉

  62. “Actually, I was an Art major…”

    You too, eh? But everyone kept telling me I should have been an English major.

  63. jaypo, how do you keep track of that kind of thing?
    the search feature is useless to me, as i don’t understand it.
    sad, i was excited to go spy on my former self.

  64. Gillian says:

    What Muzzle is everyone talking about?! Do you have to have a degree in the humanities to see it? Cuz I’m a physics major, and I can’t see anything that even resembles a muzzle. His face is totally flat! He has no nose. He looks really depressed about it.

  65. Ariel — search feature, lessee — please pardon the TMI writing style —

    1) In the Rollyo search box, upper-right corner of this page, where it says “Select Search Engine…” you have to pull down the menu & choose “Cute Overload” even though it’s the only option.

    2) Type your screen name in the blank box.

    3) Click the Search button.

    4) The “searchroll” results screen will have SPONSORED LINKS (ads) mixed in with the Cute Overload results. However, they’re indented & separated out with bars.

    5) Um… I stopped at page 5 of the results (with no end in sight) from using “ariel” as the sole search term. You’ll probably want to narrow your criteria down a bit.

  66. Gillian, that *is* his muzzle.

  67. Back on the fabulous blueness thing – I think our bullblob should check out this pup:


  68. adorababy says:

    amazing slide show!! I wish I could save it as screen saver.

    I was a drum major. Now I’m a major pain.

  69. adorababy says:

    i figured out how to save the gif… yay!!!

  70. well, i guess i don’t really need to find it. (sigh)
    it was probably last WEEK.

  71. AuntieMame says:

    I was an English major. But that was 20 years ago…

    And cute pics, Theo, except the ones that make him look hippo-sized. And the solar flare one scares me. Seriously. 8^0

    You have fallen victim of my FRIDAY MENTALITY! Ho ho!!

  73. WickedWendy says:

    Muzzle Puff…..Too cute!

  74. And speaking of Muzzle Puff, am I missing it or has it not yet been codified into the C.O. Glossary? That was SUCH a great, not to mention meaningful, debate. 🙂

  75. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!! and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! gimme dat poopyay, hes so fluffy and cuuuute!

  76. Diane N says:

    Muzzlepuff reminds me of mazel tov. Maybe we could have an official secret code toast that would identify cuteologists at cocktail parties!

  77. [stomps on glass] MUZZLEPUFF!

  78. Aubrey says:

    Meg, are we now going to have to lift you onto a chair and carry you about?

  79. sharon says:

    My degree is in Japanese Studies. Those folks practically *invented* cute!

    I wuv this pic. Totemo kawaii…

  80. myumyu says:

    Oh. Mah. Lawrd.

  81. bellabell says:

    the cutest cuty ever hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unbelievably adorable

  82. oh my goodness I want that dog. Absolutely adorable.

  83. everybody get in a circle!
    hammeh bunila
    hammeh bunila
    hammeh bunila
    puppies kitteh

  84. Gillian says:

    looks kinda like a guinea pig! :-> so cute!