Step 1: Drink in this photo
Step 2: Reach hands towards computer screen
Step 3: Close eyes
Step 4: Move hand around in a snorgling motion
Step 5: "Feel" furry, soft skin folds.
Step 6: REPEAT!!!


The glorius, wrinkly Sophie was sent in by Wren G. 😉



  1. Sabella says:

    Extremely cute and cuddly lil thing! Must cuddle!

  2. amanda says:

    oh my god. i just want to bury my face in that dog.

  3. OMG the LEGS!!!
    scrunchy legs!

  4. Tony James says:

    Dog: “But mo-o-o-o-m, it doesn’t fit me!”
    Momdog: “Oh hush child, you’ll grow into it.”

  5. “Moooooom, why can’t i have some clothes that fit for once? Why do you always buy them too big???”

  6. She’s been snorgled too much, already! Look, she’s all scrunched up!

    “Poor babehhh!”

  7. Tony James, you stole my comment and got there first…great minds and all that!

  8. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    That doggie needs some iron in his diet LOL!:)

  9. Aubrey says:

    I never knew the Michelin Man had a pet!

  10. Jay Fry says:

    Serious cheek puffage!!

  11. TheLuna says:

    Not to mention the tail! The tail!

    [breaks computer screen trying to reach in and grab folds of fur]

  12. TheLuna says:

    AND the small ear-to-head ratio!

  13. Sophie is so fashionable! Ya know, leg warmers are “in” this year! (unfortunately, lol)

  14. I’m gonna snorgle her RIGHT NOW!
    (takes deep breath, reaches out, and…mmmmmerrrrmph!!!)

  15. Jay Fry says:

    Wrinkled pup: But… this IS my happy face!

  16. Hi all!

    I am new to this site and have died and gone to heaven.

    But can you help-I get the jist of “snorgle” but what is the exact definition?


  17. Courtney says:


    (sounds of frustration because I want to snorgle puppy but can’t!!!)

  18. twentythreecakes says:

    This is *exactly* what happens when you don’t pull the puppy out of the dryer right away and hang him up!!!

  19. hi erin,
    please note in sidebar, under “MORE MORE MORE!” there is a C.O. Glossary.
    I still can’t do the linky thing. Ask ffeeo.

  20. There’s not enough DOG in that dog suit!!

    And here’s the link (really, Ariel, it’s easy)…

  21. little miao says:

    So soft and fuzzy and pudgy. Her tail is amazingly cute!!

  22. heh… made a subtle update to that Glossary entry just now, even…

  23. Can you imagine a furry zerbert of that fuzzy baby?!…. Oh…. wanna zerbert and snorgle!!!!!

  24. waaaawww…it’s a pup with skin too big for it. cute.

  25. This is what happens when you leave your Great Dane in the dryer overnight…


  26. The sales lady said it’d prolly shrink in the dryer…. I have my dobuts.

  27. *schlubbalubbalubba*

  28. Puppppyyyyy *snorglefest*

  29. what a winkly puppeh!

    “Not to mention the tail! The tail!”

    The tail! The TAIL!

  30. Got some serious competition for the muzzlepuff award here, folks.

  31. *wubbing pup in snorgle scrobble*


  32. chelsea says:

    i can’t handle this. seriously. i might die. it has 9 wrinkles on its front leg alone. mmf!

  33. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    That doggie needs some iron in his diet LOL!:)

    Posted by: Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner

    or needs ironed!

  34. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    I never knew the Michelin Man had a pet!

    Posted by: Aubrey

    lololololoololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollololololol!!! *wipes tear, holds stomache*

  35. its the tail…its the tail…so cute and perky and unwrinkled compared to the fluffywuffy folds you just want to snoooooorgle…

  36. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    Erin, its when you moosh your face in to a cute animal and baby talk, this usually *will* get fur in the mouth but its worth it!

  37. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    pup: “WTF!?!?! I TOLD them that I needed to be hung out to dry after my bath, but did they listen to me? NOOOOOOO! Theyy just say “oh she’ll be fine, she doesn’t need hung out to dry” well look at me mommy! lookie at what you did to me! I USED to be a chuahua!

  38. Extra skin!


  39. Driver B says:

    I think this is the first time I actually said ‘Oh my gaaaawwwwwwwwdddd’ out loud at the screen. I can’t believe how adorable that wittle doggie is. I smush her!

  40. The Saggy Dog!

  41. simultaneous roommate *ooooooaaaaaawwwhhhh!!!*

  42. omg-how cute. i own 2 shar-pei dogs-as in, the type of dog showh, but, my apricot coloured one was never that cute when it was a puppy. awww!

  43. I love this pic!!!! It is soooo cute and wrinkily!!!!!! Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

  44. Aubrey says:

    Puppy has possibly hit a wrinkle in time, hence the confused – though CUTE – expression.

  45. maymee says:

    smooshy smooshy smooshy!!!

  46. So cute as pups … too bad most of them grow up to be pretty nasty dogs!

  47. What an adorable little wrinkle-pup!

  48. genevieve says:

    immense smooshy love for all things shar pei!! I don’t know what em is saying, I’ve never met a “nasty” one.

  49. BrierBunny says:

    Oh my that tail, I think I am going to die now!
    Not to mention the leg rolls!

  50. I love his little tail stickin’ straight up! What cuteness!!!

  51. Jessica et Sophie says:

    Hulo nous sommes des francaises et nous sommes tombé par hasard sur ton skyblog !! il est trop mimi, bonne continuation ! Ki$$

  52. I love Babel Fish’s translation of Jessica and Sophie’s comment:

    “Hulo we are Frenchwomen and we fell by chance on your skyblog!! it is too mimi, good continuation!”

    Now THAT sounds like *really* high praise, Meg…

  53. Bienvenue, Jessica et Sophie!

  54. The Guy Over There says:

    Awww, I used to live around a dry cleaners that had one of those guys for their mascot. And what a cute mascot he was!

  55. Diane N says:

    Not a dog person, but if I ever got one I think it’d be a sharpei because they look so–I dunno–laidback? Chillin’? Anything that wrinkly can’t be hyper, can it? Are they truly nasty?

  56. the perma-worried face!!

  57. OOOOOOOOOOO widdle fuzzy woozy poopy diddle *more incoherent, high-pitched squealing* I’ve never known a love like this before.

  58. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    “The Saggy Dog!”

    Posted by: E. Collison

    Tee Hee Hee! 🙂

    & to the posser who puts hearts with there name…Cool!( can’t recall your name within the comment box right now…)

  59. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    i just put the initials of what it is its “lufs da cute hamstows”
    [and “hamstows” was used by first( that i curently know of, Theo said im entiteled to it)] and why am i a posser? and thanx, its one of thos “alt” code things

  60. LDCH — I think “posser” was just a typo of “poster” actually. But you can be a posser if you like. I would ask, though, that you come up with a convincing definition for it.

  61. Heather says:

    We have a Shar Pei and it is the sweetest dog we have ever had!! There’s nothing nasty about him… He snuggles with our cat. And when someone knocks at the door he runs to the hall for protection. He’s not the least bit aggressive. When we took him to Pet Smart for his pictures with Santa, everyone fell in love with him and he was very sociable to people and other animals. We love him to death!!

  62. lmao look at its legs!!!

  63. Just Me says:

    Huh…those eyebrows almost appear to be separate beings…

  64. ♥'s G.D. & animals ☺ says:

    thnx theo, i guess?

  65. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Thank you Theo for explaining my oops typo for me before I realized I made that goof…And yes heart in name poster…A goof was all it is and ever will be. 🙂
    I really like those hearts in your name and was just trying to say so…Blasted typos! 🙂
    Thanks again Theo…High- 5 & hugs goin’ out to you for that!

  66. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    & before someone discovers my there vs their typo too…I so meant their in that context! LOL!
    Blasted typos X 2!
    BTW I wasn’t even going for POSER before if that’s what hearts in name was thinking…Didn’t even cross my mind…If I thought that I wouldn’t have called you cool…Think about it…:)
    Yeppers…posser,definatly typo city!

  67. ♥'s G.d & animals ☺ says:

    *ehem* ::pionts at posser typ-o:: ☺ its alt 3 to get the hearts and thinking.. about.. it.. mind… smoking… smell… bacon… lol j/k n.d.r.o!

  68. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Thanks for the Alt 3 tip…
    Can’t get it to work. I’ll
    just keep admiring your hearts !:)

  69. ♥'s G.D. & animals ☺ says:

    r u holding alt down while you hit the 3 button on the far right of your keyboard?

  70. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    it wouldbe awsome if u submited pics of dem bun buns to c.o. N.D.R.O. id love to see them!

  71. ♥♥♥ I DID IT!

  72. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  73. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Oh okay, now I get it!Thank you! Far right…
    & press release,press release…Thanks for sharing.
    To answer your? I don’t have any pet rabbits at this time…used to and will again though.

  74. jenni jooon says:

    OMG! Is there a name for that facial expression formed on my face and those semi-gurgling noises that immediately escape from me when I see something *this* freakin’ cute??!! It’s not part of the overall snorgling phenom, is it? Wow. Doh! There I go again.. “ahhh… so cutie!”

  75. NDRO — no prob. I didn’t think you were a poseur. Er, posser. (Posterior?)

  76. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    ooo it made The C O Glossary! : ) for the deinition record though…
    my posser typo was/ is indeed meant to say POSTER…& nuttin’ else.
    No guess work needed after explained as such 3 X’s now! 🙂 I won’t be splainin’ a 4th time…LOL!

  77. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Wow! Theo the info you find on the WWW is amazing!
    How you do dat? 🙂 LOL!

    I had no clue posser as a word existed…Who’d a thunk it?
    That guy, obviously…

  78. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Just noticed…definition was missing an f before…Sheesh…Blasted typos! LOL!

  79. Hannah Jane Back says:

    Is that physically possible for a puppy to be that CUTE?????

  80. kit kat says: