Allergy season

Is it just moi, or is it like, allergy season from hell? Even Sir HammyPants is sneezing obsessively. HAAAM-CHOO!


Big crossed-paws-props to Tammy R. who is doing a phtoo book on hamsters. Tammy, you MUST let us know when your book comes out—great photo!



  1. Kris, in New England says:

    SQUEEEEEEE. Prosh feet, tiny face – too too cute. This is a Rule of Cuteness all by itself.

  2. *Definitely* allergy season from hell – and I’m on the Other Coast!

  3. Laurie says:

    Any paw-over-the-nose pose is always cute, whether it’s a hamster sneeze, or a kitty snooze.

  4. That hammy is NOT sneezing. There is a full-on dalek behind her ex-ter-min-at-ing…. she’s taking cover!!! where’s dr who???

  5. OHhhhh my goodness! This has got to be the cutest picture of a hampster everrr!!! Sooo polite, covering his nose!! Squee!!!

  6. But soooooo cute. just like my old sweetie fatrascal…

  7. You know her paws are going about 50 miles a minute…

    (Theo? Anybody? Animation?)

  8. My personal take: he/she is meditating, lost in thought.

  9. so i usually have a thing against hamsters after a tragic hammy- crawled -his -way- up- my-sweater accident in high school that caused a very embarassing moment that my poor 14 year old self never forgot. 10 years later, this little dude just won me over;-) too cute:)

  10. Ahhh, I want to have a hamster again ! My lovely Zoe died last year after 3 beautiful years of our friendship together ! 😦

  11. Poor hammy has the snifles?


  12. Aubrey says:

    This is the tiniest Buddha I’ve ever seen.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    “Dear Lord, for the kibble we are about to receive, we thank you…”

  14. Laurie says:

    “…98, 99, 100. Ready or not, here I come!”

    (hammy hide’n’seek)

  15. persimmontree says:

    D’awwwwwwww! Whiskers pointing down!

  16. michelle says:

    omg – this web site has made me a hammie lover 4 ever!

  17. AuntieM — I was going to say, “Now I lay me down to sleep…”

  18. Poor little hammie, let me get you a Claratin.

  19. Isn’t sneezing animals an unwritten Rule of Cute?

  20. ka9q's wife says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep.
    a hunk of tofu in my cheek
    if i gulp before a wake
    i may have a tummy ache.

    If i knew how to link to another page in the text i would but i am lame so here is my inspiration other than Theo starting it.

  21. He’s giggling at the gratuitious ass jokes going on in the bear gun thread.

    >^_^< hehehehehe

  22. Aubrey says:

    “Isn’t sneezing animals an unwritten Rule of Cute?”

    Wouldn’t that be more painful than cute?

  23. Aw, Meg. 🙂 I’m wearing my Hamster t-shirt right now, pondering whether I’m cute enough to send a photo.

    For full-on hamster cute frenzy, check out Zippy’s full photo gallery:

  24. Aw, Meg. 🙂 I’m wearing my Hamster t-shirt right now, pondering whether I’m cute enough to send a photo.

    For full-on hamster cute frenzy, check out Zippy’s full photo gallery:

  25. Shannon L says:

    A new rule of cuteness! The Face-somehow-partially-obscured-by-paws-or-other-limbs rule!!!!

    I move that this become a new rule. Do I have a second?

  26. Aaaaaa….choooooo
    Absolutely 2 cute 4 wordz!!!!!!!!!11

  27. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Think She Is Saying Her Bed Time Prayers

  28. RavishingRoberta says:

    Wait A Minute; Maybe She Just Got Punnished And Doesn’t Wann Look At You…..At Any Rate; She Is Adorable

  29. Laughing at the ass jokes? I think not. 😛 more like hiding her little eyes in exasperation. 😉

    Me, I thought it was tres amusant.

  30. MazeMouse says:

    Downward whiskers, this hamsters seems to be washing but still a picture-perfect pose 😀

  31. identity-crisis says:

    it’s too cute. i need to kill it.

  32. Svenster says:

    Since his doctor told him that he probably had a fur allergy (fur is the medical/noncute term for jammies) Colin got rid of his dog. Much to his dissapointment the sneezings didn’t go away.

  33. (a la Yosemite Sam) Say your prayers, varmint!

  34. I guess you’d call that a “Paw-choo”?

  35. StormCat says:

    Anne: Paw-choo

    I love it!!! That’s what I’ll say my Kittes are doing now…You know, when they rub their paws over their noses after they sneeze? Paw-choo, love it!

  36. I swore I would never do a hammie. Those pocket pets are so darn fragile and high maintenance. But the hammies on the site are so darn cute, I may not be able to resist. I know my kids would be pleased as punch!

    Seems there are lots of different “kinds” of hammies. Which kind is recommended?

    P.S. Tammy, why are you wearing a glove in the photos where you’re holding Zippy? That kind of scares me.

  37. Diva112x says:

    It looks like he’s praying!

  38. I’m glad you liked the phrase. I know Meg called it the Ham-Choo, but calling it a Paw-Choo just amused me for some reason. (This is what I get for reading the Teddy Bear thread. Puns are like viruses, people.)

    My parent’s cat does this thing where she turns her head and presses her nose into one paw when she sneezes, as if she were afraid of getting germs on us. It’s so dainty & ladylike, I feel like offering her a tissue sometimes.

  39. Wendy,

    Shhhh… I hate to spoil the illusion of cute, but her name is Zippy, and she is a psychotic dwarf hamster who would try to rip off your finger whenever you would try to pick her up or feed her through the cage bars. She was absolutely adorable, though… just had a thing for finger food! LOL.

  40. Alexis says:

    Two comments:

    1) I used to have a guinea pig named Zippy (I was told he was a girl as a baby, but he very soon proved to be otherwise, so his name was changed from Rosalind).

    2) I just got my CO t-shirt today. Whoo-hoo! (Sorry for the complete lack of relevance to the picture – although there is a cute hammy involved…)

  41. Dear Lord, Please don’t let the cat move in next door. I promise to be good and stop putting my “poo” in with the chocolate sprinkles. I know it’s not nice of me, but I get such a giggle from it! Please? Please?

  42. Beauregard says:

    Oh man. I just… I’m too tired this morning. I can’t even react, this is so cute. Ahhhhh, hammies. By the way, I am all over the hammy photo book when it comes out.

  43. why didn’t i order a tshirt?
    when do yin yang kitties come out?

  44. Aelfwyn says:

    Ahh, the fluffiness! The little pawses! Shannon L, I’d second your motion for a new rule of cuteness (paws over the face).

  45. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    i want dat hammie too! gimme! i geev heem tissues to wipey hees schnoot!

  46. Aelfwyn says:

    Btw, did I mention the fluffiness?

  47. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    “moooooooom, i told you i could wash my own face!”

    “nonsense here *spits on kleenex*”

    “no mooooooom! aww gross! *wipes face*”

  48. The Guy Over There says:

    I am that hamster. I blame this on the trees. (#$&(* asthma-donating trees.

  49. need…that…book! Yes, please let us know when it comes out! Renee 🙂

  50. w00t — my World Peace Hammie Ts arrived this morning! The schmoop-lets will be surprised…

  51. WHAT a good daddy, Theo. Gosh, your kids must love you.

  52. mariser says:


    everyone’s got the WPH tee ‘cept me!

    goes outside to wait on the mailman.


  53. Just occurred to me that the schmooplets *read* the CO comments… wups…
    (so um hey, SURPRISE!)

  54. OMG!! That is the cutest thing ever!!! I want one. Several. i want to work on this website. *drools* its just soooo cute!

  55. “…and she is a psychotic dwarf hamster who would try to rip off your finger whenever you would try to pick her up or feed her through the cage bars.”

    Truly psychotic, Tammy? Fascinating! [giggles.]

  56. Gotta ask, only because these damn things ARE so cute, are they actually good pets? When they’re not psychotic, that is?

  57. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    mariser, you are not alone, i to don’t have a WPH tee, *goes out side to wait for mail man with mariser*

  58. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    alcarwen, why would you freak out about a hamster-in-sweater deal? i PURPOSELY et run in my shirt it tickles and makes me hapy!

  59. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    I feel like offering her a tissue sometimes.

    try it! who knows she might use it! theres a cat that eats with a fork, whynot a cat that usses tissues!

  60. Shannon L says:

    w00t. After that motion and second, It’s time for a vote then. *nodnodsnicker*

    I ‘officially’ vote for the “Face-somehow-partially-obscured-by-paws-or-other-limbs-is-cute” rule of cuteness!!

  61. Erica E. says:

    Haaam Choo? LOL! That’s hilarious!

    And the pic….

    Eeeeeeee! *faints*

  62. He remind me of Yoda in that pose.

  63. mariser says:

    I got my WPH tee!!


    taking it tonight. we are going to hammie up this town!!

  64. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    ammy it up girl whoo! lol [ D

  65. mariser says:


    will do, will do.

  66. “I ‘officially’ vote for the “Face-somehow-partially-obscured-by-paws-or-other-limbs-is-cute” rule of cuteness!!”

    Got my vote. That hammy is just so gosh darn adorable. I wanna squeeze it.

  67. ♥'s G.D. & animals ☺ says:

    sorry i meant hammy but what i typed could be british for hammy i guess 🙂

  68. This should be “let us pray”