[Three?] pups in a cradle

These first two pups are so cute, you barely notice the third one! Love the sunbeam on Pup numero uno. Such cute button (HEY, that’s a REAL BUTTON!) noses…


Awesome job, Flickr streamer Candlemomo!



  1. anmlvr21 says:

    woohoo! First post..adorable

  2. They look so alike. Heehee! Second??

  3. Remember: First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the polka dot dress!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! I wish they had a black patch over their eyes though! Cuties!

  5. So sweet, so innocent, so helpless…so snorgleable. Is that how you spell snorgle-able?

  6. The really funny part is: The one in the middle is the alpha male.

  7. aww, it’s the RCA pup

  8. Courtney says:

    Looks like that sockpuppet from Pets.com has found a new home. 🙂

  9. The one on the right looks like snoopy…

  10. Aww, little winky eyes. What a perfect sunbeam. I want to curl up in that one and go to sleep with them!

  11. I know this is kinda off topic but i was hoping to pick the group brain a bit. My boyfriend and i are interested in getting a cat but we are both allergic. Does anyone know of breeds that are more hypoallergenic or treatments available? Thanks! (my email is available by clicking my name)

  12. Jennifer says:

    Awwww, they are so cute! and I love how the teddy bear fit in.

  13. i like how pup #2 looks relaxed – pups #1 and 3 must’ve reassured him that he’s a friend, not a chew toy!

  14. Stef… I read an news article a while back about scientists genetically engineering hypoallergenic cats.

    Here’s the link:

    Hey, they’re only $3,500!

    P.S. luf the floofy puppies!!!

  15. Puppies!

  16. Aubrey says:

    Wait – is that a teeny tail on pup #1? There ought to be a law.

  17. Charity says:

    awwwwwwwww!! adoreable!

  18. maymee says:

    Stef, try a Devon Rex. They are semi-hairless (but with just enough hair to still be cuddly…they feel very soft and suede-like). My sister has two and they are SO much fun. 🙂

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Aww, little baby Jacks! And yes, that is a teeny tail!

  20. Amazingly cute!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    By the bye, is the caption a takeoff on the book “Three Men in a Boat”? (One of the darn funniest books ever written!)

    Or is it more “rub a dub dub” inspired?

  22. pheral says:

    oh will you just look at that adorkable expression!! i can just see him keeling over all wobbly-like two seconds after the photo. Delicious.

  23. Ohh, the puplings!

  24. Jan Spencer says:


  25. Ooooh, someone beat me to my Wishbone comment. But still! It’s TOTALLY Wishbone!!

  26. I love how all three of them look so much alike! I bet if the stitching of the stuffed animal weren’t as obvious it’d look like an actual puppy.

  27. Aww, so cute! ^.^

  28. Hehe! It’s the Petsmart sock puppet!

  29. Ruthster says:

    they are so snoochable!!!! That button nose on the toy looks more like a beer cap to me!!!

  30. Looks to me like the stuffed pup was made from work gloves – ready-made legs and ears and (probably) a tail, too.

  31. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    looks like the 1-800barnone
    dog has a new job now ^_^

  32. Stef, dunno if you’re still checking this thread, but:

    My friend has cat allergies. When she was looking for a cat, she snorgled all the different breeds to test which was most hypoallergenic. The Maine Coons set off her allergies the least, hence became her choice.

    Dunno if that’s helpful.

  33. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    looks like the 1-800barnone
    dog has a new job now ^_^

  34. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    i wonder if it pays well to pose with cuties for pictures that get submitted nline