This just in, CuteOverload makes top 25 Most Popular Technorati Blogs!


Holy crapulence!!! w00t!!! Check it!



  1. Congrats Meg!!! Way to go CO!!!

  2. Yea…. first cuteness takes over the internet…. next the world! Mwaahaaahaa!!!

  3. maymee says:

    CO rules!!!

  4. Lynne and Nellie says:

    Fuzzy rocks! Congratulations Meg!

  5. Holy shlamoly, we recognize greatness when we blog it. And bow to Meg’s finely honed wit and wisdom on pleasing her adoring kingdom.

    w00t w00t indeedy..!

  6. Only number 25?! Come on, guys, start linkin’! ;o)

  7. w00t!!! w00t!!! w00t!!! w00t!!!

    Yay, Meg!

  8. Bravo, Meg! It couldn’t happen to a better website!

  9. I second that yay for Meg and CO!!!

  10. adorababy says:

    go Meg!!

  11. Dustbunny says:

    That’s really cool…but why does it say that CO hasn’t been updated in over 30 days?? That can’t be right…

  12. This rocks. We be TECHNORATI now.
    (…eh wot?? Rodents with iPods??)


  13. And Dustbunny — you’re glaringly, blatantly right. I think somebody’s counter is mis-calibrated.

  14. mariser says:

    take that, /. !!

    CO is hightech hardcore, yo.

    kittens with iPods rule!

    signed, a COAster
    (Cute Overload Addict)

  15. AuntieMame says:

    This must be what wee horsie down below is w00ting about!

    Congrats, Meg and CO!!!

  16. Aubrey says:

    Holy Crapulence Excellence Magnificence!

  17. Michelle says:

    Excellent! ‘grats, Meg!

  18. congratulations!! you deserved it!

  19. Bravo!

    Got my World Peace t-shirt today! Thanks Meg 🙂

  20. meg, you do important work. it’s time you were reckanized

  21. Wow, congrats! Behold the power of cuteness!
    Not only did CO make it, so did Biobg Boing and…woot!

  22. Theo- You mean rodents with cephalopods! *buys hammy an octopus*

    Meg- Congrats!!!CO Rock on!!!!!!!!

  23. Hammy — it’s the “squidgrid” thing, isn’t it.

  24. Woods walker says:

    Good going Meg. It is fun being part of something that is so much fun. I hope the whole CO crew can help improve that next year.-Woods Walker

  25. Congrats on the ranking! I don’t think people can truly appreciate how difficult of a feat that is!

  26. Aubrey says:

    Hey – I just visited swell site! Loved the video on surrogate mommie otters!

    It’s been a few hours so I’ll say it again: Congratulations Meg!!!

  27. pheral says:

    Congratumalations! Remember me when you’re bathing in caviar. Actually, that would be a weird time to remember me, remember me when you’re doing something else.

  28. conschmadulations

  29. Chak Olate says:

    Now that’s cold – Technorati lists you and you can’t even give them a *link* back? Just a URL? Fer shame, fer shame. 😉

    By the way, how do you suppose Gizmodo made the list twice, at 13 and 39? 39th was three times as good as 13?

  30. Piggalette says:

    WTG! I tell all my friends about CO. 🙂