This is the most nerve-wracking pic evarr! Shelby the Rottweiler is about to ‘one-bite’ Magick the prosh kitten. I can only hope this is a case of simple snorgling! [I was only snorgling, your Honor/Officer]


Aieeee! Please assuage our fears, Connie H.!



  1. It’s love. Pure & simple.

  2. Aubrey says:

    Tiny black ball of fuzzy wonderment has willed Shelby to approach.

  3. oh my gosh. they’re doing the nose touch.

    I love the nose touch.

  4. AuntieMame says:

    Naw, Shelby’s checking in for orders from his Kitten Master.

    And Magick is just poofed out so he looks more imposing and scary.


  5. I just noticed the title of the pic is “Mint.” Nicely ambiguous… is Mint the kitten’s name, since cats like it almost as much as ‘nip? Is it what the kitten’s saying to the Rottie, as in, “Dude, one word for you…”? Or is it simply what this pic is worth?

  6. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    … and by the time the Animal Rescue workers had finished separating them, Biff and Mr. Whiskers had learned an important lesson: SuperGlue is not a toy.

  7. Shelby is about to …

    … baroo?!

  8. that’s kitty dim-sum if i’ve ever seen it!

  9. “Superglue is not a…” PHBBHTTTT!!!! [chortling]

  10. Kitten puff!

  11. Tony James says:

    “Dude, I can’t believe you’re sleeping on the master’s bed! When I do that, they yell at me and spank me with a newspaper.”

    “Well, slobber-chops, that’s because I’m an adorable little foof-ball and all I have to do is this cute little kitten look and I get away with anything. Get used to the fact that I PWN you now. I can smack you around, climb on you, do whatever, and if you try to retaliate I’ll run to mommy and she’ll kick your heinie. You are my biatch!”

  12. NOOOO!! That is SO not a chomp face on Shelby!

    That’s totally a “omg, i’m totally in love, you bought it for me din’t you mom so I can keep it can’t I mom cos it’s like the best present ever and omg I’m so glad I don’t have a tail right now cause as hard as my stubby butt is wagging I’d like totally fall on my ass with pleasure”

    It’s all in the whites of the eyes.

  13. angela says:

    With the customers I’ve had today…I’ve been a rotty myself most of the day! This picture is the perfect smile maker for me on this too hectic of a Monday! Too CUTE!

  14. magick must be mine!
    1. looks like jack
    2. matches my email & personal belief.

  15. ahhh!!! i thought thay kitten was a fluff ball then!

  16. “NOOOO!! That is SO not a chomp face on Shelby!”

    Absolutely. Shelby is being a tender-hearted hunkymunk.

  17. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    One of these animals just sneezed up the other. My money’s on the kitten, but regardless, I think a trip to the veterinarian is in order.

  18. Rottweilers can be really sweet dogs–they aren’t all vicious.

  19. Hehe, Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of Snorgle.”

  20. Joanna says:

    Looks like Shelby thinks kitty is a new puppy to take care of, it’s a kiss of welcome and love!!!

  21. eep! this prompts my first comment!


  22. Jehanne says:

    Magik: “It’s a nose!” *lick*

  23. A Fine Morsel says:

    I think it’s close-up sniffing of luscious cat scent rather than a desire to chomp…

  24. Erin — when the Cute Revolution comes, the Louvre shall be yours. And the Vatican.

    And I’m calling dibs on Millenium Park… y’know, just in case… somebody *might’ve* wanted it…

  25. anmlvr21 says:

    Absolutely adorable!!!! One comment: A dog shows submissive behavior by laying it’s ears back, a cat shows aggressive behavior by laying it’s ears back. That is one of the reasons cats and dogs don’t get along (most of the time, obviously not so in this pic), because they speak different languages (bodily). When a dog sees a cat lay it’s ears back the dog thinks that the cat is being submissive when it actually is being aggressive. That is when the dog will approach the cat, and that is where the trouble begins. hehehe!

  26. Egads, thats a kitten?! I thought it was a bunny…. holy poofiness Batman!!! Now I see why pups there wants to snorgle to kitten, he has been taken over by the dark side of cuteness!!!! Look away… look away … too late…

  27. I think that fuzzbot kitten is actually licking Shelby’s nose, and Shelby is all WTF? because of the scratchiness of the tongue.

  28. A rottie AND a fuzzy black kitten…oh my god, Meg are you deliberately trying to kill me with a cute overdose? That pic is just sooo pweshus and cuuty-wooty…*melts into a pile of marshmallow*

  29. Ponygirl says:

    I think you’re right Laurie. I think that kitten is giving kitten tongue kisses.

  30. Eyelock.
    *Excessive* snorgling.


  31. Oh, what a tiny little ball of black fuzzy.

    *Out of the way, dog! MY snorgle-kitty!*

  32. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    it looks like they were up all night “making snoggle” [and yes i MEANT to leave out the “r”] cuz the rotties eyes are red

  33. Down doggie, down…
    I said down!!!!!
    Damn, honey, wheres vets number? We have another catppitizer “accident”.

  34. That cat is licking some snot……. My rotty mix will usually put up with a forehead lick, but not the nose. That would make her start nibbling paws, then the whole thing degenerates from there.

    Another note on the aggressive/submissive behavior of cats and dogs. Dogs wag when happy, cats swish when ready to attack….. no wonder dogs seem so threatening, even when curious.

  35. OMG, what a cute fuzzy kitten!

  36. OK, I think this is my first comment here too. That is WAY too cute!
    Ariel, you can have Magick (I already have kitties), but I want Shelby!

  37. Beth- Welcome to cute overload were as Meg (our Fearlass leader says…

    At Cute Overload™, we scour the Web for only the finest in Cute Imagery. Imagery that is Worth Your Internet Browsing Time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance. Drink it in!

  38. Elizabeth says:

    My puppy gets that face. It’s the “ooh? Can I sniff it. It’s got good sniffing. Sniff sniff sniff GOOD! sniff!” face

  39. I like how you guys are calling them “rotties” tee hee
    seriously this picture is so cute i could puke

  40. awww! I’m not frightened for kitty, though – I’m sure she can fend for herself if there is a need. Certainly more agile than the rottie. But they look waaay too cute to fight 🙂

  41. I sniff you,
    You sniff me.
    We’re as cute as cute can be,
    With knick-knack waggie wag,
    Given the dog a kitten,
    This sweet Rot is totally smitten.

  42. I sniff you,
    You sniff me.
    We’re as cute as cute can be,
    With knick-knack waggie wag,
    Give the dog a kitten,
    This sweet Rot is totally smitten.

  43. Evil spirit put the “n” on “Give” – didn’t scan properly.

  44. We’re worried about the kitten here?

    I’d be much more worried about what that kitten is going to do to the dog. As mentioned before, she PWNs him.

    Kitten has tiny needle claws and can hide in tinier places than that dog. If he keeps up that submissive attitude towards her, she might not shred his big wet nose.

    Hehe. You go girl.

  45. Mook- Brilliant!!! But reminds me of an anti Barney chant… I smell somethin’ fishy.

  46. Aubrey says:

    Perhaps the kitty does too – has Shelby been at the tuna again?

    Sorry Charlie!

  47. HonorH says:

    Big, tough dog. Wee li’l fluffball of a kitten. Cue knees to go all wibbly. Isn’t this another Rule of Cuteness?

  48. Teughcats says:

    Need love & cuteness to offset that my beloved Red Wings have just, in my ex-husband’s words, “screwed the pooch” and lost in the 1st round AGAIN.
    So the rottie better not be using the fuzzball as an appetizer!
    And Theo, can you add PWN to the glossary? My poor sad brain can’t decipher it.

  49. PWN is gamer-speak again. It comes from typing too fast and hitting the P instead of the O. If you’ve been PWNED like the n00b you are, then you need to practice your sub-1337 Counter-Strike sniping skillz until you can bring the PWNAGE yourself, and take your former tormentors to school (er… SK00L). Or, you might do something productive.

  50. Aw! What a cute little fluffball!

  51. Piggalette says:

    Shelby is so going to chomp the kitteh but in a playful manner. My pup makes the same face with the head cock and stare when about to lay the chomp down on her brother and sister. Very cute indeed.

  52. I have a Rottie, too. Miss Shelby is investi-mi-gating and means no harm. Ears back means she’s concentrating and is submissive. At the moment. 🙂 And it’s toooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!

  53. I’ll bet anything that Magick will end up ruling that household!

  54. The Rotti looks a little scared, while the kitty is just minding his own buisness.

  55. When I was a kid, my cat had kittens. My mom’s Great Dane was enamored of these teeeny tiney fuzzballs. To the point that when they were old enough, they used to use the Great Dane as their kitty taxi…she would scoop one up in her big mouth and take the kitten where it needed to go…never swallowed one either.

    Of course, this is the same dog who would just grit her teeth when the kitties started climbing up her legs at two or three weeks….she really loved them….

  56. Svenster says:

    [Leonard the memento-dog thinking]
    ‘Hmm, I can’t remember having a hairball… Hang on, thats no hairball!’

  57. Wisefool says:

    “My darling, you are so beautiful….so charming…so delicious…er, um…forget that last one.”

  58. Lyds, what a sweet story. Animals have so much to teach us about tolerance.

  59. Dog: “A puppy? Oh, I can’t tell … but MUST lactate! Hormones telling me to nurture little critter!”

    Cat: “I’m the baby! Gotta love me!”

  60. Our Dalmation, Sassy, was a self-appointed nanny to all our kittens. Between mama cat & nanny dog, the kittens were the cleanest beings in our home. When the kittens were old enough to allow out on our porch, Sassy would stand watch; if one ever screwed up its courage & dared to venture off the porch, nanny would pick the naughty furball up in her mouth & plunk it back on to the safe confines of the porch. The determined dog-wet balls of fur would shake themselves off, after 20 minutes or so, work up their courage & start the venture all over again. Eventually, Sassy decided they were safe enough or she tired of those “ungrateful” little dust bunnies & allowed them to go on their off-porch mini-adventures.

    Ironically, Sassy wouldn’t let our kitties within sight when she had puppies.


  62. Tony James says:

    “Shelby had difficulty recognizing her puppy after it had gone through the tumble-dryer on the ‘fluff’ cycle.”

  63. Dannee says:

    Aaaaaaaaaww! Fluffball + big dog + my dog’s name = -melt-

    Isn’t Shelby just the cutest name for a dog? 😛

  64. loveycat says:

    i dreamt about tiny black fluffy kittens last night, and i am fully prepared to blame this site.

  65. Theo, re: Millenium Park – Sorry dude, the Bean is mine (now that it’s FINALLY finished).

  66. Are we talking about the same thing? What’s this “Bean” of which you speak? I’m talking about the budgetary fiasco in Chicago that Frank Gehry lovingly sculpted from a tin can and an M-80.

  67. Oh yes we are. The Bean is the bean-shaped silver sculpture in Millenium Park, although the official name of it is the Cloud Gate.

    My office is on Michigan Ave. 🙂

  68. Whoa. I’d not seen… the Bean.

    Honestly, I’ve only ever seen the place while it was under construction. But good grief! Just *THINK* of the cyber-espresso!!

  69. Dude! That bean thing reminds me of the space ship in Flight of the Navigator. Giggle.

    Our neighbor had Great Danes and our cat had brand new kittens once. I went out to find blind wobbly fuzzball in the middle of the yard, momma cat nowhere in site, and gimongo dogs circling curiously. Was about to break up the party just in case when kitty lifted tiny wobbly head and let out an indignant tiny hiss. Great Danes went scampering away in terror. Fabulous!

  70. Marria says:

    To me, it kind of looks like that Rottster is thinking, ‘Oh. My. Gawd. Did that kitten just lick my nose???’


    *So* funny, ElfOwl.

    When I was a kid, I had a young cat who was always chased by the dogs. One day, my brother and I sat him down and gave him a mock-serious lecture about how to chase dogs. The funny thing was, just as we finished, a giant dog raced into the yard and up to the cat. The cat chased him right out of the yard. We totally cracked up, figuring he’d gotten our point. So funny…

  72. Svenster: YES! Memento rules! “Ok, so what am I doin? Oh I’m licking this kitten. Nope, he’s licking me.”
    Erin: *squeals* Yes! Totally Michaelangelo!
    and totally inter-species bonding. I loves it.

  73. When Bonnie the german shepherd was 10 months old (and about 65 pounds) I took her to the vet for routine shots. There was a teeny kitten standing in the doorway (it was small enough to fit in one hand). Bonnie refused to enter the office until the kitten had been removed. She was absolutely terrified of a teacup-sized kitten.

  74. Thinker — it’s true. Kitties have massive inner wellsprings of hidden power that they can tap into when necessary.

    (not mine… again)

  75. LOL. Great pic, Theo.

  76. Sooo cute.
    Any chance we can get a dogs and cats catagory? I’m a cat person and my man is a dog person, but I’ll bet I can get him to look at cute kitty pics if there be dogs!

  77. so f*ing cute!

  78. Oh, I think someone’s gonna get bit, and the result will be 98lbs of yelpin’ rottie runnin’ ta mommie, ’cause the big mean kitty dropped some black cattitude on his azz!

  79. Ha, I love that you can see the white of the Rottie’s eyes! Gives her a wild look. But oh, SO SWEET! Nose touches are the BEST!

  80. someone says:

    theo, do you live on a computer screen? you seem to spend your life on this site.

  81. moptoptopmouse says:

    Dog sez:” E-eessskimo kiss? ” smiling kitten continuing to Eskimo kiss dog nose..

  82. That’s not a “Chomp!” face, it’s a “He’s got me!” face.

  83. My dogs look identical to Shelby when they approach my kitties. They know that if I see any ornery action like paws or teeth, they’re toast, so they look all submissive while secretly trying to intimidate kitty with their big snouts. It never works, kitty is smarter than that.

  84. cowshark says:

    In my experience of cat/dog relationships, it’s almost always the dog who’s the b*tch. Um, no pun intended;-) Seriously, if they were in jail, the dog would so be the prag.

  85. Megan V says:

    SQUEE!!! I thought I was gonna keel over when I saw this pic. I’m glad I didn’t though ‘cuz now I can look at it again! YAY!

  86. KiraKira says:

    OMG, that is MY CAT. I LOVE THAT KITTY. MINE. Look, Fu, it’s you as a kitten! (I swear, that is EXCACTLY what she looked like!) but our dog and she never got along so well, due to the puppy’s obsession with eating her tail. obviously, this did not work out so well. My cousin still calls my darling PrettyFu “Kung-Fu Kitty”.