Can I get a w00t w00t?

w00t! [sproing, sproing] w00t!

This is so redonk, I hadta post. He’s hopping around like Pepe le Peu in love. I know this little dude doesn’t havehis hooves up*, but perhaps he could be an honorary member of the ‘YAY!’ pic?!


*He does have his tail up tho!

Thanks for the great submission, Manon!



  1. What you don’t see here, is me, bucked off, in orbit.

  2. Stezton says:


  3. Awesome vertical, little dude!

  4. What tail?! OH, THAT tail!! Toute sweet!

  5. Tony James says:

    The very tall invisible horse-rustler picked Dobbin up and ran off with him. People, if we all work together we can stop this happening to other innocent horsies. Please give generously.

  6. yaaaaaaaaay!

  7. Awww, what a sweet little baby.

    Foals are good at verticals and jet-thruster take-offs. Bouncy babies.

  8. Sweet…. you know your good when you don’t even have to touch the ground!…Looks like he is just floating there… very cool!

  9. Diane N says:

    Spring has sprung and Horsie is high on life!

  10. Hi friends, Goldie Wilson III for Wilson HoverHorse(tm) Conversion Systems. You know, when my Grandpa was Mayor of Hill Valley, he had to worry about traffic problems. But now, you don’t have to worry about traffic! I’ll hover-convert your old horse into into a HoverHorse(tm) for only $39,999.99!

  11. btw that is one beautiful baby. I’d be buying if I was in the horsie market…

  12. A hippity hoppity happity wee lil’ horse! So very sproingy!

    What a perfect Monday post.

  13. chunkstyle says:

    Just a fantastic shot! Spring indeed lil’ feller, spring indeed. I wonder if he just heard that he gets to be a stud when he grows up…

  14. Aubrey says:

    His legs are acting like little jets. He reminds me of Astro Boy!

  15. blast off with a loud

    (you can see it from the nose 😉

  16. Four-beat gait: pace
    Three-beat gait: canter
    Two-beat gait: trot or gallop, depending which hooves hit the ground together

    One-beat gait: pronk!

    (I didn’t know horses could pronk, though! It’s usually, like, gazelles, and the occasional spastic kitten.)

  17. *boing boing*

  18. You bunneh luvrs–can this possibly be proof of cross-species binkies?

  19. Beauregard says:

    Oh my cutes!!! Look at his little hooves, pointed like ballerina toes. Smooch! Now I want a pony.

  20. lol VacKo “and the occasional spastic kitten”

    Maybe someone came up behind him and said “BOO!”

  21. “You bunneh luvrs–can this possibly be proof of cross-species binkies?”

    Well, I love horses, too… And the foals sure know how to take off, as has been said above.

    Grrreat capture!

  22. Yay! I’m up! Again!

  23. Awww, what a happy, bouncy little baby. Clearly he’s lovin’ life!

  24. Hey Other Mike (er, “Goldie Wilson v3.0”): take a check?

  25. Bouncy bouncy!!
    He has springs in his hooves – COOL!

  26. AuntieMame says:

    He must be part tigger.

    Their tops are made out of rubber;
    Their bottoms are made out of springs!
    They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy,
    Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

  27. Just another day at Nike’s new “Air Horsie” rubber horseshoe testing pasture…

  28. Nah, foals are just *very* prone to sproinginess. 😉

  29. bonaircat says:

    too cute! – neeeheeeheeeheee!!

  30. sweet jane says:

    Although I am certainly not as cute as Redonkahorsie here, this is exactly how I feel today after I have finished all my exams!

  31. Aubrey says:

    MissV, don’t forget their competing product – Reebuck.

  32. *** Updated the Yay Pic ***

  33. Can someone explain to me how a horse can float!!!!!!!!!

  34. One bottle of root beer, one scoop of ice cream, one horse.

  35. *lmao* Theo… you march to your own beat don’t ya babe?!

  36. petgirl says:

    i vote that pronk should be added to cuteoverload terms. pronk. too cute!

  37. Petgirl — the word “pronk” definitely pre-dates CuteOverload…

  38. Anonymous Coward says:

    Is this a NIN video?

  39. Pronkin HORSEH!

  40. What cant be seen is that this little filly is being abducted by aliens. FOOOOOM!

  41. Woods walker says:

    I once saw a dog go straight up without bending it’s legs. Did this guy do the same thing?-Woods Walker

  42. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I’m really surprised that nobody’s posted this yet, so:


  43. So freaky and entirely weird. red lollies any one. Cuz he looks totally hypo

  44. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    shweeeeet Shpweeeeeng time!

  45. pheral says:

    andthemostwonderfulthingabouttiggersiiiiiiiiis I’M THE ONLY ONE! WHEEEE!

    Ahem. Lovely floaty horsey. makes me think of Back To The Future. God knows why.

  46. Michelle says:
  47. aaaaHAHAHAHA! that’s utterly fantastic. it’s exactly what i was visualising.

  48. haaaaaaa! love the animation & how the shadow floats along below. sweet!

  49. LMAO! (stop, stop, I’m at “work”! I can’t be snorting out loud!)

  50. Michelle, you di-int! LMAO

  51. Theo, nice addition to the YAY! pic!!! LOL.

  52. Aelfwyn says:

    Michelle, that’s brilliant! Before I saw that I was imagining him floating upwards – the world’s first levitating foal. Just peacefully floating off into nirvana…ommm…

  53. Michelle!!!

  54. omg laughing at my desk. the floaty foal animation & glowing horsie combined w/insane “yay” people &clapping bunny is OVERLOAD!!

  55. and the backflipping cats! omg i’m giddy!

  56. Whoa. OK, somewhat off-topic here, but I had to share this. Michelle is not just WOO YAY ACES with the occasional photo-chop, she be arTISTE. As in, professional.
    This is her dog. Which *she* painted.

  57. I just had to give this little guy a “w00t!”.

  58. Michelle – fantastic floaty foal! (Nice paintings, too..)

  59. Wow. Serious props to Michelle. *Nice* work, girl.

  60. Mikeyfur says:

    It’s a Colt Float!!

  61. Also, related, on Michelle’s site check out “Dwarven Hunting Pony.” For all us horsey lovers (and non), this one is *veddy* nice.

  62. BarnDirt says:
  63. Thanks for the dish, BarnDirt. I was wondering what breed she was. Daddy’s pretty good-looking himself:

  64. Hey, that’s MY baby horse 🙂 How did she get on here??

  65. I *love* the title of the fourth jpg BarnDirt posted – “smushphotographer.” (Great shot, BTW.)

    Very handsome foal – ditto for her dam and sire.

  66. Damn, that is gorgeous. Just bouncing around in the lush rolling meadows, like a cartoon lamb. There’s usually something sinister behind cute pictures like this, such as electric shock, or rear-end gas, but in this case, just try and ignore what might be tickling the foal in such a manner and try to enjoy the pic. <3

  67. aww dt is just da sweetist lil fing!!!!

  68. Somebody has to show them how to lighten up!!!