Theo, asleep on the job

…That’s if Theo ever ever DID sleep. Theo, I think you should win some kind of ‘SuperFan’ Moderator-at-Large, Glossary Enhancer award. Now, if I could only think of the right type of kitten to send you as thanks…


This snooze-a-rama courtesy of "Boxer" the cat and sender-inner Jeremy who wrote up his check list before sending in: "Crossed front paws with one curled over, check…Big smile on his face, check. Strange twisted sleeping position, check."


Hanging out in warm laundry

Amazing. Warm laundry looks purdy nice from here… Since we know from previous postings that all  Chihuahuas (er, French bulldogs) need partners, I think someone should climb in there with him…



Thanks to snuggly Steve A…

The hills are alive, with the sound of YIPPING

Oh, someone did NOT submit this to the CuteTracker. No WAY. This is not happening. Cutest little bounder ever. Boing! Boing Boing! Check out the Fluffitude scale—he’s off the charts.


Thanks, CuteTracker!

‘Double’ Snorgle CAUGHT ON FILM

Jorden C. proudly reports: "I went in for my dog-walking shift and saw these little dandelions in the nursery!" Soon after, the enormous, tightly-gripped double-snorgle was caught on film.


I love the "Whatevs!" look on the kitten’s faces while their ESSENCE IS ABSORBED!

We’ve all been there…

…You mean, had a boarded up fireplace?

No—I mean, we’ve all been kids at one point, and been on the living room carpet face to face with our family pet in a serious case of brinksmanship. Who’s gonna budge first?


Well, my cat pounced on me. What about you, Emily A.?

Silly questions with Lambie Junior



[For the millionth time] "Yes, son?"


"How are people gonna get to sleep if we’re just laying around like this?"


This post sponsored by Ambien, brought to you by sheep counters Kora M. and Bob W.

Is Memorial Day weekend over already?

[Hesitant sniffing]




K. Akagami, I BOW in your direction. AGAIN.

Must chihuahuas always be in pairs?

Is it just me, or do Chihuahuas travel in pairs? Check these little Dewds out, and
these guys and
these guys and even
these guys! oh, and don’t forget


Courtesy of Sharlene K.

“Buns” wishes you a good Memorial Day

Here’s to a good Memorial Day, People. If he could, "Buns" the adopted bunny, would salute with his tiny paws.


Thank you,

We’re farked!

FarkWeirdThe cat box pic made the bigtime over at…Why _do_ cats love boxes? What’s the deal with that? [Seinfeld voice] Merci, Drew Curtis, Merci. We’re big fans over here.

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