Your fortune says: You will meet Daisy the Daschund

Confucious says: You will soon befriend a delightful lil’ pup named Daisy the Daschund (OK, it’s not a giant fortune cookie, but a blankie, you’re right)


🙂 to Samantha F.!



  1. RavishingRoberta says:

    Puppy Tongue

  2. RavishingRoberta says:


  3. Lacrossedragon says:

    Awww… It’s a puppy ^_^

  4. Awwwww…dachsunds rock! I have one from Germany and one that’s a mix with chihuahua. Love’em! They’re kisses are gauranteed to perk up any dismal moment.

  5. Well, then. I need a baker’s dosen in an environmentally friendly cloth bag, please.

  6. Although I hardly met psycho cats, as far as poodles and daschunds are concerned, my luck has not been good. Never met a happy fellow of either breed.

    Although this one looks very different!

  7. Woods walker says:

    Cute puppy. I wonder if she knows she has duel citizenship. Look up daschund in the encyclopdia to find out what I am saying.-Woods Walker

  8. is it a boy or a girl

  9. i love it.

  10. Please, everyone, just STOP with the “WOOHOO I’M FIRST” baloney. It’s really, really tedious. It completely spoils the cuteness of the post for me & puts me off any sort of positive note for my own writings.

    If you love me, you’ll cut it out.

  11. lovely

  12. very very cutie 🙂

    want to see more!

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  13. awwww…long-haired dachshunds are so great – i have 2 and they are the best dogs – very mellow temperments, very very sweet & smart, not at all high-strung…..YAY for dachsies!!

  14. Gotta side with Theo on the “first post” silliness…

  15. i must have missed something, or have (yet another) area of ignorance, but what does it matter if someone posts “first”. can anyone explain?

  16. wittle pink tongue… floofiness…. squeeee!!!!!!

  17. People posting ‘first’ is like getting a sliver of something sharp under your nail, you work at it and you work at it and you can’t get it free, and it just sits there under your nail looking really smug and self-important.

    ps: Thanks Theo, i’ve never been glossarised before. How dodgy did that sound? You glossarised me, and man, it was *gooood*. ::leers, winks and shoots you with fingers:: ptchow.

  18. Deirdre (I’ve always liked that name) et al. —

    It doesn’t matter to me at all if you (or anyone else) gets to add the first comment under a new post. Good for you (or anyone else). What ticks me off is YELLING AND MAKING A BIG HOO-HAH about it. What’s even worse, for me, is when folks only make a comment at all BECAUSE they think they’ve got a chance at being the *first* (OMGOMGOMGZ!!!).

    Don’t be one of the millions of internet-era Talk-Much-Say-Nothing drones. Say something when you’ve *got* something to say. If you can do that AND be first, then gold stars well earned.

    That’s my soapbox. Carry on.

  19. (PS — sometimes this even applies to folks whose comments are normally good, witty contributions. Don’t fall into the whole “LOOKIT ME I’M FIRST” trap. You’re better than that.)

  20. PPS — I think Pheral and Hashi must be related, intervening oceans nonwithstanding. (How’s *that* for dodgy?)

  21. sweet jane says:

    [stepping up on own soapboax]

    “Awwwww” is definitely much more substantive than “first post first post!”

    Bullies irritate me more than drones–at least drones can be ignored (by most people).

    And that’s not just because I fell into the drone pool…

    [stepping off soapbox…]

  22. ::curls up and gnaws soapbox::

  23. @ Theo – Chiilax, dude! Seriously.

  24. i thought the giant fortune cookie was a decapitated fake arm at first.

  25. lol wring, and what that tells us about your psyche, we do *not* want to know. 😛

    Also, must mention generally that hamster friday was fantastic. cuteness concentrated.

  26. Err, should have been “Chillax.”

  27. And – my POV, I realize – but crabbiness detracts for The Cute. (I’ve been guilty of it at times here, so…)

    Back on topic: I want to snorgle the pup’s ears!

  28. LOL I didn’t even know it was a fortune cookie, just some flesh-colored towel

  29. I’m curious what Meg’s thoughts on “first post” exclamations are, since it’s her site. If she wants to weigh in at all, that is.

  30. cutester says:

    Its Megs site? I love Meg..

    I love Theo too..

    and most of all, I love that little doggy with its tongue sticking out..

  31. sweet jane says:

    the puppy looks a little “cute or sad” to me. non?

  32. I really find the first post thing most annoying when someone’s like all, “FIRST!!! WOOHOO!!!” with nothin’ else to say, and ends up being, like, fourth and stuff. That’s probably why I’ll never do it, cuz I hate to presume :-P. And cuz I love Theotter.

    I can understand, though, why it would be exciting to be first. But I take too long carefully crafting novel-length posts, so I know I’ll never make it. Sigh.

    PUPPY!!!!! Heh, dachsund and poodle? Looks to me like two kids were fighting over a cocker . . . Heh, she’s just adorable!

  33. I guess the only posts I really mind are the ones where people get angry and start cussing. The folks who argue over the animals’ welfare (in an over-the-top kind of way – “OH, you’re gonna kill that dog by posing him with an onion slice!” etc.) come next.

    Just my $ 0.02’s worth…

  34. This little gal has the cheek-puffs of a god.

  35. E. Collinson – Yeah, those bug me a LOT more than FP’ers. And frankly, I’m just a cranky, irritable sort of person. 😉 I try to keep the un-shine to myself as much as I can. I think I failed today . 😛

  36. People post “FIRST POST!!!1!one” on Slashdot because on Slashdot you have about half a second between your post and the next one to try to be first.

    Here it’s ten minutes. Why bother?

  37. Theo, really. What’s the big deal?! Let people have a woot or hoot about it. It’s not important in the big scheme of things–you’re just giving yourself heartburn over a little non-problem…just *relax*. Va bien?! 😉

  38. after a long day of studying, this cheered me up.

    i love puppies.

    omg cute things.

  39. Super horoscope!

  40. The five year old in me is really tempted to start making “OMG NOT FIRST!!!1!!ONE!!!” posts, but I suppose I must restrain myself.

    And, by the way, stupidly cute I’mma-lick-yer-face pup.

  41. Germanguy says:

    It’s spelled “Dachshund” and pronounced something like “Dahks-hoond”; comes from the German “Dachs” = badger and “Hund” = dog, since they were specially bred to follow badgers into their den. Just FYI…

  42. Becca — yeah, been there. BTW, did you see this comment?

  43. Dachshunds are the only small dogs I find cute. Besides, it is just me, or is Daisy almost the same color as that “cookie” blanket?

  44. The dome head. That’s what did it. Just like our “Darwin”.

  45. Theo — wow. That’s especially funny because I considered saying “487634872th POST!!!” instead of “not first,” but decided the latter was more appropriately little-kid-ish. Ack.

  46. awwwww so CUTE jessus

  47. Steve(TANNY) says:

    its just a blommin dog!

  48. ♥♥♥ l.c.d.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    Theo, sorry i did that on todayspost schh sowwyits just so exciting to be able to get first post that its allmost unstoppable

  49. ♥♥♥ l.c.d.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    please just ignore all typ-os like todays post and sowwy its [they were smash-ed together

  50. ♥♥♥ l.c.d.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    well its hard to have something to say AND b first because you’re cought up in the excitment

  51. ♥♥♥ l.c.d.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    The five year old in me is really tempted to start making “OMG NOT FIRST!!!1!!ONE!!!” posts, but I suppose I must restrain myself.

    no, becca go ahead, sometimes youNEED to be juvenile, so the kid in you won’t keep you up all night!

  52. Megan V says:

    TONGUE!!! *dies*

  53. How cute!!!!!!!!!1

  54. Hey! I used to have a Dachshund named Daisy. I named her after a childhood favorite TV show!
    They’re really dangerous and they have a truly thunderous bark!

  55. ♥'s G.D. & animals ☺ says:

    hey yeah heya watchout for my dachsie with them there flip flops on, you’ll be toeless and deaf before ya leave here, mighty bark on that there dog and that right Giant?

  56. WooHoo…I’m Last!

  57. both woo and hoo

  58. omigosh this puppy is adorable!!:) i live little tiny puppies they are the cutest!!im jealous of that puppy cause i have a huge dog hes an aslaskan malimute husky mix ad hes hugee but hes cute and i love him but what i love about this puppy is that its so tiny and its tongue is sticking out!! AdOrAbLe!!
    p.s.whoever is worried out being first this dog is sticking its tongue out at you ha ha ha

  59. awww i love th puppy it is soooo cute iam hoping ill get one today !!!!