Book ’em

Booked for "Unneccessary Pouncing", Macro the kitten poses for his mug shot…

First, facing forward:


And now, turn to the left!


Gracias for the submission, Derek P. and Waferbaby.



  1. that is some tongue! and the EYES! waaa-aa-aah!

  2. Rachelle says:

    That widdle tounge! So cute!

  3. In Awwwe says:

    Look at that tongue!!!!!

  4. look everybody! look theo! i’m FIIIIIIIIRRRRSSST!!!

  5. but stheriously, those big greeny marble eyes are frightful heaven.

  6. *That* is HILARIOUS. I can’t even imagine what might have provoked that cat into making such a face.

    I’m going to be laughing all morning.

  7. my gracious.

    how anerable and prosh!

    he does look like he stepped out of the dryer (set on fluff).

  8. Beauregard says:

    Oh Jebus! Look at that crazy tongue. Careful Macro, don’t get near the paper shredder!

  9. Meg,


    there ain’t such a thing as “Unneccessary Pouncing”.

    SCOTYC (Supreme Court Of The Yeller Cats) has ruled on this matter many, many times. check Lexis-Nexis.

  10. the second pic looks remarkably (and disturbingly) like a frog catching a winged snack…

  11. MaggieBelle says:

    I think that cat can see into my soul…

  12. bubblenut says:

    There should be a rule of cuteness about wide-eyed looks.

  13. I wonder what kind of breed is Macro? the huuuggeee round eyes are tewtally Scottish Fold, but the ears do not…

    I love the shadow in the pictures. they are great

  14. btw I think Macro must have been named so for the eyes…

  15. eee. not thinking so much about cuteness… more thinking along the lines of “what the heck did you have to stick in that cat’s mouth to get a face like that??”
    my pony used to make a face like that (tounge and all) when the P.B. came out!

  16. martha in mobile says:

    I think not all Scottish Folds have the foldy ears, just as not all Manx are tail-free. It’s a strange world we live in.

    I think the charge of Unneccessary Pouncing is a cover-up. That baby is way high on ‘nip.

  17. “That baby is way high on ‘nip”

    I suspect is rather a quintuple-shot of espresso.

  18. Oooh, that wittle kitty looks like he’s ready to pounce on something or someone!

    Look out. He’s gonna getcha.

    Bet he’s one of those kitties that hides under furniture and jumps out and ferociously attacks your ankles when you walk by. I can see it in his eyes!

  19. is it just me or is that actually pretty scary? I’m glad I’m not a mouse, is all I can say.

  20. ManekiNeko says:

    Too freakin’ much. I smell t-shirt…

  21. yes!!! shirt.

  22. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Is he a cat-food mascot? Lookit the tongue action!

  23. Ariel: Just because you CAN doesn’t necessarily mean you SHO-

    [gurgle bloop]

  24. (with a name like Macro, don’t we need an EXTREME CLOSE-UP??)

  25. ack! the scruffy neck & shoulder fur! must.rub.

  26. pic 1: kitty soooo caught in the act
    pic 2: prey has been taken away leaving kitty hungering for more

  27. Once again, DO check out the extended Flikr link that Meg provided above. All KINDS of good stuff in there, including a sposh Weimeraner pup, like a baby Wegman art dog.

    (I said “sposh.” HA!)

  28. Tony James says:

    To the unititated, this does indeed look like a mugshot – unnecessary pouncing, loitering with intent to attack ankles, and moulting in the 3rd degree. However, my sources inform me that Macro is actually trying out for the All Blacks rugby team, and is seen here practicing the Ka Mate Haka, which goes something like this:
    Ka Mate/Ka Mate
    Ka Ora/Ka Ora
    Ka Mate/honk shuuuuuuuuuuu
    if you’re a cat.

  29. This kitty scares me. I think I’ll crawl under the pink blanket with the hammie. But then it’s gonna pounce on us, isn’t it? I’m doomed, I tellya. DOOMED.

  30. RavishingRoberta says:

    O M G The Tongue…..Has No One Taught That Kitten It’s Not Nice To Stick Your Tongue Out

  31. That kitty is kuh-raaazy!!

    And cute!!

  32. Marianna says:

    Holy crap, that cat is amazing.

  33. adorababy says:

    these photographs show finally that Meg does not know the difference between right and wrong.

  34. adorababy, I think kitty is turning to his left… not ours

  35. i love kitty profiles! blowing raspberry, “you deserved the pouncing,” says kitty.

  36. That cat is totally wasted on nip, yo. :-P. Too cute!

  37. Ugh! No fair! He’s too cute!

  38. His pupils are sooooo dilated. Kitty needs sunglasses!

  39. the kitty is hyped up on something! it’s creepy!

  40. Wow. I literally jumped from my seat from the kyewtnezz!!!

  41. “That catnip was a plant! And Officer, I don’t mean that literally.”

  42. Did that kitty just finish eating the hamster above?

    Looks like he was a tasty morsel.

  43. I made a 150×150 TypePad-size icon pic from one of these, help yerselves…

  44. …er, I meant TypeKey, for the profile pic. I think it’s sized right for LiveJournal too.

  45. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Cute lil’ buggy eyes!

  46. Oh my god…my uterus hurts just looking at that thing…

  47. I think the second picture needs a party horn sound effect: *tweeeeeeeeee*!

  48. Nice job on the icon, Theo!

  49. KITTEH!

  50. *loves the naughty kitteh*

  51. that cat has gone crazy! look at him!

  52. I think the kitty has tardive dyskinesia. tongues shouldn’t stick out like that!!!!! poor kitty.

  53. I’ll have what he’s having.

  54. v1ctorya says:


    kitty’s licking cute widdle fuzzy chops ’cause he just ate a nice Hammy sammich!

    Hence the mugshot.

  55. BenPanced says:

    First, it’s catnip. Then it’s the harder stuff!

  56. V1ck13 is 3V1L.
    4nd 3V1L is g00d.

  57. The Guy Over There says:

    He’s got the taste for All-Hammy Friday! RUN!!

  58. My computer is on a fritz for a day or so and I can comeback and I get a mug shot from America’s Most Wanted Felines!


  59. EXCELLENT KITTEN. This kitten gets an A+ for cuteness. Somebody mentioned cat breeds, and I think he could be just a cute big-eyed mix, but if he’s a purebred my money’s on British Shorthair, they have big owl eyes and tiny cute noses like that. (And when he grows up, jowls!)

  60. Man, I want what HE’S on!

  61. LOOKOUT! The suspect’s still armed!

    Sargeant, get a gag on him before he attacks some poor tuna with that tongue!!

  62. I bet he has been given peanut butter!!! I gave my sausage dog the last of my peanut butter coated toast one day. It sticks to the roof of their mouth and freaks them the hell out! Funny, though.. 🙂

  63. displayname says:

    Second picture:
    Is that zerbert/furbert free-form?

  64. Photo 1 is what Louis Wain happily found waiting for him in the afterlife. Happy!

  65. Which cat is on drugs link. (Hammy) says:

    Heres another wild tounge!!!!!! Can you guess with cat is on drugs?

  66. Which cat is on drugs link. (Hammy) says:

    Heres another wild tounge!!!!!! Can you guess with cat is on drugs?

  67. oooooooh!!! I love his tongue! SOOO cute!!

  68. This cat is so not creepy. He’s hilarious! I bet he’s an absolute riot to watch. I’ve saved him as my desktop background and I crack up everytime I turn my computer on.

  69. Looks like it’s gonna eat me!

  70. Eyes really are like saucers!

  71. chunkstyle says:

    I took one look and thought…Bill the Cat! Only, as a young kitten or something. Just think on it.