All Hammy Friday: Lili!

Dangerously close to a certain other ‘World Peace’ hamster in her noshing habits, this is ‘Lili’ the rotund, kernel-eating fluffmobile. Do not get your fingers too close to her mouf.


All Hammy Friday, made possible by Seattle Roll.



  1. Tony James says:

    Marmalade Kittehs!!!

  2. Is that K.Akagami’s hammie again??! Hooray!

  3. Even if its not, its all good – a pretender to the Akagami throne! 🙂

  4. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Tony James!

    This one looks like she’s had enough sugar and carbs. Maybe she should be eating broccoli!

  5. What a totally anerable fluffamagidget!! Dig the wide stance to accomodate belly rotundness.

  6. The searing intensity of that gaze! Like she could burn lasers into you. I think this is World Peace Hamster’s evil twin, World Domination Hamster.

  7. AuntieMame says:

    I just looked at Lili’s flickr stream and apparently she’s a he, too.

  8. i like “world domination hamster.” new shirt: FACE OFF!
    by the way, did anybody else notice how i got the first post on “book ’em”??? still ridin that high, let me tell ya.

  9. also, YAAAAY for “mouf” and those tiny furry pawz!

  10. MMMmmMMm…Coorrrn.

  11. Waah waah waaaaaaahhhh!!!

  12. Dammit, I’m flummoxed. Again.
    And lookit how artfully Lili’s fur has been brushed over, on her nose. Awww.

  13. Schweet little fluff.

    I just want to brush that little out-of-place bit on her nose straight!

  14. She/he must be tiny – look at the size of those corn kernels! So cute and I love the fluffy feets.

  15. …er, should we be saying “he” instead of “she”?
    So confuzzled…

  16. it is cudge! and looks so soft and well cudgy.

  17. Why do I get the distinct feeling that this hamster would feel right at home next to dr Evil? It’s only missing the little finger in the mouth

  18. That hammy looks slightly aggrevated… however s/he is cute nonetheless!! 🙂

  19. I’d like to see her rolling across the floor in a little ball, she’s so delightfully round. And can’t you just feel those little feets crawling up your arm? So sweet! *sigh*

  20. Looit at all that pink under the fur on her paws 🙂

  21. kendosan says:

    Don’t be fooled. Sure, this creature looks cute enough to end world hunger merely by filling our bellies with the satisfaction that comes from belting out a full-throated, “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute!” But you should know, must know, two hobbits died to supply the feets in that pic. It’s true. Hairy feets don’t come from just anywhere. And so I ask you a question of great import and I want you to think on this long and hard before answering, because this is a question the answer to which has swayed society from one extreme to the other since the beginning of time; and which even now threatens to upend civilization as we know it. The question is this: At what price cute?

    The hammies think they already know the answer. Think about it. But don’t take too long. With every tick of the clock we march closer to the cutepocalyse.

  22. In the Next Hamster Domination Revolution, this hammy would definitely be Colonel.

    It’s 9:41AM in Los Angeles – Good Morning, my beauties!

  23. WOW. Those haunches are stabilizing her like a pro.

    I heart you Hamms!

  24. Ponygirl says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love ALl hammy Friday! Keep it coming!

  25. Dustbunny says:

    I, for one, welcome our new Cute Overlords. And the 4 Horsemen of the Cutepocalypse — Hammie, Hedgie, Bunny & Kitty. Resistance is futile!

  26. i, for two, agree with you.

  27. yes, it has a “hami” in it

  28. Oh WOW! Cutest little hammy evah! He looks like my little pet, yuki, when I lived in Japan 🙂

  29. Does All Hammy Friday have a theme song??

  30. Yay for hammies! Squee!!
    (I needed that – having a crappy and gloomy day. blerf)

  31. poor schmelda.
    let’s all dance in circles and wish for thunderstorms. if you GET thunderstorms where you are. always best to have weather match mood.

  32. I love Lili! Oh, and he’s a HE, not a she. Long story!

  33. the world peace hamster is definately the best but theres too much hamsters on the web!!!!
    though quite close…too bad!

  34. AuntieMame says:

    Is it a toupee or a comb-over? 🙂

  35. No such thing as too many hamsters, say I.
    Yup, gray, gloomy, rainy goes very well with my mood…but it’s getting better every time I look at the cuties on this site.

  36. ManekiNeko says:

    Aw, man. *I* wanted to be the first to welcome our new Cute Overlords!
    Oh, well. It’s off to the sugar mines for me.

  37. ‘Darling Lili’ (1970)

  38. The Guy Over There says:

    World Domination hamster is ready to eat, take over the world, and/or play goalie for the next Pittsburgh Penguins matchup! WOO! Bleed black and gold, hammy!

  39. Mikeyfur says:

    All Hammie Friday! Thank you, thank you! Love it!!

  40. Dustbunny says:

    ManekiNeko: That Cute Overlord site is rather disturbing. I need a hug now : P

  41. RavishingRoberta says:
  42. RR – nope, just corn kernels… still… doctor, please, some more of these!

  43. She eating one, done with the other…has she really taken four more?

  44. Wait till she’s outside the door.

  45. …HE! Wait till HE’s outside… oh I give up.

  46. Theo. Please. Perhaps you should take one yourself. Referring to the song, ‘she’ is indeed the correct word.

    And DON’T give up: “Stay alive, no matter what occurs, I will find you!”

  47. Ya dat’s wat da song sez… but da hammie’s a he. So I can not brain now.

  48. Does your brain hurt?

  49. Th-that, thats me! My mane, I mean name! My love it! And the Hammy!

  50. Okay, CO, I’m now craving tiny veggies and it’s all your fault! I even ate most of my brocco-LEH at dinner without realizing. I need a Big Mac…

  51. ♥♥♥ lufs da rodents ♥♥♥ says:

    OMG! its the spoiled hamster! the one that ate the sushi and stuff! i wuffa dat hamstow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. ♥♥♥ lufs da rodents ♥♥♥ says:

    Tony James; “Marmalade Kittehs!!!”? wrongg post dude

  53. ♥♥♥ lufs da rodents ♥♥♥ says:

    AuntieMame This one looks like she’s had enough sugar and carbs. Maybe she should be eating broccoli!

    hey! the bigger the belly, the more snorglage possible for da fwuffy bewy!

  54. ♥♥♥ lufs da rodents ♥♥♥ :
    Have you been to this website, or are you new? Heres the glossary:

  55. RavishingRoberta says:

    OK…..Now I Gotta Go Steam Some Broccoli.

  56. Actually, LDR, Tony J did get it right, in a way… though he *is* skippy-toeing along a very fine line. Or, put another way, the Fellowship stands upon the edge of a knife… stray but a little and there shall be grievous groin injuries.

  57. Groin ijuries, I can picture one right about now… *little brothers on the floor* LOL!!!!!!!!!

  58. Gold star Theo – LOTR reference. I love it!

  59. “‘Darling Lili’ (1970)”

    The Americanization of Emily is better…

  60. ♥♥♥ loves anerable hamstows ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    Hammy, yes i’ve been here b4 i’ve checked out the meanings n stuff like that but thanks4 the concern, & Theo, awaaaaaaaah? use english please! [grin injuries, lol]

  61. ♥♥♥ loves anerable hamstows ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    sorry grion