All Hammy Friday!

People, get ready. Set up your sleeping bags and viewing perches because It’s ALL HAMMY FRIDAY! First up is our favorite lil’ blond, Kumanoko, he’s ready to—HE’S SLEEPING AGAIN!




Seattle Roll, How do I love thee?



  1. Oh my gosh, that nose!

  2. I understand it’s an honor to be the first poster, so…yeeehah! Meg, I’ve been checking out C.O. for a few months now and I have to thank you for bringing tons of joy to my stressed out life. Yew Rawk!

  3. Kuma is a girl??

  4. Wow, I’m actually first?

    That nose is killing me.

    Anybody ever watch a kids cartoon called Max and Ruby. They’re bunnies and thier noses look exactly like that!

  5. Oh, oh–that is simply *adorable*. It’s close enough to see the little crusties on her eye-fur…*swoon*

    This picture is definitely the be-happy one for the day.

  6. All Hammy Friday?!!


    keep it tuned to K-HAM for updates.

  7. oooooooooccccchhh! little guy, I want to snuggle under that blanket with you!

    the TOES!!!! wee wee toes…

  8. Now I want to go back to bed! Unfortch, I don’t have a sweet pink-n-white blankie to snuggle on.
    I must say, I was never big on the hammies until this site, thanks CO!

  9. awe. so tie-tie.

  10. I lof the hammies! Meg, I just sent you the latest on Lucy Hammy Tracker.

    This is gonna be a good day!

  11. this picture elicits my first SQUEE!

  12. tiny hammy snooze face!

  13. She deserves a snuggle and a snorgle and a huggle and a…

    [gives them all]

  14. Kuma is the best hamser – but it’s HE!

  15. why her eyes look wet? did she cry herself to sleep…?!

  16. It’s not hammie pinkeye, is it?

  17. That l’il guy needs to trim his bangs! Or eyebrows! Then again, it’s a built-in sunshade for those daytime snoozefests. Maybe he’s onto something?

  18. Sqeeeee!!!!

  19. Beauregard says:

    Meg, you are a goddess. All Hammy Friday is the best thing ever! (And how comferbles is this one? JEeeezzz. It’s so cute I have a headache in my toes.)

  20. sweet jane says:

    Little… hammy… ears… so soft….

  21. adorababy says:

    i wish Kuma were my girlfriend and we could snorgle under that pink blanket all weekend long

  22. Yay!!

  23. aww what a cute hammy – and pretty blanket, too. So snugglable, I only wish hammies were ten times larger, ten times the snorgle!

  24. cute nose

  25. Oh, incredible shrinking Alice, wouldn’t it be fun to be as tiny as them too?

  26. Meg for president!!!

  27. The wonderful thing about hammies is hammies are wonderful things! I loves their teeny foldy noses.

  28. ElfOwl — there was a time when “Tigger” was what everybody called me. But now I’m *old* (just ask E.Collison).

  29. Beauregard says:
  30. holy crap, beau, those pix are high-larious!!

  31. The nose, the NOSE!!!


  32. yes, why are her eyes wet/crusty? 😦

    I hope it’s not anything bad.

  33. What a cute little pinky-pink nose!

  34. what is she sleeping on!!! ahh!!!! so cute!

  35. Courtney says:

    I seriously cannot stand the cute of this hamster. It’s overpowering me!

  36. Chantelle says:

    punkpie – That was my first thought too. The cuteness was overshadowed by concern for the hammy’s eyes. Hope I’m just imagining things 🙂

  37. jaypo – shrinking would be good, too, but keep away from the kitties!

  38. BenPanced says:

    Kumanoko has the right idea. Wish I woulda stood in bed today.

  39. The Guy Over There says:

    The teddy bear hamster and its environment, finding safety in looking cute and resembling tiny bean bag couches, next time on “Nature.”

    Yay for hammyness!

  40. Kuma-in-a-Blanket!

  41. (Elmer Fudd voice) Shhh! Be vewy vewy quiet, da widdle bay-bee ham-ham is seeping!


  42. Beauregard ILMAO!!!

    WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE!??!! I can’t stand it!

  43. Theo – somehow I can imagine you being nicknamed Tigger. I never picked up a Hundred Acre Woods nickname, thank goodness. The closest I got was my mom buying my kid sister a big Pooh bear, and me a big Eyeore, because she said I reminded her of Eyeore. Thanks mom. 😛

  44. eo, i also had an eeyore! my aunt made him for me, and his tail was on a button so you could take it off & button it back on! awwwwwww, sad eyes!

  45. ok, I have to say Sebastian is WAY cuter than this sleepy hamster. I mean, props for the pink and white blanket but Sebs rules!! –sxx

  46. Aieee! It’s a MOLTEN HAMSTER!

  47. Its H-A-M-M-Y, Hammy!!!!!!!! Not HAMMIE, well I don’t know, but I guess hammy is hammie and cute is hamsters!!!!!! Horray for Hammy Friday!!!!!!!!

  48. ♥♥♥ lufs da rodents ♥♥♥ says:

    OMG! all hammy friday rocks! just what i need to end a school day!

  49. ♥♥♥ lufs da rodents ♥♥♥ says:

    he was probably scared after opening his cage, gwtting out and getting cought that he cried, he sleeping cuz hes tuckered out though so dont worry! im glad the wittls ham hms is ok ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ my heart would break if he had gotten hurt :C

  50. ♥♥♥ lufs da rodents ♥♥♥: How do you the lil’ heart thingys?

  51. A Fine Morsel says:

    I just want to press on his little pink nose!

  52. Michelle says:

    Garsh. If I could ever get as comfy as Kumanoko looks in the third pic… well, I’d sleep forever n ever and dream of curlicue clouds n strawberry patches n hammies stuffed between layers of pink blankies. *sigh*

  53. ermmm is it just me or does that hammy look unwell rather than it is sleeping? It looks as though it is ill, look closely at the eyes! I’m not a hammy expert but I’ve had guinea pigs for years and that looks poorly rather than it is resting to me…

  54. Michelle says:

    If you click on his linky, you’ll see his owner mention this hammy was born with teeth issues that cause his eyes to appear the way they do. He apparently has very regular veterinary care.

  55. Michelle — thanks, hadn’t seen that. (Oops.)

  56. little miao says:

    Such a well-loved hammy with a soft, cute nose. Aiya, what a darling.

  57. I actually moaned when I saw this.

  58. cutest nose in the world. period.

  59. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    i make the hearts in an alt code alt -> 3 = ♥

  60. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    for some reason i think im the youngest student here on C.O.

  61. prove it poopsie!

  62. Please, no… I *fear* the Immaturity Contest, and so should you…

  63. ♥♥♥ l.d.c.h. ☺ ♥♥♥:How old are you? I can’t do the heart thingys! And what do the letters in your “name” stand for?

  64. sam(antha) says:

    This is the most comfterbuls hammie ever. I wish I could be him today.

  65. Hairy eyelids? How cute? and lashes!