This just in, you can now search the blog

Now, when you want to, NEED to find that particular post FAST you can search the site! On the sidebar is a new search feature. Try it out! Let me know what you think.




  1. cool!!

  2. Theo, I hope it helps! ‘Member when we were trying to find that pig image last week?!

  3. Meg –
    Hey; I just don’t photograph well, OK?

  4. Aubrey, my darling! whatever do you mean?

  5. Ooh, ooh, oh!!!

    Meg, you know that piglets + chinchilla post is kinda miscategorized? It’s devilishly hard to locate via the category menu – I had to go into the monthly archives for it.

  6. You’re right as usual, E to the C. Now that we have a ‘Hedgehogs’ and a ‘Farm Animals’ category, loads of stuff could get re-tagged. Thanks.

  7. Ah sure, ’twas nothing. [Demure bow and smile.]

    BTW, I just tried “bunnage” and got some strangely redundant hits, mosty from the recent comments column…

  8. graphics gal says:


    the more you add to your site, the longer it takes to load.

    i love you guys, but the site needs a MAJOR overhaul.


    in my professional opinion as a graphics designer, there is waaaaay too much on the sidebar, and the stripedy things on either side of the content space doesn’t help the feeling that everything is too visually crammed in.

    please consider adopting a new template, and don’t be afraid to tweak the stylesheet to your needs!

    best of luck!

  9. graphics gal says:

    here are some helpful sites:

    the style gala site also has a gallery with some pretty nice looking sites. hope they are helpful in generating ideas.

  10. Err… before this site became wildly popular, the sidebar was much simpler.

    But ads were a necessary evil… Just sayin’.

  11. I love the term “Graphics” designer. OK, I hear ya, Graphics Gal. Right on. As my husband calls it, the sidebar has turned into a bit of a ‘taxi’ with stickers everywhere. two modules are temporarily retired… The Internets can only…work…so… hard! You’re right.

  12. Oh, and agreed on the literal color ‘bars’ on the sides, too.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Would it help to have a home page for the ads and categories and other sidebar stuff, then a link another page which has the pictures and captions?

    It would be a shame to lose the stripes. That’s what makes CO feel like home.

  14. graphics gal says:

    you could totally incorporate the stripes.


    when you use a big feature like that, you have to tone down the rest.

    it is a cute thing, but the stripes may severely limit your design options in the long run.

    some suggestions:

    1) i hear you on the $$ thing. perhaps you could relegate some of the text only ads to footers (i.e. the typepad shoutout, the google ads)

    2) the categories can be incorporated into a dropdown menu. you can find the code for it online easily. same for archives.

    3) it may help to separate out the navigational aspects on one side of the page, and the other features (cuteologist map, cute tracker)

    4) other revenue generating stuff (pay pal, shirts) need to be separated from the main content

    5) contact info, submission details need to be separated out

    6) a multi-page site (about us, submit a pic, etc.) can best handle 4 & 5 above. i think the biggest thing is to organize the content.

    7) search and rss feeds are typically up at the top, easy to find, but unobtrusive to the design. you don’t need to have the little sidebar headers for everything. a lot of things can be accomplished via plain text and links.

    sorry if this is so long!! hope it helps. i absolutely worship your site and would love to see it become more navigable!!


  15. graphics gal says:

    oops… i meant (above)

    “3) it may help to separate out the navigational aspects on one side of the page, and the other features (cuteologist map, cute tracker) on the other side”

  16. “The Internets can only…work…so… hard!”


  17. Lick My Pickles says:

    *blushes* I have never had any probs loading the pages I personally like the way it is…
    Its like supermarkets I hate it wen u go back and they have moved all the shelves again! At least I know where to find everything… just my 2 cents worth (and also knows 2 cents its worth much these days LOL)

  18. Lick My Pickles says:

    *isnt worth much I meant to say LOL

  19. LOL

    I second the guy who complains about the sidebar madness… LOL!

    Look at it! LOL

    Also, wasn’t the search feature already built-in? What’s the big fuss about?

    Come on… show us cute.

  20. gee-rate!! Meg, you’re the best. And I kinda agree with graphics gal…been thinking it for some time…but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site and I will keep coming back no matter what. So long and thanks for all the cute!!

  21. Jenni-joon says:

    Hey,Super-fly-Meg. I’m not a “graphics” person so I can’t speak to the need for an overhaul BUT.. like some of the others, I got some weird hits. Ex: “hammie” – brought up some hits for Mia Hamm! No thanks. I need hammies, not her! Most awesomest site though. Literally, it’s become the FIRST thing I do when I log in! I’m totally addicted.
    Great job!!

  22. Miggity Meg —
    Hi, and YAY for search!

    I do remember the pig-pic hunt earlier, yes. To test the new search feature I entered “swim” — but that New Year’s Resolution post with the first CO swimming pig remained a no-show. So, questions, of course…

    1) Can the search be expanded to include the *comments* as well as the bodytext of the posts?

    2) I see it’s based on the Yahoo engine; are there others available?

    3) Can the “Select Search Engine” drop-down menu be set to “Cute Overload” as the *default* (since it’s the only option anyway)?

    One final thing — I guess I’m one of the folks who agree that the sidebar toys are seriously bogging the site down. But I definitely understand about needing ad revenue. There’s got to be a balance.

    This new search feature is one of the “lightweight” items that I don’t expect will slow down anyone’s page-load times, but the CuteCaps and the CuteStrip and the CuteTracker and the We’ll Be Right Back and Ad Brizzite? Those all have their own dynamic image/ad rotators. Goooogle does too but that’s another lightweight plug-in.

    Anyway, I see a few of them aren’t here right now. Here’s hoping that the Cute O feng shui can achieve harmony with the fewest sacrifices, in the shortest stretch of time.

  23. Meg — further note on my question (#1) above —

    OK, the search actually IS searching the comments as well as the top-level posts. The thing is, when you click on the result, it doesn’t TAKE you to the comment that it’s found; you only get the parent post.

    This is probably a shortcoming on Rollyo’s end, and not CuteOverload’s… but do *you* know of any way to fix this? Maybe include the comments’ bookmarks/anchors in the search-result URLs?

  24. Okay – maybe it is b/c I looked at this site before my first cup of coffee (I must start my day with cute) but the image on top made me think – stupidly – that in order to get to the search function I had to click on the cute yellowness bird. Now, I did review the previous 23 comments to see if anyone else was that dumb (they weren’t) but I can’t be the only one! Suggestion: make your graphic with magnifying glass actually show the search function, not the birdie, people know what a sidebar is. And…of course, like everyone else, I would say if you can figure out a way to streamline your sidebar – more power to you. And thanks for bringing the cute on everyday!

  25. Most of this is way over my head, which is only somewhat tech-worthy, however–coming from one who nonetheless has an aesthetic eye–the side bar and stripes have saved themselves from becoming totally distracting by being pastel, which goes nicely with *cute* things. The ads are difficult to distinguish from the actual website content because they are the same color. The great thing with ads is being able to ignore them and zero in on content. Hard to distinguish here.

    Also, if it matters, just went to a new server because there was so much traffic, etc. the old server couldn’t handle the load.

    I love the colors, the immediate immersion into something comfortingly soft and sweet, the antithesis of in-your-face jobs, work, people, advertising, the world at large.

  26. i too clicked on the birdie.
    and i also noticed that it seemed a little funny lately, when i did my first-thing-in-the-morning cuteoverload check, that right at the top it said “do you know how to talk like a cowboy?”
    a bit disorienting, that.

  27. and i love the stripes.

  28. Ariel, ditto on the cowboy. Kind of a rude intrusion, that!

  29. Just my humble opinion… I love the stripes – they’re so cute. I never ever look at the left side bar with all of the info – I find the side bar ads on any site very annoying, so I just ignore them…
    I love, love, love, LOVE this site – I visit multiple times a day when I need a cute-fix. I gushed to my husband last night about several pics and he finally said, “Okay, okay! I get it – it was cute…” Only then did I realize that I was now speaking in baby talk about the cute widdle pwecious baby cutie pies…
    Thanks for bringing on the awesome adorable pics everyday…

  30. Kris, in New England says:

    Excellent – I can get to “Master Fluff”, oh he of the “…tiny tail” anytime I want!!!

  31. U R 2 GD 2 US!!!!!!
    THNX 4 ALL U DO!!!!!!

  32. Finally!!!!! I don’t need to scroll to “pups” and all the other categories to find a cute pic! Great job Meg!

  33. Ooh! Viewer Feedback Day! I’ll chime in. I love Meg. I love Cute Critters. I LURVE the pastel wallpaper stripes.

    The Sidebar is now a monster. I like hierarchical organization. The idea of drop down menus for many things and separate pages for others could totally clean this up. And I agree that the search box should be higher up on the food chain. I found it was mostly the Cute Tracker and most especially the cute scrolling images that was bogging me down.

    My main problems with this site aren’t aesthetic, they’re how that scrolly thing makes my mouse pointer hit molasses patches as I try to move it across the screen.

  34. My biggest problem with the site is YOU! THE READER!

    But I am an arsepit, so I shan’t complain.

    Meg-atron! I like that nickname the best-a-loo!

  35. [urp]
    C’ninnybody tell me where the tower ish? Thish plaishe even HAVva towerr??

    Swearish’ like a labr… libby… labbyrat… ish like a MAZE ‘n here.

  36. well how absolutely mind-readingly wonderful!! now i don’t have to scroll through the archives to play an evily addictive game (or 7!) of Farm Hustle, thanks!!!!!!

  37. violingirl says:

    I clicked on the birdie 😉 I love this site but I *am* starting to feel a little claustrophobic with the side bar thing and the stripes… all the smushiness makes my eyes tired.

  38. Ya’ll are tooooo funny. I love the nickname ‘sidebar madness’ perfect! It IS!

    I shall redesign her!!!! But don’t worry, it will only be better—we can do a preview before a launch.

  39. What about that creepy ad for “Friggin’ Cute” charms? 79.00 USD for *Bambi*??!!!

    Just who the h*** do they think they R, anyhoo?!

    (More Rabbit Diapproval:

  40. Whitespace, E.C.! Your URLs need to breathe! Whitespace at both ends!

  41. Is it just me who can’t make the permalinks on your site work? I click on “permalink” to isolate a posting and fine, the posting itself comes up all on its own. But the URL at the top of the page doesn’t change to reflect the permalink. In other words, the URL stays as
    Therefore, when I want to link to one particular posting on your site, I can’t link to just that one posting. What am I doing wrong?

  42. MJ — Try using the full “blog” URL rather than the “friendly” URL. By this, I mean, use THIS as your top-level address…

    …instead of this:

    Then, click on! This way, all the “deep” links should work OK for ya.

  43. Also, if you right-click on a permalink and select “Open link in new window” (or “Open link in new tab, if you’re using Firefox, works too), the window will come up with the full URL in the address bar.

    Methinks it is a redirection issue with the DNS.

  44. Yay! Your “right click” and “open link in new window” suggestion worked! I blogged about the Fish School today and credited Cute Overload. Happy to say that my link to you just opens that one particular posting you did on the Fish School. Thanks very much for you response. This is the second time I’ve blogged about something on your site. And it most certainly won’t be the last. Fabulously fun site! Thank you for my daily dose of cuteness.

  45. Um, no prob. It’s not my site, but you’re welcome and I’m glad it worked for you.

  46. Oops! Thanks, “A Thinker” for the permalink advice. And Meg, thanks for a great site.