This doesn’t look so good.

Let’s see. A coconut drink holder with rabbit ‘drink’ in it, Wild Turkey, oversized ‘pills’, a lighter and Ye Olde Cap’n Morgan’s. Never mind, it’s just the usual Saturday night hijinx.


Delicious drink "Pippin" sent in by *hic!* Mike Y.



  1. Eeek! Is that the “disappearing rabbit body” magic trick again? How *did* he get that rabbit into that cup?!

  2. it’s…it’s…just not possible. guh…

  3. schlurp!
    you’d think bun-bun would be able to brace his huge feet against the coconut-rims & thus effectively remain outside the cup.

    And dulce de leche!
    And bunny booze?
    Are we sure it’s not Friday?

  5. theo, what are you, some kind of grown up? pleeeeszhe! (slings arm over yr shoulder) szhjoin me fer a buhnny cream! happy thurszhday lunschhh.

  6. I don’t know – somehow I think there’s a bowl of housekeys lying nearby.

  7. abbynormal says:

    Waitress! I’ll have 3 please. With some Pitabread on the side.

  8. Weeeeelllll… we *are* having a cookout here, today……

  9. Pippin popping pills? NOOOOO!!! Bunny substance abuse!!!!

  10. are there… pigs in a blanket at the cookout?

  11. bahahahah!
    squirmy ones!
    and fluffernutters!

  12. Thoshe r some mmighty big pillsh in that m’rtini schnifffter, therrre. Looksh like I pickd the wrong week t’quit ammphetaminesh!

    TO THE TOWER! Wheresh that Johnny??

  13. yuh don’take musshh perschwaidin, eh stheowww?
    i’m king of thu wuuuuurld!
    more buhnniezsh for everybunny! i’m buyin!

  14. BUNNEH!!




    ////yay! slashies!



  15. That bunny is the exact color of toasted coconut, too.

    The ice is that ice bucket is going to be mighty furry, though.

  16. Sigh. Looks like *I’m* driving . . . again.

    I wish I could say this was the first time this has happened to me . . . today.

  17. Hmf.
    Nevr DID fin’ thu shtoopid towerr.

  18. he isnt cute but he is sure is funny!

  19. This rabbit could probably drink each and every one of you under the table.

  20. [groaning]
    I think he *did*.

  21. it’s okay, theo.
    i never got off the subway in SH3, and i was sober then.

    in the mornings, at least.

  22. That bunny looks pretty soused himself, like he climbed in after downing the whole glass. In a little while he’ll be putting on the little hat to his left and dancing for us. “I love you guys! (hic)”

  23. Tony James says:

    Once upon a time there were 4 little rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter. Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail who were good little bunnies went down the lane together to gather blackberries. But Peter who was very naughty, ran straight away to Mr. McGregor’s Corner Bar & Grill, where he drank himself under the table on strong liquor, and consorted with loose women.
    I am sorry to say that Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed and made some camomile tea and she gave a dose of it to Peter! “One teaspoonful to be taken at bedtime.”

  24. My God – seeing so many tiny fluffy animals in need of a 12-Snorgle Program is such a sad statement on today’s society.

  25. [honnnk-shu]

  26. That poor little bunny in the coconut cup! I don’t know if it’s disturbing or cute. Is it still living?

  27. adorababy says:

    eat me, drink me, baby…

    where can I get some of those giant pills the bunny is on?

  28. A dirty Buntini, please. Shaken, not stirred.

  29. TJ, good job on the Beatrix Potter rewrite.

    I’m sure she’d be properly horrified.

  30. Dustbunny says:

    Oh dear. Apparently I’ve had too many of those yellow & red pills, because I can’t find the Captions section that used to be on the CO home page. Am I thinker than I drunk or has it disappeared??

  31. Dustbunny, see:

    Apparently Meg removed some stuff to prevent (literal) cuteness overload to the site.

  32. Do bunnies always have droopy whiskers? Could droopy whiskers be a sign of bunny drunkeness?


  33. He needs to take the red pill to go down the rabbit hole and sleep it off.

  34. Mmm… time to join Bunniholics Anonymous.

  35. Damn, another party I wasn’t invited to.
    I’ll take one of those pills and a big swig of Ye Ol’ Cap’n to make the sadness go away, and perhaps a sip of bunny, too!

  36. wha? *waking up in the kittenpile*
    heer belle, uken haff mine idonwannanymore. *bunnies spill everywhere* *back to sleep*

  37. Villeline says:

    A bunny, please. Shaken, not stirred.

  38. bunnyhunny says:

    Hi everyone, my name is Bunnyhunny, and I have a Rabbit Habit. Yes, that’s right, I’m as addicted to bunnies as that bunny is addicted to booze and pills.

  39. [in unison]
    “Hi, Bunnyhunny!”

  40. The Captain was here.

  41. man, that bunny-drunk is waaaay too much fun.
    my head is gonna HURT tomorrow!

  42. Kris, in New England says:

    Sorry, this one kinda creeps me out.

  43. Dustbunny says:

    A Thinker: thanks…I finally found it, but it’s buried waaaay deep where no one will ever find it again.

  44. it’sh an acquired tashte. *sprints to bathroom*

  45. Dustbunny: try bookmarking it in your browser?

  46. Many bunnies have droopy whiskers.

    This bunny is really cute but I too have to wonder how they got it in there. I have a hard time getting Molly into her “bunny home” every morning to go to work! And it’s huge!

  47. The fierce bad rabbit Pippin, presiding over the cocktail-mixin’ at his crib…

    ( )
    ” “

  48. Ta for the link, Theo. Drunken bunnies, drunken squirrels, it’s all good.

  49. so let me get this straight – 2 parts wild turkey to 1 part capt. morgan… shaken in a coconut with one of those uber-pills and i get a bunny???? must… get… to… liquor… cabinet… now…. squeeeeeeee!

  50. ka9q's wife says:

    Tony James..hic…That wassh beauteefull [falls down all drunk on bunny creams].

    no really that was a great twist on a classic.

  51. “…shaken in a coconut with one of those uber-pills and i get a bunny???? must… get… to… liquor… cabinet… now…. squeeeeeeee!”

    Please abstain *unless* you have copious quantities of Timothy hay stuffed into the odd cocktail shaker…

  52. guinea piggin–can you dig it?

  53. Bunz luv eet, 2

  54. *cue craptastic music*
    everyone should live their lives the — domestic/coddled or wild/unhassled bunny rabbit way!
    DOO doo doo DOO DOO doo doo!

  55. Aaaah aaaah aaaah aaaahh…

  56. YES!!!!
    it’s baaaa-aaack….
    i sleep and poop
    i don’t wear pants

  57. No shoes on my feet!

    I’m soooo great
    and EVERY DAY

  58. Cute!!!!! Lil’ bunny needs to learn to B.Y.O.B. instead for stealing wine from his owners!!!!!!!!

  59. grrr I posted a comment to Theo but my ISP went down as it was posting. So what do I do when I get back online? Post it on the wrong pic, of course!. Anyway Theo, I was just saying that I love Foamy but hadn’t looked at the site for a while so thanks for the dose. The comment is actually on the hedgie/rat pic – d’oh!

  60. Arbed – I’d’ve seen it either way. Here’s the whole (non-affiliated) Foamy archive:

    Mainsite here (which you prolly knew):

    Warning to the uninitiated:
    Foamy & friends are sweary & gross.

  61. Bun-bun looks a little rough…. I remember those days…

  62. The Guy Over There says:

    Mmm, creamy rabbit ale! I’ll take two. I’d ask for a cherry or a pineapple wedge, but I have a feeling the drink’s too strong for it to make it all the way to the table.

  63. Woods walker says:

    Didn’t Sherry Lewis have a alcoholic rabbit as A puppet? At least she demonstrated it on the “Tonight Show” many years ago.-Woods Walker

  64. twentythreecakes says:

    Aww! My sweet bunny friend got his drink on to celebrate the end of my school term. I wish he either would have waited for me or I would have joined him before my final presentation.

  65. This reminds me of a quote . . . “Homer, I don’t know what you have planned for this evening, but count me out!”

  66. WHAT THE F*#K??? Stop putting your rabbit in receptacles!! This is not a happy bunny! shame

  67. NOT cute-creepy.
    That rabbit does not look happy.

  68. Heh, I thought carrots come in PEAS! pbpbpbth!

  69. Dustbunny says:

    Theo: Re BAD BUNNY — That’s a 24-carrot joke there. Heh.

  70. hm, now let me get this straight.
    you put the bunny in the coconut,
    you drink them both togeder.
    put the bunny in the coconut,
    THEN you feel bedder..

  71. well, no, the bunneh doesn’t look thrilled. but we love them, guard them and care for them all their lives, and dang it, it’s their DUTY to amuse us occasionally-briefly-if it’s not dangerous, uncomfortable or scawey to them. well that’s what i think, anyway.

  72. I LOVE the color markings on this bunny. May I have a straw bartender?

    deirdre—like your song–haha!

  73. Wow.

    It’s sort of sad how much this reminds me of when I lived in the dorms at college.

    Bunny rabbit and all.

  74. army kitten says:

    finn–were you referencing silent hill 3 in your comment, or have i totally lost it?

    …looking at soft floppy bunny skin pooching out over the side of a mug has the effect of making my brain go fizzy, albiet in a good way.

  75. yes indeedy, army kitten. i never even made it to the hospital.

    when the movie goes to DVD, i plan to watch it whilst banging away on the PS controller so i feel as though i’ve conquered it.

  76. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Love Those Big Pills; Are They Containers?

  77. there’s so much commenting on here now! YEAH! it’s hard to keep up though if you miss a day….

    bun bun… snorgel…. snuff…suuuuuahhhh-moooch!

  78. mOptOpmOuse says:

    JUST SAY YES!to cuteness that is

  79. MoPToPMouSe says:

    BYOB!Bring yer own bunnie that is

  80. MahnahMenah says:

    I think this should go under ther Cute or Sad section. That bunny looks miserable!

  81. ManuhManuh — that wabbit’s feelin’ no pain. Save your pity… for tomorrow morning.

  82. Owner here…Pippin didn’t seem to mind at all. It was only a few seconds and she didn’t fuss at all. If she had, I would not have done it.
    She’s treated like a queen!

  83. she drank a bit too much vodka and got trapped in a apple

  84. ugly

  85. jami-michelle says:

    ouch, these grapes are sour….sounds like ‘hh’s pet didn’t make the cut. I think Pippin’s adorable;) And, c’mon folks, sitting in the cup for 1.9 seconds when the cup is BIGGER than the bunny is (she was a baby and all fluff, there was no “stuffing” involved thank you very much), was not a traumatizing experience. Pippin was ready to rock and roll after her photo shoot.
    -Owner #2:)

  86. aww that is sooo cool, yeah pippin

  87. ahwww!!! that is so freaking adorable!..where do you get such!
    <3 Holly <3

  88. omg that is like soooo cute! how did u fit the rabit in the coconut?! thats like almost impossible!

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