The Scrolldown (with thanks to GFY)

As they say over on Go Fug Yourself, this one is a ‘scrolldown.’ Meaning, the story changes as you scroll down. First the anerable eyes. THEN A thumb in the mouth and then a sweet lil’ belly. Puh-lease.


Wah-wah, Melissa F.!



  1. spamabella says:

    Sweet Mother of God

  2. spamabella says:

    ha ha I’m first

  3. orlandob1990 says:

    SO CUTE!!! 😀

  4. Thcuthe me, can I borrow your thumb pleathe?

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

  6. AuntieMame says:

    His lil’ belly is bald!

    And does anyone else think he looks like a Hemulen?

  7. lordie!

  8. Spamabella, my sentiments exactly!!


  9. aaaww, look at it’s little tum-tum!

  10. this is almost too much!!!


  11. weeeell, I’m not a doggy person, but that is one freakin’ cute puppy. Pot belly and all. Awwww.

  12. OMG

    I’ve been lurking lately, but this is one for which I MUST comment.

    Soooooo cute! I just love pink puppy tummies. And those eyes! She’s wearing eyeliner!


  13. Hemulen… is that from the Moomintroll books? It sounds familiar. I used to love reading those when I was a kid.

    Very cute puppy!!

  14. adorababy says:

    belly snorgle – too much – mild stroke

  15. I like how our FP’er has “spam” right in her name. I do appreciate honesty.

    Skwerly — eyeliner?!! LOL!

    AuntieM and Jay Fry — here, I think this will clear things up…

  16. Holy Moly I almost spit out my blueberry muffin.

  17. Dat vas verri klar, Teo.

  18. Jan Spencer says:

    Hey!! Thisth doesthnt thasthe vehwy goodth!

    Sweetie pie! or I should say “sthweethie pthie!”

  19. Jan Spencer says:

    Hey Meg, what was the “gnawing” noise you wrote before?? Gnawng, Gnawng…or ??? HEWP ME!

  20. Must resist urge to snorgle and zerbert the puppy belly… Oye!

  21. miss_thing says:

    Is that a puggle? I MUST HAVE ONE! The cuteness, it overwhelms me…

  22. jenni-joon says:

    For the love! Puh-lease… yer killin’ me here! DEF not legal for any creature to be this freakin’ cute… !

  23. These chee-hoo-ah-hoo-ahs are popping up rather frequently in these cute pics. Methinks these little guys have a world domination plot underway. Slay everybody with cuteness, then take over.

  24. Zerberts!!! LOL M- I haven’t heard that one in a looooong time. Wow, thanks!

  25. Don’t think it’s a chee-hoo etc or a puggles. Looks like a boxer pup to me–check out the paw size!

  26. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!! Gosh, this cute pup wants human for breakfast!

  27. ever so slightly pornographic, though

  28. This is not how puppies sit (on butt, with hind legs straight out). This is how human infants sit. So this pose makes the lil pup look like a much, much cuter version of a human infant.

  29. Beauregard says:

    One more shout out to M- for Zerberts!!! What a belly on this one; this pup is going to kill at least half a dozen people by the end of the day.

  30. what means “zerberts”?

  31. All your finger are belong to us.

    — The Pup Conspiracy

  32. my personal fav gnaw noise (among others)was w/the naughty kitten pic & said “yeing yeing yeing”
    zerbert is snorgling w/a big blast of air–like phbbbblbbt! on someone’s belly. see bill cosby.

  33. Thanks for saying what I was thinking, Jaypo. I’m going with boxer pup, too.

  34. Thanks Theo… I can’t read Finnish (I think that’s what it is), but I’m right in thinking that Hemulen is from the Moomintroll books by Tove Jansson.

  35. Zerberts are produced by putting your mouth against skin and blowing, thus producing a slightly embarrassing noise. They are also ‘tickly’ and make the recipient laugh (hopefully).

  36. Jennifer says:

    Aww, that is so cute 🙂

  37. re: zerberts – I like ariel’s description better.

  38. Ariel, Jaypo — zerberts are more like INVERSE snorgles, and generally elicit nyerrrhe’s and Almighty Squirms from victimized pooty toots.
    NOTE: Zerberts are a human-kid thing. Fur renders a zerbert completely ineffective.

  39. June — don’t worry, it’s cool. That’s a ZOMBIE pup.

  40. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Wanna Pick That Puupy Up And Bury My Face In It. I Bet It Smells So Soft.

  41. Cronshe! …part II.

  42. theo–this puppy would zerbert quite well, methinks. check the pink hairless belly w/plenty of extra flesh to flap.

  43. perhaps that borders on gross.

  44. Monsche nawwmm…

  45. Hey! I love GFY! I come here for cute then go there for ugly, and I consider myself to be well-balanced. And now, back to your regularly scheduled squees: SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  46. I just died.

  47. eeeeeeeee!

  48. Aw, crimeny that’s adorkable. Aaaaaand, Bill Cosby! Somebody mention I Spy and i’ll be in heaven! Quick, someone mention it. Go on.
    (the original you cretins)

  49. You put your right thumb in,
    You take your right thumb out.
    You put your face on belly
    And you snorgle all about…

  50. Melissa F. says:

    I have to say i am the proud owner of this unreal creation…she is a Jack Russell/Pug mix and let me tell you…the cuteness in real life is off the charts…hence…OVERLOAD!!!

  51. Beauregard says:

    Yes ariel, I agree. That pink belly is just waiting for some zerb action.

  52. Awwwwwww!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!!

  53. Beauregard says:

    Melissa F., What is pug-russell’s name?

  54. RavishingRoberta says:

    So Zerberts Are Like Raspberries? The Pup Does Look Like A Boxer. Or Maybe A Hound. I JUST LOVE PUPPIES. And I Still Wanna Bury My Face In It. Ariel…..I Don’t Think That Is Gross At All.

  55. RavishingRoberta says:

    A Jack Pug Huh….It Is Tooooo Prescious

  56. Golly, how one can get lost in that face.

  57. Zerberts can be done with fur; one must be a 6th-Degree Blackbelt in Cuteology. They can also dodge bullets and eat granite!

  58. I think a puppy or kitten zerbert must be a… furbert?!

  59. Oh. My. God!!! Those BIG brown eyes! That wonderfully sweet round little head! That gorgeous golden brown color! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  60. So, looks like the pug contingent were partly right after all. Russell/Pug? wish I could see some more pictures of THAT combo.

  61. yep, zerberts are like raspberries, minus the tongue, and mushed up against someone’s gut.

  62. cuter than intern george, even.

  63. Melissa F says:

    The gorgeous girls name is Pita (like the bread) and you can see more pictures on her page if you wish…


  64. abbynormal says:

    Melissa, I just left Pita a bone. He is absolutely adorable and kinda looks like my pup, Leah.

  65. such a sweetie!! *loves her*. thanx for the link to more pics!

  66. Dustbunny says:

    Theo: you speaken der Svedish? (said in Muppets Swedish Chef voice.) Let’s go have smoerrebroed together, ya?

  67. AWWW, what a little dolly she is! I want one. Siiiggghhh.

  68. Dus’bunnners — [hirc]
    …yeph. Heer yago.

  69. I’m a bit freaked out that her name is Pita and I JUST ATE A PITA FOR LUNCH! eeeeeeeee!

    Love the picture of her sleeping in the sunbeam.

  70. Aaahhhh! That is so cute it’s painful.

  71. RavishingRoberta says:

    Melissa…..My Grandaughter And I Are Doing Our Awwwwws In Unison Here. Those Pictures Are Adoreable.

  72. Jan Spencer says:

    I love Dogster and Catster, both of my cats and my doggies, including my late maltese are listed on the doggie side.

  73. Dustbunny says:

    Theo — I bork, you bork, ve all borken (hic)! Pash de bunn bunn creeem, pleezhe.

  74. Is anyone elses brain melting?!?!

  75. theHawke says:

    OK been lurking for days and have been in too much cute-pain to post but that is just too adorable for words.

  76. the noise i just made out of cuteness is totally inappropriate for the workplace. thank you so much for these rare and precious finds.

  77. welcome! have a draink! we think ur cute too, hawkie-poo.

  78. Beauregard says:

    Oh my god! Dogster? Is that new? That is such a cute web site. Deneb and I are sooo on it!

  79. My hubby calls that a ‘lil potato belly’

  80. Semi-related comment…
    I visited Go Fug Yourself, which appears to be a collection of Celebrity Faux Pas. The comments about Tom Cruise were all funny (‘cos they’re true). But on the whole, y’know, I don’t give a p00t what the movie people wear; and for the love of Petey, why would I ever go there when all the FLOOF is right here?

  81. Nice reminnder of zerberts here too – thanks!

    And, uh, what is a jack russell/pug mix called? Jug? Rug? Pussell? (ewwww to the last one)

  82. I think “Jack Pug” will do. Where’s that comment up there… oh here (RavRoberta):

  83. *lmao* I am glad I brought back the zerbet for you guys… it is my favorite past time to do to my cats & husband and yes you can get past the fur with effort just watch out for the claws… from the cats not the husband…

    oh & Jaypo …furbert?! THAT is absoulute gigglicious! Thank you…

  84. bunnyhunny says:

    I had never heard the word “zerbert” before today. In my family those are called “farty noises on the belly,” (we’re not big on brevity in my family) and are regularly given to both human and animal babies. I’m so glad that I know a word for it now. Cute Overload is cute AND educational!

  85. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yay! Other folks who know what a “zerbert” is!

    Look at those big brown eyes…!

  86. ka9q's wife says:

    my family used to call zerberts boofahs, i am not quite sure why. My cousin you just have to say the word and she giggles for 15 minutes.

  87. displayname says:

    A little Gollum belly!
    My precious…

  88. Extremely silly site here,, where actual spam email subject lines are turned into cartoons. This one’s going right into this thread…

  89. Thanks, Theo. *Another* site to get addicted to. I’ve been snickering at those for the past half-hour.

  90. Just lost my 9 year old pug…sooo sad…and this lifted my spirits …what kind of pup is it …from the comments it’s a jack russel pug cross????

    you made me smile

  91. cuuuuuuuute! I love it!

  92. Elizabeth says:

    is that a puggle?

  93. pooch a belly

    belly BELLY bellykins

    *snarf*! the belly

    gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh oh belly belly belly *rub* *rubbins*

  94. Okay, okay. I give in. Just don’t look at me like this. Where do I have to sign?

  95. craftapalooza says:

    OMG! Of all the sites I check every day, I check this one and GFY first of all! They’re my two favorites! And you linked to GFY! My life is complete. 🙂

  96. Did anyone notice the sillouhette of what looks to be a scorpion on the wall?

    Of course not!

    Too busy lookin’ at tha cute.

  97. awww this is sooo cute

  98. kaycee says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh hunni it’s soooooooo cute i go crazy over dogs

  99. melanie says:

    Holy mother of God!!! this baby is
    f-ing ridiculously cute. smoosh!