"Tommy, say hello to Winston. Let’s be nice. Winston’s a prickly fellow at first, but his beady eyes are just the same as yours."

[My friend’s Dad used to hiss "LBN!!!" to his fighting daughters growing up. They did not have beady eyes, BTW.]


Shout out to Cliff H. and Wesleyan-attending photo submitter Lynn. 😉



  1. adorababy says:

    hi mousey! hi ms. hog!

  2. “Dude! Sweet ‘do!”

  3. adorababy says:

    oh thats a rat… still hung over from the rabbit cocktail

  4. man, those hedgies get aROUND! computer savvy, hangin w/the cats & the mice, swimming in olympic pools. i want the hedgie life.

  5. someone had a nice manicure…

  6. heehee. That rat could be in for a *big* surprise…

  7. WhiskerOverload

  8. Kris, in New England says:

    Never really thought about hedgies before now – amazing little creatures.

  9. Kris, in New England says:

    Oh – is that Wesleyan in Middletown, CT? The daughter of one of my closest friends goes there – pets are HUGE on that campus. Rachel has the most adorable guinea pig…

  10. how huge? can she ride the gin-piggie?

  11. 1: Winston looks *so* trusting, but I’m not at all sure about Tommy.

    2: Hedgehog ears!!!

    3. Damn, those kids in CT don’t know how good they have it, being able to have *legal* hedgehogs…

  12. Winston the hedgehog is cute… but I bet Tommy the rat is way more cuddly.

  13. I can’t believe I’m gauging cheek puff on a rat. What have I become?

  14. Courtney says:

    I hope they can be friends!!!

    That rattie has a *sweet* face.

  15. Oh… the hedgehog looks all shy and timid!! what an adorable face… still don’t want to snorgle a hedgie though.

  16. Hedgie’s thinking: “Damn, they’re outsourcing my job as a croquet ball.”

    (Aubrey, I know you’ll get it.)

  17. Answer to snorgling comments: hedgehog *ears* and *nose*!! (And they’re not as pointy as you think – more like a stiffish brush.)

    And yeah – more Lewis Carrol fans… – http://education.powys.gov.uk/english/literacy_special/images/alice_flamingo.jpg

  18. Holy crap, it’s Winston and Tommy. On Foss hill. Snorgling. Wesleyan has arrived.

  19. YAY!!!! for more rattieness on CO. More rats! more rats! more rats!

  20. Received, processed and appreciated, Laurie!

    Still waiting for the flamingos, however…

  21. Hey, I get the Alice In Wonderland references too…

  22. Sorry, Theo, I forgot to give props to the Mad Hatter.

  23. beware the jabberwock, my son! the jaws that bite, the claws that catch! beware the jub-jub bird, and shun the frumious bandersnatch!

  24. LOOKOUT, Winston, it’s WORMTAIL!

    Voldemort must be nearby!

    Rats get such a bad rap….

  25. And the link was lovely, EC: Tenniel is Perennial

    And Theo, it’s lunch time where I am – maybe it is were you are too. So duckie, have a ham sandwich and enjoy those props!

  26. Laurie — YEEP.

  27. Annalisa says:

    rock on, it’s winston! we love you, winston. wesleyan HAS arrived.

  28. Meg, you are on a roll today. First the baby pup, then the bunny in a cup, now this one! You rock!

    I would like to propose two new rules of cuteness
    1. Hedgehog profiles.
    2. Different species of animal interacting. That’s seriously one of my favorite sights to watch!!

    P.S. Is this the same location as puppy heaven?

  29. Theo, I can imagine the hedgehog making that exact sound. Expecially when he realizes the rat will work for fewer kernels of corn than he gets.

  30. Not just hedgehog profiles – hedgehog *anything.*

  31. marty,
    1. i too love the prrrrrrofile.
    2. see rule of cuteness #4. although it specifies “flopping babies,” i think it can be stretched to include most interspecies interactions.
    jack’s no longer a kitten, but i still call him a BABY

  32. “corn”

    Nah, Winston hearts mealies (wurmz). He’s insecetivorous, chaps and chapessess.

  33. Oops! Extra “e” in “insectivorous.”

  34. I love it!!!!!!! The only thing that kills it is the hands, but I wouldn’t want the mousie to get pricked either, soooooooo, it ROCKS!!!!!!

  35. Worryworryworryworryworryworry

    I’m sure they got along *just* fine! 😉

  36. Theo – I love Foamy but haven’t checked the site out for a while. Thanks for the refresher!

  37. Winston’s my hedgehog–he eats mostly kitten chow, btw.

    Wooot, Foss Hill, Wesleyan represent!

  38. This may sound weird, but I’m obsessed with rats. They’re such cool creatures. I live in NYC and seeing them in an alley at night is like seeing deer in a field in the countryside. It’s our version of wildlife. Keep the pocket pets coming. (Especially the guinea pigs.)

  39. oh, my god. it’s happened.

    hello tommy! hello winston!

  40. addendum: Meg, you have been voted for for Wesleyan Student Assembly as a rep for the class of 08.

  41. ahhhhh…a rattie comes to Cute Overload at long last…i have a dozen (eek!)…they’re so clever, silly, sweet & affectionate – very interested in interacting with their people, not in escaping like many pocket-type pets, they’re litter-box trainable, smart as cats & dogs, such little dearies!!

  42. Yay for winston and tommy and foss hill and wesleyan! AWW!

  43. Yay for Lewis Carroll references. *love*

  44. Holly,

    You’re luckier than you know. Hedgies are illegal in my state.


    Glad Winston’s got a good mom, though!

  45. mischievousmadchen says:

    Marty…I tewwwtally agree about the inter-species bonding pics…way cute!

    Here’s one to start us off…cat-dog snorging to the max…


  46. Ahh! I’m a current Wesleyan student and totally obsessed with this website. It has actually inspired me to get my own hedgehog! Unfortunately, they outlawed critters here at Wes this year so I’ll hafta be sneaky… :/

  47. it’s hilarious how many wesleyan students read this page. apparently we have a thing for cute?

    xue, i expect to see huey pop up here soon.

  48. Ah, one master invasive species meets another.

    Ratty: Someday your kind will be found on every continent, just like ours.

    Hedge: [reverently] Wow….

    Ratty: And together, we will make all these hairless apes into OUR pets.

    Hedge: Bare skin is soooo cuuuute!

  49. MMC — that link with the photo series of the collie and tabby?? …WOW. My *melter* just melted.

    Carl — heh… the *new* Pinky & The Brain.

  50. Holy snuggle-rama, MMC, is that for real?!

    Sure that’s not computer animated or something?

    Can’t be sure if I’m experiencing aCute Overload, or just general Discombobulation!

  51. mischievous madchen says:

    OMG…Theo…I know. I could not stand the level of cuteness…just imagining the cat completely covered in doggy drool and somehow loving every minute of it!

  52. ka9q's wife says:

    Meg do you ever sleep? I mean this is serial cuteness and it is not even 6 pm here.

  53. mischievousmadchen says:

    – Carl-
    As far as I know…they are really pals…

  54. Aww are they gonna smooch?

  55. little miao says:

    Such a pretty little rattie and a friendly little hedgie. Awwww….

  56. i’ve never seen a real hedgie but too cute! i’ve seen a real mouse or rat though that was running around my old apartment…tried to eat my cookies but still cute!

  57. “Hedge: Bare skin is soooo cuuuute!”

    Carl, this is sooooo Rule # Something-Or-Other. Meg, are you listening? New rule time!

  58. Meg, you have no idea what cuteoverload means to me, as well as to many of my wesleyan peers. We are obsessed and you are our (cuteover)lord.

  59. Laura E. says:

    Wesleyan Class of 1995 here : ). Was the picture taken on campus? Kind of looks like it might be behind Fayerweather, though I can’t quite tell.

  60. LBN 😀

    My dad’s version of that with my sister and me was “eri läjään!” which translates to “separate piles”. 😉

    p.s. It’s in Finnish…

  61. YAY! A RATTIE! W00t! Way 2 go!

  62. Gillian Schnider says:

    OMG. second.cutest.rat.ever.

    Looks just like my little Bitsy did, rest her kissy-faced rodent soul.

  63. I thought of “Wind in the Willows” when I saw these two. . .Possibly discussing Mr. Toad’s latest escapade.

  64. RavishingRoberta says:


  65. RavishingRoberta says:

    lazyj…..A DOZEN?????

  66. RavishingRoberta,

    Rats are incredibly social creatures. They need at least one same-gender (or spay/neuter if opposite genders) buddy to really thrive and be a happy rattie. Also, living with such darling rats inevitably leads their humans to a syndrome called G.M.R (Get More Rats). It’s unavoidable. 🙂

  67. Annalisa says:

    laura e: it’s on foss hill.

  68. that mouse looks soooo cute! his coat looks like chcolate!

  69. littlegator says:

    Rats rule!

  70. Wow, the muddy season must finally be over : ).

  71. Go Tommy! Finally a rat on CO! I have six. Best pets I’ve ever had. But Star, the syndrome is GGMR (Gotta Get More Rats)! or is that the advanced stages?

  72. Angela, I guess we can each call it whatever the heck we like as long as it involves the Getting and Having of More Precious Rattie-ness. 🙂

  73. Yay for rats! We need more of ’em on here!

    Best pets I’ve ever had, they’re like little dogs!

  74. where can you get a hedgehog? Casue I want one bad.

  75. How can people not see the superior cuteness qualities in rats over other rodents?
    They infiltrated the world, now they’re working on your hearts. 😉 Lettheminnow, you know it makes sense!

  76. hedgehogs. are. adorable.

  77. aww! (hugs) ouchie! so cute! (snugles) owiwe! little dainty paws! (snorgles) owowow! *continues untill covered with little spine bumps)

    AWWWWW!!!!! still so cute!

  78. rouftop says:

    Go Wes Hedgehogs! Cuter than Amherst’s any day.

  79. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I have always wanted a rat, sadly they are illegal to keep as pets here 😦