This just in! There she is…. Miss Amerrrrica!

Captiacn10704242021beautiful_bulldog_iacCaptiacn10604242131aptopix_beautiful_bulThe 22nd Annual Most Beautiful Bulldog contest was held yesterday in Des Moines, IA. The winner holds the title of Official Mascot for Drake University.

And the crown went to Hannah! Followed by runners-up from impersonators of the Bulldog Village People.

Oh, and Bulldog fans, check out Bulldogster.

Thanks for sending in, Gabbi! Gracias to Yahoo News.



  1. I’m a drake grad! this is so cool!!

  2. That dog has a bottle of crown royal on her head.

  3. I bet her cheek pads are soft too.

  4. This pooch out-droops Droopy.

  5. Good gosh, she’s got an eerie resemblance to the Queen. Anyone think?? Or is it just me?

  6. Wow – made me laugh out loud!

    The captions, the captions….

  7. “Or is it just me?”

    Walkies! (Must be what QE2 sez 2 her corgis.)

    i.e., I concur.

  8. Hello, I´ve sent 2 pics to you. I´d like to know if you received them and if they are going to be post! Thanks!

  9. Hey… I submitted this a while ago! rrr…

  10. M elikes bulldogs!!!!!!!!! Sooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  11. Nice portrait shot there, A thinker. Here’s one (recent) of the Queen wearing her coronation crown; probably taken at the Houses of Parliament:

    Which more or less validates your original comparison – and in no way am I meaning to dis the Queen.

    Meanwhile, I’m thinking “What strange comments we leave here…”

  12. E.C., very good! I was going to look for a better one from that angle with a crown, but actually am trying to work.

    You are so right. We extrapolate widely from pics of cute animals. I dunno about you all, but it’s the most fun I have all day (that says a lot about me!)

  13. Me too, A thinker. (On both counts.)

  14. The crown notwithstanding, I’m not seeing the queen thing – but there is a definite Churchillian aura going on here.

  15. Aubrey, it is a well-known fact that all bulldogs and all babies look like Winston Churchill. Thank you so much for deflecting from the comments about the Queen. I was starting to feel kind of sorry for her.

  16. You’re reading it amiss – it’s the crown.

    No mean intention on my part, and I seriously doubt A thinker meant anything unkind.

  17. This is Cute Overload – where no one is unkind!

    Where EVERYONE is amused!

  18. Indeed. We *are* amused. (By penguin sweaters in particular.)

    Our tastes are simple. We yearn for “common” life.

    And so we hereby designate Cute Overload as official purveyor of Cuteness™ to the Crown. (And the Queen™, too.)

  19. oh cute princess with posh dress!! here is Japanese version cute overload called “Pet files” and meet your sweetheart! Hope you like it!

  20. Royalist says:

    I think she looks more Barbara Bush.

  21. EC, I didn’t think you were being unkind, it’s also a fact that the royal family has some of the most unfortunate DNA around. I like the “official purveyor of Cutenss” a lot. I think the coat of arms should have a kitten rampant.

  22. I love the Queen! just for the record.

  23. she released a record? crikey.

  24. OK, gotta stop commenting, but pheral: LOL!!

  25. Pheral — that’s nuthin. There’s dogs playing D&D in another post here somewhere.

  26. Oh — and Pheral? Thinker? You already *know* the album.

  27. “I think the coat of arms should have a kitten rampant.”

    I would prefer a hedgehog rampant, with a bunny somewhere, too. (I know that’s not the language of heraldry, but it’s too early in the day…)

  28. Ah, Theo, yes. Had forgot. Good point.

  29. um, i think these doggies are ugly. not in a damning way, but in the so-ugly-that-pity-makes-them-cute way.

  30. The responsbility of Most Beautiful Bulldog weighs heavily on Hannah. Oh wait, it’s that darn crown that weighs heavily! She already looks worried!
    (I LOVE furrowed brows.)

  31. She looks more like the late Queen Mum than anything. I love the drool from the Trooper’s tongue!

  32. Ahhh – please, not the Queen Mum. No. She was cuter, and she didn’t have to wear that humongous crown. (Still, I can see your point.)

    Drool: Yeah. 🙂

  33. Bulldogs are cute. Not in a pity way either. Maybe they don’t have the prettiest face, but they make up for it in personality and wrinkles.

    But I’m biased, because my baby is a bully.

  34. okay, maggiebelle, that pic is preshuss

  35. A big “AWWWW” to MaggieBelle!!

  36. Virginie says:

    Ah! ah! ah! too funny!!

  37. Doggies playing D&D?? Fantastic! That’s one player we failed to involve in our live d&d last year, we should have had a cat in a robe or something (with a little mini sword! aw.) 😛
    And lol at the record, so true, so true.


    (tabby place, tabby place, tabby place, tabby place….)

  39. YEESSSSSSSSSSSS! (hey, that sounded way dodgier than you screaming NOOO. i protest. why did i have to scream the dodgy version?)

    and why was almost that entire comment in brackets? yeesh.

  40. …ad when i said ‘that comment’, i meant ‘this comment’, meaning my comment, not yours. Am i making any sense here? I’ve not had any Dr Pepper today, that might be the problem.

  41. This is what LARP does to brain matter, man.
    By the way, can you help me locate these?

  42. lmfao! why, actually, yes! i have tewtelly’s in my bedroom currently. along with tewdvdplayers, tewvideoplayers and FIVE ZILLION other pieces of random useless electronics.


  43. again, LOL @ pheral. SOOOOO funny.