Narcaleptic Bunnage

Baby bun: [drowsily] "Kronche. Snorg. Kronche-kronche. Honk-shuuu"

<2 minutes later>

"Kronche, kronche. Kronche-monche. Kronche-shu."

<5 minutes later>





  1. It’s always a good idea to sleep by your food (or in this case, on it). Never know when you might wake up and need a snack.

  2. aaah! the ultimate in cute wordity! the sleepy bunny!

  3. oh my gosh

    that’s one of those little tiny baby carrots isn’t it

  4. primero!!!!

  5. Ruckachoni says:

    Tooooo sweet! See the precious little back foot!?!

  6. “Kronche-shu”!!!

  7. itsabecky says:

    this is so rule #14. *snorgle*

  8. Have you ever been just too tired to chew? I have! But I’m not that cute about it!

  9. Gail Book says:

    It’s narcOleptic, not “a”. This is from the office so I don’t want to make a big production number out of it,thanks.

  10. Jan Spencer says:

    Awww…bun bun is sleepy, yet hungry…awww!

  11. “hey I don’t know about you guys but chewing is exhausting.”

    -Teeny Bun

  12. Gail — no problem. It’s hard to make a big production number out of sloppy spellings, on a site where we make up our own vocabulary daily, anyway.

  13. Tiny bunbun? With a mini-carrot that’s still bigger than its ears? That’s it. I’m going home.

  14. ariel, in fact also an idle receptionist says:

    it’s funny that this site makes it hard for some folks to work. this is the main reason i COME to work!

  15. There’s some “schweet kronsche-ing” going on here… what an anerable little bun (yup, my spelling has gone RIGHT out the window!).

  16. About half the time, lately, I’d rather that this site *was* my work.

  17. *sigh* what a beautiful world that would be, eh Theo?

  18. Bunny… bun-bun… sleeping… reverting to 2 years old… EEEeeeeeee

  19. ariel, in fact also an idle receptionist says:

    theo & thinkie, if you mean you wish you could get paid to moosh around on this site all day, then i am LIVIN it.

  20. is that so wrong?

  21. Ariel Idle — I’m betting that the signature on your paycheck isn’t Meg’s, though.

  22. weeeellll…

    I have to admit, this site probably sucks the lion’s share of my non-productive working time.

    *sigh*. I think I’m cute-addicted.

  23. true, but my time here is funded.

  24. v1ctorya says:

    You mean you haven’t yet discovered the comfort of the carrot pillow?

    Too cutesie-pie. Such a tiny little thingie.

  25. I think this bun is sleeping with one eye barely open just in case someone tries to steal his carrot. He is thinking “I rule this carrot. Nobody better approach it.” Can’t you just see the steely determination in that teensy weensy slit of an eye?

  26. I was just telling my boyfriend about this narcoleptic dachshund I saw on tv the other day and thinking about how cute (and yeah, sad) it would be if my rabbit was narcoleptic.

    That dachshund was amazing, if it got too excited, it would fall asleep. They would open up a can of wet dog food and he’d be jumping around, begging for food, and then he would look tired and immediately fall asleep.

  27. nyaaaa! THIS IS TOO CUTE FOR WORDS ;D (and i know i sound dumb, but WHAT’S HONK-SHU? it’s popping up everywhere on CuteOverload.)

  28. honk-shu is a teensy snore sound. check the glossary for a full explanation. if i could put a link i would.

  29. And Ariel — all ya gotta do is copy-&-paste the whole URL onto its own line (or at least make sure there’s whitespace on either end of it). There’s nothing mysterious about it.

  30. Viv,
    I believe honk-shu is snoring!! 😉 and to these comments I must add: “snorgle snorgle zzzzzzzzzz”- I want to snuggle him til I sleep!

  31. I’m still at work. I’ve just looked at this picture again. But I don’t think how much more of this Cuteness Concentrate I can take.

    Is it possible to get a Cuteness headache?

  32. Muffin Head says:

    I melt into 6 year old when I look at this picture!! Yippie!!

  33. A Fine Morsel says:

    Excruciatingly adorable bunnage. I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around all day long.

  34. BTW Theo, thanks so much for the cuteness glossary!! There were a term or two I couldn’t figure out! ( I know, duh.)

  35. [grins]

  36. Hee hee! Such a little love.

    I feed baby bunnies at a wildlife rehab center, and I can attest to their UNBELIEVABLE ADORABLENESS! If you have never seen one lick away formula with its teeny, tiny pink tongue, you just haven’t lived.

  37. juliette says:

    best. meg commentary. ever.

  38. Zelda, I Want Your Job. Or your volunteer gig, whatever it is.

  39. Juliette, I agree!
    Thinker – it’s a volunteer gig (St. Paul, MN). I also feed baby sqirrels (mostly Eastern Gray Squirrels, sometimes feisty teeny Red squirrels). I walk dogs at a local humane society. Oh, and “work” too at my real job (i.e., reading this unbelievably addictive site every freakin’ day).

  40. I’m not sure he’s sleeping – i think the ‘carrot’ is actually a bunny harmonica.

  41. McKimchi says:

    I want to get a bunny.

    Are they hard to care for?
    Do they make poopy messes that are harder to clean up than a dog or cat?

  42. Check out the House Rabbit Society’s web site, McKimchi.

  43. Tony James says:

    I believe that what we are looking at here is not a sleeping bunbun – the attitude of the back leg, and the half-closed eyes, suggest that there is intense effort being expended. There I can only conclude that Monsieur Lapin is *pushing* the carrot. Somewhere to the left of the picture is a passel of woodland folk building a damn, under the instruction of some beavers, and the bunny is delivering construction materials. The exertion aspect *may* (and I stress may – I believe that only Meg can make this call) qualify this as an “enh” moment.

  44. Tony James says:

    Sorry – that should be “dam” and “ehn”.

  45. you can see that little bunny is enjoying it!!! aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. BUN-BUN!

  47. StormCat says:

    Did anyone else notice the little toes sticking out from under the near end of the carrot?? What a doll!!! I’m not crazy about Bun-buns as I’ve had one and they can be alot of work…But this one is so cute!!!

  48. TJ – I think you’re right, and perhaps Cody the Malamute (from a few photos back) was also offering his bone as construction material!

  49. Zelda, believe me, we’re all with you.

    This site is incredibly destructive to work. Let us hope that the employers of the world do not discover that fact and ban it.

  50. Ah, such sweet bunnage! (That’s a reworking of Shakespeare, folks!)

    ( )
    ” “

  51. “…that I shall snorg thy pelt till I inhale a tonnage?”

  52. Can someone experience The Cutest Image Ever, The Best Use of Onomatopaea AAAAANNNDDD The Most Perfectest Outrageous Frawnshe Accent ALL AT THE SAME TIME and still have the will to live?

  53. And truly, there is no sweeter sound than the kronche of a carrot in a bunbun’s velvety, baggy little mouth!!!

    And my bunny used to snore, no lie.

  54. And lest ye object, fair viewers, report again
    and again for funnage.

  55. christabean says:

    It is a very cute bunny, but to me he looks a little under the weather. 😦 Maybe just a long day? His fur’s a little clumpy when you look at the big picture. I think he’s too baby for carrots, the little guy probably wants some milk!

  56. i simply cannot take it….it’s just too too much precious in such a small package ~~ sigh ~~

  57. I didn’t think “honk-shu” could be made cuter… and then comes the “Kronche-shu”.

    I now stand corrected.

  58. Meg is a black belt. None withstand her Kronsche Fu.

  59. thith ith nutsth

  60. I want to pet that bunny sooooooo badly.

    Sooooooo, sooooo, badly. Dang bunny. So tempting.

  61. “Did anyone else notice the little toes sticking out from under the near end of the carrot??”

    Wait, the carrot has toes???

  62. (not to bring down the room, but) I wish these cutsie pics of baby wild rabbits would stop showing up. Baby buns have 97/98 percent mortality rate if they are removed from the nest. they are cute yeah, but more delicate than most people imagine….This rabbit is no more than a few days old.

  63. [bunny] Snnnnnnnnng….

    [squeal from across the room] OMG! [dash, snag, snorgle]

    [bunny] hey, what are doing?!

    [wild snorgling sound]

    [bunny] help me someone, all my fur’s being loved off!

    [stoopid crazy snorgling sound] [fade]

    Moral: sometimes ‘cute’ makes for an ugly scene….

  64. My word, how the comments section has been booming lately. Meg just winds us up like a toy and sets us whirling. What fun.

  65. Dustbunny says:

    “Kronche. Snorg. Kronche-kronche. Honk-shuuu” — hey, I understood all that, which means I speak Bunny! Who sez the internet isn’t educational?!

  66. MrKimchi,

    Rabbits can be excellent house pets. They aren’t messy, they can be litter trained but they will try to chew on things (cords, wood molding).


    Let’s hope that the bunnies here are from house rabbits, not wild ones.

  67. AMEN MIA!
    I actually function as an “educator/fosterer” for the Cleveland/Akron chapter of the House Rabbit Society. You won’t find a better pet! You haven’t lived until you have witnessed the “Happy Dance”!

  68. That bunny’s not sleepy.
    It’s dying. It needs the resusitating power of LOVE.

  69. Tony James says:

    “It’s dying. It needs the resusitating power of LOVE.”

    NURSE! 1500cc of snorgle STAT!

  70. chet's momma says:

    hey everybody! the Daily Kitten is back! whoo hoo!

    check it out!

  71. BUNNEH!

    Man, I wish my boxer were narcoleptic…Sigh.

  72. Is that bunny using that carrot as a chin pillow?

  73. Chet’s momma, woo hooo! Thanks. Been jonesin’ for that waaayyy too long!

  74. Futilemind is right. Wild rabbit babies have an extremely high mortality rate when removed from their nest, mostly due to stress. They’re prone to seizures.

    I work at a the local zoo and see far too many bunnies that are unnecessarily orphaned by humans.

    If you find baby bunnies alone in your yard – please leave them! 99% of the time the mother is just a yard away. They make their nests in plain sight, and only feed their young in the early morning and in the evening.

    Yes, they’re adorable, but best not to touch.

  75. Midnight snack attacks might sneak up on you, best to have a carrot around if it does so.

  76. June: That is a wild rabbit, I thiiiink the rest of us just have common knowledge of what a wild rabbit looks like and what a domestic pet rabbit looks like.

    Ali + Futilmind: I agree wholeheartedly. I want to see these guys in the grass not on carpet.

  77. The bunny was probably abandoned! =). and now it has carrots and luuuuuv! =).

  78. The bunny was probably abandoned! =). and now it has carrots and luuuuuv! =).

  79. Lets not argue NOW! I think we should comcentrate on this animals cuteness, even though it is a bunny is wild, there is no need to argue.:)

  80. christabean says:

    Even if he’s a pet bunny with wild-type coloration, he does not look healthy. Look at the clumpy fur, the non-shiny eye, and the posture. He’s not curled up but he’s not fully awake. My first thought was that it didn’t look as healthy as other baby bunnies I’ve seen at that age. (Lucky me, a friend of a friend breeds rexes and angoras!)

    Honestly, though… blogs and forums *thrive* on this stuff.

  82. OK, look (literally):

    That is a *pet* rabbit, not a wild one. *Lots* of *pet* rabbits have this coat color – in bunny-techspeak, it’s called “agouti.”

    They haven’t bread all the wild out of ’em yet, and as nice as some of the other (selectively bred) coat colors are, agouti’s my first choice.

    Now, let’s just leave the lil’ fella alone with his carrot. Cool?

    ( )
    ” “

  83. Woods walker says:

    I don’t know about you guys ,but I’ve had problems avoiding bunnies crossing the street at night in my vehicle. I even saw a poor bunny get eaten by a subcompact car once, driven by a pizza delivery guy. The mess he had to clean out of his engine.-Woods Walker

  84. It’s prolly important to remember two things.

    1) Folks here don’t just love cute pictures, we love cute *critters* and we all want the best for them. Tellin’ us not to take wild bunnies out of the wild is kinda preachin’ to the choir. But I’ve been in choir for a long time. I’m used to it.

    2) Warnings like the ones we’ve seen about not taking bunnies out of the wild *are* probably important fodder for a site like this. While I like to think Great North American Moron sitings are rare on CuteO, it’s still a very common species, and lest anyone thing we *want* them to go grab their backyard wildlife and stick it in front of a camera, it’s good to remind them not to.

    All that said, there’s no need to get alarmist to perform a useful public service. And there’s no need for the choir to throw their hymnals if they’ve already heard the sermon. 😛

  85. If anyone wants info. on *what to do (or not) about “orphaned” wild rabbits,* see here:

    Perhaps this could be added somewhere as a permanent link? There have been too many previous blow-ups over “Stop! That’s a wild bunny” already – though I’m sure all of us understand the concern, some of those posts have been a tad on the hysterical side.

    The House Rabbit Society has the skinny, and that’s one of the best places to check.

  86. Q for Meg: Is “bunnage” pronounced with a Frawnch accent, or plain old American-style?

    Enquiring minds and all that…

  87. Wow. When i first saw the pic i thought it was really cute. After reading the comments i realized that it probably is a wild bunny who is dying. I think it is important for people to post about the true nature of a picture so we aren’t blindly fawning over things that might actually be rather tragic.

  88. Stef: maybe, maybe not. Read the comments too.
    The photo *is* cute.

  89. Stef, I wouldn’t (err) jump to conclusions in this case…

    Am not anything close to an expert on buns, but my guess is that this is a teeny-tiny domestic rabbit, taken out of the nest for a quick “cute” shot and then put right back in with its mom.


  90. christabean says:

    I didn’t mean to make people feel BAD about the bunny, I mean he’s cute, just cute-sad. I was scrolling through the adorable bunny section and the difference between this little guy and all the sleek, bright-eyed other babies was pretty glaring, in my subjective opinion. But hopefully he’s just squinting at the flash and mama is between washings and an hour later he was lookin’ great. (We need a picture of him an hour later, lookin’ great!)

  91. I think i was a little strong with my words in the previous comment. I just think it’s helpfull to see things in another perspective. It seems to me there is just as good of a chance that the bunny is sick as it being tired/sleeping. =) (also looking back at other photos of wild bunnies, this one is strikingly similar – note ears…) *shrug*

  92. Ok, following up with my obsessive nature, i have looked into wild rabbits online and i’m pretty sure that this is an eastern cottontail which is a wild rabbit.

  93. um as someone that grew up on a farm we had cottontailed bunnies as pets. a brown bunny does not mean wild.

  94. Now thats a cute bunny 🙂
    Wish I could wake up with my food right in front of me…

    Btw, post nr 100! 🙂

  95. “a brown bunny does not mean wild.”

    Tage tak, teetah!

    Like, the coat color is called “agouti,” dude!

  96. And (just supposin’), the cottontail “litter of eight young” pic:

    I think the ultra-cute bunnage above is a domestic rabbit. Don’t know for sure, but it’s a gut feeling. He looks different than the wild ‘unz.

    Will some lagomorph specialist come to the rescue, please? 😉

  97. ka9q's wife says:

    lagomorph is rabbit shaped, lagologist maybe, or perhaps lagophile. How can you tell its little eyes are not shiney when they are closed?
    as long as i am nit picking Narcoleptic

    god i can be so OC for someone with ADD

  98. haha thankyou for the explanations & the glossary link. honk-shuuu!

  99. Trond Helge — OK, that was funny, in a structural way.

  100. JustJohn says:

    That is one little snugglicious fluffinator.

  101. Errrr, just one more “soap box” comment…this is a 3-5 day eastern cottantail…not domestic. Agouti would explain the color, but not the body shape. Peace ;D

  102. Strangely enough, the biggest lagomorph specialist consortium on the web is called “Lagomorph Specialist.”

    Which has nothing to do with anything in particular, I suppose.

  103. “with poring eye/ I gazed, myself creating what I saw.”

    I don’t think there’s much objectively verifiable fact to be had in this image folks. It’s obviously arguable either way, and your eye will find what you want to see.

    I don’t come here for objective reasons anyway.

    Cuteness is Truth and Truth Cuteness. That is all ye know on CuteO, and all ye need to know.

    (I do care about the wild fuzzies and their health, but I’ve already said that. I think *all* of us do.)

  104. [Raises hand shyly]

    Please, Sir? I just like the pictures, sir.

  105. Sorry for *all these comments,* but – maybe he’s saying “Schorgooo, schnorgooo, schnorgoo…” [Eyes closing as I type.]

  106. 1) Cottontails and domestic rabbits are genetically isolated. They are different species and cannot interbreed.

    2) That could easily be a baby domestic bunny; it’s young enough that differences in body structure aren’t necessarily discernable in just a single (albeit VERY PROSH) photo.

    3) Awww my pet bunny once looked just like that.

    4) My bunny (like some other domestic bunnies) never completely closes her eyes when she sleeps. Some bunnies, on the other hand, are so relaxed they conk out on their backs 🙂

  107. Aaaannnnd…*none of us will ever know*. And none of us (presumably) are actually responsible for the situation this photo depicts. So folkers, let’s just enjoy the pic, eh? not as a comment on the suitability of rearing wild rabbits, or any such thing. For all we know, this might have been a perfectly legit rescue situation anyway. Peace.

  108. Aaaannnnndddd – this bun loks relaxed. The hind leg stretch is one sign of a contented bun.


  109. Aaaannnnndddd – this bun looks relaxed. The hind leg stretch is one sign of a contented bun.


  110. Robert M. says:

    …And then comes food/nap time, which is my favorite time of them alllll!…

  111. June, Louie2… don’t make ElfOwl turn this car around…

  112. I’ve had to take in a wild baby rabbit which my cats brought in: Wild rabbits have a life expectancy of 1-2 years, domestics 7-9 & can live to 14 because of the protection and care that can be provided. I’m not saying people should go and take in wild rabbits though! (If you want one PLEASE go to a sanctuary because loads get abandoned.) The other thing is that bunny looks ever so happy and relaxed. June obviously loves her rabbit. The only thing that worries me is that, that is a lot of carrot to give it in one go: They love them because they are sweet (same with apples- watch the pips, they’re poisonous) but they don’t know when to stop and can get Bloat really easily, particularly when they are so young as they have such delicate digestive systems.

  113. Shnikey’s! Can’t we all just get along.

    My apologies…i had not intended my comment to wee-wee on anyone? Honest. (i just get a little lagamorph protective ;D)

  114. Oh.


  115. Uh, there’s a VERY cute bunny in a drink glass up now! Anyone?

  116. No thanks, I [URP!] …I’ve had plenty.

  117. EEP! Non-cute vibes going on.

    *steeeers* to another thread…

  118. haaaaay sschtheo, lass go sit in thuhhhhhyard

  119. [head throbbing] …oh like I could *find* the yard like this. You *still* pounding the bunnycreams, girl?

    Hey, did somebody say this place had a tower, though? Coulda sworn…

  120. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
    baaaaad graaaaaammaaaaaar!

  121. make it stop!

  122. Okay, that does it. Everyone out of this car RIGHT now. Yer all WALKING home. 😛

  123. LBN

  124. ka9q's wife says:

    Ok i got it. It helps to look things up before you get all nit picky…err start picking nits..err get persnickity, lagomorph is the order that rabbits belong to along with hares and pikas. Pikas look like a cross between a bunny and a hamster with tons of BEF thrown in. They are really cute but only live in cold climates.

    As for negative comments about this and other posts please stop harshing my cute buzz.

  125. Ariel… you beat me to it.
    By the way, I musta missed ya out in the yard, there.

  126. HEY! I may have to go back to work if this continues.

    Luv the site…i did not mean to darken the water with my initial post…

    (k, i’m dense, but what is BEF?)

  127. futilemind: that there’s the beady eye factor, which one must take into consideration when ranking cuteness.
    theo: you know that gurgly, snoring log you tripped over?

  128. I second the LBN. ^.^

  129. I third, fourht, fifth, seventh, ninth, elevety-oneth it, dude. (Err, “Stef.”)


  130. Oh, please ‘scuse my typos…

  131. And “eleventy-one” is a real number. 😉

  132. Beady Eye Factor!!! Of course! I did eleventy-one searches, but couldn’t find BEF! =P

  133. Ariel… oooooops. Sorry bout that.

    F’Mind — here you go:

  134. NOW IT’S ALL STARTING TO MAKE SENSE!!!!! Thank you!

  135. lovely lovely bun lovely lovely bun lovely lovely bun lovelylovelylovelylovelylovely

    ( )
    ” “

  136. RRRRight…i have to go now. I need to realign my karma or something. great site!

  137. BUNNEH!

  138. PLEASE, take it OUTSIDE.

    Or we will have to call the comment-spam kops. We hate having to do that.

  139. Actually, sometimes I like it.

  140. Me, too, but I didn’t want to admit to that…

  141. L.B.N., all (see top of C.O. home page).

  142. Well, I’m off to dinner. (I guess somebody better tell Hammy.)
    Meanwhile, you kids work it out, or Papa Theo will bring the [scowl] down on your whiney hineys.
    E.C. — have a YAY!

  143. Don’t worry Theo, if you’re gone I know that you’re at dinner, no worries! Thanks for the heads up though!

  144. Thanks, Theo – glad to!

    [Scowls at people fighting in backseat.]

  145. mmm…I’ve been away three hours and this is *still* going on. *sigh* this too shall pass…but the cuteness remains.

  146. Plus ça change, plus plus c’est la même chose.

    Après moi le Deluge.

    Sur la pont d’Avignon…


    (Yes, I know it’s nonsensical. Silliness wins in the end.)

  147. Quite, EC: silliness walks the walk AND talks the talk.

    Cripes, I hadn’t visited this post in a day – I HAD NO IDEA this was going on.

    I didn’t know this was the argument department!

  148. Chantez, chantez une chanson, chantez dehors fort, chantez hors de fort. Chantez des bonnes choses, non mauvais. Chantez d’heureux, non triste.

    Les services de traduction automatisés ne sont pas très bons au lyrique de chanson.

    Dinner was yummy.

  149. mischievous madchen says:

    Whoa…I am exhausted…just read all 162 comments on this post…feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole…

  150. …and the hits just keep on comin’.

  151. Theo – then put down the hookah!

  152. I’ll shake you into a kitten, that’s what I’ll do.

  153. Only if my picture could then be put on CO.

  154. How?

    *collapses from cute*

  155. ka9q's wife says:

    Can i sign up for a flamingo to play croquet with? Oh and i neeeed a hedgehog please for the game as well…frankly i just need the hedgehog you may as well keep the flamingo as the hubby won’t let me have a pond in the back yard and i can’t talk any of my friends into dressing up like cards and pretending to be hoops.

  156. Maybe I’ve come back a bit after the fire, but..


    By no means did I want to try to fuel an arguement! I just like to see wild babies where they should be: outside. Not taken in to be used and photography subjects, only to die a day or so later.

    AND.. I’m not saying that was the case here by any means, I just know how often it does happen.

    Hell. Bunnies ARE cute. Part of the reason I care so much. 🙂

  157. *I* would like the dormouse. And I won’t keep him in a teapot, either.

  158. But it’s a *furnished* studio teapot…

  159. mischievousmadchen says:

    cozy…unpretentious…just right for a young and up and coming dormouse.

  160. DORMICE SHOULD NEVER BE KEPT IN TEAPOTS. Didn’t you know that?

    oops (looking around furtively to see if anyone noticed)

  161. Is that baby carrot bigger than the bunny’s ears? Too cuuute

  162. A thinker, you’ve been caught by A Disapproving Rabbit!

  163. Teapots are fine, as long as they have a dome.

  164. Oh, the scandal! (Get it?)

  165. 1) Don’t tell me, all this staring at the piccy and I am the only one that thinks the carrot looks photoshopped in? (To be homest, I’m not wearing my glasses ATM tehe)

    2) I request that June be banned for use of bad language on what is a family website.

  166. E.C., that is a Most Disapproving Rabbit. I approve of that disapproving rabbit, indeed.

    I did not get the scandal part (in a wee voice feeling stupid)

  167. jenni-joon says:

    People… lest we forget why we are here – LBN (again)! It’s all about the bun bun, no? And Meg et al. work so diligently every day to bring us uber-cuteness! Meg, suggestion: perhaps give June another chance (i.e., no banning)…? Everyone loses their cool sometimes. *shrug*

  168. Kronche-shu… there’s GOT to be some way this is a rule…..

  169. Thinker, E.C. — I uh didn’t get the “scandal” thing either.

    “Me” — re: “Family website” — I dunno, I’d probably rate Cute O “PG” in movie terms (but with subSTANtially better dialog then the Star Wars flix). Depends on your family, of course.

  170. Wot?! Ya never heard of the Teapot Dome scandal? (I kid, I kid, but I did have to study it in HS..)

    Here –

  171. Wow, E.C. You’re *old.*


  172. You will be too, Theo. [Sticks tongue out…]

  173. June, do you *really* want to keep beating that horse? I mean, if you have such a need to talk sh!t, try this place instead:

    …’cause you keep this up, here, and we *will* kick your ass.

  174. Yeeeessss, weee weeel keeeel huuur….

  175. Yeah, nasty language does not for a positive reflection on its user make–or CO popularity, my friend. Gotta point to make, make it elsewise.

    E.C., thanks for the link. I am obviously a history ignoramus (hides head in shame)

  176. jenni-joon says:

    Meg, on second thought, do please scratch my utterly nonsensical suggestion from earlier. Who needs this potty-mouthed stuff? So *not* cute, thank you muchly.

  177. A thinker, I only remember it because of the name – “teapot dome.”

    *Very* high absurdity factor.

  178. It absolutely is.

    Who ever said history was a serious subject. I mean, speaking of tea, the “Boston Tea Party”? Har.

  179. Yep! The Boston Vandalize the [instert adjective here] Riotlet, I think. (In costume, no less.)

  180. And, it contributed to the fact that Americans Don’t Do Tea (properly, anyway–over-generalization, that, nobody get cross). Sad, very sad.

  181. “And, it contributed to the fact that Americans Don’t Do Tea (properly, anyway–over-generalization, that, nobody get cross). Sad, very sad.”

    True, though we finally seem to be “getting” it. (Besides, tea with milk and sugar isn’t – in my book – doing tea properly. In Asia, they drink it straight, which is how I learned and what I prefer, though not with the cheapo stuff.)

  182. BTW, this has gotten too much like the Mad Hatter’s tea party… and it’s not even March!

  183. E.C.: I agree. *Green tea* with milk and sugar is an abomination. But do you drink your black tea, black? If so, that’s your cuppa tea! (har, har). I know a few who do and I’ve been known to when milk isn’t available.

    Virtual tea party! Yay!

  184. Please, don’t be a June Bugged – there are hamsters here and a kitten all hopped up on goofballs! Look on them and BE HAPPY. It’s one of the reasons people visit this site.

  185. I was never good with American History – but the Teapot Dome Scandal just sort of stuck with me. I kind of look on it as some sort of 19th c. naughtiness with a goofy name.

  186. A thinker, yes – I take black teas black. Putting milk in them kills the flavor entirely. (And suger, too – unless the tea has been steeped too long – it needs to be tamed then, I believe.)

    But I love iced tea with lemon and sugar. Go figure!

  187. “Sug*a*r,” not “suger.” Yipes!

  188. Yeah, iced tea’s a different beast altogether.

    Well, this has gone way off-topic, but while we’re at it, Tetley’s British site allows you to compare yourself with other (British) tea-drinkers. Tea totally sans milk, however, is not an option:

  189. (ok, nevermind, nix that, it *is* an option).

  190. It says only 3% of those taking the poll like their tea the way I like mine.

    FWIW, I was once offered tea in an English office – already full of stuff. It would have been rude to refuse, but *nothing* had prepared me for the sugar shock. Somehow I managed to drink most of it down.

  191. 😀 that surprises me. none of the English people I know like sugar in their tea! You must have run across a rare hoard of sugar-maniacs…

  192. No – lots of English people take sugar in their tea. This was “afternoon tea” done by the people with the building’s tea concession. (Nothin’ fancy, that’s for sure.)

  193. ~ah~

  194. adorababy says:

    just came across a suggestion in Orwell’s war journal that tea drinkers who are used to taking it with sugar, should try un-sugared tea for 5 days and they will never go back. there is also a brief passage about snorgling baby rabbits just after the fall of Tabriz

  195. A-Baby — LOL.
    My grandaddy survived the Maginot trenches by peddling baby-badger zerberts to his detachment. Came home a wealthy, happy (though somewhat chewed) man.

    What? You think I made that up?

  196. Theo: Now we know where *you* got it from.

  197. The badgers should have clawed as well. I think Theo’s tellin’ stoooories [in singinsong voice].

  198. “a brief passage about snorgling baby rabbits just after the fall of Tabriz”

    Hee! 😉

    ( )
    ” “

  199. My beloved bunny passed on yesterday, and seeing this baby made me feel a little better. Thanks CO.

  200. just stoppin by becuz i have the same bunny but i just dont know what kind it is if you know plzz send me some info about it. thank you

  201. spacecadet07 says:

    Your not supposed to feed baby bunnies carrots, you know.