Backyard watercooler

Hedge: "…So then and get this, Luckily for Cheryl, Juan didn’t actually have amnesia after all!

Cat: [gasps then nods]

Hedge: Then Senator Wayne threatens to have Bo killed if he doesn’t tell where Alison is, so Bo gets a fake passport from this sketchy dude on the dock and two tickets to Costa Rica! [Sips water from bowl]

Cat: Puh-lease.

Hedge: MEANWHILE, Detective Hodges traces the clues to Patch’s vacation house where he and Kim find ALISON! THIS WHOLE TIME she was there Dude! It’s so great she’s back—her outfits are the best.

Cat: Tewtelly.


Thanks, FireWaia! (This backyard is in Sweden, People!)



  1. anmlvr21 says:

    First Post…adorable and hilarious

  2. constance says:

    That’s awesome. The caption makes it even better!

  3. AAAHHHahahahahah!!
    luv caption

  4. Oi! This picture makes me *very* happy. I think I spot a little inter-species tension going on here though–do hedgies *hiss*? Poor brave little mite!

  5. Too cute and the caption is great!

  6. i cant get off my seat, im stuck with laughter….


    …Kitty NEEDS to get her own cable. Stheriously.

  8. Awesome photo, awesome captioning. I’m too dumbstruck at both to say more.

  9. Yes, hedgies hiss and “pop.”

    Meg, LOVE the captions!!!

  10. A thinker, the pict was snapped just as Senator Wayne was threatening Bo. Thus the hissy fit.

  11. Svenster says:

    Mr. Needlejammy: “Hah! I see your ‘four needles a paw’ and raise by ten thousand neddles from all over my pyjamas!”

    Needless to say, Mr Vanillapyjamas folds.

    Brilliant picture.

  12. errr…I mean, as the hedgie relates the conversation. You know, dramatic effect.

  13. 😀 helpless. helpless. MUST WORK, MUST WORK…stop, ya’ll!

  14. SvensterJammies — phbbbtttHAAHAHA!!! Oh man…

  15. Beauregard says:

    Oh. My. God. That post was so awesome! It’s nearly identical to the conversations on the other side of my cubicle.

  16. mmm..they look like to old friends..just met each other after ten years! and now they have a coffee together and chat about their lives.. mmmm* twink

  17. wow. You need your own show. That was adorable and hysterically funny all at the same time.

  18. LOL! Love the dialogue. Great job Meg. 🙂

  19. The commentary!!!! If only my coworkers:

    A) Were half as cute
    B) Had coversations that were half that intelligent!

    Thank you… I loved it!

  20. RavishingRoberta says:

    It Looks To Me Like H. Hog Is Not So Politely Telling The Princess To Back Off. Maybe They Just Had A Difference Of Opinion About Patch. I Also Loved The Watercooler Chat.

  21. If backyards in Sweden are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  22. aaaahahahaha! beautiful.

  23. Sweden! I knew it! its a Scandinavia thing! earlier this week we saw Maren B. living in paradise…and now this!

  24. Nobody’s mentioned the hedgehog tongue yet – so I will. [Hee.]

  25. BenPanced says:

    “So I sez to Madge. ‘Madge,’ I sez…”

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I have a flashback to the days of yore, when my annoying coworker would sit there gabbing at me until I wanted to pounce on him and bite his head off… but he wasn’t nearly as cute as the hedgie.

  27. gossip at the water cooler…..”and then i said…and then she said….and then i said….”

  28. Never mind the animals, who is Bo taking with him to Costa Rica???

  29. Could it be *gasp* THEO???

  30. Las vacaciones podrían ser diversión, pero no hablo españiel.

  31. we think it’s theo, until six episodes later when we discover it’s a spanish imposter.

  32. he slips up and begins speaking continental spanish without a computer, and everyone knows the REAL theo isn’t fluent.

  33. Theo: Espaniel? Is that what these guys speak:

  34. no es necesario hablar Español en Costa Rica.
    ademas, Bo habla español, si?

  35. Ponygirl says:

    That is totally an Ikea bowl.

  36. Ariel and Thinker are *SSSMOKIN* today. Gold stars.

  37. I like to think that these marvy captions were not made up, and that along with the picture a transcript of this potentially career-damaging (should it get into the wrong hands) conversation had been sent as well.

    But maybe there’s more? Maybe he was hedging?

    Will interns NEVER learn?

  38. you guys r silly says:

    FUNNIEST CAPTION(S) EVER!!! The conversation fits the picture PERFECTLY!
    You are just WAY too frickin’ funny. —
    Meg — *YOU ARE THE BEST!!!*

  39. “Maybe he was hedging?”
    Like I said, the puns *always* pass Customs. They’re like Get Out Of Jail Free cards.

  40. A Thinker – good call. I was gunna point that out too. Theo has too much cute on the brain 😛

  41. What kind of cat is that?

  42. Sorry, Theo, but it had to be done! As we know, Cute Customs uses an entirely different set of rules.

    Puns always go to the head of the line, and they never get their bags checked!

  43. ‘Twas intentional, you know, ElfOwl. But you’re not wrong.

  44. Meg, you really do rock the house. Tewtelly.

  45. …and Do a hard refresh… not “to”

  46. Svenster says:

    Eden, I’m pretty sure that it’s a sacred birman cat (SBI).
    I also heard that they are considered to be quite fluffy.

  47. Ah! Theo! Good one! My creative self just kicked in and is laughing her socks off. My editor self has no sense of humor, and was deep in contemplation over my Spanish translation project. Hee!

  48. Make sure you don’t forget “españiel.” 😉

  49. RavishingRoberta says:

    Were Your Hands In Palmolive When Ya Spoke With Madge

  50. Genny from the Burb says:

    ponygirl, you are too right. That IS so an Ikea bowl, and I know because we have a zillion of them in lots of different colors. So the hedgie and the kitty have good taste too.

  51. A fuzzy cat AND a hedgehog? Oh man, I think my brain just exploded!

  52. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    How Sweden it is! 🙂

  53. that is the FRICKIN funniest caption ever… still laughing, it hurts!

    well done meg 🙂

  54. Meg — the captioning really is aces, here. I’d say CO is hitting its stride, in all sorts of ways.

  55. I thought this rated a Glossary update today…

  56. theo, merp? winkie no werkie

  57. Ariel — it’s JUST been updated. You probably need to dump your browser’s cache. OR, just go to the Glossary and do a hard refresh (i.e. click the Refresh button in your browser’s toolbar while holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys)

  58. LOL @ “couple of television sets in England”–Theo, you’re too much, guy.

  59. I had to laugh so loud, that people from other offices came running to see what was happening. Slightly embarrassing. Could you please post more sad pictures?

  60. you will know it’s sweden because of the IKEA bowl 😉

  61. Jenni-joon says:

    I like “tewtelly” cannot stop saying that… tewtell! LMAO. GRRRREat balls of cuteness… I do so love it. You’ve tewtelly outdone yourself AGAIN, Meg dear!

    Hedge onward, yo!

  62. …well holy crap, I found the yard. Huh.

    ‘Sup, kitters. Hey hedgie, scootch over, I’ve tewtelly got the worst drymouth…

  63. RavishingRoberta says:

    Ya Know; I Was Looking At This; And There Should Be A Catagory For Mommas & Babies.

  64. omg! that cat is my cat’s twin!