Dulce de Leche!

Soooo Rule #7. Australian Shepard Jade with creamy, delicious daughter "Savi". And Hello, J.Lo would pay millions for those lashes. Are those MORE PAWS ON THE RIGHT?


So sweet, Linda F.!



  1. Tony James says:

    First Post! WOO! [sorry]

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Ha! TJ, you just lost all the brownie points you collected with Theo in the Kitten Wrap thread. 🙂

    And I think I see at least one teeny little tail to the right of mama’s nose.

  3. Aw, little mummy love…

  4. AuntieMame, you just said my thoughts. Beware, TJ…

  5. Aaawwww purdy momma and purdy babies.

  6. First time I’ve ever found white eyelashes appealing. Sweet.


  8. OK TJ… that’s out of your system now, right?

    *AWSUM* pups tho. Heath Bar Crunch.

  9. I love how the noses are so close together. The mom can probably feel the little pup’s breath on her snout.

  10. Tony James says:

    Again, apologies – maybe I should have yelled “Marmalade Kittehs!”. I promise not to do it again, I was just so excited…

  11. [collapses into marmie coma]

  12. TJ, I think when Theo posted GOOOOOAL! yesterday before reading Meg’s caption on the fish photo, he was maybe just trying to be “first post” without saying so. 🙂 It happens even to the best.

  13. after a few months of feeling at home, i’m beginning to get the feeling that i’m like the dorky kid who truly believes she’s accepted in the cool kids’ club. also aware that this post will futher cement that position and is a blog fox pass. chalk it up to nat’l insecurity day and i swear will not happen again.

  14. Cozy *CO love* to Ariel…

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Cool kids? Us???

    If you’re a dork, ariel, then so are the rest of us. You fit right in!

    And “snout” is such an awesome word!

  16. If Mommy has a muzzle – snarfable wee puppy has a… muzzlet?

  17. RavishingRoberta says:

    That Is Sooooo A Mommas Love. Auntie Mame….. I Think I See A Tiny Little Paw Also. I Have A Friend Whose Aussie Has Learned To Sense When He Is About To Have A Siezure. He Had The Dog Before He Had His Stroke. The Dog Goes Everywhere With Him.

  18. RavishingRoberta says:

    Arrggghhhh I Missed The Part In The Caption About The Paws. There Are Paws & Tails

  19. The Guy Over There says:

    Doegie snuggle fest! It’s like a mountain of white alpine fur, perfect for skiing or sleeping on.

  20. to me this picture looks like a ball of fluff but i figured it out that it was a dog!

  21. Ariel-Don’t worry about what anyone thinks angel, to put it simply if someone doesn’t 1. Pay your bills, 2. Isn’ty somehow connected to you by birth or 3. Isn’t your intimate other half… what they think is merely an opinion that has ONLY as much power as you allow. Besides… EVERYONE is a dork even the cool kids who pretend they aren’t they are just dorks about different things.

    As for the puppys above…. one thought… velvety!

  22. may we pleeeease see a bigger picture showing all of the puppies????

  23. The word that popped into my head when I saw this pic: Contentment.

    ariel, please keep on posting!

  24. i guess i should know this: but what is ‘dulce de leche’? it sounds delicious. i’m hungry.

  25. it’s a caramel made of milk. most often seen (at least in the u.s.) as a flavor of ice cream. think creamy vanilla w/big globs of thick caramel.
    p.s. tanks, wuvs

  26. Elizabeth says:

    To my mind, less dulce de leche than hot chocolate with marshmallows in puppy form. Either way : sweet and wonderful!

  27. Laurie — very perceptive. It’s all in the name of altruism though… I’m only trying to save others the *embarrassment* y’know. ^_^

    Ariel, AuntieM, M-, everybody: You *are* the Cool Kids, because *I* say so, and everyone knows *I’m* cool.
    [well my head a splode]

  28. Tony James says:

    “hot chocolate with marshmallows in puppy form”…sorry, mental image of mug of cocoa with little puppy-shaped marshmallows doing the doggy-paddle (of course) in it. Must…get…out…more…

  29. Dulce de leche is also an alcoholic drink–yum! I know this because I’m a theater dork and in “Guys and Dolls,” Sky Masterson gets Sarah drunk on them by telling her they’re milkshakes. Smooth, eh???

    I think this pic should appear in the dictionary next to the word “motherhood.”

  30. Elizabeth and Tony J – like I wasn’t having enough trouble concentrating at my desk today while checking CO every two minutes for new pix or comments, now you’ve put the idea of *marshmallows* in my head. Mmmmmmm.

  31. Swimming marshmallows–now *there’s* a surrealistic thought to tickle the brain cells with…

  32. Thanks, guys. Now I have puppies, ice cream & alcohol on my mind at 9 a.m. Typical Wednesday.

  33. Heh, Ariel, that’s how I’ve been feeling, too, only my way of coping with national insecurity day is just to haul out my closet egotist and say, dangit, I’m pretty, I’m brilliant, I’m a total bada$$, and everyone knows it. Whether they do or not :-P. *I* know it. Then I shove the egotist back in the closet, cuz she even gets on *my* nerves.

    But anyone who genuinely loves cute and fuzzy, cute and scaly, or cute and prickly has to be open to the cute and shy in all of us.

  34. too much kyoot!
    i wuv evwybodeeeee!
    -look what you people do to a person!

  35. I love love love doggy snoots!!! Don’t Aussies & Shelties have the bestest, most cutestest snoots??

  36. “open to the cute and shy in all of us”… THAT is fabulous! That must be why my husband sent me to this site… his description of me once was…”red-hot brass kahonas the size of bowling balls UNTIL she sees a bunny, then she’s a bunny lovin’, baby talkin’ freak” *g* Loving it!

  37. Those are the creamiest dogs I’ve ever seen!

  38. so, i read the comment about how j.lo would ‘kill for those lashes’ and how her clothing line as so much fur…. coupled with just watching the videos of the cat and dog fur trades in asia….. ack!

    she better not see this photo, is what i am thinking.

  39. A Fine Morsel says:

    Such creamy softness indeed! Talk about honk-shu, honk-shu!

  40. OMGawwww!!! I have a red merle aussie…she looks just like a fat cinnamon bun when curled up like this.

  41. Narrator:”We switched the pups formular with Folgers crystals. Let see if they can tell the difference.”


  42. RavishingRoberta says:

    Ariel…..Now I Am Hungry. I Named My Dog (Who Has Modeled On Here) Dulce. Her Full Name Is Dulce Lobo Perro. Sweet Wolf Dog For Those Who Don’t Know Spanish.

  43. Sunny's Mom says:

    This pic makes me miss my mom!

    This site is really bad for my bosses – ever since discovering it I don’t get nearly as much done.

    I’ve always been super attentive to my cat when I go home every evening. But now that I’m on CO most of the day, she practically suffocates from my snorgles every night!!! Poor baby Sunny! Not really, she’s lovin’ it up!

  44. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Just Googled Dulce De Leche; And It Came Up Milk Candy. I Always Thought Dulce Meant Sweet. OK When I Put It With Lobo Perro It Does. Hmmmmm

  45. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Just Googled Dulce De Leche; And It Came Up Milk Candy. I Always Thought Dulce Meant Sweet. OK When I Put It With Lobo Perro It Does. Hmmmmm

  46. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Just Googled Dulce De Leche; And It Came Up Milk Candy. I Always Thought Dulce Meant Sweet. OK When I Put It With Lobo Perro It Does. Hmmmmm

  47. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Just Googled Dulce De Leche; And It Came Up Milk Candy. I Always Thought Dulce Meant Sweet. OK When I Put It With Lobo Perro It Does. Hmmmmm

  48. Whoa… how many *times* did you Google it?

  49. RavishingRoberta says:

    L M A O @ Myself…..I Guess I Needed You To Know That Without Question…..L O L

  50. RavishingRoberta says:

    Theo…..Don’t Be Laughing At The Ravishing One…..Let Me Do It Myself

  51. “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing *near* you.”

  52. RavishingRoberta says:

    Glad You Didn’t Use That Tired Old “With You” Line

  53. Damn! I’m a baker and my bakery sells a dulce de leche tart, but it’s not nearly as cute as these guys. Probably tastes better though.

  54. RavRob: “Dulce” does mean “sweet” in Spanish. “Dulce de Leche” means “sweet milk,” which obviously got Googled into “milk candy.” Generally, Dulce de Leche is milk caramel, and it’s quite luscious. Just like these sweet doggies. Aww! Just imagine that little cheek pressed against yours . . .

  55. Lets just say we are ALL “cool kids” here, except trolls, yey!!!!!!! We rock!!!!!!

  56. Theo! Homestarrunner! LOL I knew I liked you for some reason…

    Have you seen the wiki? http://www.hrwiki.org

    Oh yes, the dogs. Momma looks so contented and loving; the puppies so trusting and cute – what a great picture!

  57. Eowyn2 — thanks. And I’ve never actually *needed* to consult the Wiki, because my bag of HSR quotes is constantly being replenished by our 13-yr-old.

  58. another missing day.


  59. where dost thou go, finn?

  60. to the court of the emperor of ice cream, dear thinker.

    as a ruler he is most cantankerous & demanding.

  61. no. but i wish.

  62. I’m slightly mystified, but ok. me thinkies me understands…

  63. RavishingRoberta says:

    HonorH…..And They Do Look Like Caramel & Cream. I Am Sooooo Into Caramel Lately. I Buy A Bottle Of Caramel Syrup From Starbucks (It’s Only $7.00 For A 1 Ltr. Bottle) And Use It In My Cola & To Flavor My water.

  64. Sweetest little latte pupling and mompup…

    And I agree with “K”– Shelties and Aussies have the most snorgable snoots of ALL doggies! Nothing is better than kisses planted between the eyes and up ever-so-slightly, in that yummy doggy forehead spot…

    This pic makes me miss my Duff (best Sheltie ever!) something fierce.

  65. Hey, this site is great. I’m going to recommend it to the monks at Bodhinyana monastery for their metta(*) practice.

    * See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metta

  66. The best photo on the entire site!

  67. OMG!!! ur puppy jade looks exactly like my australian shepard Sienna! they r so cute!