Dry cleaning nightmare

I HATE it when my dry cleaning piles up and starts mewing.


Nice eyes matching the bag, Chloe! (Chloe reminds me of Priscilla, the hiney-licker.)



  1. Aw! LEt that cat out of the bag!


  2. “My laundry it’s alive, and it’s peeking at me! RUUUNNNN!”

  3. This photo has extremely frightening implications for skydivers. And their cats.

  4. Dear me, what a chubby cat! Look how she fills up that bag!

  5. Zelda-
    Maybe she got all puffed up in the dryer?

    Troublesome tabbies. Gotta love ’em.

  6. It’s a Cat Balloon, pardner.

  7. Tony James says:

    Scientists recently reported the discovery of a new species. Related to the blowfish or Arothron Hispidus, the Puffer Cat (Felis Fattus Inabagicus) can inflate to many times his normal size when threatened or scared, to ward off predators such as the Rapacious Dustbunny and the rare but beautiful Cleanerus Vacuumus.

  8. They have the unique ability to squirt black ribbons from their ears to divert predators away from themselves, similar to the Squiddy Obliteratus.

  9. Tony James, jaypo: LoL! That’s HILARIOUS!

  10. …and every spring, the tabbyfly emerges from its cocoon, thus signaling the end of winter.

  11. This cat looks a little freaked out to me…. I guess I would be, too, if someone had smushed me into a bag!

  12. Tony James get the creative writing award for the day! Positively wonderful!!!

  13. Jay Fry, I couldn’t *keep* my cat out of bags–and drawers, closets, boxes or anything else she wanted to squeeze into! Kitties love hidey-holes.

  14. OK, THAT’S an LOL moment. And no way to follow Tony James–Rapacious Dustbunny, indeed. Think I’ve got a few of those around here. Good job, Jaypo too.

    (TJ, do you have a blog?)

  15. It looks ‘shopped!!!!!!!! Is it? Any way, its cute, but I think that cat is freakishly huge!!!!!

  16. Someone accidentally pulled the cord to the inflatable catamaran!

    (I know you can’t inflate catamarans, but I chose invention for the current purpose)

  17. jaypo, I only say that because of the way the cat’s left eye looks… maybe it’s just that the head is being stretched because it’s sticking out of the opening!

  18. With nothing in the picture for real scale, that could be taken for a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloon, no? Complete with tethers.

  19. Theo- That doesn’t help, is it, or isn’t it???

  20. That’s a great way to transport a recalcitrant cat to the vet.

  21. Well see, it’s kind of hard to say, since I didn’t take the picture, and I don’t know the person who did, nor the cat; and given the rudimentary lighting conditio–

    Gah. Somebody get me a tabby before I hemorrhage.

  22. you guys r silly says:

    Be careful when you’re pre-soaking any nasty stains, and don’t forget to separate your Tabbies from your Siamese and your Persians before washing.

  23. Theo- Reaaaaally nice way to put it.

  24. chet's momma says:

    cats lurrrve laundry day! he looks like he’s been hidin’ and now he’s ready to be scidovered and PLAAAAAYYYY!!!

  25. Porta-tabby

  26. *lmao* Theo… you oaky man? We may need one of those screens like on TV that say “Experiencing technical difficulties” to hold up for our dear Theo… apparently he’s run out of rainbows to regurgitate and something else came up. Please hold for a moment… *g*

    Feel the love angel… find your tabby place… or go smack somebody … your option 😉

  27. Yey!!!!!! Kitties stuck, doggies stuck:


    What a cowinky- dink, er, yeah…

  28. WOW!!!!!! DID I SAY DOGGIE???????? I MEANT KITTY!!!!!!!

  29. Whoa!!!!! Stupid question comin’, what does *g*, mean? Stand for? Thanks people!

  30. This is best fabric softener I’ve ever seen.

  31. RavishingRoberta says:

    L M A O…..That Kitty Wants Outta There

  32. my guess, *g* = [grin]. Theo . . . Marmalade Kitty. Now let’s all just get back to . . . Lookin’ at a thing in a bag.

  33. RavishingRoberta says:

    O M G C.M. That Was The Perfect Caption. Wish I Was The One To Say It

  34. “By this time my lungs were aching for air”

    And I was wishing I’d put ‘the’ in my previous post.

  35. RavishingRoberta says:

    Tony’s Was Indeed Brilliant

  36. “At the end of the long winter, the cat hatchling emerges from its egg, starting its life journey…”
    That cat looks like my sister’s old cat Snickers!

  37. RavishingRoberta says:

    Aubrey…..It’s Called Creative Liscense; And It Was Good. Y’All Are HOT Today.

  38. RavishingRoberta says:

    It Don’t Looked Shopped To Me…..My Son Was Highly Offended That Anybody Thought Mine Was Shopped Earlier This Month. I Just Laughed At His Web Designer Butt..

  39. mr.moptopmouse says:

    Reminded me of the april 1965 Harpers Bazaar cover w/Jean Shrimpton ‘That Lunar Glow’and David Bowie’s ‘Hallo Spaceboy ‘THIS CHAOS IS KILLING ME ‘ play mellotrons and harpsicords pl-ea-se keep going baby etc

  40. So THAT’S what Martinizing does.

  41. RavishingRoberta says:

    Chet’s Momma…..Scidovered; I Love It. My Grandaughter Use To Say Hostible Instead Of Hospital.

  42. mR. moptopmouse says:

    Ze cats Fur pattern looks like the new Prada fur motorcycle helmets (fake fur ok)maybe thisissci-fi ‘cute’..

  43. I think Theo got himself a brain melt down!!!!!! Where is he? HUH? Coffee breaks take too long for that guy. I guess he’s trying to figure out why I think the photo is ‘shopped!

  44. Sweetie, that “coffee break” was dinner time. Whole families sometimes even have dinner together, up here in the wilds of Minnesota.

    M- heh, I did in fact go to my tabby place. Hey, I’ve been wondering — is your screen name pronounced “em dash”?

    ElfOwl — gold star for the Homestar bit, there.

  45. chet's momma says:

    and that’s how I figger my tabby speaks, if he were to deign to speak human-ish! He looks a lot like the kitty in the bag, and he is 16 years young!
    lurrve you guys!

  46. Beauregard says:

    Sometimes when petting our dog, my mom and I pull his ears back to show the whites of his eyes like this cat has done. We call this, “being born.”

  47. Theo, how’re the Powder Milk biscuits? And are all the cats up there really Above Average? 😉

  48. “Finally…I got away from that idiot dog…he’ll never find me in HERE! Mwahhaahaaahaa!”

    My doggie comes to visit tomorrow, and that’s what my cats will be doing. Hiding. Maybe if I show them this picture, they will get the idea.

  49. Yojo — presumably they still give shy persons the strength to do what needs to be done, but my family hasn’t tried ’em.

    Seriously… I OD’d on PHC many years ago. Haven’t listened in probably 10 years, even though I lived a block away from the Fitz for 3 of those. My folks’ fault.

    *OUR* cats are above average. (Need you even ask?)

  50. “Cat Balloon” (above) sounds like “Cat Ballou” (http://www.dvdvcdplaza.com/cdimages/eng_cat_ballou.jpg) sounds like Cat- Baroooo!!!

  51. The Guy Over There says:

    “Nooo, I don’t want to be the sunflower seed in this year’s play! I’m a ferocious lion!”

  52. angeleque says:

    Adorable-ness aside, look at those gorgeous golden eyes…

  53. Look at that crazy look in the eye! It’s like “don’t you dare question my position in this bag!!” !

  54. oh, i hadn’t thought of phc in years! ‘member bertha’s kitty boutique? rat-tatouie and mouse divan on the menu

  55. Surreal… Reminds me of Meret Oppenheim’s “Fur-Lined Teacup.” (Really.)


  56. RavishingRoberta says:

    O M G The Sunflower Seed Is Just On The Mark.

  57. christabean says:

    Okay, I totally am getting a bumble bee impression from this picture. See, the strings are like wing shapes, and the back corner is the stinger? . . . eh?

  58. The Rorschach Cat Test! 🙂

  59. LOL – shoulda submitted that one to stuffonmycat.com

  60. RavishingRoberta says:

    Christa…..I See It Too. Cool

  61. Neko — I believe they tried catstuffedlaundry.com, but it seems to be offline. We were probably the next-best thing.

  62. Theo, I can understand that. Of course your cats are AA+. [doesn’t the sun rise?]

    EC– BRAVO! you’re the only one who caught that!

  63. felis fattus inabagicus!!

  64. Dustbunny says:

    Excuuuse me, Tony James, “Rapacious Dustbunny”?? Hmmpphh. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers, Shmendrick, Shmoe & Shmuck.

  65. “is your screen name pronounced “em dash”?”

    *l* no… it actually started because I was too lazy to sign off on things by spelling out my name… so I just signed M-, it just stuck…

    glad you had your tabby place to retreat to… we all need one, even cats …although day-glow sacks ARE a bit strange but hey…

  66. Tony James says:

    All characters and animals presented in this blog are fictional, and any resemblance to situations or persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Please address any legal paperwork to my retained legal team, Sckrooem, Rookem, & Sendemtothepoorhouse LLC. 😉

  67. Theo- At my house, here in Arizona, all you have to do is holler and there, you have dinner. And we don’t eat together, unlike you.

  68. Sounds like magic, or a Star Trek food replicator.

  69. Normally I equate the term “unlike you” to something of a negative nature.

    Eating together, I thought, was a *good* thing. Eh, thats what I get for having family values, I s’pose. 🙂

  70. Hammy probably thinks so too, I’m guessing.

  71. dustbunny, can you hook me up with some legal counsel?

  72. Eating together is stylish and fun!

    It’s de rigeur amongst The People Who Know.

    We like it, ourselves.

  73. Wupsh, shorry… wrong door.

  74. Dustbunny says:

    Ariel: That depends. How much money ya got?

  75. “Wupsh, shorry… wrong door.

    Wrong post, perhaps? [Loud snoring noises…]

  76. i got all the munny in the wuuuurld!
    who wunts a bunneh creem?

  77. oh, need legal representation? there’s always Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe….

  78. Its not that I don’t have family values, its that most of my family is at work, and I’m stuck here, unemployed, but happy with my computer and my pets, and thats why I don’t eat together with my family, sad really, but I’ll have a family reunion some day.

  79. Poor Hammy! You can hang out with us…

  80. That is one blimp sized cat

  81. I love this sities so much! I was surfing on dogster.com when i came across this site. Wonderful photos. U got more than a cat?

  82. NICE

  83. that looks like my friend when she tried to find a hat. apart from the bag was black. it also gave her a headache. maybe that cat is getting back ache.

  84. I have a feeling that my Dry cleaner in Los Angeles has a special pet odor removal process. As for pet removal, I am unsure.