When owners look like their pets

It’s so weird how people pick pets that look like them, you know?


Whoa. Thanks, Sara J. G. (who submitted this WAY back in December…!)



  1. ?!


  2. OOKAAY, I haven’t had a lot of coffee today, but…

    are the little ones stuffed animals (as in: not real)?


  3. Oh, so cute!

  4. (Second!) Sooo cute btw!

  5. oops not second, i was too slow LOL

  6. Mariser — OK, *technically,* yes. But why be technical? That’s what Slashdot’s for.

  7. so kewt!

  8. Kris, in New England says:

    Don’t they look like the sweetest 1950s husband and wife? The wife on the left, looking demur and proper. The husband looking like the king of his domain…

  9. Woohoo, I got posted! And no, the teeny chihuahuas are not real. I think the chi’s owner, panmui3, made them, as she has several doll photographs on her Flickr.

  10. Woohoo, I got posted! And no, the teeny chihuahuas are not real. I think the chi’s owner, panmui3, made them, as she has several doll photographs on her Flickr.

  11. isn’t it weird when people have tiny toys that look just like their tiny toy dogs that look just like the people?

  12. There’s kind of a spooky quality to this. Like those infinite mirrors.

  13. Definitely… unusual.

  14. “…tiny toys that look just like their tiny toy dogs…”

    In fact, the tiny toys make the dogs seem like they might be giant dogs. If that afghan wasn’t there for scale, this could look like the Chihuahua that Ate New York. A seriously unsettling thought.

  15. I’d like to know where the itsy bitsy dogettes found giant toys to look just like them.

  16. what a disappointment…

    I reallyreallyreally wanted the little ones to be real and the-not-so-little-ones to be, well, the “Chihuahuas That Ate New York” (Laurie, great phrase) (and disturbing, yes)

  17. way too adorable!! They look like the proudest parents.

  18. CO has given me a new respect for chihuahuas.

    is that a good thing? remains to be seen.

  19. I can’t believe no one has squeeed yet.
    *sigh* Do I have to do everything around here?


  20. I second maymee’s SQUEEE!
    I love the squinched-up eyes on the one on the left.

  21. Yay! Chihuahuas that don’t look spooky and trembly. These guys are gorgeous! Everyone has such wonderful posture too! Hee!

  22. me too, zelda. and if i stare hard, her nose begins to wiggle.

    then *i* sneeze.

  23. Aw, it’s like their family portrait, with an afghan backdrop. I can’t get over the floof on the white one– It’s exploding off her!

  24. RavishingRoberta says:

    5 Year Old Grand Daughter Wants To Know If They Got Married And Those Are Their Kids

  25. RavRob,

    *that* is the most adorable comment yet.
    in answer to your graddaughter: please refer to “Lady and the Tramp”

  26. I have concluded that chihuahuas are necessary for the humour element on CO. But Finn, respect? Dunno ’bout that one yet…

  27. graddaughter = granddaughter

  28. A Thinker, don’t you think these chi’s rather… stately? even the sneezy one??

  29. Well, def. more so than the strange ones in knitted suits. I grant you that 🙂

  30. juggle geese says:

    definitely not cute. But I dislike dogs that are not even the size of a decently grown rat.

  31. I suggest that chis receive the respect that they deserve. Not only are they extremely adorable, they know how to hold their own when threatened. ours sounds rather demonic when she gets perturbed. when she was a puppy we called her the “flying nun” because her ears were so huge compared to the rest of her! gotta luv ’em!

  32. Wa-Wa’s (with their wittle wa-wa’s).

    In summation: Wa-was’ wa-was.

  33. Ok, is it me or does anyone else see that sort of Hypnotized-Glazed-Over look on many small dogs that is SUPER SOOOPER cute? The little white one is displaying an acute version quite nicely. My lil rat terrier falls into such a trance when I scratch his tummy just so…


  35. This picture is so cute, I had to eat my own legs to make the cute stop.


  36. theo, that was awesome!

  37. aaaaah blinking toyz!

  38. YAY!!



    (toddspal i hope yr legs grow back. beezware of the Theo.)

  39. Jan Spencer says:

    LOVE IT!!

    Man, the similarities are stunning!! lol

  40. Theo, you’re too much.

    *head shake and chuckle*

  41. Theo!!!!

    You di-int!

  42. *rofl* Demonic wa-was… okay THATS funny…

    *in squeeky evil wa-wa voice* Bow to the powers of my trembling or face the power of my bladder!

    I can honestly say that though I can give a wa-wa a petting or two… adoration is about as much as I can muster for anything that tiny and helpless however I concede they can be extremely adorable. Holding their own though?! Against say…. an attack gerbil?

  43. the dizzy kids says:

    Cuter’f each dog had a little croched pouches round there middles holding the toys like 2 kangaroos..

  44. I just had to look up ‘wah wah’ in the C.O. Glossary.

  45. M- our chi scares the heck out of our Siberian Husky. Chis in the “wild” ie desert will subdue scorpions. I admit to no small amount of trepidation when I need to trim her toenails!

  46. M- some Attack Gerbils for you (courtesy of the Sam & Fuzzy webcomic)

  47. Theo, the “blinky” gif is too much!!!

    RavR, your granddaughter makes complete sense to me. I think getting more kids’ reactions to the photos here would be fun…

  48. M- and Theo: Don’t forget the Ur-gerbils from Narbonic!

    I think the problem with chihuahuas is just one of self-image. They’re so tiny that their options are either to act all big and tough and loud, or spend their lives cowering in a corner. Most of them opt for the former, and overdo it, so that a lot of people end up seeing them as obnoxious.

  49. Meg — just updated the “Wah-Wah” entry with an extra link.

    Glad that folks like the animation. I *just* figured out how to do that in GIMP.

  50. A Fine Morsel says:

    Such watery eyed, wet-nosed perfection! I want to squish them together!

  51. RavishingRoberta says:

    VaCKo…..I Had One Of Those Yappers Try To Attack Me Once Because I Was Between It & My Dog That Was In Heat. My 3 Year Old Daughter Was Scared To Death Of That Dog; But Would Love All Over The Neighbors Blond Shepard.

  52. RavishingRoberta says:

    Theo…..A Kids Perspective Would Be Great.

  53. RR — eh? A kid’s perspective on what? (And I’m assuming you mean young humans, rather than young goats.)

  54. THEO, once again, you rock!

  55. how FREAKIN adorable!

  56. Ponygirl says:

    SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Thats is so wrong! Its a cutness tractor beam pulling me in. I need to kiss wet noses, STAT!

  57. *g* This is just too gigglicious… a husky afraid of a wa-wa…. a scorpion I get… smaller, no teeth, etc. but a husky… thats cute. I’m just not seeing the wa-wa’s intimidation factor but its dang funny. I guess anything Paris Hilton carries around as a fashion accesory just doesn’t put much fear into me, thats just me though…

    Theo… thanks for the attack gerbils… THAT was fabulous!

  58. M- you’re welcome.

    By the way… the *accessories* aren’t what make Paris scary.

  59. I’m about to die from cuteness.

  60. RavishingRoberta says:

    My Comment To Theo Should Have Been To E. C. Kids See Things In A Whole Different Way.

  61. the puppies look like stuffed toys.
    but they lookalike

  62. A co-worker of mine has a chihuahua namned Berndt, at he’s a true champion when it comes to staring. I love him!

  63. Theo, I like the EEEVUL gerbils in their Kritter Krawlers of doom, too… 😉

  64. That is THE cutest thing! 🙂

  65. The orange doggie dolly looks like a hybrid dog-koala bear. (Those ears!)

    Doribul. Positively doribul.

  66. ladyjenn says:

    That has got to be the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Makes me want to get a dollie that looks like my Chi.

  67. I love my chi, but he does stare at me a lot. Mine will act all big and tough and loud too, as long as he’s in someone’s lap for protection.

  68. Anybody besides me remember Less Nessman’s (from WKRP) great mispronunciation of “chihuahua”. It was “chee-hho-ah-hoo-ah”. It’s the default in my head now. (Would love to see it as an alternate in the Glossary.)

  69. Oops, mistyped the mispronunciation. It’s:

  70. Laurie – I will always remember that one and (pronounce the “i” like “eye”) Chi Chi Rodrigwez.

  71. Theo you’re a scream!

    My dog loves her Mini Me:


  72. Attack of the toy dog clones!

  73. say “chihuahua duet” out loud three times fast.

    Kinda fun!

  74. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!11

  75. Ruthster says:


  76. Husband and wife!!!!!!!!1

  77. ther so cute but wer did you get ther toys i love toys