How to enjoy a delicious Kitten™ brand Push-Up treat!

Step 1: Wrap your Kitten Push-Up in a towel, this is going to be messy.


Step 2: From bottom of Kitten Push-Up, gently push upwards, making sure ears are not caught on towel. Reassure Push-Up that everything is OK.


Step 3: If Push-Up mews, it’s in the correct position. You may gently snorgle! Kitten Push-ups usually only last 3 minutes in this position, so be sure and take a photo.


Frozen yogurt props to Nate T., treat-maker.




    But I dunno… not the best dishrag anymore.

  2. Aaawww! Poor little kitty!

  3. The eyes…THE EYES!!!

  4. Arbed — the middle pic, right? Yeah. Plaintive.

  5. That first pic really shows the importance of ears in cuteness. Small ear to head = good. No ear to head = weird.

    So cute. I don’t think the yellow stripe is the best colour for the gingerness though daaaahling.


  6. Aaawww. Yes, the middle pick has me sympathy pouting. I loves him! *Huggle*

  7. Yep, and that shade of almost midnight blue…..

  8. chet's momma says:

    is that the same lil’ one in each pic? they sure are cute-n-tasty!

  9. man! put it down. haha.

  10. OH, I’m in heaven! I wish you could buy *these* at the corner store. What a sad little face in the middle pic!!

  11. Beauregard says:

    Oh Jebus that is cute! Love the smashed ear and the sideways ears. HOW DARLING!

  12. Something about that little one’s expression…

    “Tell me sir, have you confused your cat recently?

    Well we …

    Yes … well I think I can definitely say that your cat badly needs to be confused.


    Confused. To shake it out of its state of complacency. I’m afraid I’m not personally qualified to confuse cats, but I can recommend an extremely good service. Here is their card.

    ‘Confuse-a-Cat Limited’.”

  13. does anyone remember dreamsicle pops?–orange and vanilla, just like this kitten!

  14. Monty Python: the answer to life’s most vexing situations.


    ////honk-shu, honk-shu

  16. KITTEH!

    First picture: WTF

    Second picture: Let me go!

    Third picture: You have earned yourself painful scratchy death!

  17. you guys r silly says:

    Yay! Kitten Push-Up Pops — And *JUST IN TIME* for Summer!
    (Will these be available from the Good Humor truck, or at the Dairy Queen, or in the freezer case at my local grocery store???)

  18. Mmmm. Marmalade flavor. My favorite!

  19. Look at those beautiful blue eyes!
    What a sweetheart.

  20. Miss_thing says:

    Damn it…now I want a Creamsicle… and a kitten. Boyfriend is NOT going to be happy!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Haw! Looks more like a pita wrap than a pop, tho. 🙂

    And LOL, Zombie! That’s exactly what it looks like the kitteh is thinking.

  22. Sweet, but yes, the middle pict–one second after it was taken, I can hear in my mind the pitiful, imploring, mew which escap’d the babe’s mouth!

    I do remember Dreamsicles! They were my favorite–orange sherbet and vanilla. Yummykins!

  23. Good enough to eat!

  24. Does anyone else find themselves craving a gyro?

  25. Oh cranky tiny kitty! So tasty!

  26. At least Kitten Push-Up won’t drip stickyness onto your clothes. Aww…what a cutie!

  27. Sweet Jesus – These photos make me want to go get a kitten, and I don’t even like cats. Damn them for being so sickeningly cute!

  28. THE dizzy kids says:

    Kitten in a dishrag, #2,3 extra pitiful looking.. this little kitten told the one from SWORN TO SECRECY ‘I am going to make myself look EXTRA pitiful and they’ll all give me presents’!!

  29. Does kitten get an “ehn!” for the effort it took after picture three to swivel its ears back into their correct position?

  30. moptopmouse says:

    Please, more pitiful kittens, why dunnsombody do some ‘KEANE ‘ ones.. I d’lv to see that..yerpal MTM

  31. These comments are so funny that I’m actually not going to make any further comments here. (Except to say that the facial expressions are Q W T, that is…)

  32. Tony James says:

    Confuse-a-Cat Ltd.? Weren’t they acquired by Bewilderbeest Inc. in a hostile takeover? I’m sure I read it in the gnus…

  33. Such tiny cheek-puffs. Cuteoverload, have I told you lately that I love you? 😉

  34. twentythreecakes says:

    So here I am, stressed out so much over my two final projects for school, one of which is my final graduation project. In a last ditch attempt to not throw up from the ulcer that is a-brewin’ from said stress, I click on CO. Lo and behold, the kitten pop! Guaranteed to neutralize stomach acid and elict squees of delight in the darkest hour of my scholarly career. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!!

  35. A sweet kitten treat!

  36. Jennifer says:

    I would like a kitten push up!

  37. Damn, I’m hungry, I going to Baskin Robins!!!!!!!

  38. Tony James, looking like a strong contender…

  39. “Ehn” for effort! AHAHAHAHA!

  40. Am I the only one who think this kitty kind of resembles Haley Joel Osment (especially in the 2nd pic)?


  41. The eyes!
    It’s little Apple Paltrow Martin in kitten form. Cute, but…
    OK, just cute.

    [but when she grows up, you know she ain’t gonna get laid]

  42. Cute! A summer treat that when you lick it, it licks you back!


  43. wait a second…are there three…THREE kitten push-up treats? those kittens are ridiculously cute. You should take a picture of all of them being pushed-up simultaneously.

  44. I didn’t think kittens managed to acquire the extreme looks of disgruntlement until rather older, when they become jaded, cynical full-on cats. Photo evidence proves that theory wrong.

    However, I don’t think they could muster a good “Nyerrrhe!” among them.

  45. Tony James says:

    Thinker – I don’t know, having seen the level of sanity around here (yours truly included), I am afeared to think what kind of award I might be in the running for 😉

  46. Tony James says:

    The flat ears in pik 3 look like “Kitten Push-Up my fuzzy orange heinie, muddahluvah – tell you dis, ain’t gonna be no frozen yoh-gurt in yo’ slipper tomorrow morning, no SUH!”

  47. T J — seems you’ve got a passel of puns & Python-isms. That’s ready currency in Blog World. Careful with the “no SUH” stylings, tho; it’s right on the same fine line I was toying with here:

  48. misstegan says:

    So very very cute! I just want to hug it and never let go! I love those dark blue eyes.

  49. Note to Chet’s Momma, Peas, and Laurie — just to be clear here, that’s 3 pix of 1 kitten. Ho-kay?

    Different dish-towel every shot, tho.

  50. The second pic makes it look like the cats in a straight jacket!!!!!!! Sad!!!!!! Get him out!!!!

  51. .

  52. Sorry, slip on the “tab” and “return” buttons, sorry!!!! Loves the kitty!!!!!

  53. Aubrey–great Monty Python reference!

    I love how this wee little kitty looks more disgruntled with every shot. What a cutie!

  54. sorry…it looked to me like they all had different markings.

  55. Michelle says:

    Oh my garsh. It *is* three different kittens. Or one really talented kitten that can move his white and marmalade markings all over his face.

  56. AuntieMame says:

    I think Michelle is right. They do have different markings. (But it’s the same towel.)

    And whatever award it is, I think Tony James has it locked up! (The gnus…Ha!)

  57. displayname says:

    From the condition of the guy’s hands, I’m guessing this is not his first Kitten Push-Up. Delicious, yet peculiarly painful.

  58. twentythreecakes – you’ve certainly discovered the secret to my grad student success. semester’s been hell, but it’s hard to stay tied in knots with these pics. meg, the budding young minds of america salute you! i no longer believe in capitalization.

  59. displayname says:

    Jenny, you crack me up! That second picture does look like Haley Joel Osmet!

    Haley Joel Kitty, starring in The Sickth Sense:
    (whispers) “I see dead people. They don’t know they’re dead…’cause I’m gonna kill’em in just a minute!”

  60. The middle kitten is JUST like Haley Joel Osment! I wonder why they were entowelled, apart from ‘it’ll be fun and look cute!’ When my cat was a very sick little kitten, I used to swaddle her in a towel to make it easier to squirt her medicine into her mouth, without her writhing away. She didn’t like it, but there wasn’t much she could do about it, and she got well in the end!

  61. Omg! Omg!

  62. Haha! Better make sure “push-up” doesn’t get get paws free from “wrapper” :o3

  63. *snorgles the poor captive kitties*

  64. OK, the comments, the comments! You all had me chortling first thing in the morning, which is a rare occurrence. I love CO.

  65. Tony James says:

    Thanks for setting me straight, Theo – I hear the Blogworlders get mean if you rile ’em. I’ll be sure to check my puns with the sherrif’s office… 😉

  66. Michelle, AuntieM — huh! Well, the first 2 are definitely the same. Look *really* carefully. The last one does seem to have extra orange along the bridge of its nose, though.

    Thinker — “Chortling!” Yay!

    TJ — ehh… the puns will always pass Customs. But just because you *can*… 😉

  67. …aaaaand now I’m not even sure that the first 2 are the same. Maybe Meg or Nate T. will elucidate?

  68. Theo, I thought the same. But look carefully at the orange on kitty’s *left* cheek (our right) just by his nose. It migrates ever so slightly.

  69. smoosh!

  70. Okay… let em get this right, we have gone from Push-up Pops, to Push-up bras and now Push-up kitty… ummm..

    Gonna leave the rest of that alone…


    Oh hell..SQUEEEEEE!


  73. THE Dizzy Kids says:

    We would like to see the outakes of this lil’ snap session.. like, uh CUTE OVERLOAD bloopers where the kitten bites the nose of its owner & p’s on the tawl..

  74. MopTopMouse says:


  75. Why do Dizzy Kids and MTM have the same email? IMWTK.

  76. I vote 3 kitties. Notice how #2 has the pointiest ears and #3 has the least white above its nose. Do these push-ups come in a six pack?

  77. schmoooooot! must touch my nose to the tiny pink nose!

  78. Yup, def. 3 kittens. After exhaustive study of the white/orange facial patterns, this is my final conclusion.

  79. Sshuh…. spi… ssIX? Ppuh-p’shups?

  80. Tho I’d still like to know the reason for the entowelling…

  81. Mir — here’s an actual realistic veterinary possibility: Maybe they’re getting their shots?

  82. Well okay. I guess I was just hoping the reason would be something extra cute. Can you blame me? 😉

  83. “SWEETIE POPS” isn’t cute enough for ya??

  84. Teehee. One can never have too much cute. (Or can one? Let the commentroversy begin…)

  85. MOPTOPMOUSE says:


  86. yaaaaaaaay!

  87. THE dizzy kids says:

    1 more timem, “P’s on thw tawl” (guitasr crazy sound w/ lil’meow)

  88. The Cat Herder says:

    That’s called a “kitty burrito” in animal shelters. If you get a scared or feral kitten, you can wrap the kitty up in a towel until kitty calms down. It works a treat. Its a great fast-track way to calm a kitty.

    That said – Want to snorgle and kiss the little furry!

  89. Wow, yeah, the markings are different. Clearly they must be siblings then. Before I read the comments I thought it was one kitten with an extraordinarily expressive face.

  90. I request, no, Demand that “kitty burrito” be added to the CO glossary.


  91. Yes! I’m glad it’s not just me who recognizes the Haley Joel Osment-ness of that middle kitty.

  92. weasel_tea_party says:

    Our local head-sized burrito chain has the instruction on its wrappers: Don’t unwrap or it’s in your lap. I don’t think that would be such a bad thing in this situation…

  93. displayname says:

    Drop the chalupa!

  94. Mariser — request/no/demand noted; but as with any of these terms that are born in captivity, it will need to survive on its own in the wild for a while, before it’s mature enough to be fitted with a GPS collar & tracked.

  95. wow. right now this site is the only thing getting me through finals with out shooting people. really. nothing like cutness to curb your homicidal tendencies and keep your roommates alive one more day.

  96. easy there, valjean. tomorrow you’ll be far away. 🙂

  97. Never really liked the orange flavor until now. Frickin’ cutest thing ever (‘cept for the guinea pigs, o’ course). Man, I want a kitten, but the cranky cat and the hyper cat already have trouble getting along. Adding a little orange guy won’t help.

  98. Unless I am sadly mistaken, the kitten in the third pic is a different cat. The (adorable1) facial markings don’t quite match up.

    I love them just the same!



  101. dixieanne says:

    if that third picture doesn’t say “i’m pooping in your ear tonight”, i don’t know what does.

  102. I’m the owner of these kittens and they desparately need hto be adopted. Please email me if you know of a loving home

  103. cccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!lol