Tuning in

Left ear: Honk-shu

Right ear: Baroo?


And terrific Pawsitude… A+ for the Alaskan Malamute "Cody", Emma B.!



  1. Points for the tongue, as well.

  2. OMG

    I want

    to snorgle


  3. Points for clean paw pads!

  4. sooooooooooo cute!

  5. Now THAT is top-shelf dog photography.

    Finn? TEN-HUT!

  6. He(?) is going to be one big doggie, judging by the size of those paws!! So cute…

  7. What a little muzzle (wozzle, fuzzle, cheek puff, whatever) for such a big fluffy face! LOVE the eyebrows, LOVE the tongue! Plus the ears!??!! This pup is too much!!! Too much cute!!

    *must* *snorgle* *now*!

  8. Hmm… assuming that this is a puppy because of the fluffy cuteness…

  9. those perfect pearly claws–it looks like he had a paw-dicure… adorable!

  10. adorababy says:

    MUSH! q t pie

  11. kendosan says:

    It’s now, I fear, official. I have been cute-overloaded. I shall have to avoid this site for a week or two, lest I squee so forcibly that I erase myself from the fabric of existence, becoming little more than a blurry smile wandering amongst the minds of cuteologist, subconsciously urging them to seek out too much, tipping them as well into that vat of overwhelming goodness in which sanity devolves into shimmery giggles and warm fuzzies without home or purpose. It is then, for the greater good, that I take leave, and expose myself moreso to the uncute for a time. But after this rest, I shall welcome again the–AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…look at those frikkin paws!

    damn. I go now.

  12. My grandparents raised Malamutes in Northern Minnesota (dog sled rides!), and they are the CUTEST little wads of rambunctious fuzziness– bright and hilarious… the PUPS, I mean, not my grandparents…

  13. Malamutes and Huskies and oh my! Too bad I can’t have any off them here, in P.R. is hot all year round and very humid during the summers, no way I’m putting such a cute pup through 100 degree weather!

  14. you guys r silly says:

    *HONK-SHU* has to be one of the BEST WORDS EVER!
    Thanks, Meg!!!

  15. Is it just me or does the light reflection off the VCR make it look as though there’s a ghostly extra ear in the background where the floppy one would be if erect (so to speak)?? No?? Just me then…

  16. Dirty-Dave says:

    Just a little break in a day-long bout of mischieviousness!

  17. kendosan – “shimmery giggles” at last! Now I know what to call this scintillating and effervescent joy that wells up inside me at the sight of puppies! Thanks, I love it! But yeah, don’t disembody! Hang on tight!

    (I must have a really high tolerance. I love every picture I’ve seen on this site, but I’ve yet to overload. Or maybe I just live in such a perpetual state of overloadedness that I’ve adapted. :-P)

  18. McKimchi says:

    You should charge people $7.50 per hug, where customers can hug this dog for 3 seconds.

  19. I’d pay 7.50 for 3 seconds of snorgling! TOTALLY worth it.

  20. Kris, in New England says:

    Oh man – check out just the tiny hint of pearly pink paw pads!

    And Lillie – I agree, I see the “ear shadow” as well, though I think it’s just an “architectural” detail on the equipment.

  21. i wonder if its a wolf or a dog anyway thats damn CUTE!!!

  22. Lilie — good eye. Freaky.

  23. lilie-
    i noticed that as well, and considered screaming “ph—sh–“!!! but i know the puppy is as real as the vcr.

  24. bonaircat says:

    check out the itty-bitty toe nail-ies… too cute!

  25. Stuffed toy!

  26. Ariel: Good call. 😉

  27. Schaazer says:

    isn’t it backwards….??

  28. One ear up, one ear down…perhaps a rule of cuteness? Ahh such a ham this malamute.

  29. Nice rhymin’ there, Meg!

  30. Oh my word! Those little PINK toe-pads! Those little fluffy-wuffy feet! TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  31. Jan Spencer says:

    Pink tongue, pink paw pads, floppy ear, wet nose, how many rules of cuteness does this picture have?? It’s awesome! He looks like he’s saying “How YOU doin?”

  32. So Cute the puppy doesn’t even look real! OMG! it’s too cute, it must be some sort of photoshop maddness!it is just too cute. But I know liddle puppy is real and I think this puppy could single pawddly bring about world peace.

  33. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Am Totally Addicted To This Site…..This Puppy Is Absolutely One Of The Most Prescious Things I Have Ever Seen. I Love The Little Tongue…..It’s Like The Puppy Is Snickering At Something. And Those Sweet Little Paws On Thar Chew Bone…..I Wanna Pick Them Up And Kiss Them.

  34. HI! I had an Alaskan Malamute named Cody too! They are the cutest pups going. Love your site!!

  35. OMG, the EYEBROWS! and the PADDY PAWS! I can’t stand it.

  36. The off-center tongue is a killah, just too too much. And the ghost ear!?! Shazzam.

  37. yeah the ear thing freaks me out…

    and the fact that the tongue looks like a human tongue.

    but still. OH MY GOD. i about shat myself when i saw this. i think mir put it best.

  38. brownamazon says:

    He appears to be lying on a rug made out of a tabby cat pelt…

  39. I dunno, looks like birch veneer to me…

  40. Fuzzy!
    Cheek puff!


  41. And it looks like he’s offering us the boney-bone!! He says, *Here* now you have a chew!

  42. jsccstudent17 says:

    I don’t think anyone can top that pic. nothing on that puppy doesn’t say “adrorable!!!!”

  43. Very myst-ear-ious. Is this pup just finishing appearing or about to disappear?

    Has to be either one, because this little one is too cute for this world.

  44. Jennifer says:

    He is so adorable! And I love his little tongue 🙂

  45. the words “honk-shu” and “Baroo” send me into fits of smile…. yes, FITS of smile. my face, my heart, my whole being…
    *whew* it hurts…

  46. Adorable! The cuteness is inflated by the fact that this little guy is a Star Wars fan!

  47. you guys r silly says:

    LOOK at the *fuzz lining* he has going on around the inside of his ear…(the “awake” one, NOT the honk-shuing one…&:o)
    *SMOOCHES AND SMURGLES* to you beautiful fuzzy pooch!!!

  48. Just me, I agree! 🙂

  49. anmlvr21 says:

    “This bone is good…but you can have it! I am a good puppy…I know how to share.”

  50. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Tongue-tasticly adoreable…Ear-resistably priceless!

  51. “No, really, *take* the bone. It tastes like broccoli anyway.”

  52. Sooo cute… Sooo fuzzy!

  53. AuntieMame says:

    “You want a piece of my bone? Touch it and you’ll pull back a stump…


  54. OMG. I want to snorgle him, and snorgle him, and snorgle him… That’s the cutest set o’ paws I ever did see. He looks rotten.

  55. the fluffiness overwhelms me! as for charging to hug this dog, i’d fork over a good amount to snorgle him!

  56. Oh my, what a dewicious looking fuzz-sicle! Everything so fresh and clean and fluffy.

    Love, love, love those malamutes. Wouldn’t love vacuuming the house every 5 minutes though!

  57. How about those shoe-button eyes, huh? Total package is too prosh. Proof that all the proshness has not yet been completely sopped up by the Kittehs!

  58. The Cat Herder says:

    I had to pick myself up off the floor there. The eyebrows are wonderful. That’s going to be one beautiful dog.

  59. I say this as a fellow Cat Person: He’s “going to be” beautiful?? Come *on*!

  60. Did I just call that spaniel the cutest? Ha! HA HA!
    Malamute…mmmm…sounds like marshmallow…

  61. OKAY! OKAY, you’ve assaulted me enough with the cuteness! I’ll comment!

    Sheesh, you didn’t need to go quite so far over the top, though. I mean, one ear up, one ear down? A pup composed largely of fluff? A *malamute*, one of my favorite breeds? (Oh, man, he’s going to be huge someday. Is it a rule of cuteness that the more monstrous it’ll be when it grows up, the cuter it is when it’s little and huggable?) Cute li’l pink paw pads? It’s just excessive! I’ll die of the Cute if you don’t stop soon, yet I can’t . . . look . . . away!

  62. Szzzzzzzoooo Fuzzy!

  63. Cheshire pup, Aubrey? Good one.

  64. You can’t fool me, thats a stuffed animal, not a dog.

  65. omg omg look at those pawsssss……….

  66. With all due respect, Theo… Abandon the cat; LICK THE PUPPY!

  67. lilie— Thanks! I thought the vcr reflection WAS the other ear but I see the floppy one now (even with the “honk-shu” clue I couldn’t at first)

    I think dogs with one floppy ear are exceptionally adorable *:3

  68. Have to share today’s Non-Sequitur cartoon about Puppy Court.

  69. Right ear: Honk-shu

    Left ear: Baroo?!

    Face: Ahhhhnnnn.

  70. Ooops. Confused left and right.

    Welcome to my life. :o(

  71. This is my best friends dog, and he is the most adorable pup in the whole world!!! But you will all have to travel to London to hug or “snorgle” him! I”m only a mile down the road, and get hugs and licks for free!! He is GORGEOUS!

  72. you probably get to dog-sit too, doncha sam. steenkin’ lucky duck.

  73. Finn — THERE you are! Yesterday I thought for sure this post would pretty much knock you comatose.

    Actually, maybe that explains the missing day.

  74. missing day? is it not monday??

    …oh crap. MEG!!

  75. This is my little woof and am very proud of him. I have actually had people stop their cars and ask about him whilst out walking him. I do get to “snorgle” on a very regular basis but since the photo was taken, both ears are baroo! which I am quite frankly, very sad about as he was the ultimate in cuteness before this. Please don’t let the ultimate cute puppy fool you though, he is a master of cunning and mischief! His name is Koda rather than Cody but hey, when you’re this gorgeous, who cares?

  76. emma! pls give koda xtra XOXO from me.

    and explain etymology of the name? there must be a story…

  77. I was guessing “Kodiak” esp. in light of the aforementioned mischief…?

  78. Koda is the bear cub in the Disney movie Brother Bear. When we first saw him, he looked like a bear cub. It also resembles Kodiak as well so s’all good. When he’s really naughty, he gets called Kojak, mainly because of the similarity in name and the complete reversal of hair situation. Some other strange people might know what I’m rambling on about. By the way, Baroo!….left or right? I am confused (it doesn’t take much) are we talking his right or our right? Anyhow, both his ears are up now. I will snorgle as much as I can for you all.

  79. Honk-shu is asleep and Baroo is alertly inquisitive, so Baroo his left, our right, and now both, per your post. I think :-P.

    Hee, what a leetle bear! Too cute!

  80. I…I…can’t find words… OMG!! So way beyond cute. Must snorgle! And die happy…

  81. Sam – I’m in Brighton… only 60 miles for a snorgle. Hurray!


  82. Emma:

    A friend of mine had to malmutes, and one of them names Kodiak (the male, of course) they do grow up to be very big and love to play on the snow. The also can seem to be very agresive, altough neither of them even barked while we playe D&D!

  83. Rafael — your friend’s malamutes played D&D with you??
    Let me guess: Halfling rogues? Chaotic good?
    Those dice must get pretty slobbery.

  84. Was this little guy teething when this pic was taken? Our pups seemed to use their ears to demonstrate how they were going while teething, heh.

    Ears up = Happy Fun Time!
    Ears down/floppy = Cranky/Bad time (sore, I guess)
    One of each = Getting there.

  85. filthy disgusting husky puppy.
    makes me sick like unicorns and rainbows.
    i sent in pics of my husky, apparently aren;t cute enough!

  86. Theo:

    Nope, they merely stared, begged to be petted, went after lost die with a vengeance and ate the cat’s poop.(I’m not making that one up, they actually raided the litterbox, which forced the one of the cats to poop somewhere else! Eeew!)

    Not the smartest of dogs, but still very looveble, like this pup!

  87. SQUISH! squeals, so gorgeous!

  88. Maria – He’s an Alakan Malamute, not a husky but if it’s any consolation, I did send this picture in about a month and a half ago so you may still be lucky with your little one. I have a beautiful picture of what he looks like now, I will email that in and see if it gets shown. Watch this space people – you will be amazed at the transformation.

  89. Gaaaaaaah *must* *nibble* *enormous* *pink* *pawszez*

    *faint* *dead of the kyoot*

  90. Rafael: GAAHHH.
    Note to self… if we ever get a dog, it will need to be too large to fit through the kitty doors–especially the one under the basement stairs.

  91. Rafael, my dog enjoys a little cat poop every now and then too. Not exclusive to Malamutes, I’m afraid. Just another disgusting doggie habit, which is another reason why I’m more of a cat person.

  92. Hey, I found a pic that illustrates what I’m talking about, re: kitty doors…

    (and Wendy? …agreed.)

  93. Is that one ear up, one ear down?!?!?!?!?! CUTE!!!!

  94. Lauren says:

    I’m SO jealous of you for having the most adorable puppy ever. AND my doggies name is Cody too 🙂

  95. laurenb says:

    Malamutes are an extremely intelligent breed, cat-poo-eating notwithstanding. They’re smarter than most people, certainly. I like cats and all, but there’s nothing like a nice big beautiful smart ball of workdog fluff.

  96. omg tha dog is soooo cute im a dog luvver
    luv ya dogs!!!lol!!!

  97. I know this is ancient history, in CuteOverload years… but does this pooch remind anybody else of Leonard Nimoy?

    Live Long and (uhmm…) Pupster.

  98. omgomgomg sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cutie