Time to wakey

As Theo so perfectly pointed out in the new C.O. Glossary, Marmalade Kittens rule. Thees one ees no except-shons…


So tie-tie on the CuteTracker…




  2. I’m sitting here in my comfy bathrobe looking at this prosh marmalazy kitten and…[yawn]…just wanna…[Zzzzzzzzzzzz]

  3. That’s kitty on kitty action!It’s just too much for a Monday…I can’t take the cute…must fight the cuteoverload! Damn it’s sad to be owned this early in the morning.

  4. i love all the extra-long white hairs that stick out beyond the other hairs.

  5. Tony James says:


  6. kittabum says:

    He is verrrry cute… though it appears he is sleeping on a log that is growing cat fur.

  7. Soooo fuzzy. :o)

  8. OK, CO needs a new “tactile” feature. I just want to reach in and STROKE that kitty’s oh-so-prosh fuzzy head…

  9. I have a marmie kitty–he is VERY smart and VERY naughty. Are they all like that??

  10. nyaaawwwww!!!! such big paws and scrumpled whiskers!!!! must… cuddle… the kitty… cat!!! i want one.

  11. Chantelle says:

    Cute! 🙂 I’ve got a marmalade cat as well. He doesn’t have much in the smartness department but he’s VERY naughty. He’s also the least graceful cat I’ve ever had, haha. He falls UP the stairs a lot.

  12. I just love it when *naughty* is a virtue.

  13. That’s the kind of cute that makes my heart hurt. Look at that little paw, and the halo of fur and whiskers around his head! I’m meeeeltiiiing!

    I have two marmalade kitties. They’re the bestest. *nodnod*

  14. wufs da kittie kittie kitties! says:

    how can u ppl get up and stay up at that hour of the morning?!?!

  15. wufs da kkk, we might be a different time zone 😉

  16. wufs da kittie kittie kitties says:

    i think so cause um i posted mine @ 10 something, not 7:33, i can’t stand being up that early, i DON’T get up that early

  17. you guys r silly says:

    *NO* wakey-wakey…
    *too tie-tie*………..
    p.s. MUST smurfle my face in the fuzzy kitty’s softness…

  18. Jan Spencer says:

    Smurfle! I love it! I wanna see my kitties! 5 1/2 hours til I get home to see them!!

  19. A vet once told me that all orange cats have great personalities.

  20. Oooooooohhh… long-haired tie-tie tiger tab-baby… ooooh… this massive endorphin bath is utterly preventing me from slapping the FP’er up there…
    can’t… muster… the rage…

  21. Maymee — I’ve known 3 Pint Lions personally. One was a fraidy cat, but he was rescued feral. One literally HUGGED people, to the point of becoming blissed-out & drooling, especially people in bathrobes (but could NOT abide ANY other cats). And one is of course our Aslan (aka Mr. Bounce), the local Love Pest. He could make a believer out of the most hardened of cat-haters. (Well… unless that cat-hater is also violently allergic. That’s hard to get past.)

  22. Kudos to Heto for practicing self-control on FP rage.

  23. Er… couldn’t hardly help it, Pa Joy.

  24. Heehee, now we know his weak spot and can easily disarm him in the future. Though I spoze we did always know Theo loved the kitties . . .

  25. Ohhh… the nose… it calls to be kissed.

    Anyone else notice the size of that paw…. thats going to be a big baby!

  26. Whoever FP’s and feels the need to exclaim so should sign their post “–Marmalade Kitten” thereby thwarting any potential negatomic responses.

  27. Psssh… see, now I’m gonna be *wise* to this blatant ploy.
    Still might work, tho.

  28. curses…I knew I was forgetting something…

  29. weasel_tea_party says:

    The two marmalades I’ve known have both been total love-muffins, but also randomly skittish little freaks. “AGH! Who are you!?!? Oh.”–ruuuuub, purrr, droool.
    Is it true that marmalades are usually male?

  30. Orange cats are CRAZY–at least all the ones I have ever known. They tend to have that reputation.
    I don’t know that all orange cats are male, but all calicos are females, except for the occassional sterile male.

  31. Love the bonnie sleepy dreaming kitty. And that white fuzzy frosting!

    And yes: BRING ON THE OTTERS. (anyone from CA? There’s a place called Moss Landing – we drove by once and you can see them relaxing in the marshland right by the highway!)

  32. Is the kitty resty on Mom tail? Two for the price of one!

  33. Hmmm. Theo . . . The otters. . . THE Otters . . . THEO tters . . . Coincidence? I think not! 😉

  34. Man… some people see conspiracies just EVERYwhere.

    – Theotter

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Me wants to kiss the baby’s soft fuzzy head. I understand that most tabbies are male, I’ve never heard of it being just marmies though. My guy at home isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but he does fit in the naughty category, but all is forgiven for the little lovebug that he can be.

  36. RavishingRoberta says:

    OK…..One Squee From My 5 Year Old Grandaughter On This One.

    Such A Happy Relaxed Kitty Cat. If Only We As Humans Could Relax That Much.

  37. ElfOwl, you genius you!

  38. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Never Heard That About Tabby’s. Not That It Isn’t True; I Just Have Never Heard That. My Grandaughter Has A Female (Gray&Black) Tabby. I Do Know That A True Tabby Has An M On Their Forehead,

    I Also Know That Calicos Are For The Most Part Female. It Is Very Rare To Find A Male Calico.

  39. Yay for orange sweeties!

  40. I have him on my desktop! From the CuteTracker! Best. Kitteh. EVAH.

  41. Woods walker says:

    We had a cat that used to bite people all the time until my younger brother bite it’s ear, no problem after that. This kitty probilby has a full tummy though. Having a full tummy causes many to sleep.-Woods Walker

  42. My kitty! Me loves the kitty, mine!!!!!!

  43. My kitty! Me loves the kitty, mine!!!!!!

  44. AuntieMame says:

    Or we could solve the problem for everyone and do a Fark.com, but instead of changing “First Post!!!one!1” to “Boobies,” it would change to “Marmalade Kitten!”

  45. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii she looks like my Sophie!! Or at least, like she did before she got all grown up and lovely.

    And yes, my marmalade kitten is a holy terror. It’s a good thing she’s so cute or I woulda killed her by now… 😉

  46. I am the proud “Mama” of this adorable kitten … his name is Fuzzball, by the way. He is sleeping on his equally-cute brother (named Scampi). There are four other pictures of Fuzzball in the Cute Tracker, if anyone is interested. Purrrrrr Purrrrrr Purrrr. (BTW, we have 6 orange tabby males … 2 are longhairs!)

  47. Sshuh…. spi… ssIX? Muhmuralades? Six? Of them? All?

  48. little miao says:

    Awwww, I’d love a pillow like that! (either Fuzzball or Scampi, or both!) Too sleepie…

  49. Is Scampi his big bro, or does he simply have a very fuzzy tail?

  50. Fuzzball and Scampi are twins …. both are very fuzzy with big fuzzy tails.