Sworn to secrecy

No matter HOW MUCH we plead, Pat will never disclose his Sugarglider Boo-Boo’s secrets. We can only guess.


Tiny, furry props to Pat 😉



  1. Bluetooth Sugar Glider!

  2. THEO – I was gonna be FIRST POST!
    (*stamps foot)

    Okay – super sweet sugar glider!

  3. SQUEEE – Lookit those teeny pink fingers!

  4. Zelda — then I suppose I saved you, didn’t I?

  5. Wait! NOOOO! It’s…. oh never mind. It’s NOT one of those ear creatures from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Whew. That would NOT have been cute.

  6. oh that’s so cute!!!

  7. David — Ah yes. The ORIGINAL earworm. They crawl into their hosts’ ear canals, and control them by singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” nonstop. Of course, they mix in subliminal suggestions like “Beat the egregious ham with your prop phaser” and “Microwave popcorn is really tasty.”

  8. “Just let me clean that for you, buddy.”

  9. Sometimes I come here and the cuteness is such that it makes me weep… oh whyyyy!

  10. Constance says:


    “no, I’m telling you, just plead the fifth, the you can’t incriminate yourself. Just trust me!”

    -Fuzzy McFuzzerson, Partner in Fuzz law firm inc.

    “Now, tell her that her eyes twinkle like stars….What did I tell you? DO IT! Chicks LOOOOVE that kind of stuff”

  11. If i didn;t know better, I’d say this might well be Deep Throat…

    Good goin’, Meg!!!

  12. Sugar bb: Oi lofs you, Mr. P.

    Mr. P: [smile]

  13. v1ctorya says:

    It’s an earing! Sugar glider earrings are all the rage nowadays

    woo-hoo, thirteenth to post! 😀

  14. Jennifer says:

    That’s a great picture!

  15. OMG, if that isn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, I’m not sure what is!

  16. Do you think there’s another sugar glider with a tail and pitchfork whispering in his other ear?

  17. martha in mobile says:

    Look at those melting brown eyes and sweet expression…wait a minute — I’m lookin’ at Pat!

  18. “phsh phsh phsh phsh phsh”
    (imperceptible nod of the head)

  19. TheLuna — perfect!
    Man, I wish I had more photo-chop playtime…

  20. teeny little squee-ral fingers and cutey-guy-Pat’s eyes… awwww, I love this picture!

  21. You know, I finally had to close out the CO tab on Mozilla. I couldn’t get any work done. Then puppy, the kitty, the happy bunny pony sugar sidler just kept whispering. I heard joyous chortles from across the network, chortles that I was missing out on. So I had to open another tab….and look at the puppy again.

  22. Bat whispering in my ear? That’s closer to “evil overlord” than “cute overload”…

  23. I see why they call them sugar gliders now… sooooo cute… and apparently they will whisper the secrets of the universe in your ear as well… gotta get one!

    *Sugar* The answer IS actually 42!

  24. jaypo, that innocent-looking lil’ sugar glider is *actually* saying, “Resistance Is Futile.”

  25. The weirdest thing about this photo is that both the man and sugarglider have matching eyes. I have never seen a human with such beady eyes.

  26. Pat’s kinda cute too!

  27. [in robot voice]: I.feel.good. I.am.under.their.control.

  28. Scientology’s new auditing tool?

    The rodent is cute, but the primate is smokin’!

  29. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    sugar glider:”Yummy! Ear wax,my favorite mid day snack!”

  30. Sugar G: “Are you listening? OK – here’s how they get the Caramilk into the Caramilk bar…”

  31. My sugar glider wants to tell Pat that he’s hella hot. We can have cats’n’racks, why not sugar gliders and hot dudes?

  32. Or…

    Sugar G: “Dude, your zipper is undone. Just thought I’d tell ya.”

  33. i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it I WANT IT!!!!! ^_^

  34. Don’t tell me, let me guess –
    you want it, right?

  35. Boo-Boo: Ewww! I see ear wax!!!!

  36. You caaaaaan’t have it.
    Thruppence and sixpence every day…

  37. the tiny paw! okay that’s all i have to say about the glider, because that man’s eyes are heavenly. and his smile is the sweetest thing, and the hint of grey hair there is absolutely gorgeous. when you start pairing gorgeous guys with the cuteness, that’s when you become a true danger to the employers of this world. i got no work done today for staring at this.
    i’m home and i’m still staring, for crying out loud!

  38. “So, anyway…Ashley told Carly who told Brittany who told me, that, like, Megan (the red-head with the ugly shoes) overheard Allie telling Christina that, like, she is totally crushing on you!

  39. AuntieMame says:

    “Psst! Theo is a goofball. Pass it on!”

  40. AuntieMame wins! LOL.

  41. Well duh.

  42. I guess I am the only one but there is something decidedly uncute about this one for me. Must be the whole rodent/ear combo that is squicky, because I agree that Pat is a good-looking guy, and I’m sure that Boo Boo is nice also.

  43. You know… Pat looks a bit like Andre Agassi, in a good mood.
    I think Boo Boo tickles.

  44. Wow, I am in love, but not with the sugar glider!

  45. I’m turning inside out from the double-whammy of cuteness overload. Can’t decide who’s cuter either.

    Sugar gliders aren’t rodents, Driver. They’re closer relatives of kangaroos than rats or mice.

  46. Andre Agassi, Theo? I was thinking maybe a touch of Robert Carlyle. Yum.

  47. Psst, Pat, email Cutefan! She said I’m welcome to tag along on your date. She has very nice ears! Do it, Pat, do it!

  48. AWH!! grooming! their marsupials not rodents!

  49. The Cat Herder says:

    “I can see my house from here!”

  50. well, I’m glad someone finally said somethin’ about the sugar daddy. I was going to but thought oh, no, they’ll think I’m crushin’ on him. Well, guess what? Not the only one… *nice* eyes (assuming there’s another one)

  51. Thanks, Theo, was trying to remember who the partial Pat reminded me of. It is Agassi for me, but either is cute, and and that goes for the photo too! I concur, Pat is quite fetching.

  52. looks like pics of cute guys are as popular as the animals. Meg hit a double whammy here.

  53. *swoon*
    Pat has the large eye-to-face ratio going on too, as well as the smokin’ hot guy-next-door-with-kind-and-beautiful-eyes-I-could-go-on-for-paragraphs-look.

    (I’m a married spud. I’m a married spud. I’m a married spud.)

    Oh yes, I’m sure the sugar glider is cute too, but I can’t take my eyes off Pat long enough to notice.


  54. “I’m a married spud.”
    [insert Hot Potato joke here]

  55. ” when you start pairing gorgeous guys with the cuteness, that’s when you become a true danger to the employers of this world. “

    My thoughts exactly 😉 Count me in on the admiration for the guy’s cuteness as well.

  56. mollence says:

    *Randy Jackson voice*
    OK dawg, so check it out. You have two of the CUTEST kitten pictures EVER posted in the last 24 hours; 2 of the CUTEST puppy pictures EVER posted in the last 24 hours; and to top it off you add a sugar glider into the mix?? AMERICA, we have a HOT one TONIGHT!!

  57. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Have Absolutely No Words To Expain The Cuteness Of This. From The Look On Pats Face; Me Thinks He Got Some Good News.

  58. Michelle says:

    Yeah, okay Theo. Definitely Agassi. But still:


  59. jaypo—-LOL…the sugar glider is telling all this you know? 😉

  60. “psssttt….Pat…. the girls at CO think ur as cute as ME, so look, see if u can sit me up with one of those honey hammie pies Meg posted”.

  61. After the babel fish, here comes the babel sugarglider! Cool pic! ^_^

  62. Reminds me of Weasles Ripped My Flesh…

  63. Is the sugar glider whispering secrets or preparing to eat his brain?? IMWTK

  64. Whattya wanna bet there’s sugar syrup in his ear?? Terribly terribly cute anyway….hurts…

  65. Alejandro says:

    “Psst! Dude! Your fly is undone!”

  66. I’ll join the “Pat is Cute” chorus, too. [Hee.]

  67. Last comment: Little kids, thinking sex is sooooo gross. Sad.

  68. can i no the secret?

  69. “Psssst! I’m in kahoots with BabyLuv, and I just GOT to tell you some of Paris Hilton’s secrets!”

  70. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    that is adorable!!!!!!!!
    I just want a snorgle with it

    the glider is ok too

    luv your eyes pat
    or eye i guess

  71. Oooooooh! HE has perfect puppy dog eyes!!

  72. RavishingRoberta says:

    Alejandro…..That’s The Best One Yet

  73. I love this photo! I have 2 sugar gliders. I was wonder how to photograph them without blinding them with the flash! Any sugestions?

  74. Melissa — Maybe bounce the flash off the ceiling (or nearby light-colored wall) with a white business card? I think you can do this trick with the simpler “tourist” cameras, even.

  75. Melissa says:

    Thanks Theo — I’ll give it a try!

  76. Hi. I am the guy that submitted the picture of my sugar glider “Whispering” in my ear.
    I had not been to the cute overload site in a while so I did not know it was posted till just recently. I was surprised there were so many comments from that picture and it was amusing to read them. Boo-Boo, the glider in the picture, is my little buddy. He will be 6 this month. I have 4 other gliders. A female that produced 1 offspring, and 2 adopted ones. I have to say that while Gliders are precious they ARE NOT a pet for everyone. Boo-Boo was raised by me being fed with an eye dropper and he is very tame as I handled him all the time. The same with the female. The offspring I let the mom raise and was not handled by me as much so it is not as friendly. The adopted ones must not have been handled much at all as they just don’t like to be held. If you are thinking “What a sweet pet” and are thinking about getting a Sugar glider please feel free to contact me at sharingbeauty39@yahoo.com and I will tell you what I know about them, the pros and cons.
    Thank you,

  77. hi Pat,

    ain’t you glad your submission made it to Cute Overload? some of us have been trying for months without luck…
    congratulations on Boo-Boo and the other sugargliders in your family, and thanks so much for posting your comments. like many other smallish mammals, such as squirrels, ferrets, etc., sugargliders are not *quite* domestic(ated), and is all in their upraising.


  78. irish lucky1 says:

    Adorable. I want one!

    By the way, does anyone know the name of the pic with the baby chomping on the cat’s tail? I wanna check on the debate.

  79. mariser says:

    here ya go Irish,


    hope you have 4-5 hours to kill.

  80. oops, I don’t know why the link didn’t show up as a clicky… you’ll have to cut and paste into your browser

    let me try again:

  81. pat is not cute i mean lookit the little furry bodr and the little pink hands

  82. Pat,

    This is not mearly an adorable glider. This is a fully WONDERFUL SHOT of said sugar glider!!! I wonder if I might use it as part of a project sometime? (With your permission, or course.)

    But in addition, Pat, as a Sugar Mama (slave) of 3 fantastic sugar gliders we would ALSO love to thank you for reminding people in your post that while suggies really are the very ESSENCE of Cute Overload they are ALSO a high maintenance pet and NOT right for everybody! These are NOT easy critters!

    Before anybody gets one of these crazy flying marsupials DO YOUR HOMEWORK! They need very specific care, there are laws about them in some states, etc. They are GREAT… but only if you can commit to them that you can feed them right and keep them happy and safe through their 15 years!

    Anyway, this is a very long note to say BooBoo is adorable, YOU are adorable, the cropping is perfect, and the advice is INDISPENSABLE! You are a credit to our fuzzies!