You’re pounce material.

Oh, here comes truh-huh-huh-ble. Monsieur KittenPants is about to attack your head as you sit on the couch. Aieeee!


Watch out for paws on the CuteTracker…



  1. If he pounces me that means I get to snorgle him. It’s only fair.

  2. FIRST

  3. Action paw. Snarfable fuzz. Baby blue eyes. Four stars.

  4. Hmmm…This reminds me of my kitty at 3am right before she pounces on my head!

  5. Slooowly I turn. Step by Step. Inch by Inch.


    I am Inigo Montayo. You keeled my father, prepare to die!

  6. Could his name really be Monsieur KittenPants? That would be outrrrrrrrrrrrrageous.

  7. wee tiny kitten
    pouncing on my head
    oops you missed me
    hit the couch instead

  8. …seriously, does it get any cuter than this? Kittens are just perfection.

  9. Kitten reconnaisance…on the blasted heath of Livingroom Couch-Ridge…stay tuned for the thrilling story of one cat battalion, armed only with fuzziness, big ears and blue eyes in “They Were Snarfable”.

  10. oh, monsieur kittenpants–this is a wonderful name!

  11. $comment++;

    Lookie da baby trying to be sneaky! 😀 I miss my cats! damn you all! 😦

  12. little miao says:

    Awwww, I’d love to be stalked by cute little Monsieur KittenPants.

    I miss my cats, too!

  13. “Oh, here comes truh-huh-huh-ble.”

    Where does this saying come from?
    Is it from a TV show or movie?

    Explain yourself.

  14. AuntieMame says:

    I love the paw in motion. It’s an action shot!

  15. McKimchi — it comes from Meg. You’re at the source, bub.

  16. Aubrey — yes! Once more into the breech!

  17. Oh, and SDFG? STFU.

  18. Carrie Hall says:

    Now you are trying to fucking kill me.

  19. Tsk, Carrie! I’m disappointed in you.
    KittenPants wants to be your *friend.* (And maybe chew on your bangs a little.)

  20. Heee! So sweet. When I was eety beety I had little t-shirts that said “Here Comes Trouble!” I have no idea what they were talking about! Moi?!

  21. McKimchi says:

    “McKimchi — it comes from Meg. You’re at the source, bub.”

    Are you sure it’s not a catchphrase that Stephanie Tanner used to say?
    I know Meg must have gotten it from somewhere…and I intend to find out, if it’s the last thing I do!

  22. paw by paw the kitteh comes

  23. McKimchi — The Stephanie Tanner character’s catchphrase was mostly “How rude” (recycled ad nauseum by George Lucas in those space flicks).

    Seriously… there’s nothing new under the sun. Meg writes like I do, which is to say, the way she talks. So yes, you’re at the source. It’s a source steeped in pop culture and media references, probably. But why go hunting for tedious things to rip off when it’s just so much faster to make stuff up?

    For the record, Meg’s a fairly senior designer at a very well-known global technology company. It’s her *job* to be creative.

    (Meg — Can I say that? “Global technology company” — there, I said it again!)

  24. And, er, by the way, if “truh-huh-huh-ble” really is a reference I didn’t get, Meg… I guess now’d be a good time to say so.

  25. KITTEH!!!!!!

    Why is one of the most lethal predators on land so incredibly adorable?

  26. Cute!!!!!! Me loves the paws!!!!!!

  27. Just so nobody has to lock up their “wimmins,” all’s well…

  28. Anyone have a laser pointer? I wanna play with the kitty!

  29. KITTEH! My best friend had a kitten that used to stalk my hair. He would wait for me to lay down on the sofa and put my hair over the arm. Then…he would POUNCE and ATTACK. I have a Lot of hair. Sometimes it would get beyond him. Hee.

  30. Look what happens when I can’t be at my computer all day and all evening. *Four*, count ’em, four fabulously cute photos in one day, including two great cats. Meg, you’re totally spoiling us. Keep it up.

    My tabby pounced on my head from the bathroom counter the other day. Landed like a hat on me, but luckily kept her claws in. I had my back to her, so that was a bit of a surprise.

  31. RavishingRoberta says:

    Buum Buum Buum Buum
    Buum Buum Buum Buum

    Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum

    And The Fly Was Swallowed Before It Knew Anything Was Happening

  32. RavishingRoberta says:

    Hammy…..My Schnoodle Used To Play With The Light Bug. She Hated It When It Would Get On The Ceiling.

  33. I seen cats stalk pray many times, but not people. Am I the only one that has been around extremely well behaved kitties???

  34. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    “Get ready, for here I come!”

  35. “I seen cats stalk pray many times, but not people. Am I the only one that has been around extremely well behaved kitties???”

    Apparently so. I had a cat in high school that was hell on feet. It would sneak up on my from across the room and launch itself at my bare feet while I sat on the sofa watching TV.

    My most recent cat was pretty well behaved… until she went up into her cat tree. When kitty is in the cat tree, the airspace around said cat tree is vigorously defended against all intrusion. Yes, it is possible to be punched in the head by a cat.


  36. Kris, in New England says:

    Msr. KittenPants has large paws – at some point in the next few months he’s going to make a sizeable pouncer…

    For now, just too prosh!

  37. Zombie, I had a 16-lb, double-pawed, pitch black cat (I wonder if he ever was a “kitty”… a stray I took in) used to hide on the garden wall over my head. The rest is history, but as you can guess, multiple bats on my head and then he’d be gone. He was my wonderful Earth Wizard.

  38. ooohhhhhhhh, hun-neeeee!
    i’d be honored to have you tangle in my hair.
    what a baby!

  39. when is KITTEH! going to be added to the CO glossary?

  40. Who started KITTEH!

    Theo? Resident CO etymologist?

  41. There’s KITTEH and PUPPEH and HAMMEH and um… GERBEH…?
    …and BUDGEH for those Ozzies among us. It’s a morph.

  42. (and I *definitely* didn’t start the -EH thing, that’s been all over the place)

  43. KITTEH! it sounds in my head like the chubby kid on south park.

  44. ariel,

    to me, KITTEH! sounds like something Timmy (TIMMEH!) of SouthPark would say.

  45. Ariel — oh yeah. That’s probably where it came from. Not Cartman, though: “TIMMEH!!!”

  46. Mariser: JINX

  47. “PUPPEH and HAMMEH and um… GERBEH…and BUDGEH”

    nah. imposters. there can only be one KITTEH!

    btw, I’ll bite: what is BUDGEH ?
    and what is an Ozzie?
    1. a native/resident of the Ozark mountains
    2. a fan of Ozzie Osbourne
    3. a ???

  48. Theo,

    wheee! doublepost!

    /was it good for you too? 😎

  49. RavishingRoberta: i love it when u say Schnoodle.

    Theo: i’m not all Dog. this pic made me mewl, okay?

  50. Finn — YAY!!

    (coupla sneaky updates to the Yay pic too, btw…)

  51. Mariser —
    Ozzie = Aussie
    BUDGEH = budgie

    Can you take it from there?

  52. “pOOT!”

  53. “Ozzie = Aussie
    BUDGEH = budgie”

    uhh, OK. thanks. hadn’t heard of Ozzie that way.

    a budgie is a bird, right? is it popular in Aussieland?


  54. Actually, upon further review, budgie = parakeet. I think they’re just more commonly called “budgies” in “Oz.”

    Why? …absolutely no idea.

  55. Don’t forget…BUNNEH!!

  56. ah-ha-HAW!
    now i remember.
    all of south park is just a blur of cut-paper jaws flapping and crude sounds. but once you said TIMMEH! i recalled it.

  57. Theo, budgie=short for budgerigar.

  58. Okay… CO combined with South Park… different…

    Back to the kitten however… do they ever outgrow it? I have an older cat, was older when I got her, not too kitten like. My other however has never outgrown her kittness and this morning in mid luvin on my calf as I am getting ready for work I was distinctly pierced by claw and tooth… WTF?! Cute little fur ball of mine is just not cute enough to off set psychotic morning attacks before my first cup of coffee. *must stare at kitten to find inner zen and not go home and shave cat*

  59. And now back *off* topic again (sorry)… but does anyone else find it disturbing that CO not only stands for CuteOverload, but also carbon monoxide?

    Can I get a COL (CuteOverLoad) maybe?

    Gah. As you were. Hey, a kitten! Sweet.

  60. Q? if there is more than one cat in the house, do they pounce on each other more than they do on you?

    Just so I know, cause I want to get a tabby. If I do, I might have to buy her those claw-plugs I heard about. Wake me up in the middle of the night with claws and fury, and I become Mr. Cranky-Pants!

  61. avensdesora says:

    Tabbys are Trouble with a capital T but only because they are so intelligent! they are second only to the solid blacks in my book.

    and yes, having a second cat means they play with each other more…once they become friends. it also means an increased chance of a pouncing in the middle of the night as they chase each other around the house! 🙂

    as for the kitten, i wanna snuggle him!

  62. Avensdesora (now THAT’S a screen name) — you’ve just described our evenings at home to a T. Which rhymes with P. One solid black (with a white spot), one Tiger Tab, and one wood floor (THUMPITER THUMPITER THUMPITER THUMPITER THUMPITER SSSSSSSLIDE THWOK RRRRRROWRRLLL!!!)

  63. Dunno, Theo. The CuteOverload=Carbon Monoxide might be more than coincidence. Apparently extreme cuteness also causes dizzyness, headaches, and loss of consciousness!

  64. Rafael, its totally worth it… they are twice the fun…I have a solid black and an albino white. Now granted I have had the “ohnomoment” more than once as they are chasing each other and don’t realize I’m not part of the furniture (usually the bed) they are about to round off of like furry, clawed race car drivers, but hey.. a little adrenaline is good for you! Just remember… You have the opposable thumbs, the can opener, the water bottle and the bottle of Pounce (aka- kitty crack) ultimately you can win at least 50% of the time if you try. 🙂

  65. adorable!

  66. Theo: I’ll let you know if I get any patients at the hospital who come in for Cute Overload poisoning.

  67. Mel — How would you even treat that?
    Breathing mask and pure bottled fart?

  68. LOL! Exactly! I’ll notify the CDC that this could be an epidemic.

  69. “I knew I shouldn’t have put the tinsel in my prom hairdo…now Mr. Smokey Cuddlepaws won’t leave me alone!”

    How sweet…

  70. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Monsieur KittenPants is the name of the villain in the new upcoming James Bond flick?

    I love kittens when they’re trying to be all “ooh, I’m so sneaky and stealthy, lookit me creeping up on my prey,” and we react like, “OMG CUTE! You are just the CUTEST THING!!” *pick up kitten and snorgle, kitten looks cranky*

  71. Brak:

    That because you so ruined his approach. He can not be part of the Kitteh-Special Ops if you snorgle him before he pounces on the bad guys!

    Oh, and thanks you guys for all the info on kittens.

  72. This picture strikes fear and incessant giggles into my heart.


  73. The fog comes
    on little cat feet.
    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches
    and then moves on.

    -Carl Sandburg

  74. Tice+J — excellent! Very appropriate; that poem’s a family favorite too.
    Now I want to see if there’s a bay view out that window.

  75. Meg, your comments always make me laugh. Monsieur KittenPants is no exception. Thanks for keeping me smiling =)

  76. I cannot be the only one in the world to whom ‘kitteh’ (or any other ‘eh’ that doesn’t issue from a South Park child’s mouth) sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

    (Of course, I’m also mod on a forum where many of the young females call themselves a ‘sexah kitteh’ on a regular basis….)

  77. displayname says:

    a-wim-oh-weh, a-wim-oh-weh
    In the jungle,
    the mighty jungle,
    the lion sleeps tonight…

  78. Just for the record,”truh-huh-huh-ble” was the catch-phrase of ‘Tootie’ on “The Facts of Life”. Now back to the cuteness…

  79. Late link, or early Photo Bonus Friday… thanks to again…

  80. emma volard says:

    this is cute

  81. *Larissa* says:

    *stalks dust while humming mission imposssible theme tune*