Kitchen Sentries

Green-painted-toe-Cuteness-Submitter Maren B. of Norway writes she was simply minding her own business doing household chores when kittens Lemmy and Iggy ATTACKED!


Thanks, Maren. More of her kittens here.



  1. This photo made me gasp in delight. I have a similar photo of two tabby paws grabbing at my foot from under the bed as I walked by.

  2. RavishingRoberta says:

    O M G…..These Are The Sweetest…..One Little Kittie Thinks He Is Ninja Cat.

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh. My. Gawl. Maren is done for. Those ferocious beasts will pull her down and drag her off to their den where she and her shimmery peridot toenails will never be seen again!

    I just can’t watch. Tell me when it’s over.

  4. i luv doing housewerk barefoot too!

  5. Cute!!!!! Scary toes though!!!!!

  6. Lemmy and Iggy? AWESOME.

  7. *Ha-HA! It is US, zee keetens! No one expects zee surprise keeten ank-al attack! See how we SNEAK up and use the stealth? Ha-HA!*

  8. speedwell says:

    This picture needs to be made into a Successories poster like this:

    “Because you know it’s only going to get worse later if you don’t tackle it now.”

  9. Yeeek, I love white kitties so much, and those are cute, but kittens’ teeth are like teeny tiny needles latching onto you!

  10. kittabum says:

    The kittens are cute. The linoleum, however, blows my mind.

  11. yeah, yeah – looks 8staged* to me! 😉

    (I kid, I kid.)

  12. sweet little kitties with needle sharp teeth!
    even as cute as they are, i wouldn’t want those teeth in my legs…

  13. The fact that they are named Lemmy & Iggy is, perhaps, the cutest thing of all.

  14. RavishingRoberta says:

    That’s Carpet Isn’t It?

  15. I highly recommend the flickr link. Pics of goats, a “giggling sheep,” horsies, a unique guinea-pig-n’-rack photo, doggies, kitties, chickens …some kind of lizard, too, but that one doesn’t count. It’s a damn gold mine in there!

  16. Perhaps these are baby fashionistas making a statement about the chartruese nail polish. (though I kind of like the color, myself)

    Still – it must be lovely to be the subject of a sudden kitten-buzz-saw-ankle-gnaw.

  17. Adorable kitten attack…I wouldn’t mind dying this way.

  18. In my house, we call those drive-by bitings. Cute picture.

  19. The non-ninja kitty’s kink-in-the-tail and chunky head are making my ice-cold heart melt!

  20. … and she just happened to be holding a camera while doing housework…
    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! So cute.

    P.S. nail polish= awesome. I want some in that colour.

  21. Photographer:”Oh, look kitties!”

    Ninja-Kitten:”Giant attack GO!”

    Photgrapher:”Oh, how cute….YEEOOOOOW!”

    Ninja-Kitten:”Target destroyed!”

  22. They prolly thought the toenails were … ummm something edible..?

  23. Whoa, man, that carpet’s like, really blowing my mind, man… whoa

  24. Wow! Thanks. 🙂

    (It’s linoleum, btw. :))

  25. Dear Maren, Please mail me your kittens immediately. I cannot live without them. Thank you.

  26. Wee chubby white kitties! My heart is melting (and my ankles are hurting in sympathy).

  27. BenPanced says:

    Left kitten: “ATTACK!”
    Right kitten: “Meh. Bored. When’s food?”

  28. kitten snorgler says:

    *in daramatic movie trailer guy vioce* in a world where small kittens SEEM harmless but aren’t, and everybody paints their toes two-tone green its, “Attack of the itty bitty nija kittens” now in 3-D coming soon to a litter box near you

  29. What!? I thought you couldn’t get lions in Norway!

  30. CHOMP!!!

  31. Beauregard says:

    Ok, yes, leave it to the Scandinavians to have the coolest linoleum EVER.

  32. Deckard Canine says:

    For those who don’t know, Lemmy and Iggy Koopa were two of Bowser’s kids in Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. On the TV series, their counterparts (under different names) were the youngest.

  33. OooooOOOOOOOOooohhh!!!
    The one on the right has a little Ash Wednesday smudge!
    And the blue-eyed black-coated one in the Flikr stream is to DIE for.
    And, whoa, final note: NICE peacock toenail polish. I’d say that pink-taloned lady at the animal-rescue place has met her match.

    (Jeremiah B — LOL. Holy Crap!)

  34. RAR! We are Fearsome!

    oh and Theo- my white cat had an Ash Wednesday smudge too. We named her Ashley, but the smudge has since grown out.

  35. The left kitty attacks while the right kitty is on the lookout for cops.

  36. I love when kittens do this… its the reason I refer to them as fuzzy carpet sharks….

  37. “Carpet Sharks” — ooh, I *like* that…

  38. adorababy says:

    ‘Lemmy’ and ‘Iggy’ may also refer to the singers of Motorhead and the Stooges respectively

  39. Heh, this is one of my favorite views of kittens, because it means I *have* kittens :-P. I totally love the challenge of walking while they try to strop and/or eat my ankles, too.

  40. The five kitten in the litter were named Iggy (Pop), Lemmy (from Mötorhead), Ziggy (Stardust), Ozzy (Osbourne) and Eddie (Vedder). 🙂

  41. Villeline says:

    Fine pusekattene! 😀
    Fine tær også! Hihi!

  42. MarenB — you SOOOOO rock.
    May there be an Angus in your future… and a Sid, and Patty, and Trent, and maybe Courtney (if you get a dog).

  43. Theo, I promise. 🙂

    gnaw gnaw gnaw

  45. Now Maren just needs to sleep with her camera, so she can get a matching photo of the kitties doing the same thing in the middle of the night, like my kitties loved to do when they were young. Nothing like waking up to 20 claws in the ankles!

  46. How come no one said CHIZZOMP!

  47. RavishingRoberta says:

    Weren’t Iggy & Lenny Lavern & Shirleys Friends?

  48. ♥♥♥ kitten snorgler ☺ ♥♥♥ says:

    i think so,

  49. This is not only cute but hilarious. Whoever took this pic is clever and has a good sense of humor

  50. skipper says:

    women. feet. cats. life is good.