He’s got perfect puppy dog eyyyyyes

Buddy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ehibits picture-perfect puppy-dog eyes and puffy schnozzle. I have to ask you guys, though—there should be a name for the puffy area around the nose—you know, the place where whiskers eminate?! it’s so prosh—what is that area called? Is it cheek puff?


Take him for a walk, Joy M.! 🙂



  1. i think it just the “muzzle” area.

  2. MUZZLE! Good call. Then that makes his a ‘Puzzle’? [you saw that coming a mile away.]

  3. Yeah, I was gonna say “muzzle.”

  4. OMG its so cute. too bad this picture appeared after the t-shirt poll. maybe next time, this will be one of the choices

  5. Cheek puff is better than muzzle. Cheek puff FTW!

  6. So cute i wanna cry!

  7. I agree “cheek puff” is cuter. But I don’t think of that as his cheek. “Schnozz puff,” maybe.

  8. Michelle says:


  9. “Schnozzle Puff” is like a great name for a Mattel toy or something. I can almost hear the theme song now…

  10. Erin Eloise says:

    Is that a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a King Charles Spaniel? BTW there is no “cocker” in this dog’s name!

  11. We have a short-nosed dog, and we call his little nose a fuzzle – short for fuzzy muzzle.

  12. Finally!!!!!!A new post, thanks Meg, what was the hold up?

  13. I hesitate to suggest.

    But considering that it tends to be the place where whiskers originate. And it is, as you said, a Puff area.

    May I suggest Whuff?

    (and when I say it to myself there is a great deal of exhaled air and a almost silent h sound before the W. The quiet sound a dog makes when they puff out their cheeks in a subsonic, personal bark.)

  14. [robotic voice] Whisker Emination Area!

  15. Courtney says:

    I’ve always called that part of the dog his doolaps, but that’s a word for a different part of the face, I think…

    *looks it up*

    Okay, it’s spelled dewlap and it’s the loose flap of skin on the neck of some animals. Oh well. I still like to call that part of a dog’s muzzle the dewlaps. 🙂

  16. Thanks, Erin, you were right, I miss-typed. He’s indeed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Thanks!

  17. Oh what a little beauty! Puppies! Puppies! They always makes me happies!

  18. Muzzle, nevah.
    Cheek puff sounds way cuter 🙂
    So “Whuff” and “Cheek puff” to you all.

  19. Oh, the puppyness.

    How about Wozzle?

  20. When I was little my brothers and I used to call it the “puff-part” 🙂

  21. after the crapy weekend i had, this made me feel so much better!

  22. RavishingRoberta says:

    Well; He Wants Y’All To Take A Break From The Puffles & Muffles Put Them Up Your Wuzzles And Take Him For A Walk.

  23. That is just too precious.

  24. The Guy Over There says:

    Okay, who was the wiseguy that’s been putting stuffed animals to life?

  25. Please, please let me wuzz this doggie!

  26. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE THIS PICTURE! He is sooo adorable.

  27. Owner:”No.”


    Owner:”No, don’t look at me like that!”


    Owner”No, oh alright, you can have just a bit of my ice cream, just this once!”

    Puppy wags tail!

    (Yes I know ice cream is bad for puppies and dogs in general, but that will not stop them from begging, I know it didn’t stop my dog!)


  28. I have heard, and prefer, the term “whisker humps”, but that’s just me.

  29. wee pups says:

    I think that you have made us know and appreciate “cheek puff.” It simply must be cheek puff. Whether or not it is technically “cheek” matters not. We know what it is and it is precious.

  30. Ian Williams says:

    “Nush” (rhymes with push). Contains hints of nose, plush, nozzle, prosh… Could be a verb, too, as in when a dog puts his nose under your hand and “nushes” it up onto his or her head. And that plush nush brushing your hand ensures that you will comply…

  31. We call ’em “nose pillows” but “cheek puffs” is cuter. 🙂

  32. OK, so far we have the following contenders to name the puffy whisker area:

    1. Nush
    2. Cheek Puffs
    3. Schnozzle
    4. Nozzle
    5. Whuff
    6. Muzzle
    7. Whisker Humps
    8. Puffles & Muffles
    9. Puff-Part
    10. Dewlaps
    11. Schnozz Puff
    12. W.E.A. (Whisker Emination Area!)

    A nice collection. Shall we have a poll on it?

  33. Now wait just a sec – most all animals have whiskers.

    Is this term gonna be appicable to *all* animals, or dogs only?

    Such burning questions we debate here! 😉

  34. in this house we always call those whisker-pads, well, whisker-pads. 😀

  35. The whisker-madness is distracting people from the singular feet on this pup; nose, too. His feet are incredible.

    I hope I get to walk him in my dreams…

  36. Is it possible for a King Charles spaniel to have a Roundhead?

    Oh, and I’ve heard them referred to as whisker-bags.

  37. This little guy’s muzzle is so amazingly snarfable, I can only come up with “muzzy.” As in, yes, “fuzzy wuzzy muzzy.” Okay, must die now.

  38. Lick My Pickles says:

    Ive always just called them ‘chipmunk cheeks’

  39. Lacrossedragon says:

    I just want to kneel down and pet his lil’ head. AW

  40. Well, when my kitties back home got happy and started purring their cheeks would get all puffed up and their whiskars all pronounced. So we called them Poofs 🙂

  41. Just had to put this video from google videos – a must see for any puppy loving individual out there 🙂

  42. gingersnapb says:

    Gotta love a puppy’s whatever the heck they’re called

  43. Well once upon a time I had a boyfriend who was an airplane mechanic (I do believe he is now a pilot) who had an English field cocker spaniel. He (the boyfriend, not the dog) called those muzzly bits “canards”, after the little wings on some airplanes located on the nose of the plane that are in turn named after ducks. He would play with them and make airplane noises, and the dog didn’t mind. So I vote for “canards”, ’cause it’s extra silly.

    Wow, that was long-winded and kinda pointless. Then again it’s 2:43 in the morning here and I really outta go to bed.

  44. Uh, make that “really *oughtta* go to bed”. And that was with extensive use of the preview button. Oy.

  45. Kate Orman says:

    I call those “cheeky cheeks”.

  46. pixie-stix says:

    I’m in love. They are such sweet dogs too – gorgeous dispositions.

  47. Christina says:

    I feel sorry for the little guy. You can see the trail his tears took from the corner of his eyes. *Hugs* to the small and fuzzy one.

  48. never mind the cheeky cheeks, what about the feety feet?


  49. Foozle.
    Why foozle,
    I don’t know.
    Look at all that floppy foozle!

  50. Michelle says:

    I’m liking fuzzle, whisker-humps, and puffles. But I think you better put this very important process to a vote.

  51. The edges of a dog’s upper lippy parts are called the FLEWS. No fooling!! I don’t know if the “cheek puff” area is technically outside the flews area, but flews is an excellent word, anyway. FLEWS. Bloodhounds have pendulous flews.

  52. In my house that is called the “snoots”

  53. Lynne and Nellie says:

    I am good and I am sweet,
    won’t you give me me food to eat?
    I’m a CKC Spaniel……
    Please let me lick your feet!

    CKC Spaniels rock!

  54. Charm City C says:

    They’re puffs. Whiskers come from them. I’ve always called them “whisker puffs.”

  55. Actually, they’re called Chups. I like to grab my doggie by the muzzle and yell “Look at those CHUPS!!” in his little face. He loves it. Really. The chups really are the best bit of a dog.

  56. I’ve always referred to that area as “whisker puffs.”

  57. The name of the cheek puffs with the adorable little whisker holes, are bloo-bloos. If you are only talking about one side, such as “kitty has a black face with one white bloo-bloo” then you leave off the ‘s’, but normally they are plural.

  58. How about “muzzlepuff”
    (sorta rhymes with mazeltov)


  60. Um, Jaypo, Muzzlepuff is WAYYYYY superior to nose pooch.

    I tip my hat to you.

  61. My best friend’s family has called it the “oot” for generations. It’s the part that “sticks oot.” (scottish)

  62. We’ve always called these “whisker cheeks”.

  63. Awww who trimmed the poor Cavalier’s ears? Their curly ear fluff is too adorable to cut!

  64. Glasseth says:

    hahhahahahhahahhaa! tears up! VOTE VOTE VOTE now! I can’t take the pain! still tears from extreme laughter!!!

  65. Dustbunny says:

    Aubrey — wow, a historical pun!How cavalier of you : )

  66. “cheek puffs,” along with the winner of this little convo, should be in the glossolalia, ceci n’est pas?
    i like both “muzzlepuffs” and “whisker humps”

  67. Whoa, seems like I missed a bunch since yesterday… this comment thread is wordily hilarious… I’m poised & ready with the Glossary updates, once any of these take on a life of their own.

    BTW, look for “chizzomp” sometime today, most likely.

  68. Who could have imagined that people had so many different names for the area next to a dog’s nose? I’ve always just thought of it as the area next to a dog’s nose. I have no imagination!

    I kinda like muzzlepuffs. Sounds like doggie cereal…

  69. I had a queeny history professro who used to bring one of those to class everyday– justin was the dog’s name. until he got banned. 😦

  70. Awwww… don’t have a name for the sweet little part of an animal but its such a nibbly part whatever it is, epecially on this little cutie!… The ears, the paws… the sweet little wet nose…. too much!

  71. Meg, your compilation missed BB/VA’s “fuzzle”. That’s my personal favorite!

  72. I like Muzzlepuff.
    I like Spaniels.
    I like the floppy curly ears that are soooooo soft.

  73. We always called them snuggle palettes for obvious reasons. I just want to SNUGGLE him.

  74. I like the video!
    Emir, great find! I love goldens, and that was classic puppy! My favorite is when the backing up in uncertainty puppy stomps all over his littermate’s face, and neither of them take their eyes off the cat.

  75. Here’s my idea: “schnoot.” (Rhymes with “cute.”)

  76. Check out what the folks at Pet Du Jour call the cat version (FBs): http://catsandmusic.blogspot.com/2006/04/fb-tabby.html

  77. Ponygirl says:

    In our household they have always been called “Prominate whisker pads” as in “Check out the prominate whisker pads on that dog.”

  78. Ponygirl says:

    Oh by the way. That is really a perfect doggy face with exceptional whisker pads.

  79. Actually the real word is whisker pads, but that’s not as interesting as some of the other choices.

  80. His ears SO look “freshly trimmed”! No split ends on that puppy!

  81. I call it “the snoots.”

  82. He looks like he’s about to burst into tears…what’s a matter, sweetie??

  83. bonaircat says:

    Schnozzle poof!

  84. They’re called CHOW FLAPS. Chow flaps. Use it a few times, and you’ll agree that it’s perfect. All my friends and family now use the phrase. It’s sweeping the nation!

    In sum: chow flaps.

  85. Hey S-Way —
    I note the “@mac.com” address there… you one of Meg’s co’s? Jus’ curious.

  86. I believe those are actually called flukes, but that is I like schoozle soooooooooo much better!! Wanna kiss kiss kiss that little baby’s schnoozle!!!! What a DOLL!

  87. Everyone knows that area is the scootchie (clinical term).

  88. CKC spaniels have bell bottoms.
    They are groovy little smoochiekins!

  89. bonaircat says:

    Schnozzle poof!

    Schnozzle poof!

    Schnozzle poof!

  90. I have always called them whisker-pads, on cats. But I don’t know if that works as well for dogs. They’re much more droopy and not as pad-like on a dog.

  91. I call it “pouchy face” – which is pronounced “poochy face.”

    Ask not the logic.


    I am a servant of the Glossary, wielder of the FontPrage of MicroSquash. Your indecision will not avail you, fans of Cuteness!
    You! Shall not! Pass!

    (yeah well, OK… not until some of these doggy-face definitions shake out, at least a little, my preciousss)

  93. Meg has veto power – heck, she gets to decide, period!

    She can be the benevolent dicatress of Cutedom™, as far as I’m concerned.

    Her word is law.

  94. …and squidgrid.com is my domain. It’s a partnership.

    (E.C. — you know I don’t want to muddy up the Glossary; neither do you. It’s gotta be words we *use*… with the odd exception for TEH FUNNEHZ of course.)

  95. We call them cheekypuffs at our house. We have a little shihtzu with adorable cheeky puffs after he is trimmed. :O)) samm

  96. Further note to E.C. — you’re the compiler/editor sort, right? If you’d care to put together the definitive list of cheekiness from this posting, with appropriate names credited, then you’ve already got my email, eh?

  97. Theo, it was a joke! (At least, I thought it was…)

  98. What about “face fluff!” Cute, and funny!

  99. Erm… *now* I get that it was a joke. So, yeah. Sorry.
    (you’ve got mail)

  100. I like whuff it i sperfect cuz dogs actually make that noise

    THose eyes are killing me though that puppy needs a hug

  101. Schmuzzle
    (Altho muzzlepuff is also nice)

  102. Definitely Schnozz or Schnozzle Puff!!

  103. Swooning, and so late into the posting!
    That’s thw sweetest looking pup I’ve seen in ever!

  104. No worries there, Theo – and thanks.

    Apologies to everyone if I’ve been sounding like a dog with a sore paw. My bad.

  105. ****heart melting***

  106. I suggest either “face fluff”, or “Whisker Humps” (my humps, my humps, my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps) LOL! T oo many options! The doggy is begging to go home and cuddle up in his doggy bed at my house!!!

  107. tenspeed says:

    Muzzlepuff all the way. But excuse me…What about THE PAWS-THE PAWS on this animal, people. I mean reeealy!

  108. hm, i believe the medical term is wuzzelmuffs. could be wrong, but i think it’s latin for “kiss me here”.

  109. “But excuse me…What about THE PAWS-THE PAWS on this animal, people. I mean reeealy!”

    Yep – Feety McFeeterson.

  110. His coat, ’tis brown and white
    His eyes, liquid surprise
    His nose is never cold
    He’s got perfect puppy dog eyes.

    He’ll turn his charm on
    You’ll grab his leash in a trice
    He’ll have you walkin’ ‘fore you know it
    He’s got perfect puppy dog eyes….

  111. From the American Heritage Dictionary:


    PLURAL NOUN: The pendulous corners of the upper lip of certain dogs, such as the bloodhound.

    ETYMOLOGY: Origin unknown.

  112. i tried out “whisker humps” on jack last night and he seemed pleased.
    as in “why jack, you have such MARvelous whisker humps”

  113. I think one *might* call it “muzzle puff” ‘cuz it’s not quite the cheek area, right? Tough call but GREAT pup pup!! Thanks again!! (I haven’t read the previous entries so not sure if anyone else suggested…)

  114. it’s totally called a “schmoozle” – cuz it’s wonderous, fuzzy, snuggleable, adorable, schmooshable, and just to DIE FOR.

  115. Well phbbbtthpt… I *just* picked up on the Bette Davis Eyes remix, E.C. Well penned.

  116. michelle says:

    I always called it “poofy cheeks”.

  117. This is my first time joining a C.O. thread, it’s such a burning issue I have to chime in! Muzzle puffs! Perfect for three reasons … 1, these formations always occur on the muzzle; 2, these formations are indisputably puffy; 3, it sounds like mazel tov, which is the verbal equivalent of a snorgle from some high-quality muzzle puffs.

  118. just in case Meg is still reading these…

    i say “choofs.” choofs = cheeky poofs.

  119. cheek puffs are known around my house as chuppa chups – or just chups. (not the lollipop; however, think about what your face looks like when you have one of those pops held to the side of your mouth….)

  120. My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely puppy lumps!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  121. My dad calls that area on a dog “the bubbles”

  122. OK, I now see that I thought we were talking about flews — or the flaps of skin that end in flews — when I suggested (nay, insisted upon) chowflaps. I still think that the droopy upper-lip area of (usually) dogs should be referred to thusly. But if we’re specifically referring to the fuzzy and puffy whisker-emanation area, I have to put in a vote for muzzle puff. It’s pretty much the perfect term.

    (PS to Theo: I’m not related to Meg. I just use a Mac. Sorry!)

  123. My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely puppy lumps!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

    Yey me!!!!!!!!!!

  124. buddy is indeed super cute.

    BUT check out my little KC Cavalier – Murphy. i did send this in to meg but maybe the photo was a bit fuzzywuzzy to put up…


  125. petgirl: very cute indeedy. And me’s not even a doggy person.

  126. yes, the cheek puff is a prime place to kiss a doggie.

  127. I’ve been brainwashed.

    I just saw a close-up of a bunny (head-on) and caught myself saying “Cheek puffs!”


  128. Cheek Puffs!!!

    I don’t know if they all do but my CKC has big spoon paws!! They’re so big and round, like suction cup, I wanna like ’em and stick her on the window!!!

  129. Ooops! I meant “lick” not “like”

  130. Mary T. says:

    I love him!

  131. fluffy puff