What a beautiful—HEY!

Scene Stealer "Motya" harshes "Pusya’s" mellow. Or at least attempts to clean him.


Spah-see-bah, Ilya S. 😉



  1. Guinea piggers.
    Kitty catters.

  2. Kakiye krasivi pushisti zhivotni!

    Ya ochin lyublyu Cute Overload. For serious.

  3. Oh my~ They look so sweet together!

  4. Michelle says:

    tee hee.

  5. Michelle says:

    Wait a second…

    What I want to know is how the heck they keep that couch looking so pristine with all that floof.

  6. Heh, kitty is saying, “Get . . . this . . . thing . . . offa me . . . NOW!”

  7. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “I hereby claim the summit of Mt. Whiskers in the name of Guineapigonia! Now, I’ll just plant the Guineapigonia flag, and — wait, where’s the damn flag? Aw, jeez, now I gotta go all the way back…”

  8. It’s the rare and medically anomalous guinea-pig growth, which occurs occasionally on felines of exceptionally mellow temperament. Not to be confused with an underdeveloped Siamese twin attachment (though sometimes it resembles).

  9. I saw that look on my cat’s face once, when I took one too many pictures with a flash. Her Royal Floofiness, BTW, had an uncanny resemblance to the floofya up there… Yankee whispering in her ear “You don’t have to put up with this, ya know…”

  10. RavishingRoberta says:

    Michelle…..Me Thinks It Is A Brand New Couch…..Or They Took The Covers Off For A Photo Op With Two Friends. Although Fluffer Nutter Kitty Looks A Bit Annoyed.

  11. I love that pigger!!!!! Guinea piggers always bring out the best in me, I think I feel a swoon coming, ahhhhh.

  12. I love that pigger!!!!! Guinea piggers always bring out the best in me, I think I feel a swoon coming, ahhhhh.

  13. The cat looks like its thinking “drat, the human is here, I can’t eat the little rodent”



  14. Furry, Furry cute indeed! 🙂

  15. cowsharky says:

    Actually Michelle you’d be surprised–I have two cats, one floofy and one regular fuzzy, and the floofy one sheds mildly while the fuzzy one sheds if you look at him. And his fur is coarse, so it sorta sticks in the weave and is hard to get out. Heh, as I was typing, I just petted him and got some fuzz stuck to my hand. Eh, he’s so darn cute it doesn’t matter.

  16. Meg- I demand more guinea pig and hamster pics, NOW!!!!!! I love the ones you’ve put up so far, but I was waiting for cute, funny , and prosh pics! And here it is, the perfect pic, now I want more!

  17. Casual Observer says:

    “Are you ready, Monseur Guinea Pig? We are to play zee dentisst. Now, do I have anything in my teeth? …not those, the back ones.”

  18. Самая красивая кошка в мире!

  19. cute overload has gone international!

  20. Brief Translation to Liz’s comment:

    Most beautiful cat in the world!

    I think that was Russian.

  21. Am I the only one here? Hello?

  22. OK, I blame Cute Overload. I just got a rabbit. E. Collison, where are you?!

  23. A thinker- I know, where is everybody? What does this rabbit of yours look like? Name?

  24. Hammy, it’s called the WEEEEEKEND.

    Rabbit will have link to photo here soon. Not decided name yet.

  25. (btw, that wasn’t sarcatic, though it might look it…)

  26. A thinker- Dude, dudette (you’re name says nothing about gender) you were the one asking for E.Collison. I just asked were eveyone was, duh. Anyway, the first comment didn’t sound sarcastic, no need to explain.:)

  27. The Guy Over There says:

    Like that scene in “Star Wars,” when they realize that they parked on a giant space creature, I’m sure that piggy will realize the same thing soon.

  28. [guinea pig sings]
    Valderi, valderah,
    Valderi, valderah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…

  29. *Ha-HA! Eeet is I, the Geenee Peeg! No one eeexpects the Geenee Peeg! I am so stealthy! See how stealthy I am! Ha-HA!*

  30. Theo, that sounds very familiar!

  31. “OK, I blame Cute Overload. I just got a rabbit. E. Collison, where are you?!”

    Congrats on your new lagomorph. Mine’s in the works, though I’ve got a ton of bunny-proofin’ to do. Please post a link whenever you can…

    And yes, everyone, it *is* the *weekend.* We can’t all hang out here 24 hours a day 😉

  32. That cat is thinking, “wait…wait…just a little closer… and I shall have piggy for lunch!” Run Mr. Piggy, run!

  33. “Like that scene in “Star Wars,” when they realize that they parked on a giant space creature, I’m sure that piggy will realize the same thing soon.”

    Good goin’, The Guy Over There!

    As for wondering where I was, I think you guys all knew I’d show up eventually. Can we leave it at that?

  34. Rafael — eh? Sorry, did you already use that joke?

  35. Theo, nope I just remember the line from summer camp, way back when I was a kid.

  36. Wheee! Ochen harasho! Guinea pigs are fantastic, because you can set them anywhere, and still they maintain that brilliant ‘eep, where am i, and am i about to be eaten?’ stare and posture. Love it.

  37. EC and Athinker–I had a bunny for 9 years. She died in October 😦 Another one also in the works for me I think come summer. A lagomorphless household just doesn’t feel right…

  38. Hami (distant cuz of Ali) wins the first round of the light-weight competition. :o)

  39. I am sitting next to my two guinea pigs right now and thinking of what a sucker I am for these pictures of guinea pigs with other animals. As cute as these multi-species pic.s are, I’m concerned for the safety of these situations. Don’t let the animals get hurt for the name of a cute photo. I’m sure everyone’s been careful of that in the photos that have been submitted to cute overload.

  40. That Piggy is almost half head!

  41. i wof da kitties und piggies says:

    i have an idea for a cutey prosh guinea pig/hamsterpic [incase anyone here is a photographer] there sitttting on one of those jwely boxes that looks like a couch, and there both earing foofy scrunchies on their necks and they are both wearing a crown [the same one] wouldn’t that be the ultimate prushness? [cute proshness]

  42. For E.C. & Jaypo:



    Jaypo, that’s sad about your bun-bun. The trouble with animals is they don’t live long…I hope you find another to love soon.

  43. A Thinker – lovely bun!

    (Have I seen you over on the Arts & Faith BB, by any chance?)

  44. No new posts? Why? Whats wrong with Meg, is she sick? I want more piggy pics!

  45. Oh Whoops! …that would be “Guin-Ali” 😉

  46. E.C.–thanks. He was an adopt I picked up from my local Freecycle group (http://www.freecycle.org) just yesterday. JUST like the bun I had as a teenager. Felt a little crazy, but it’s good to have a pet again.

    And no–you haven’t, but it sounds interesting. URL??

  47. Is it http://artsandfaith.com/? Looks to be down at the mo…

  48. A thinker, that’s one adubabble bunneh! Is he part Rex? The fur looks it, really compact and supersoft! Thanks for the thoughts about my Patsy. I miss her still. A good website for bunny stuff:

    (hope the link works–I don’t know how to make them blue so you can just click on them.)

  49. oh, it worked!

  50. Jaypo: thanks for the link. I’ll check it out! Yes, he’s full mini Rex, apparently a champion bunny with papers (though the owner couldn’t find them to give me). They are so sooooooft…

    Was yours a Rex?

  51. btw I know that pic looks bad b/c his cage was dirty. That’s how he came…he’s now all spiffy with new pulp bedding, not shavings.

  52. She was full mini Rex too! I don’t have a blog so I’ll send you a pict at your W&C email, if that’s ok. She was the prettiest little thing, “dwarfy-minded” and full of the dickens. There’s no lack of bunny owners on CO, for sure, but if you ever have questions let me know.

  53. Yeah, go for it! You can sure send pics…and any advice you have, let me have it. I’m doing some research now, and do remember some stuff from having a bunny before, but any tips are welcome…

  54. A thinker, just sent you some info.

  55. I feel like this picture is illustrative of a new rule waiting to happen.

    that cat is awesome.

  56. Strollkitty says:

    re: Jane.

    Whoah. Whoah…

  57. The pigs do so love to use other living things as ladders.

  58. Thinker, that’s one adorable bun-bun! The picture shows something that looks like pine/cedar shavings in the cage. Please do NOT use those as litter or bedding–they’re toxic for rabbits and cause permanent and eventually fatal liver damage. Shredded newspaper or Country Fresh litter brand are a lot better, and safer.

  59. Thanks Theo. Score +1 to thinker and -1 to me for my l337 reading comprehension skillz.

  60. Thanks, Theo–you’re good.

    (Bunny Fiver, appreciate the thought tho)

  61. A thinker, that is indeed the correct URL for A&F.

  62. got it. thanks. shall check out.

  63. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Tiny little guinea pig voice: “At last, at long last! I am the only guinea pig to have ever conquered Mount Kittytunga!!”

  64. Wheeeeee!! Haha! Piggy on kitty! Love the pigs. I used to do this at the age of 9 with my guinea pig and the family dog. I don’t think either liked it very much…

  65. dany y anahi says:

    the hamster is very cute..but the cat is so damn scary!!!