We both can’t sleep here.

Look, you slept next to the pillow last time. I want to I WANT TO SLEEP THERE. FINE I’LL SLEEP LIKE THIS THEN.


Thanks, Caryn the Hellchick! (She actually took this photo over the back of the couch looking down on the cats, but it’s funnier this way.)



  1. sweet jane says:

    First post!!!

  2. >>> SLAP < <<

    …and whoa, looks like an armadillo.

  3. Awww, so cute!

  4. sweet jane says:

    I don’t even understand your “first post” rule…. so I no follow!

    The gray cat’s hind legs look like rabbit hind legs.

  5. little miao says:

    So cute, but it makes me dizzy to look at them!

  6. Dustbunny says:

    It’s a furry kittie ball! No need for pillows on the couch, just use these two fuzzies.

  7. The hind feet of the one on the right remind me of a…

    ( )
    ” “

    (Hint hint hint…)

  8. wow! i cant believe thats two cats there! i thought it was one cat all scrunched up!
    but still cute!


  10. Noice. Super cute.

    Sweet Jane = first post rule is if you say “FIRST POST!!” it annoys everyone.

    Am I right Theo? Am I right? Gold star for Aly?

  11. On Fark, if you write “first post!” the filter changes it to read “Boobies” and forwards the time-stamp by a day.

  12. the dizzy kids says:

    we think that first post rule stuff is malarky.. this ‘escape’ site should welcome new viewers and not try to make anyone feel the unpleasant.. SO WE SAY ROLLY POLYS ON THE COUCH=CUTE, RUDE TO SWEET JANE=NOT CUTE..

  13. Well, nautilus cats are always cute, says I!


  14. Ehn…*me* goes here…ehn!

    No, ME goes here…erm ehnehn!!

  15. Michelle says:

    Haha they’re simultaneously snuggling closer and pushing against each other.

    My brother used to say “they’re loving their chothers” when he was a lil boy. GAH!! So much cuteness.

  16. Cutest part of the picture for me is the paw over the nose. Gotta love the paw over the nose.

  17. Oh man, I’m so glad Meg explained the physics of that photo. I was up WAAAY too late last night writing papers, and this blew my MIND.

    And I’m sure Theo was giving only affectionate >>>slaps< << :-P. Just welcoming sweet jane into the fold. Hee! I will personally never win the comments race. I'm waaay too slow, even when not sleep deprived.

  18. sweet jane says:

    dizzykids, thankee! especially since, as of what? a day ago, people were still first post!!!ing (yeah! i said it!) slap-free….

    ElfOWl, not so sure ’bout that–and law school + first exam in less than three days = obsessive checking of cuteoverload…that’s the only way i got first!!! post!!! (yup there it is again)

  19. Aly — sure, if a gold star’s what you want…
    More to the point, it annoys *me*.

  20. …and Sweet Jane, since I like the Lou Reed/Cowboy Junkies reference, I’ll cut you a little slack. Next time, though, please find a new way to be “clever.” It’s good mental exercise, anyhow.

  21. uhm, do I sense a little commentroversy here?

  22. Aw great! Another ying yang kittens look alike, now which one am I gonna choose as favorite?

  23. sweet jane says:

    Well. First, I wasn’t trying to be clever, or even “clever.” I simply was rather excited that I was the first post. It doesn’t take much, I know. Second, because this was–until today–one of the only sites I check on a regular basis, I wasn’t hip enough to realize that the first post posts were so wicked and annoying. I thought it was all rather sweetly competitive, jostling to be the first to post about cuteness. Guess I need to stop exercising my mind for my finals long enough to clue into comment culture. Third, um, hi, it’s your sense of humor calling–oops, connection refused. Fourth, what a bummer to totally love a site, attempt to atone for my foolish error in a lighthearted and joking manner, and then get insulted by the head Grumpypants.

    I mean, it’s not like I was talking about seal murder or anything. Sheesh.

  24. Can’t we just make it officially official? A rule that nobody should complain about being first, I now resign from saying “first post”.

  25. Hahaha re: “head Grumpypants”. Even the lighthearted controversy over “first post” posts is all pastel colored and cotton-candy flavored. Did everyone bathe today? I think a ::groupsnorgle:: is in order!

  26. Michelle- Wow! Some ones happy!:)

  27. Woods walker says:

    Theo armadillos aren’t furry.-Woods Walker

  28. mobius kitties – heh

  29. Woods — no, but they’re *funny*. You can walk right up behind them as they’re rooting around in the grass/dirt/whatever and they won’t notice you. Then if you clap your hands, they jump a foot in the air [SPOING!] like their snout just hit an exposed wire, but then they land and keep right on rooting around like nothing happened. At least, that’s been my experience with ‘dillos in Georgia, many years ago. Makes for some fun photography.

  30. Jennifer says:

    “mobius kitties” – that’s AWESOME!!!! I’m so excited that there are other math geek/cute addicts out there!

  31. Last I’ll say about this (under this post, anyway) — everyone’s got their pet peeves, y’know. I’ve got mine, you’ve got yours. The FP thing is relatively common peeve, though, as far as these things go.

    And if something irritates me, I’m gonna grumble about it. It’s only natural.

  32. Oh my! This is precious. Definately mobius kitties!

  33. Theo, thanks for that incredibly amusing mental image. Great way to finish the day.

  34. These cats remind me a bit of the Pushmipullyu in the Doctor Doolittle books.

    BTW, Theo, I think you *are* being something of a Grumpypants.

  35. oliver donovan & co says:

    i don’t, theo. in fact, we have often thought about posting a gratuitous “awww!” when we’ve noticed that no one has commented yet. because it happens a *lot. the thing is, we never post comments. but we just might start now.

  36. Hey looks like some of the positions my furry “kids” get into, strange, very strange.

  37. I was going to ask if anyone else tilted their heads looking at this but after reading the comments I lost the “cute”.

    ummmm….Theooooo?….We all have pet peeves but we also have feelings. Just a little nudge, ok?

  38. Michelle—-“Snorgle!” :o)

  39. When people grumble in here, it usually causes cuteoverload comment dramas, and those are about the stupidest things ever. Really, who cares? Ignore it if you don’t like it.
    (I realize this is possibly a little hypocritical and I apologize for possibly helping to fuel a new cuteoverload comment drama)

  40. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Goodness; gracious great balls of fur!( I know it’s really hair)…poetic license…:)

  41. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    sweet jane: I too would view the 1st post thang as a friendly;light hearted compitition. Keep on posting on…& if you come in first say so if you want. No harm no fowl…No one but Meg& is lord o the threads here,last I knew anyway!:)

  42. i dunno what 2 call myself says:

    michelle, it sounds like somebody overdosed on the midol just a wee bit, get depressed so we don’t have to feel inferior happieness! j/k

  43. i dunno what 2 call myself says:

    people, USE REGULAR NOT..SO..BIG WORDS! its hard to understand.

  44. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Uh the word that comes to mind is dictionary…:)

  45. —gotz this’n NDro….

    We r reg ol p’s like u dat <3's n-e-thin 2 give us a :o))) please don't do a "spell-check"

  46. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Carlisa I was refering to don’t use big words poster.
    To whom are you responding?I was j/k btw…:)

  47. Netherland….No, no no!!!….Once again we got our posts crossed. Look back a post or two and re-read. So sorry you thought that was intended for you. Tail tucked and going tie tie :o3(

  48. this….

    people, USE REGULAR NOT..SO..BIG WORDS! its hard to understand.

    Posted by: i dunno what 2 call myself | Apr 23, 2006 at 01:05 PM

    Uh the word that comes to mind is dictionary…:)

  49. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Oh is that all it is?
    Whew…sville to the max! 🙂

  50. big words…where? and i agree about paw over the face–it just slays me EVERYtime.

  51. It’s the yin and yang of kitties!

  52. adorababy says:

    i like the slasked up pillowcases

  53. adorababy says:

    ‘slashed’ rather

  54. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    “big words…where?”

    Exactly! I have yet to see any words too big to understand posted here either…Maybe the one who asks us not to use such big words is a kid or doesn’t know English well…That’s why I suggested he/she get a dictionary. 🙂

  55. adorababy says:

    groupsnorgle is a pretty big word

  56. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    “groupsnorgle is a pretty big word”

    LOL! Yeah, a newbie to that word and others used here would benefit from the C O glossary of terms huh?!:)

  57. “commentroversy” or no I had to post on this one… I check this site all the time and think it’s the best, but this particular photo, combined with the caption, had me laughing so hard that I had to wait until I was home before I could look at it, otherwise everyone at work would’ve thought I had some serious issues!

  58. My first thought when I saw that picture was…

    “Head Rush!”

  59. All I can say is I was so relieved when Meg clarified the camera angle! I mean, I’ve seen some cat yogis in my time, but this is ridiculous.