The ultimate in paws-up-ed-ness

Um, so Rule #1. The ultimate, really.


Tiny honk-shus to Pierre C. for a fab photo. You may now go back to bed.



  1. muchas inky black honk-shus, awesome.

  2. Blueberries4me says:

    I love it!

  3. aaaaah, looks like my baby!

  4. Oh da widdle tiddy tat wit da widdle biddy paws aawwwwww. Squish.

  5. This is awesome! Black kitties aren’t easy to photograph.
    Soooo… sleeeepies… [yaaawn]

  6. shiny shiny paws!

  7. It’s a shiny black kitty-witty!

  8. Awwww…. soo sweet… reminds me of my old girl Satavia. Love the paws!

  9. Squee! Want to snuggle with that kitty!

  10. Black satin-y, shiny, shimmering, sleeping kitten-ness!!!

    Gimme That Kitty!

  11. he’s so darling!!!!

  12. :hums:
    “kittums, row the boat ashore…”

  13. Shame they didn’t get the belly in the shot, would have been too much, for sure!

  14. This could be Dinah, Alice’s cat, dreaming up a magical fantasy story, like she did.

  15. adorababy says:

    way too cute… frozen in catatonic cuteness state… must reach mouse to get this off screen…

  16. one word. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  17. long-time lurker and absolute fan of the site! I loved that Sunday SF Chron article with Meg in it a few weekends ago…I thought, HEY I KNOW her!…sorta!

    I think of kitty as saying bashfully…”purrrrawwwwwr, yoo are too kind weeth your compleeements, purrawr purrawr”

  18. What a beautiful, shiny kitty! Softer than soft!

  19. meow. zzzz. meow. zzzz..

  20. OMG… overthetop preciousness!!

  21. The two paws really make the photo. I have a all-black cat and it is indeed hard to get a decent shot.

  22. I want me black kitteenn!!!

  23. RavishingRoberta says:

    Just Takin A Power Nap Before The Witch Rides In.

  24. MaggieBelle says:

    What a pampered kitty. Pink satin sheets…MEOW!

  25. twentythreecakes says:

    Awwww bootiful evil black kitten dreaming of total world domination…..

  26. You know what…as it finally is w/e, I think I’m gonna go
    buy me a pink satin sheet and try to replicate this pose…

  27. i cant see his paws!

  28. my wittle heart… it hurts from too much love!

  29. Has anyone alerted Mr. Jones that we’ve found the Holy Grail?

  30. Juan — NOW I just think you’re flirtin’.

    (She *is* married, y’know.)

  31. christina r says:

    i just wanna kiss them lil bitty feets and nose

  32. High gloss on the coat, wow. That is one healthy kitty. Just gorgeous!

  33. ElfOwl — I bet somebody *BATHED* that cat!!!
    Holy spork violations!!!

  34. Laurie:

    SO RIGHT. This kitty is in Wonderland right now, as we are, watching it sleep!

  35. Little kittums is soooooo tie-tie.

  36. aw. looks like my kitty. the shiniest kitties are black ones IMO.

  37. He looks as though he smells so kitteny good. Mucho snorgles.

  38. Rule#1 en mon livre : Mettez vos pattes vers le haut ! J’aime ce chaton !

    Thanks for the BabelFish translation site!

  39. Whoops! I meant to thank Theo.

  40. Sunny's Mom says:

    seepysheep 🙂

  41. Totally ULTIMATE HONK SHU!!!

  42. doesn’t that sweetie look like a hand puppet????

  43. doesn’t that sweetie look like a hand puppet????

  44. Lacrossedragon says:

    As an owner of 2 black kitties, and an ex-cat hater: AWWWHWWWWHWWWW!!!

  45. Christina says:

    Looks just like my little shiny black baby! AWWWW!!!

  46. Awwww! “Mew…zzzz…mew…zzz…”

  47. *dies* WAAAY too cute.

  48. that is officially the cutest thing ever.

  49. Svenster says:

    OMG, a kitten in LICORICE PYJAMAS! That is just the cutest thing ever. I reckon if you kiss him veeery gently on the head, he might not wake up. =)
    *whispering* Sweet snassing little one.

  50. Wow…so black, it’s blue!

  51. AWWWWWWWWWW. What sweeeeetness. Da wee itty bitty sweetie bitty kitty!!

  52. Blue kittens? I want one!

  53. The only way to properly photograph a black cat is on a light background in strong sunlight, without a flash. Now YOU try to get your black cat to sit still under those conditions! Good Luck!

  54. it looks dead

  55. Carolyn J — are you kidding? You’re describing the classic Solar Cat Coma. A black cat will TRACK a sunbeam across a wood floor all day. In fact, if you could somehow harness your Solar Kitty to a wagon full of potted clematis, they’d flourish.

  56. luvzez fwuffy sweet anemules! says:

    nyeahahahaha! he to cute (long u) [to is so but its cuter this way]

  57. little miao says:

    he’s so cute, he makes me miss my black kitty back home… except mine is very tubby now (in a majestic sort of way)

  58. foxinator says:

    I like to refer to that position as Tyrannosaurus Kitty.