So, what are you doing this weekend?

I think I’m gonna catch some rays. Wind in my hair. You know.


Fanny is the best, Futoshi N.!



  1. avensdesora says:

    too cool that this pup gets around so well!

  2. demonstar says:

    omg, love the doggychair!! awesome that he can still get around so well. kudos!!
    cute pup too!!!;)

  3. That thing have pontoon attachments?

  4. I love wheelie doggies! Yay doggie!

  5. *sigh* I know that seeing animals mobile with carts should be a happy thing, but whenever I see them, it breaks my heart just a little bit. In a good way.

  6. Aaawwww now that pup is LOVED. Big time.

  7. That dog doesn’t seem to care in the least bit about needing a cart. Good for him! An inspiration to us all. That is beyond cute!

  8. That hound have a hemi?

    And yes, seeing a wheelie doggie is sad, but in a triumphant way. Just look at the way he’s standing, face to the wind – ready to play!

  9. OK, what about a hang-glider attachment?

  10. Turbo-charged muscle-mutt!

    No one better bump draft this dog!

  11. Born free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows…

  12. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Sweetness to the max!

  13. RavishingRoberta says:

    My Heart Just Melted For The Brave Doggie. Nothings Going To Stand In Fannies Way

  14. little miao says:

    What a beautiful and admirable dog!

  15. I’m thinking rocket packs. Definitely rocket packs.

  16. ATD: All-Terrain-Doggie! Looks so happy!

  17. Ponygirl says:

    My dog woke up one day unable to walk. The vet couldn’t tell us why or what was the problem. For weeks I carried a 100 pound German Shepherd in and out to use the bathroom. I got her a wheelchair after a while. She was walking, got a little too much velocity going down a hill on Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, PA. Fell-head over-heels, scaring the crap out of both of us. The very next day she was walking. Hatred for the chair had a healing effect. This lovely doggie seems much more well-adjusted.

  18. Oh! So many levels of sweetness in this pic. :*)

  19. Ponygirl- That must have been awful! I mean, imagine, one day waking up, and not being able to walk, I feel sad for your dog, that experience must have been awful, I hope he never needs a wheelchair again!

  20. Wow. Am I the only one here? I mean, I comment, but I don’t see anyone else commenting, spooky.

  21. this is a GREAT shot–from flickr maybe? great dog, too.

  22. Ponygirl- I worked in a kennel for a couple of years in high school and early college. We boarded a beautiful white german shepherd mix who couldn’t get up or walk and had to be supported on his trips outdoors. It really was just heart-breaking. But he was the sweetest thing, and I loved him so much. He never nipped, though I was sometimes clumsy, and I know I hurt him, even though I tried so hard. I’m so glad your doggy got better!

  23. Sooooooo beautiful!

  24. Ruh-roh. Watch out, dune-doggy, Theo wants to put you into orbit.

  25. Michelle says:

    Aww I love this photo. He looks like a surfer with that hair. 😀

  26. BUH-AH-AH-AH….

    Oh… oh Widdle Bruddah…


    You know the torture this will unlease!!

    No, no


    Widdle Bruddah….. ahhhhh

  27. When I grow up I’m gonna be a quarterback… I can make it on my own!

    lol gotta love lil brudda

  28. Super Dog Goes on Vacation :o) Beautiful pic!

  29. Ted French says:

    nice site Loved the Texas stuff

  30. Maybe tank treads and a gas-electric hybrid engine? That’d be cool.

  31. …and a turret! With a freakin’ laser! And night-vision goggles!

  32. I love him! Check out those wheels, you guys. BadASS. I bets the ladies love him.

  33. Theo, yr. nuts. Trying to blast the poor pooch right off the beach… Look at her face! She’s having the *bestest* time ever just standing still. What a sweet girl.

  34. Now THAT’s a Lowrider.

  35. Jaypo — *I* think she’s just testing the prevailing wind, waiting for the conditions to be right. Then she’ll deploy the parasail.

  36. A parasail I could see…

  37. Go go Gadget-Doggy GO!

  38. Homestar, Holly–he is a she, a li’l sistah. Fanny.

    there I go being the nerdy, correcting English maj again.

  39. cafegrrl says:

    That’s so inspirational! You know that doggie is so well loved. 🙂 Now all she needs are spinners for her slick wheels!

  40. Fanny got her name honestly—She runs on all natural gas. Doesn’t harm the environment, but whoooooa!…don’t stand behind her on take-off. Her next photo-shoot is in 15 minutes where you can get an autographed pic of her guarding the Alaskan pipelines—

  41. “Against the wind
    I’m still runnin’ against the wind
    Well I’m older now and still
    Against the wind”

  42. BinkyBink says:

    heehee, PatP! I was thinking of the same song.

    Those are some hot wheels doggy has! 😀

  43. Oh, but jaypo, Homestar and Holly are *quoting* so if they put “sistah” in, they’d have to do the brackety thing. 😛

    I love the sbemails, but the Li’l Brudder bit made me cry. I’m such a sap :-P.

  44. Technology that leads to quality of life is true technology! *yay*
    hip dysplasia is horrid, Im so glad to see this option… I had a GSD when I was a kid that my dad made a chair for, more of a wagon type thingie with a harness… She loved having her freedom back. *smile*
    Good days!

  45. Are there words, really? ;D

    Seeing the pure happiness of this maginificent creature and knowing the powerful love of the person taking the photo…Life is beautiful sometimes. I’m so moved.

  46. I love the pic, I feel sad for it, but happy that it can get around too.:D

  47. This is the kind of photo I’d make a poster of, and hand out to folks who have lost their mobility. this is inspiration at its purest!

    The sweater-wearing penguins were cute, but they got upstaged. I’m weeping with joy here. This is just too adorable and uplifting!


  48. Aack, still showing up as “Drunkita TwoFlagons. Sorry…

    –Denita TwoDragons

  49. Aack, still showing up as “Drunkita TwoFlagons”. Forgot to change it back after April 1st. Oopsie! 😉


  50. PatP — hehe. Nice.


  51. She’s not standing still, she’s going so fast her fur is flying!

    She looks like a cuddly puppers…I hope she gets help up onto the bed when its time to go nitenite.


  52. I honestly think dogs were placed on the earth to teach us deep courage, unconditional love, and unabashed joy in living.

    I adore this dog and want to scrobble his ears.

  53. I feel so bad for that doggy!! =[

    I hope his legs heal and he can walk again one day. :*)

  54. look deeper at the expression in its eyes and mouth….this doggie is definitely smiling. :^)

  55. … Such a moving picture. I love it.

  56. Theo, you are my snark-hero…

    That pup prolly off-roads better than my Jeep…

  57. I just thought you might like to see my little animation of Fanny, i think she’s GREAT!

    I cant help but smile when i look at her pic. 🙂

    i hope you’re not offended in anyway… (by the “hat”)

  58. frshhh: -omgdies-

    that’s hilarious.

  59. frshhh—-that’s cute. Officer Fanny!

  60. okay, the picture is darling and it makes my heart break with sweet happiness.
    the animation is freakin madness and it rocks my world!

  61. Holy crap, Frshhh! GO FANNY GO!!
    [bows down]

    Seriously, very nice job.

  62. Dirty-Dave says:

    This guy needs two more wheels and a sail – then he will definitely be Hell on Wheels!

    Nothing will keep him down except an anchor!

  63. that is soooooooooooooooo
    i am so sorry for it. it is not funny at all!!!

    wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh cry


  64. i feel bad for the dog but its so cute

  65. just greaaaaaaat!!! il love this pic and this dog seem so well….absolutely great!!

  66. carolynn says:

    kudos to the owner of this beautiful doggie…..brings tears to my eyes

  67. she is really good at doing what she does, even though there is something wrong with her

  68. oh my GOD frshhh!!!!!

  69. *tear*
    That is so heartwarming.
    I just want to love the heck out of this cute pup!

  70. Virginie says:

    It looks like a disabled dog but a happy one

  71. She’s so happy! She’s smiling!

    *wipe away tear*

  72. Hey, does anyone remember that episode of the Drew Carey Show when his girlfriend (who has many pets) move in with him, and her golden retriever, Speedy, is in a contraption like this? I just loved Drew’s line when the pup wheeled in: “Oh, look– a veteran!”

    (Later, when the relationship didn’t work out, he asked if he could keep Speedy– which he did– and in a subsequent episode he put Speedy on his health insurance policy in order to get him the surgery he needed to be contraption-free.)

    God, I watch too much TV…

  73. This is not all those tards that are laughing can skip! This is courageous. God Bless this Dog …

  74. ♥'s G.D. & animals ☺ says:

    aw how sute! [sad and cute] i know someone whos dachsie is in one of those

  75. I love the way it’s got real “off road” tyres as well… this dog is not going to be put off by rough terrain!

  76. ♥♥♥ to her

  77. exploitation_spotter67 says:

    who knew that cuteoverload was basically an animal exploitation hotbed?

  78. Our Beagle, Barney, lost a back leg to cancer (but BEAT the cancer) 2 years ago. Now he’s 11 and having trouble with his remaining back leg (always had been his ‘bad leg’–wouldnt you know). This gives me such hope. He has the same spirit as Fanny, I can see that in the photo. Thanks, Fanny, from Barney’s Mommy!

  79. this is such a cute lil doggie! Is great tht he can still move around although he is ‘injured’ 🙂 Love the doggie chair 🙂

  80. thats soo cute!! he seems soo happy with the cart!! thats adorable!!

  81. Sammy-D says:


  82. Most certainly cute!
    This dog can experience the best of life in his cart. I’m sure it’s tiring to stay in for a lengthy time. Check out this fabulous website of a ranch for disabled animals.
    Fabulous…I visit it everyday.

  83. you are the most compassionate kindest human being to not have given up on this dog and the happiness in his eyes shows everyone that.

  84. you are the most compassionate kindest human being to not have given up on this dog and the happiness in his eyes shows everyone that.

  85. Rosmary says:

    ¿cuánta gente hará cosas así por un animal?

    Me encanta esta foto

  86. lorrwill says:

    Hey this is like that Speedy Kitten only turbo.

  87. ohhh……….thats not sad at all! i agree with my bro that/that picture is cute and insperatinol

  88. Sad but triumphant!

  89. Awwww. I freaking love this dog!

  90. MissMichelle says:

    That picture is too cute! When I was little, I always wanted a wheelchair dog, honestly! Heck… I still want one. 😛 They’re so adorable and very inspiring.

  91. ashlee (bananas) says:

    this dog is an insperation my 2 dogs love to walk and have fun and i know yours does to and i whant to be a vet when i get older and so far im trying. because i love to help out animals in need so thank you for your amazing pic!!!!!! 🙂

  92. Vader. He’s more machine now than man. Twisted and Evil. (But having alot of fun)
    Good Doggy


  94. Awww poor thing I feel sorry for him

  95. this picture makes me happy

  96. kit kat says:

    this is mah fav pic in da world. its mah computer background, the first pic on mah i-pod, and i think its really beautiful. THANK U MEG!!!!!

  97. Prozac4545 says:

    That reminds me of Chilly Willy! I wonder whatever happened to him.

    (The dog from Talk Soup not the penguin.)